Marc Jacobs Pink Steam, Pink Flamingo, Hot Hot Hot Enamored Lip Lacquers Reviews & Swatches

Pink Steam (322) Marc Jacobs Beauty Pink Steam (322) Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer ($29.00 for 0.16 oz.) is a medium lavender with subtle, warmer undertones and cooler blue and lavender pearl. It had a smooth, lightweight consistency that had a touch of tackiness while worn but was very comfortable and easy to wear as it didn’t feel overly thick. It had semi-opaque coverage, which applied evenly across my lips and smoothed out a lo...
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What do you like about matte foundation? What don’t you like?

Tell us what you love and hate about... Matte Foundation I love how well it can photograph — matte foundations tend to make my skin look smoother and more poreless in photos, though I think some sheen is more flattering in person. Matte foundations can dry quickly and be more unforgiving on drier areas of the face, especially around my nose area! — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Revlon Brazilian Tan, Pink Cognito, Love is On Super Lustrous Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Brazilian Tan Revlon Brazilian Tan Super Lustrous Lipstick ($8.49 for 0.15 oz.) is a light-medium brown with warm, orange undertones and a natural sheen. It had nearly opaque pigmentation in a single layer, which made it more pigmented than described, but could be an upside for those who prefer fuller coverage lipstick. The texture felt lightweight, emollient without being slippery, and thin but not clingy. It stayed on nicely fo...
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NARS Orgasm Eyeshadow Quad Review & Swatches

Orgasm NARS Orgasm Eyeshadow Quad ($52.00 for 0.16 oz.) is a new, limited edition quad that is inspired by the brand’s Orgasm and Orgasm X blushes. It’s a very light-leaning quad, so it was hard to get diverse looks out of it. I’d say it’s more suitable for someone who likes lighter tones and tends to work with one or two shades per look. The dustiness of the matte coral only made it harder to get contrast using the four shades. ...
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Monotheme The Fine Fragrances: Il Libro degli Agrumi

  The Italian line MONOTHEME THE FINE FRAGRANCES, under the license of Mavive S.p.A., presents the new advertising campaign and the design of the flacons and packaging of their Book Of Citruses collection. As explained by the brand, the compositions of their four fragrances you loved remain the same and celebrate the pure beauty and diversity of the agrumes.   "Inspired by the olfactory... Read full article: Monotheme The Fine Fragrances: Il Libro degli Agrumi from Fragrantica Perfumes and ...
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Perfume Possememory it is a cool, soft rain day here in the Garden.  I woke up to that gentle pitter-patter that said ‘get the hell up NOW! and get all those plants out of the greenhouse and off the addition (Greenhouse Annex)… Continue Reading → Perfume Possememory
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Sustainable Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods and Drinks

As a consumer, you make choices each day. When it comes to environmentally-damaging purchases, your mind may jump to plastic products and chemicals. However, you also have the opportunity to choose more sustainable alternatives and environmentally-friendly, or socially responsible options when buying food and drinks.  What is Sustainable Food? Some of the more obvious examples are the products you find in the store with organic and fairtrade certifications. While there is no unifie...
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The 14 Best Nail Polish Brands for Salon-Level Manis at Home

No next-day chipping in sight.Originally Appeared on Glamou
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I am back!

So it took a global pandemic for me start blogging again. Not that anyone cares, but I am still alive
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Michael Kors Extreme Sky

  Michael Kors presents the next masculine fragrance in the Extreme collection that includes Extreme Blue, Extreme Night, Extreme Rush, Extreme Speed, and the latest creation, Extreme Sky. Michael Kors Extreme Sky is, in the brand's words, for "the daredevil who has it all and knows no limits. Introducing Michael Kors Extreme Sky, the gravity-defying new men’s scent that captures the heart... Read full article: Michael Kors Extreme Sky from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Marsha, by Rickard Söderberg and Wise Organics

Rickard Söderberg is a Swedish opera singer whose career took off with appearances in concerts with major Scandinavian symphony orchestras and in roles like Don Ottavio in Don Giovanni and Egeo in Cavalli’s Giasone, but who also made a name for himself as a dedicated spokesperson for LGBTQ and environmental issues. This year, the artist ventured away from the auditory into the olfactory worl... Read full article: Marsha, by Rickard Söderberg and Wise Organics from Fragrantica Perfumes and Col...
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How to Grow Your Man Antlers

Across animal species, males and females develop secondary sex characteristics — physical traits that aren’t directly related to the reproductive system, but nonetheless distinguish the sexes from each other. In males, these features are sometimes just for display, and make the animal more attractive by exhibiting its health and genetic fitness. Such is the case in the lion’s mane and the peacock’s plumage. But these distinctive features can be functional as well, as in the case of the antlers ...
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Deciem’s The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% with HA Spheres 2%

I love test-driving products from @deciem.  They don’t break the bank, but you have to order them online. Right now, I’ve been test-driving this @deciem The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension on my nights... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Is this ‘The Last Dance’ for Michael Jordan’s Chicago mansion?

Michael Jordan's $14.8M home has been on the Chicago market for eight years — can his resurfacing to the public eye with ESPN's "The Last Dance" give the listing a much-needed boost in traffic?
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Tattoolove: Das sind die kreativsten Tätowiererinnen aus Deutschland

Den Beruf Tätowierer umgab lange Zeit ein Geheimnis: Noch heute meinen viele meist ältere Menschen, derjenige, der einem die Tinte unter die Haut sticht, mindestens tough, verwegen, und vor allem maskulin sein muss. Einen, den man besser nicht im Dunkeln trifft. Pah!Aber Tattoos sind lange kein Zeichen mehr von Rebellion, sondern Ausdruck des eigenen Selbst und seiner Kreativität. Genauso wie die Künstler aus deren Stechnadel sie stammen. Der Tätowier-Beruf ist heute nicht mehr ausschließlich m...
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Small landlords get creative to adjust to post-pandemic landscape

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on the economy and leaving millions out of work, small landlords and Airbnb hosts are finding new ways to move forward.
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Unzertrennlich: 5 Menschen sprechen über ihre Seelenverwandten

„Wenn du diese Person kennenlernst. eine Person. einen Seelenverwandten. lass die Verbindung. die Beziehung. das sein, was sie ist. es können fünf Minuten sein. fünf Stunden. fünf Tage. fünf Monate. fünf Jahre. ein Leben. fünf Lebenszeiten. manifestiere sie so, wie sie sein soll. das ist Schicksal. egal ob sie bestehen bleibt oder nicht. so geliebt zu werden. wird dich sanftmütiger machen. die Seelen kommen herein. kehren zurück. öffnen sich. und reisen aus unzähligen Gründen durch dein Leben. ...
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All The Fashion And Beauty Brand Closures And Bankruptcies Caused By The Pandemic

In many cases, trouble was brewing before COVID-19 hit.
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5 Ways to Instantly Improve Front Door Security

A home invasion will change your life for the worse in countless ways. Aside from potentially losing your treasured valuables, an attack also poses a physical threat to you and your family members. Making matters worse is the fact that you will live in fear of another home invasion from that point forward.  The United States Department of Justice reports more than two million homes are invaded each year. Furthermore, 60% of all sexual assaults occur during home invasions. There is a com...
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Welcome Back to the Year 2000 When Lancome Juicy Tubes Were Popular

Someone at Lancome was brainstorming recently and they were like, “Guys, guys, guys! Let’s bring Juicy Tubes back!” Yup, their back! Lancome Juicy Tubes are back and available for your purchasing pleasure at Sephora and we’re back to the year 2000. And that’s ok, I’ll re-live Y2K if I can get out of COVID-19. For the record, just because Juicy Tubes left the building back in 2018 didn’t mean I wasn’t still into glossy lips. If anything at all, I was still on a quest to find all the best gl...
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Podcast #611: How a Weekly Marriage Meeting Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Several years ago, Kate and I implemented a practice that has helped strengthen our relationship. It’s called a “marriage meeting,” and we got the idea from my guest today. Her name is Marcia Naomi Berger, and she’s a therapist and the author of Marriage Meetings: 30 Minutes a Week to the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted. Marcia and I begin our discussion with how she developed the idea of marriage meetings and why couples can benefit from implementing this habit. We then unpack the four-par...
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4711 Acqua Colonia Tea Ceremony In Seasonal Launch: Green Tea Bergamot and Matcha Frangipani

  Do you like tea scents? Relaxing, aromatic, those that create harmony and at the same time lift the mood. The scents of teas offer special pleasure because they are effective and beneficial; no other beverage has contributed to the well-being of body, soul, and mind in such a natural way for about 5,000 years. The herbal drink, which offers so much variety depending on the species, has become... Read full article: 4711 Acqua Colonia Tea Ceremony In Seasonal Launch: Green Tea Bergamot and ...
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California To Explore Loosening Attorney Regulatory Framework

California is exploring loosening its attorney regulatory framework, which could lead to dramatic changes in the provision of legal services in the State. Areas under consideration include changing the rules for the unauthorized practice of law, non-lawyer ownership of law firms and more. With the country gripped by a pandemic and unemployment at historic levels, the impact on California attorneys who have lost their jobs remains to be seen. Certainly, any loosening of the established attorney r...
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Oh Hey, Too Faced Papaya Pop Eyeshadow Palette How You Doing Today?

We spoke about the new Too Papaya Pop Eyeshadow Palette that’s being added to the Tutti Frutti Collection for Summer 2020 a few weeks ago. It had an early preview launch on QVC and it’s now available at Ulta if you want to pick it up. I know some of you are tired of peach palettes but I never really get tired of them. They are just my jam. I love peaches and corals especially for Summer looks. Although, in reality, the shades don’t really look all that peachy! I do see a duochrome in there...
Tags: Beauty, Qvc, Mai Tai, Ulta, Tutti Frutti Collection, Summer Collections 2020, Tutti Frutti Eyeshadow Palettes, Peach Island, Too Faced Papaya Eyeshadow

I Guess Everything My Sister Told Me About the Flamingo Razor Is True….!

Hi, I’m a member of the Dollar Shave Club because I have no shame and shave my legs with men’s razors. Who needs a fancy Venus Razor when I can buy a Mach3 Razors and get the job done like a world class champion. Hey, if nothing else I’m all about truth around here! Remember, I did confess to buying men’s razors in the past. I’m a girlie girl you know this and I love all the pink frou frou razors as much as the next girl but in reality, I get a way smoother shave from a dude’s razor. Come o...
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Monotheme The Fine Fragrances: Almond and Nymphaea

  Italian line MONOTHEME THE FINE FRAGRANCES, under the license of Mavive, presents two new fragrances this spring, which complement a wide range of the Classic line celebrating special ingredients. This year, the focus is on creamy and smooth almonds and watery and romantic lotus.   "A selection of vivid and persistent notes from the classic to more innovative scents. These notes are reint... Read full article: Monotheme The Fine Fragrances: Almond and Nymphaea from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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Do you use products you dislike to finish them?

Depends on why I dislike the product, but in general, no, I don’t. I’d rather pass it on to someone who might like it, since the cost is sunk either way and I have more products than I could ever finish in 400 lifetimes, so it doesn’t make sense to “suffer” in an area that I don’t need... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Nur weil ich mich selbst an erste Stelle setze, bin ich keine schlechte Mutter

“Ich bin eine schlechte Mutter.“ Fünf Worte, die sich hinter dem Gefühl der Angst verstecken, es nicht richtig zu machen. Doch die Wahrheit ist, wenn es ums Muttersein geht, liegt die Latte extrem hoch. Zu hoch. Es ist einfach nicht möglich, immer alles richtig zu machen. Und Corona macht die Sache auch nicht gerade leichter. Wenn du deinem Kind in den letzten Wochen ab und zu Cornflakes zum Mittagessen vorgesetzt oder die Fernsehzeit deutlich raufgesetzt hast, bist du nicht allein. Wenn du gele...
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Kosas Deep Baked Bronzer Review & Swatches

Deep Kosas Deep Sun Show Moisturizing Baked Bronzer ($34.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a deep, reddish-brown with subtle, warm undertones and a satin finish. The more it was buffed and blended out on my skin, the smoother the finish became–glowy but not overtly shimmery. The texture was soft, silky, and blendable without being too powdery and wasn’t too firmly pressed into the pan, so it was easy to pick up product with a variety of brushes...
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It’s A YOLO Makeup Day Start Opening That Makeup Vault I Need to See What’s Inside

If you read my long-winded Instagram post yesterday you know I spent part of the day opening up Star Wars Collectibles that I purchased on May 4th. It was a just because moment…! I sat on the floor, I hauled it all out, and I ripped into with my teeth. About 75% of it was never supposed to be opened at all. I was planning on displaying in the packaging or hoarding it away somewhere. But if this current situation has taught me anything at all it’s you only live once. Let me tell you, I ev...
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