Sydney Grace Allegro Pressed Highlighter Review & Swatches

Allegro Sydney Grace Allegro Highlighter ($9.00 for 0.25 oz.) is a light-medium, rosy copper with subtle, warm undertones and a smooth, metallic sheen. It had an intense glow but the shimmer seemed finer, so reflective quality was greater but did emphasize my skin’s natural texture. It had opaque color coverage in as single layer, but the creamier, slightly firmer, denser consistency made it easy to pick up less product if desire...
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Estee Lauder Deep Secret & Demand Pure Color Matte Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Deep Secret Estee Lauder Deep Secret Pure Color Matte Sculpting Lipstick ($32.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a deep burgundy with cooler undertones and a satin finish. It was less of a true matte until an hour or two into wear, which was when the light sheen seemed to fade away. I also felt like there was a hint of very fine shimmer that ran through it. It had good color coverage in a single layer, but didn’t apply as evenly as I would have ...
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Sunday Firesides: Self-Control for What?

Amongst the Amazonian Sateré-Mawé tribe, boys are required to place their hand into a glove interlaced with bullet ants — which administer one of the most painful stings in the world — and leave it on for ten minutes without uttering a sound. Such rites of passage were once nearly universal in ancient cultures, as the quality tested — self-control — was considered a prerequisite to becoming a man. Inner poise was sought not for its own sake, however, but for the way it empowered more effective ...
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Marc Jacobs Allow Me, Boom, Rebel Rebel Enamored Lip Lacquers Reviews & Swatches

Allow Me (302) Marc Jacobs Beauty Allow Me (302) Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer ($29.00 for 0.16 oz.) is a medium, warmer-toned pink base with flecks of gold sparkle throughout. The consistency was smooth, more like a gel-cream, that was plush to wear but not heavy or too tacky. It had medium coverage, which applied fairly evenly over my lips and smoothed out a lot of my lip lines. It stayed on well for four hours and felt hydrati...
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How Do Clothes Fit into a 50/30/20 Budget?

How Do Clothes Fit into a 50/30/20 Budget? Budgeting is tedious. And budgeting for clothes? Too limiting. Some might even say it’s awful, something worse than listening to cats fight. But now, more than ever, is the time to make a habit of setting caps on your spending and living into those caps. If not because you’ve recently lost your job, then because the economic outlook is incredibly uncertain. And the steps you take to get more conservative financially today can benefit you for years to co...
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Tweed Lentheric: Charming Anachronism

Here is another vintage fragrance that I have long wanted to try - Tweed Lentheric. It did not have impressive Lalique bottles or funny advertisements; the reason I've searched for it is simple - the perfume is often recalled among the most famous and remembered vintage aromas of the 60-80s: An olfactory relic of its time and culture. And now I have a vintage cologne sample in my hands. Prior to... Read full article: Tweed Lentheric: Charming Anachronism from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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The Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Is your mother having her big seventieth birthday this year? Then you want to get her a present that she will love and never forget. After all her years of caring for you, give her something special with the best 70th birthday gift ideas for mom that will make her feel loved and cared for.... Read More » The post The Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide appeared first on .
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26 Of The Coolest And Most Thoughtful Birthday Gifts For Moms

Your mom is pretty special. No, more than that, she’s the most special person in the world! Whether she’s your biological mother, your adoptive mother, a relative rocking her own family, your primary caregiver, your friend with children of her own, or any other mom in your life, we hear you: SHE. IS. SPECIAL. And... Read More » The post 26 Of The Coolest And Most Thoughtful Birthday Gifts For Moms appeared first on .
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Best Travel Pillow for Kids to Relax With

The season for family vacations is almost upon us.  You’ve got everything you need to keep the kids entertained for the car or plane ride, but for those extra long trips, sleep will be involved, and you’ll want to bring a travel pillow for them.   The number one deciding factor when choosing which travel... Read More » The post Best Travel Pillow for Kids to Relax With appeared first on .
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Here Are 27 Christmas-Themed Books For Kids Of All Ages

The Christmas season is one where family time is encouraged and cherished, and one never-failing way to enjoy quality time with your kids is to spend time reading with them. Of course, any books will do! But if you’re looking for a few stories, tales, or tomes that specifically relate to the holiday season… we’ve... Read More » The post Here Are 27 Christmas-Themed Books For Kids Of All Ages appeared first on .
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The 5 Best Gotham Steel Pan Reviews

Every working adult is familiar with the modern challenges of foraging for food. After a long day at work, a stressful commute, and the day-to-day chores that come with life, the only thought worse than having to cook dinner is the clean up that will come after the meal is done. These Gotham Steel Pan... Read More » The post The 5 Best Gotham Steel Pan Reviews appeared first on .
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60th Birthday Gifts for Mom

It’s your mom’s big 60, and that’s something to celebrate! Now that she’s been around for six full decades, she’s probably gotten just about every gift you can think of. Finding a gift that she’ll actually use and enjoy while also showcasing your love for her can be tricky. In this list, we’ve included gifts... Read More » The post 60th Birthday Gifts for Mom appeared first on .
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The 6 Best Charm Bracelets for Mom

Buying a gift for mom can be one of the most challenging purchases you will want to make. While hilarious gifts are fun, sometimes we want to show that we sincerely care. How do you know what to get the woman who has done so much for you? A personalized charm bracelet is a great... Read More » The post The 6 Best Charm Bracelets for Mom appeared first on .
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The 5 Best Baby Shower Sashes for Mom

There is no excitement quite like that which comes with a new baby on the way! Celebrating the mom-to-be with a baby shower can be fun for her and for the many family and friends who are looking forward to loving and spoiling the new addition. Of course, the gifts that come with the baby... Read More » The post The 5 Best Baby Shower Sashes for Mom appeared first on .
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Gender Reveal Shirts for Mom

Heading to the doctor’s office to learn the sex of your baby is an exciting time in a mom’s life. Typically, moms will learn the gender of their baby at 18 to 21 weeks, but in some cases can be as early as 14 weeks! Once the news is out, you can celebrate by finding... Read More » The post Gender Reveal Shirts for Mom appeared first on .
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Creating Connection Cultures in Police Forces

Podcast Appearance on Badge Cast 1 Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Lt. Brian Ellis, host of the Badge Cast 1 podcast. Badge Cast 1 is a production of the National Command and Staff College, an organization dedicated to providing leadership training to public safety professionals. In this conversation, we talked about why connection matters in today’s public safety organizations and shared practical, science-backed advice for today’s public safety leaders. In high-stress fields lik...
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Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Wash

Burt’s Bees hasn’t been on my radar for a while.  When it was hard to find in Canada, I was obsessed with it and wanted to try everything the brand offered, but now that I’ve been... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Managing Your Echo Chamber

Is it a good idea to suffer fools? Perhaps you think of it as tolerance, mercy, or compassion. But is it really? When you hold a low opinion of someone, is it better to keep them in your life and do your best to be tolerant and forgiving? Or should you simply dismiss such people from your life and move on? Perhaps you’re concerned that you’re life will become too much like an echo chamber, filled only with people who share similar opinions and lacking in diversity. Over the years I’v...
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Fleur De Lys from Estee Lauder

This is from the archive.  I remember this compact, and really wanted to love this as a blush, but I ended up not using it.  Anyone remember this from 2009? I love love love Estee Lauder compacts. ... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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A New Brand From Romania: Calaj Limited Editions

Calaj Limited Editions is a new brand based in Romania, founded by Flavius Calaj, a pioneer in introducing artisan and independent fragrance houses to his hometown of Arad. He is a passionate fragrance lover who saw that people around him were eager to discover (and wear) daring, strong, impressive and unusual perfumes. And so he created NicheScent, a company that distributes and sells brands suc... Read full article: A New Brand From Romania: Calaj Limited Editions from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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Nina Ricci Les Belles de Nina: Nina Rose

After the Nina Rouge edition from 2019, the house of Nina Ricci (Puig) is launching its Nina Rose fragrance in the summer of 2020. These editions belong to the Les Belles de Nina line and represent variations of the 2006 original, Nina, in an apple-shaped bottle as a contemporary interpretation of the Fille d'Eve flacon designed by Lalique in 1952. Nina Rose is made to bring "condensed optimi... Read full article: Nina Ricci Les Belles de Nina: Nina Rose from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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Beautylish Sale

Good Morning! Happy Weekend! Beautylish is having their annual Spring Clearance Event! Save up to 50% on select Viseart, Tom Ford, and More! Also, snag Buy 1, Get 1 Free offerings on select gift sets. Enjoy! Where to buy Beautylish You may also enjoy... Juice Beauty Friends and Family SaleSpring 2015 Makeup Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off at UltaUlta Summer Hot BuysBeauty 20% Friends and Family Event The post Beautylish Sale appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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Best of Sydney Grace Pressed Blushes

Sydney Grace Pressed Blush ($9.00 for 0.25 oz.) is available in 12 shades, which I’ve now reviewed! It’s a very pigmented (where a little goes a long way) formula that’s blendable, easy to work with, and long-wearing. I find the shimmer shades are a bit easier to use with a lighter hand for more medium, buildable coverage but have been able to build and blend with the matte shades as well. ...
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Do you ever layer mascaras? Any favorite combos?

It’s rare! When I do, it’s usually because I didn’t love how the first mascara applied – perhaps it was too thickening but not defining enough or lengthening enough. There’s no rock solid combo I can think of at the moment! — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Thank You, Pastors When the light wanes tonight over Toronto and people clang their thanks to essential workers: pastors, I’ll be thanking God for you. The Coming Pastoral Crash I don’t want to be a prophet of doom, but as a minister in touch with many ministers, I see a coming pastoral crash. And I’m not sure we can stop it. (I hope he’s wrong.) Fingerprints I confess that I always harbored the hope that one day, if we remained faithf...
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André Leon Talley: 'My story is a fairytale, and in every fairytale there is evil and darkness'

As US Vogue’s editor-at-large, he was Anna Wintour’s right-hand man. But then, he reveals in our exclusive interview, he was ‘thrown under the bus’ • Read an extract from Talley’s explosive new memoir André Leon Talley – legendary fashion editor, prince of excess – has taken a fair few luxury holidays in his time. First-class flights to Biarritz, private jets, shopping trips to Florence by Concorde. But sometimes he keeps it simple and spends a quiet weekend with his friend, the shoe designer M...
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A letter to my post-lockdown self: ‘Keep listening to the birds’

Author Bernardine Evaristo, broadcaster Hugh Pym, playwright James Graham and more pen letters to themselves, to be opened in May 2021James Graham, playwright Continue reading...
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Values and Your Career

In my entire career, I have not come upon a single instance in which a candidate left their firm within one year of starting there.  Putting a person in a job where they are likely to stay is... By Harrison Barnes
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Banana Walnut Cake Bars | Eggless Baking

The other day I was reading an article about how Banana Bread is having a moment!! Well, why not - there really is nothing like a bread, bake, or cake made with ripe, sweet bananas!! This is a recipe for Cake Bars and the traditional much loved combination for Banana Cake Bars tends to be chocolate chips. Since we are clean out of those and we are working with what is in the pantry, I decide to go with an ingredient that is much underestimated but truly delicious - walnuts. Walnuts really do ve...
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