Sydney Grace First Date Blush Review & Swatches

First Date Sydney Grace First Date Pressed Blush ($9.00 for 0.25 oz.) is a light, peachy orange with strong, warm undertones and a pearly sheen. The finish was glowing while being quite smooth, so it was more of a glow than an overt shimmer. The consistency was lightly creamy, dense without being heavy, thick, or too firmly-pressed into the pan, which made it easy to pick up with an assortment of brushes. It was extremely pigment...
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Estee Lauder Angel Lips, Starlit Pink, Frosted Apricot Hi-Lustre Lipsticks Reviews & Swaatches

Angel Lips Estee Lauder Angel Lips Hi-Lustre Pure Color Envy Lipstick ($32.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a muted, medium pink with strong, warm undertones and a luminous sheen with very faint pearl. It had more of a pearl-like quality to it than overt shimmer, so it was a lot less shimmery compared to past releases in this formula. The pigmentation was nearly opaque, rather than medium, so it was also more pigmented than marketed (which may ...
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How To Find the Perfect Perfume for You

Taking a bath and using body splash is often not enough when you want to make the right impression. This is more so when you consider we all have varying body smells, and not all of them are impressive. Adding colognes and eau de parfum will help boost your confidence and exude a better scent. Nonetheless, considering there are so many perfumes and colognes to pick from, it is a tad confusing to pick the one that is right for you. The best news is there are a couple of steps you can take t...
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What was last product that tempted you (but you resisted)?

Tata Harper ran a 25% off sale, and I almost picked up three-piece set but decided to just get the one product I really wanted (cleansing oil). — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Survey Says… May 13th, 2020

Happy Wednesday! Here's this week's survey, which you can copy and paste and share as a comment. Your skin tone/coloring: What’s your favorite limited edition eyeshadow? What eyeshadow do you wish would be re-released? What was the last eyeshadow you hit pan on (or finished)? Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Pat McGrath Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Artistry Palette for Summer 2020

Release Date + About the Launch Luxuriate in an avant garden of couture colour with Mothership VIII: Divine Rose II. This provocative Eye Palette transforms the blushing beauties of the instantly iconic Mothership VII: Divine Rose into a glittering grandiflora bouquet of 10 brilliantly blendable pigments that elevate eye artistry to the heavens in sublime shades, ranging from petal-soft pink, peach, rosé...
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4 Ways to Wear a Casual Belt to Spice Up Your Style

A belt is supposed to be the most functional and versatile accessory in a woman’s wardrobe.  You could make a fashion statement even with a casual belt provided you know how to team it up with your outfit. A belt could help in accentuating your curves if you are confident about ways to flaunt your super-hot looks by wearing the right belt with the right outfit.  A casual belt could spice up your attire and the overall look.  Previously, it was very much in vogue to wear a matching belt ...
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Laal Patta Gobhi ke Parathe | Red Cabbage Flatbread

Another recipe today that aims at working with what's in the refrigerator and pantry!! I noticed today there was a small head of red cabbage left over from the last batch of vegetable shopping. I had planned to make Parathas | Indian Flatbread with it over the weekend. However, as I also made a batch of Dosa Batter, we were working our way through crispy dosas for the last few days!!Continue reading » [Author: [email protected] (AJ)]
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Into the icy depths! The 10 rules for freezing food – from berries to beef

Scared to find out what’s lurking at the back of your freezer? Here are expert tips for how to get it organised – and what you should never put in thereDo not feel guilty if you neglect your freezer. It happens to the best of us. “I don’t think I cleaned ours at home in a year until lockdown,” confesses Nina Matsunaga, the chef-owner at the Black Bull Inn in Sedbergh, Cumbria. “We do our work freezer every couple of days.”Like Matsunaga, many of us are looking anew at our freezers. Covid-19 has ...
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Do Flowers Smell Less Than They Used To?

Yes, but perhaps not for the reasons you think. There is a common household myth that our gardens and fragrant plants are losing the potency of their aroma molecules due to the environmental sickness of the modern world – pollution, loss of habitat, climate change, lack of horticultural responsibility and dying soils. Recent research sheds light on what’s going on.    Breeding  Still as tr... Read full article: Do Flowers Smell Less Than They Used To? from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
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Film News Roundup: ‘House of Cardin’ Fashion Documentary Bought by Utopia

In today’s film news roundup, the documentary “House of Cardin” and crime thriller “Devil’s Night” find distributors and “Lucky Grandma” is raising funds for New York Chinatown. ACQUISITIONS  Utopia has acquired the North American rights to the fashion documentary “House of Cardin” by filmmakers P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes. The film, centering on the […]
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Kainaz Messman Writes a Book on Building Her Empire

Kainaz Messman is the founder of Theobroma, once a family-run café and bakery, now an empire with 50 outlets. Sharanya Deepak talks to Kainaz about her journey as an entrepreneur, and her new book, Baking a Dream. Kainaz Messman has had a difficult two months. But she remains calm as she describes the mayhem that has followed her business due to restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic. “The lockdown has really turned the business on its head. I’ve started referring to what is happeni...
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Theater Loses A Gem: Bomi Kapadia Passes Away

Ad man and playwright Rahul da Cunha pays tribute to actor Bomi Kapadia, who died on Monday. “When beggars die, there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.” – Julius Caesar I deeply regret not having worked enough with Bomi Kapadia. In my view, Bomi was perhaps the most gifted actor of his generation in the Mumbai English theatre. Early in my career, I cast Bomi in my first three plays — I was in my early 20s, he in his early 60s, this was the mid- to-late...
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Iranian Finance Minister thanks Parsis for helping Iran with COVID-19 supplies

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif thanked the Parsis of India for offering COVID-19 aid to his country in a tweet on Friday. The Parsis, as their name implies, migrated to India from Persia centuries ago. They are in actuality Zoroastrians, one of the oldest religions in the world which pre-dates Islam and Christianity.   Article in Jerusalem Post The Parsis of India—Zoroastrians whose ancestors long ago emigrated to India—have remained ever faithful in their love for Iran. Grateful for t...
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The Merchant Of Venice Nobil Homo: Colonia Veneziana and Damascus Desert

  This spring, the Italian luxury house, The Merchant Of Venice, will present two new creations for their masculine line: Colonia Veneziana and Damascus Desert, adding them to the Nobil Homo collage. As the brand explains: "Nobil Homo is the men’s collection from The Merchant of Venice. It aims to encompass the magnetic charm of Venetian noblemen. This set of four Eau de Parfum and one ... Read full article: The Merchant Of Venice Nobil Homo: Colonia Veneziana and Damascus Desert from Fragrant...
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The Time To Look For a Job Is NOW! (Even Through Quarantine)

Sad. A friend of mine posted that he is sad, and snappy. This line particularly stuck out from a long facebook post: From a friend on FB: “In February I was pretty much sitting on top of Maslow’s Hierarchy. I had a great seat there, with a spectacular view. And then, over the course of a week, really, I got dumped to the bottom level and found that even that foundation was cracked.” #Covid — Jason Alba (@jasonalba) May 13, 2020 Maybe you weren’t at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy. I know this...
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Emotional Concussions

This morning while listening to the audiobook League of Denial, which is about the NFL’s attempts to downplay and deny the serious links between football and degenerative brain damage, it struck me that the athletes themselves were in an untenable position. Imagine trying to defend yourself while suffering the many problems of a dysfunctional brain, including memory loss, severe mood swings, and an inability to concentrate. And imagine doing this when you’ve been part of a macho culture that tea...
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Podcast #610: Who Lives in Survival Situations, Who Dies, and Why

In disasters or accidents, why do some people survive and others perish? In exploring this question, my guest has uncovered psychological and philosophical insights into not only dealing with life-threatening crises, but strategically navigating any situation that involves risk and decision-making.  His name is Laurence Gonzales and he’s a pilot, a journalist, and the author of several books, including the focus of today’s conversation: Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why. Today on th...
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Fire and nausea: I made Robert Pattinson’s ungodly pasta recipe

The actor revealed his idea for pasta ‘you can hold in your hand’ in an interview, and featuring cheese, sugar and cornflakes, it’s truly a chaotic dishI’m only a humble home cook, but I feel like there’s something not quite right with Robert Pattinson’s new pasta recipe. It is called piccolini cuscino (“little pillow”), and was revealed by the actor in a GQ interview this week.Pattinson goes to great lengths to make piccolini cuscino while talking to the interviewer, burning his hands, setting ...
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Fire and nausea: I made Robert Pattinson’s unholy pasta recipe

The actor revealed his idea for pasta ‘you can hold in your hand’ in an interview, and featuring cheese, sugar and cornflakes, it’s truly a chaotic dishI’m only a humble home cook, but I feel like there’s something not quite right with Robert Pattinson’s new pasta recipe. It is called piccolini cuscino (“little pillow”), and was revealed by the actor in a GQ interview this week.Pattinson goes to great lengths to make piccolini cuscino while talking to the interviewer, burning his hands, setting ...
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So gehen Frauen in der Selbst-Isolation mit ihrer Körperbehaarung um

Erst als ich anfing, diesen Beitrag zu schreiben, fiel mir auf, dass ich meine Beine seit Beginn der Selbst-Isolation vor zwei Monaten nicht mehr rasiert habe. Jetzt, da die Zeit irgendwie nur noch ein Konstrukt zu sein scheint und ich nicht mal weiß, welchen Wochentag, geschweige denn welches Datum wir haben, habe ich es einfach… vergessen. Meine Bikinizone ist mittlerweile auch zu einem haarigen Urwald mutiert. Ich hatte eigentlich in der Woche, in der die Kosmetikstudios zugemacht haben...
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YUNO’s “BioTactical Drinks” Provides You Neuro-Enhancements to Meet Any Situation You Have!

 This very interesting and innovative drink just launched TODAY! Check this one out!   YUNO drinks are made with over 100 all-natural superfood ingredients designed to maximize body and mind nutrition  Today. May 13, 2020 , YUNO  launched its line of “BioTactical Drinks”  that are designed to mix and match to promote increased energy, focus, […]
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TFWA World Exhibition Conference 2020 To Be Canceled

  As we were informed by the TFWA press office, the upcoming exhibition traditionally held in the Cannes Palais des Festival will be canceled this year. "Given the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on its members, exhibitors, and the duty free travel retail industry as a whole, Tax Free World Association has today decided to cancel the 2020 edition of the TFWA World Exhibition ... Read full article: TFWA World Exhibition Conference 2020 To Be Canceled from Fragrantica Perfumes...
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Diptyque Fleur de Peau Multiuse Fragrance

In 2020, Diptyque presents Fleur de Peau Multiuse Fragrance — a new interpretation of Fleur de Peau intended for multipurpose use. Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum was launched in 2018 as part of the 50th anniversary dedication of their first perfume, L'Eau, inspired by the love story from Greek mythology about Eros and Psyche. Diptyque Fleur de Peau Multiuse Fragrance retains a clean, musky,... Read full article: Diptyque Fleur de Peau Multiuse Fragrance from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
Tags: Fashion, Eros, Fragrantica Perfumes, Fleur de Peau, Diptyque Fleur de Peau Multiuse Fragrance, Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum, Psyche Diptyque Fleur de Peau Multiuse Fragrance

Catrice Cosmetics Overview Video

Catrice Cosmetics is an awesome drugstore brand out of Germany that has makeup products at a very affordable price point.  Here, I talk about the products of theirs that I have tried.  You can find... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Illumination Review

Ok, my friends, I gotta say that I’m a huge It Cosmetics fan because their products are awesome. Soooo, I’m always a little biased when I talk about their products. BUT, I will say that I... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Singles sind keine Clowns & ihre Suche nach Liebe dient nicht deiner Unterhaltung!

Ich hatte gerade den dritten Zoom-Call des Tages beendet und suchte online nach neuen Rezepten für meine KitchenAid, die ich mir extra für die Selbst-Isolation zugelegt hatte. Da fiel mir eine Headline ins Auge, die mich wirklich verletzte: „Wir haben im ganzen Land virtuelle Dates auf die Beine gestellt – und du kannst zuschauen“. Ich ignoriere jetzt mal den Fakt, was für ein großer Fokus darauf gelegt wird, dass Singles ja noch daten können (müssen), selbst während einer globalen Pandemie – st...
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Best Collaborative Tools For HR in the times of Coronavirus

The world is closed today, and nobody on this planet knows when the situation will get to normal. The companies are closed, schools and colleges are shut, students have no idea about their future endeavors, and every person is bound to stay at home. It seems like this is the only way to prevent the pandemic from doing further damages. Ever since the government has announced the lockdown, the employees have been asked to work from home to avoid any mass interaction. However, living in the tec...
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My Vanity Right Now

Here’s what’s on my vanity at the moment.  What do you think?  See any favs?  I’ll say that this Make Up For Ever Reboot foundation is the best, even though it’s not really... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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When to Apply Your Facial Oil The Great Debate

At which point in your skincare routine should you apply facial oil? Good question right? You might actually be applying at the wrong point of your routine! I know when I first started using facial oils I was using them all wrong. In 2010, I purchased a bottle of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and I almost feel positive it was my first real experience with a facial oil. Kiehl’s and Josie Maran sort of gave birth to the world of facial oils and made them mainstream. Since that time I...
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