A New Cycle For La Maison Violet

Cycle 001 marks a new chapter in the history of Maison Violet (introduced on Fragrantica in 2018.) It is indeed the first opus in this line that puts ecological commitment and 'Made in France' in the spotlight. The house combines past and present by anchoring sleeping beauties of the XIX and XX century in very current issues, and this new, limited but rechargeable edition is signed by Patrice Revi... Read full article: A New Cycle For La Maison Violet from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
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6 Best Condoms for Smaller Penises in 2020

Size isn’t everything and the right motion of the ocean can get you far in the bedroom. However, if you are a little on the small size, it can be more challenging to find the right size condom than to pleasure your partner. Good things come in small packages, and in this article, you’ll learn to how wrap yours up perfectly in one of the best condoms for small sizes. We’ll start by going into some of the most important things to look out for when buying a condom for smaller penis sizes. After tha...
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Billie Eilish says she wears baggy clothes because she never felt ‘desired’

There’s a dark reason for Billie Eilish’s signature look. The Grammy-winning 18-year-old says she often doesn’t feel attractive to the people she dates, and as a result, dresses in baggy clothes. “Here’s a bomb for you: I have never felt desired,” Eilish tells GQ in an interview published Thursday. “My past boyfriends never made me...
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You Are an Influencer

When I first started blogging in 2004, it surprised me how much people actually applied and tested the ideas I wrote about. I wasn’t sure how much traction there would be on the action side, so at first I was pleased to see that. However, this also gave me a weightier feeling of responsibility, especially as more years went by. Being labeled an “influencer” is an accurate title because it was clear that I was influencing people to make real changes and consider different frames. I took thi...
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How the Generational Cycle of History Explains Our Current Crisis

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Friday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in July 2012. As is the generation of leaves, so to of men: At one time the wind shakes the leaves to the ground but then the flourishing woods Gives birth, and the season of spring comes into existence; So it is with the generations of men, which alternately come forth and pas...
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The Strawberry Full Moon occurs tonight—here's how you can see it

Before we hit the longest day of the year, let's partake in a couple of Full Strawberry Moon rituals for protection and blessings, shall we?
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The Monthly Huckberry Giveaway: June 2020

Below you’ll find some of my favorite recent offerings from Huckberry. Enter the giveaway to win any of these items, or anything else available in their store (up to a value of $500). My Picks This Month 1. Flint and Tinder Breaker Trunks. Lightweight, breathable, and with just the right amount of stretch, these swim trunks will look and feel great whether you’re swimming in the pool or lounging around it.  2. Looft Firestarter. In pursuit of grilling perfection, don’t overlook the way you li...
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Fashion Tycoon Serge Azria Buys Diane Keaton’s Former Bel Air Estate

After it first popped up for sale earlier this year, so-called “Microsoft Millionaire” Chris Peters has managed to unload his historic Bel Air estate for about $16.45 million. That’s a hefty amount of money by any standard, of course, but it also represents a slight loss for Peters, who had paid a sky-high $16.5 million for […]
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The Best Skincare Products that Block Harmful Blue Light

Your skin has a lot to be worried about. First, we learned about the dangers of UVA and UVB rays. Then we heard pollution is taking a toll on our complexion. Now, it’s all about blue-light damage. Also called high-energy visible (HEV) light, blue light is emitted from electronic devices like smartphones, computers, TVs and […]
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MysteryVibe’s Crescendo Is An INSANELY Versatile Vibrator for Literally EVERYONE

As our period of social distancing and quarantine isolation drags on, we’ll be bringing you a series of sex toy reviews to help you make the best buying decisions to keep your solo sex life buzzing along, or to spice things up for couples (or thruples or etc, etc, etc.) who may be experiencing some boredom in the…Read more...
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Lehrreiche Dokumentationen, Filme & Serien über Rassismus

Dieser geschichtsträchtige Moment war längst überfällig. Seit fast einer Woche gehen die Demonstrant*innen Tag für Tag auf die Straße, um gegen Rassismus und Polizeigewalt zu protestieren. Doch auch, wenn der Ruf nach Gerechtigkeit gerade besonders laut ist, gibt es ihn nicht erst seit ein paar Tagen. Der Tod von George Floyd mag das Fass zum Überlaufen gebracht haben, doch gefüllt wurde es durch Jahrhunderte institutionellen Rassismus. In den letzten Jahren haben die sozialen Medien dazu beiget...
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Step Right Up Checking Hearts Today

Time to check our pulse. How you feeling over there my friends? You know something, when someone asks me how I am my automatic response is great. Because I’m always great. I don’t let things get me down. But I’m just ok lately which sucks. If you’re dealing with any illness right now I’m thinking of you and wishing you well. If you’re out protesting I’m holding you close to my heart and hoping for your safety. If your heart is hurt and heavy with what is happening right now I’m here ...
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Would You Try Edible Fragrance? The New Era of Multifunctional Beauty

Multipurpose products and multifunctional materials within products are making a huge comeback on the back of today’s less-is-more, up-cycling subculture. It is ironic that the platform of multi-functionality should be used as a paragon for environmentally minded consumption when we realize that the trend began in the 80s with high-volume, cheap consumer commodities strategized to increase volum... Read full article: Would You Try Edible Fragrance? The New Era of Multifunctional Beauty from Fra...
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If you had to pick one eyeshadow pre-made palette to use all summer, what would you pick?

Pat McGrath Midnight Sun or Sydney Grace Autumn’s Reign, but it would be hard for me to commit to a single palette, haha. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Overcast Twilight in May: DIOR HOMME

When I was 8 years, old I realized that I loved rain. I was standing in my school corridor one day looking through the window at the murky, flooded and dripping, heavy, overgrown garden. Someone nearby was complaining about "the bad weather yet again," while I was thinking that no weather could be better. I still think that way. I remember one June in London - it was raining every day. Light s... Read full article: Overcast Twilight in May: DIOR HOMME from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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Fashion designer's robotic "Proximity Dress" automatically poofs out for physical distancing from the wearer

Experimental fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht—most famous for her Robotic Spider Dress from a few years ago—has now created the Proximity Dress to help with physical distancing during the pandemic. The 3D-printed electromechanical dress poofs out when triggered by proximity and thermal sensors detecting someone getting too close to the wearer. From 3D Printing Media Network: Each dress extends itself using a robotic 3D printed hip mechanism, built into the dress, and a resin 3D printed ...
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Munroe Bergdorf on fashion's PR problem: 'Don't use this movement to improve your public image'

In an exclusive interview, the model and activist discusses brands’ responses to the death of George Floyd and the protests surrounding itThe model and activist Munroe Bergdorf has hit out at fashion companies for attempting to align themselves with the worldwide protests against racism without getting their own houses in order first.Speaking exclusively to the Guardian, Bergdorf said: “You can’t use a marginalised movement for capital gain or to improve your public image. White people need to s...
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What does your job have in common with playing for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL?

Yesterday we mentioned our grim office job at a company that was dying on its arse. It later occurred to us that Cricket Fever, the Netflix documentary about the Mumbai Indians, might be the reason why this particular slice of our working life had resurfaced uninvited in the ooze of our consciousness. You wouldn’t think that over-pressured underpaid work in a tinpot digital marketing firm would have much in common with being a cricketing superstar, but let us assure you right now, it absolu...
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MasterClass Session: Gathas – The Revelation that Created the First Religion

And Then There Was Spitaman Zarathushtra The Righteous! © Khojeste P. Mistree Speaking to an online audience, Khojeste transformed words into a corridor of the past, taking us on an incredible journey, deep into the times when Zarathushtra emerged on the ethically barren landscape of ancient Iran, in c.1500 BCE. There was a spectacular moment, when through the passion of his words he almost made Zarathushtra appear before us clearing the pathway, separating the Good from Evil, and acutely ...
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#UnCloseted: Urzaan Patel’s Coming Out Story Had His Father Thinking ‘This Is Just A Phase’

He waltzes around the dance floor, moving smoothly, impressing his audience with his performance. When he’s not lighting up a room with his smile, Urzaan can be found staring at a face, using his brush to add colour, then suffusing it and then adding on thick, black eyeliner. A successful makeup artist, a great conversationalist and a fabulous dancer, Urzaan Patel is a lot of things. Unfortunately, the one label that sticks the longest and is the most prominent, is his sexual orientation and he ...
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Clean Reserve Citron Fig Perfume

I’m sorry to say that I’ve had this perfume for a number of years but I’ve been sleeping on it, and finally pulled it out to give it another sniff and wow, I love it. Truth be told,... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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"Many white people I know are spilling over with guilt and overzealous attempts to offer sympathy."

"I have been avoiding them as best I can.... But brazen as ever, white people who have my phone number are finding a way to drain my time and energy. Some are friends, others old co-workers and acquaintances I’ve intentionally released from my life for the sake of my peace of mind. Every few days I receive a bunch of texts like this one, from last week: 'Hi friend. I just wanted to reach out and let you know I love you and so deeply appreciate you in my life and your stories in the world. And I’...
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Lies diesen Artikel, bevor du das Gespräch mit schwarzen Bekannten & Kolleg*innen suchst

People hold signs and protest during a rally after a Minneapolis Police Department officer allegedly killed George Floyd, on May 26, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. – A video of a handcuffed black man dying while a Minneapolis officer knelt on his neck for more than five minutes sparked a fresh furor in the US over police treatment of African Americans Tuesday. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey fired four police officers following the death in custody of George Floyd on Monday as the suspect was pre...
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Combat Apathy and Feel Good Again – 5 Ways To Get Back On Track

Combat apathy in these unprecedented times and you will improve your physical and mental well-being significantly. We live in tumultuous and tension-rich times, unprecedented in the lives of most, yet there are things we can do to help ourselves as long as we make the effort. Stress and anxiety are common, but they can be overcome as we look forward to better days. The pandemic and other tragedies have strained attorney mental health, but with proactive steps, lawyers can help themselves and put...
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Steve Priest: the outrageous Sweet bassist who presaged heavy metal

He was cartoonish – once warned by David Bowie to tone down his makeup – and ‘built like a hod-carrier’, but Priest’s camped-up performances defined glam rockIt’s not an exact science, but British glam rock can broadly be divided into two categories. There was what’s come to be known as “high glam”, the genre’s originators and most artful practitioners: Bowie and his acolytes, Roxy Music, T Rex – album artists who could expect serious critical consideration and the space in interviews to expound...
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Cate Blanchett suffers chainsaw accident on lockdown in East Sussex

The actor has sustained a ‘nick to the head’ in what she told former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard was a minor incidentCate Blanchett has sustained a cut to the head following a chainsaw accident at her home in East Sussex.The Oscar-winning actor, who relocated from Sydney to Crowborough last year, was asked how lockdown was going by former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard on her podcast last week. Continue reading...
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Above Life’s Turmoil

Above Life’s Turmoil by James Allen is an excellent book that will help you confront the truth of who you are. The message of the book is timeless and asks you to look inside of yourself and... By Harrison Barnes
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SOTD 5.6.2020

Perfume PosseSOTD 5.6.2020 A SOTD (Scent Of The Day) thread is a really good conversation generator. The idea is you’ll chime in through the week with whatever scent you are wearing. You don’t need to be super knowledgable, have high faluting tastes or… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseSOTD 5.6.2020
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