Estee Lauder Mind Game, Spellbound, Passion Pure Color Matte Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Mind Game Estee Lauder Mind Game Pure Color Matte Sculpting Lipstick ($32.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a muted, medium brown with subtle, warm, rosier undertones and a satin finish. It had a smooth, lightly creamy consistency that felt less velvety compared to most shades in the range–more of a true satin, so there was a bit of slip–and had excellent adherence for an even lay down of opaque coverage in a single layer. It stayed on nicely f...
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Kosas 8th Muse Color & Light Palette Review & Swatches

8th Muse Kosas 8th Muse Color and Light Palette ($34.00 for 0.32 oz.) is the sheerer, more buildable coverage version of the shade and includes a soft pink blush paired with a pearly, light pink highlighter. The shades offered semi-sheer, somewhat buildable coverage with a creamy, emollient formula that dried down to a more skin-like finish that lasted around eight hours on me.FURTHER READING: Formula Overview for details on gene...
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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

Whether it’s a new home being built or an older home in need of a makeover, choosing the right bathroom vanity to install in the home’s bathroom can be really fun. The prospect of having a room designed exactly as desired is very exciting. In fact, it is something that many people look forward to. However, though it is an appealing thought, it is also one that comes with many small decisions along the way and can feel overwhelming at times. The key to not getting confused and bogged down b...
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What do you like about pigmented eyeshadows? What don’t you like?

Tell us what you love and hate about... Pigmented Eyeshadows I definitely prefer pretty high pigmentation in most instances, though I don’t mind semi-opaque and buildable matte eyeshadows. I think matte tends to work better when they can be built up, as they’re often more forgiving and easier to blend out. I like getting true-to-pan color as that makes it easier to figure out what to pair together! — Christine Join Discussion ...
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3 Reasons To Make Your Kitchen Family-Friendly

The kitchen is the definitive heart of any family home. A well-used kitchen will see the family congregate within three times again, and in return provide objective benefits; according to the New York Times, meals eaten with the family benefit children in everything from reduced obesity rates to better grades. It’s imperative, then, that your family kitchen is a place designed for organization and productivity – the effort you put into your cooking space will filter through to your loved o...
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LeROZA Collection: Azur Profond, Lueur Imperiale, Noir Obsidienne, Signature Nobilis

  LeRoza, a niche brand, was created in 2018 in New York by Wasim Barazi. He is a native of Damascus, which is the city the ancient Romans called "Du-misk," meaning "very aromatic." In reality, Damascus has a very pleasant scent of jasmine, as described by Wasim.     "After 25 years of business advertising expertise in the pharmaceutical, fashion, and perfume sectors, Wasim used h... Read full article: LeROZA Collection: Azur Profond, Lueur Imperiale, Noir Obsidienne, Signature Nobili...
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"The historian Grace Vicary has argued that codpieces were, in a sense, the P.P.E. of their day, born as a means of containing a disease..."

"... in this case syphilis, which was then sweeping through Europe. Treating the French pox, as it was known, called for 'a whole galaxy of herbs, minerals, syrups, and decoctions,' Vicary writes, applied directly in 'a variety of messy unguents and poultices.' If you wanted to protect your fancy wardrobe from stains, the reasoning goes, you would do well to isolate the whole package in an oversized box. Plus, Renaissance men carried a lot of junk on their belts—this was the era that gave us the...
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Love, Don’t Be Shy By Kilian

Perfume PosseLove, Don’t Be Shy By Kilian Okay, this is a bit of a meander. I was on some beauty website recently– nobody could accuse me of neglecting my trashy reading during the pandemic– when I discovered word had gotten out last summer about which fragrance Rihanna… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseLove, Don’t Be Shy By Kilian
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Top 4 Pool Safety Tips For Kids

Isn’t it a great feeling when the warmer weather hits? Everything seems so much better in the sunshine. We get to enjoy more time outdoors, head to the beach, enjoy a picnic in the park, and even go on vacation. One thing that warmer weather brings with it is our love affair with water and this is especially true for a pool owner. Whether we’re chasing the kids around with the garden hose, playing in the paddling pool, taking a dip in the sea, or having fun at the local pool, there’s n...
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Golf in a COVID world

Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, gave the green light to golf courses in the province to reopen as of Saturday May 16th. The golf industry certainly rejoiced upon hearing this news, as the province finally moved into phase one of reopening the economy while we still battle against the deadly effects of the Coronavirus […]
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Hunker Down for real

Another circle of green , then OK, a Pool of Green. A Pool of Green for no reason. So. Just because. Just because I had a lot of green silk. How things really go, let's count the ways today. The video is cut off at the beginning, I said I'm sorry about the shadow, but actually not really sorry. I just thought I should say that. It dragged on a bit, way too much, and I was a bit out of the ring of vision. But too lazy to edit. The washer was running. The man began asking me questions as...
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Unity in Adversity: The Abu Dhabi Bawa Gang

Parsis first migrated to the UAE long before its unification in 1971. While Dubai is where the majority settled, it’s capital, Abu Dhabi hosted a smaller but equally thriving community now rising to about 30 plus families. Each weekend, our close-knit group would meet for pot-lucks on Thursday’s and bowling on Fridays, the only requirements were a good sense of humour and an appetite to match. Since our numbers are so small, there has never been an official Zoroastrian Association, we were alwa...
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The Importance of Music And How It Impacts Mental Health

The importance of music is often misunderstood. With an ability to impact our mental health, it can be a valuable tool for fighting anxiety and more. There’s that one song you hear that takes you back to a special time and place. Everyone has a story like that, and it shows the importance of music in our lives. Music is so much for so many people. It’s a way to connect, remember great times, get through a tough workout, and it can make us more productive. It turns out that there a...
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TikTok star shows how to trim split ends in 3 easy steps on lockdown

@Stef_Fit shows the shaggy-haired masses how to trim their split ends at home.
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How To Avoid Fast Fashion & Pick Clothes That Will Last

If you want to be a responsible, environmentally conscious consumer, then you need to be buying clothes that will last a long time. According to The New York Times, one of the worst things for our environment has been the advent of fast fashion. What is Fast Fashion? Fast fashion consists of cheaply made clothing that capitalizes on trends. These clothes and shoes are cheaply made and manufactured then sold at a low price point. Fast fashion apparel brands and retailers include ...
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Lordelk Mikimoto: Pearl Fougere

The Japanese jewelry company Mikimoto is known worldwide for its artificially grown pearls. Kokichi Mikimoto, the founder of the company, conducted his first successful experiment in growing artificial pearls in 1888-1893. The first crop consisted of just five pearls. The company began to produce perfectly round pearls in 1905. They started research on the use of pearls in cosmetics and medici... Read full article: Lordelk Mikimoto: Pearl Fougere from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine...
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Fragonard Les Fleurs du Parfumeur: Belle de Grasse and Beau de Provence

  The French house of Fragonard presents a new collection, Les Fleurs du Parfumeur, as a celebration of Grasse and the lush nature of the South of France. The scents of Provence are given in three new products of the line: two Eaux de Toilettes (Belle de Grasse and Beau de Provence) and a room diffuser (Rêve de Grasse Room Diffuser with 10 sticks).     As the brand describes it: "The ... Read full article: Fragonard Les Fleurs du Parfumeur: Belle de Grasse and Beau de Provence from Fragran...
Tags: Fashion, France, Fragonard, Provence, Grasse, Fragrantica Perfumes, Fragonard Les Fleurs du Parfumeur, Belle de Grasse, Beau de Provence, Les Fleurs du Parfumeur, Eaux de Toilettes Belle de Grasse, Rêve de Grasse Room Diffuser

Wie gefährlich ist es, den ganzen Tag zu sitzen & wie kannst du den Folgen vorbeugen?

In ein paar Stunden werde ich aufstehen, mein Rücken wird knacksen und ich werde – mal wieder – feststellen, wie gerädert ich mich fühle, weil ich den ganzen Tag nur gesessen habe. Und zwar nicht etwa auf einem ergonomischen Schreibtischstuhl an einem richtigen Schreibtisch, sondern im Schneidersitz auf dem Sofa vorm Laptop. Nach Feierabend sollte ich wirklich mal diese Yoga-Session auf YouTube machen, denke ich. Aber ich weiß jetzt schon, dass ich es am Ende eh nicht machen werde. Stattde...
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Daisy-Nails: So gelingt dir das süße Nageldesign auch zuhause

Zwar haben die Nagelstudios wieder geöffnet, aber leider sind sie oft über mehrere Wochen ausgebucht. Das ändert aber nichts an der Tatsache, dass deine Nägel endlich mal wieder ein Update brauchen. Wenn du also nicht warten willst, bis endlich mal ein Platz im Salon frei ist, musst du wohl oder übel selbst Hand anlegen und dir deine Nägel lackieren. Wenn du die monotonen Looks, verglichen zu den tollen Kunstwerken, die du vom Nagelstudio gewöhnt bist, absolut langweilig findest, habe ich hie...
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Should you Keep Drug Testing during the Pandemic

In short, employee drug testing should continue during the COVID-19 outbreak. You may be wondering how best to approach it now though. Many employees are working from home and businesses that are still operating on-site put strict social distancing policies in place virtually overnight.   If you find yourself unable to locate an open drug testing facility, the DOT suggests using a mobile drug testing company for the foreseeable future. That’s an option for employers of the general workforce t...
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The FREE Pluralsight Job Search and Career Seminar Series

Starting next week, on Monday June 1 (at noon MST) I will be hosting the six-session Pluralsight Job Search and Career Seminar Series. SIGN UP HERE I’m excited about this series because we are going to talk about awesome stuff that they should teach us in school, but generally don’t! We’ll talk about ideas, strategies, and tactics that are important to each of us… here are the topics: June 1: The Interview Process June 2: Personal Branding While in Transition June 8: Job Search Process and Sys...
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Rem Coco — A New Fragrance in the Rem Collection by Reminiscence

  Besides the two new fragrances for the Les Classiques Collection by Reminiscence — fresh, sunny, and aromatic Mandarine Fraiche and oriental, woody, and gourmand Vanille Santal — the very popular Rem collection is getting the newest version of the original. It creates a harmony of marine and coconut contrasts with the composition of Rem Coco.      The same sea and salty notes w... Read full article: Rem Coco — A New Fragrance in the Rem Collection by Reminiscence from Fragrantica Perfumes a...
Tags: Fashion, Fragrantica Perfumes, Mandarine Fraiche, Vanille Santal

Cuir Venitien by David Jourquin

Cuir Venitien by David Jourquin became one of the best fragrances at Esxence 2016 according to the Fragrantica team, entering the Must Try list, but then it went under my radar. The soft pink leather of the bottle has played an important role in this. I supposed it was something suede with red berries and a rose — there are a lot of these on the market, of course. Then, my attention was ab... Read full article: Cuir Venitien by David Jourquin from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
Tags: Fashion, Fragrantica Perfumes, David Jourquin, Cuir Venitien

Sydney Grace Arctic Moon Loose Highlighter Review & Swatches

Arctic Moon Sydney Grace Arctic Moon Loose Highlighter ($8.00 for 0.25 oz.) is a very light, bright mauve with subtle, cool undertones and a metallic finish. It appeared lighter when applied to my skin as it was very reflective, so it was more glow and shine than base color in practice. Thankfully, while it was an intense highlighter, it didn’t emphasize my skin’s natural texture and actually seemed to give an illusion of smoothne...
Tags: Beauty, Sydney, Christine, Cheek Products, Highlighters, Temptalia, Sydney Grace, Lysine Mica Mica, Mica Mica, Arctic Moon Sydney, All Dupes Milk Makeup Pink LE, Lauroyl Lysine Carnauba Mica Mica, Hexylene Glycol Arctic Moon P Permanent

Podcast #613: How Soldiers Die in Battle

War is about many things: glory, violence, courage, destruction. But at its heart is death. Each side in a conflict tries to kill as many of the enemy as possible, while avoiding being killed themselves. The way these deaths have played out over thousands of years of warfare has changed not simply based on the way martial technology has changed, but also on the way that the psychological and cultural pressures that have led societies and individual men to fight have changed.  My guest today, ...
Tags: Podcast, Life, America, Michael, Michael Stephenson, Mission of Service, Military History

Shoppers shocked by Fashion Nova’s new bikini: ‘I would rip this in two seconds’

Many agreed it was hardly worth wearing.
Tags: Fashion

How do you figure out what eyeshadows to pair together?

I think understanding how colors blend together (and how readily they’ll blend into each other or what they’ll blend and create) is a starting point. The next step is learning about what kind of colors you like to wear. I think just about anything can go together, but it’s often in the eye of... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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How To Sleep Better If You Have Anxiety

As soon as your head touches the pillow, does your mind begin to race? Is anxiety over money, work, or family keeping you up at night? Some anxiety is normal, but when emotional issues and anxiety are depriving you of better sleep, you should take action before you get trapped in a vicious cycle.  You don’t need an anxiety disorder diagnosis to suffer from sleep issues caused by anxiety. Anxiety can affect sleep in all kinds of ways. Usually, it causes difficulties in falling asleep. Yo...
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What Are My Strengths?

During some recent morning runs, I’ve been listening to a series of Michael Michalowicz books: The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Profit First, Clockwork, and Fix This Next. He also wrote The Pumpkin Plan – one of my all-time favorite business books. In the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur book, there are some questions about identifying your strengths and leveraging them in business. I think I know mine pretty well by now, but this stirred up my curiosity about how my blog readers and customers see my ...
Tags: Productivity, Careers, Values, Steve, Michael Michalowicz

Reversa Collagenique Review

Collagen is such an interesting skincare term. It’s what gives your hair and skin bounce and is basically the youth molecule. If you’ve seen a little kid with their bouncy skin and shiny... Visit to read the rest of this article.
Tags: Beauty, Moisturizers, Reversa, Reversa Collagenique Review

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