Quarantine Skincare Routine Video

When we first went on Quarantine, I ramped up my skincare routine right away.  I went for the retinol and everything came with it.  Here’s what I used and how it worked for my skin. I loved The... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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How to Apply Sunless Tanner

I’m always going to suggest you don’t sun tan.  It is really damaging to your skin and it’s the best way to look older than you really are when you’re in your 30’s. Many... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Tanaz Bhathena: Hunted By The Sky

Tanaz Bhathena is an author based in Mississauga, ON, Canada. She previously published two books for teenagers, including the critically acclaimed A Girl Like That, which was named a Best Book of the Year by various outlets including The Globe and Mail, Seventeen magazine and The Times of India. She writes in to share an excerpt from her latest novel, a young adult fantasy called HUNTED BY THE SKY. Releasing on June 23, 2020, the book is set in a world inspired by medieval India and Zoroa...
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Fear Is an Invitation

It’s common to frame fear as a signal that there’s something scary to avoid, but consider what long-term effect this framing will have. It means that decade after decade, you’ll keep avoiding what you fear. You’ll leave those aspects of life perpetually unexplored. What if you do the opposite? What if you frame fear as an invitation instead? What you fear is an invitation to grow. If you open and accept that invitation, you get move through the fear and experience what’s beyond the fear...
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The Benevolent Businessmen From Aden

Meher Marfatia: The Benevolent Businessmen From Aden The Cowasjee Dinshaw Collection of the Adenwalla Archive reveals rare records of a family of merchant-princes, last of the philanthropic Bombay sethias, who fronted the golden age of Parsis in Aden Article by Meher Marfatia | Mid-Day Aden House, the Cowasjee Dinshaw & Bros. building They were the uncrowned kings of Aden in an age of Empire. Tempering entrepreneurial acumen with gentle philanthropy, Cowasjee Dinshaw (1827-1900) and his heirs ...
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7 Tips for Dealing With a Frozen Pipe

The winters in the northeast have been known to get well below freezing, which can lead to a nasty disaster for the pipes in a person’s home. Frozen pipes are a hassle and can lead to water damage that costs a significant amount of money to fix. It is a common problem for homeowners in the area, so understanding what to do when it happens is essential. Local plumbing companies, like Maplewood Plumbing, can help fix frozen pipes that have burst and suggest ways to prevent it from happeni...
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PLANTING THE SEEDS OF POSITIVE GROWTH WZCC NY Chapter invited Mira Mehta to give a talk about her work in Nigeria   Mira is a fascinating social entrepreneur with an inspiring story to tell, including the following facets of her journey: brief background of how she was raised: values she learned from her parents and community, religious background, why those things matter in the context of what she does today. how she came to Nigeria for the first time, why she went to business school, and w...
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Urban Decay Grind House Sharpener

Why is it that I don’t mind shilling out for the any high-end hair treatment but when it comes to the basic things, I don’t really care for them as much? Case in point: my eyeliner... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Fashion Brands Give Back With Pride Collections

It’s the time of year when designers and fashion houses release Pride collections that not only celebrate the LGBTQ community but also raise money for advocacy programs and organizations. So even if Pride parades have been canceled because of the pandemic, that shouldn’t stop you from looking fierce — just make sure you do it […]
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Marc Jacobs Beauty Summer 2020 Collection Swatches

Marc Jacobs Beauty Summer 2020 Collection includes five new, limited edition shades in their lipstick/lipgloss hybrid formula for Pride (donations were made to SAGE and Le Refuge but no specific amount details provided) along with a “Gold Edition” mini collection that includes an eyeshadow palette and five eyeliners. Here are swatches! Summer 2020 Collection Gallery Options ...
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Kosas Color & Light Pressed Palettes Swatches

There are six duos in the Kosas Color & Light Pressed Palette ($34.00) range. Three of the duos are “low intensity,” which feature lighter-leaning, more buildable shades, and three are “high intensity,” which feature “double” the pigment for higher pigmentation along with darker-leaning shades. Here are swatches of all six duos! Color & Light Pressed Palettes Gallery Options ...
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What makes you leave a review on a product?

I think I’ve only left a handful reviews over time on any site other than my own (it’s like… I already do this regularly, I’m not inclined to do MORE if it’s not here!). Those rare moments have usually fueled by really loving a product and not feeling like the product was getting enough... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Perfumed Horoscope: June 7 - June 13

  This week I will suggest to you a pattern of thinking that will implement a greater sense of groundedness and inner guidance in the world, one that offers less and less external direction. We are following the moon this week as it is interacting intensely with many planetary bodies and triggering us. These triggers can be replaced by a following another pattern: Eliminate (Pluto conjunct ... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: June 7 - June 13 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
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"I have never felt desired. My past boyfriends never made me feel desired. None of them."

"And it’s a big thing in my life that I feel I have never been physically desired by somebody. So I dress the way I dress as I don’t like to think of you guys – I mean anyone, everyone – judging it, or the size of it.... And sometimes I feel trapped by this persona that I have created, because sometimes I think people view me not as a woman.... But my body is mine and yours is yours. Our own bodies are kind of the only real things which are truly ours. I get to see it and get to show it when I w...
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Arquiste Ella

Perfume PosseArquiste Ella My samples arrived. I’m afraid only one is a recent release. I dislike the shop I bought them from. Of the three places it’s easiest to get samples from in London, this is my least preferred. Once on a sniffing… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseArquiste Ella
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Quality of Bowling better in PSL compared to IPL – Wasim Akram

With each passing year the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has grown in stature and it’s frequently discussed with comparison to cash rich Indian Premier League Read More The post Quality of Bowling better in PSL compared to IPL – Wasim Akram appeared first on Cricket Fever - It's All About Live Cricket. Related posts: The Real Reason everyone compared Irfan Pathan to Wasim Akram PSL Star Haider Ali says his Idol is Rohit Sharma IPL 2020 might get Cancelled after PM’s Announcement of 21 D...
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We’re Loving These African Print Face Masks…

It looks like face masks are going to be a permanent feature in our lives for the forseeable future….so why not make it a stylish feature right? We’ve noticed a few designers have ventured into creating masks recently but none have really rocked our boat as much as these African print face masks by ColourMeJ. Handmade, the masks include filter pockets, are reusuable, washable and offer the option of having a more secure fit courtesy of an adaptable wire fitted inside the mask. Priced at £7 each ...
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The Real Reason everyone compared Irfan Pathan to Wasim Akram

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Many current and former cricketers are getting more active on their social media profiles and many actually host live video Read More The post The Real Reason everyone compared Irfan Pathan to Wasim Akram appeared first on Cricket Fever - It's All About Live Cricket. Related posts: Ganguly and Dravid Dropped from One Day Team For The Commonwealth Bank Tri Series Real Reasons behind India’s Loss to Pakistan in the Asia Cup True Reason of Wahab Riaz vs A...
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I Dont Trust My Ex Boyfriend around My Toddler

When I started dating my now ex-boyfriend I was smitten. I was in love with him. A few weeks into the relationship I googled him and saw he was indicted on sexual charges against a minor. The charges were around lewdness where the article stated he exposed him to a teenage girl. I asked him why he didn’t disclose this information to me. He said that he was going to. He told me that the girl lied on him and that he was a really good guy. Blinded by love I believed him. We were together for a peri...
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UAE Keen to Host IPL 2020 Makes Offer to BCCI

As the current status of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) still continues to be suspended until further notice due to the Read More The post UAE Keen to Host IPL 2020 Makes Offer to BCCI appeared first on Cricket Fever - It's All About Live Cricket. Related posts: South Africa Confirmed As Host For IPL Season 2 ICL Foreign Players Can Switch to IPL – BCCI ICL Talks with BCCI Fails After a Farce
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Doorstep delights: why front gardens matter

A place to socialise, an oasis for wildlife, a gift to our neighbours – a front garden can be all of these things. Isn’t it about time we showed them some love,asks Clare CoulsonLast month, with more time at home than usual, Charlotte Harris, one half of the landscape design duo Harris Bugg, decided to dig up her paved front garden in Newham, east London. “It was a discussion we’d been having for a while,” says Harris, who gardens with her girlfriend Catriona Knox. They’d already removed the pav...
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The Sun Does Not Always Shine Forever

Since the sun does not always shine forever, you must take a pragmatic approach towards your life and career; remember that good fortunes are never permanent. Do not take your job for granted, but... By Harrison Barnes
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