An Open Invitation: The Power of Talent Communities

Everyone’s Invited! Talent communities are key for companies looking to build a talent pipeline to make hires now and in the future. Download the pdf. Learn more about how you can grow your existing talent community. Nexxt is a recruitment media company that uses today’s most effective marketing tactics to reach the full spectrum of talent – from active to passive, and everything in between. Learn more about hiring with Nexxt. [Author: Julie Shenkman]
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Purina One 28 Challenge With Our Goldendoodle, Bella

This post has been sponsored by Purina. All thoughts and opinions are my own. With three kiddos for our Goldendoodle, Bella, to chase after and play with, we need a high-quality dog food that gives her all of the protein she needs. Purina One 28 Day Challenge That’s why we decided to try the Purina ONE® 28... Read On → The post Purina One 28 Challenge With Our Goldendoodle, Bella appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Caraway vs. Cumin: Umbellifer Mix-up

The umbellifers (Lat. Umbelliferae, aka celery family, Lat. Apiaceae) is one of the largest plant families in all of nature (over 400 genera and about 3500 varieties), and it is certainly incredibly important when it comes to agriculture. Apart from a few plants that have a rather notorious reputation (such as cowbane, aka Northern water hemlock), many plants are edible and/or used for culina... Read full article: Caraway vs. Cumin: Umbellifer Mix-up from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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Rihanna’s new Fenty summer collection is going fast

RiRi’s back! After temporarily closing her businesses on Blackout Tuesday last week as a response to the protests surrounding George Floyd’s death, Rihanna’s luxury label Fenty dropped its newest collection Thursday — the first of three highly anticipated releases slated to happen from now through mid-July. Named “6-20” (a reference to the month and year...
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¿Planeas ir a Disneyland? Conoce las medidas que tendrán al abrir

El parque realizará su reapertura el 17 de julio
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Purina ONE Challenge – Indoor Cat Advantage Cat Food

This post has been sponsored by Purina. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My little ball of fluff, Lilly, is a house cat—and our only cat. Lilly doesn’t go outside, and I often wonder if she is getting all of the nutrients she needs. So when I heard about the Purina ONE® 28 Day Challenge,... Read On → The post Purina ONE Challenge – Indoor Cat Advantage Cat Food appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Masks, No Kissing and ‘a Little Kinky’: Dating and Sex in a Pandemic

New York City public health officials have frank new advice for people who are looking for companionship and physical intimacy during the pandemic.
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Top Tips For Teaching Your Kids the Importance of Sustainability

How can we ever expect to repair the world if we allow the eco-friendly habits to die along with us? Even though there has been an increased focus on sustainability in recent years, the job is not close to being done just yet. Instead, there is still plenty to do to ensure that we can help to get the world back to a comfortable and habitable place for future generations.  The only way to do this is to educate them on the practices they must adopt to ensure that they can continue what we...
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How To Reduce Repair Costs Around the Home

Whether you recently moved or have been in your residence for a while, you likely already are aware that owning a property comes with the responsibility of maintaining it. From the lawn to the exterior walls and windows to the interior fixtures and pipes, there are many things that can need repairing over the years. Thankfully, there are simple ways to reduce repair costs so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Watch for Deals Buying parts and other items you need to do improvements a...
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Are You Seeking the Approval of Your Limiting Beliefs?

You don’t have to overcome limiting beliefs in order to take action. Thinking that you need to get all your beliefs in order is really just a delay tactic, isn’t it? Fixing your beliefs is an unnecessary prerequisite for action. Thinking that you need to fix your beliefs first is akin to convincing a doubtful parent that you’re gonna go out and succeed. Nothing you say will convince them. Even if you go out and succeed, they probably still won’t be convinced. If you tell people you’re goin...
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Linda Landenberg Collection Review

Linda Landenberg, the niche perfume brand from Sweden, is not popular or famous, as its founder Linda is not one of the regulars at niche perfume exhibitions. Her fragrances (except for her own website) can be found only in Stockholm, Växjö, Prague, and Luanda. This is a true niche brand. In 2017, Linda's chance meeting with our colleague Miguel in Cannes made her brand more famous, but I feel... Read full article: Linda Landenberg Collection Review from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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Beauty Confession: That One Time I Poured Facial Mist Into a Plant Mister

Sit down people. Story time. There was this one time in band camp when I poured an entire bottle of Sana Hadanomy Hydrating Collagen Mist into a Hearth & Hand Plant Mister. I dunno why I thought this was a good thing. And no, it wasn’t because I was going to mist my plants with collagen mist. It actually worked out really well but don’t tell anyone I said that. We can’t be advertising these weird beauty antics for just anyone to know about. In the end, I actually had to pour it back into...
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Ja, Rosacea kann auch BPoC treffen. So kannst du es erkennen & behandeln

Um das Thema Rosacea ranken sich unzählige Mythen, wie dass Make-up es noch schlimmer macht oder dass die Betroffenen einfach nur zu viel Alkohol trinken. Aber der wohl am weitesten verbreitete Irrglaube ist: Nur weiße Menschen können unter der Hauterkrankung leiden. Doch auch, wenn Rosacea vorwiegend bei Menschen mit helleren Hautfarben auftritt, können auch BPoC daran erkranken. Tatsächlich sagen Expert*innen, dass das deutlich häufiger der Fall ist als viele denken – jedoch wird es oft ni...
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Defund the Police: Warum die US-Polizei staatlich definanziert werden sollte

Polizeigewalt mit Todesfolge an BIPoC ist nicht erst seit dem Mord an George Floyd ein Problem in Amerika. Gegen Derek Chauvin, den Polizisten, der Floyd tötete, gab es zum Beispiel schon mindestens 17 Anzeigen wegen Fehlverhaltens im Dienst. Die für den Tod von Philando Castile, Freddie Gray und Terence Crutcher verantwortlichen Beamt*innen wurden entweder freigesprochen oder die Anklage gegen sie wurde fallen gelassen, und die Beamt*innen, die Michael Brown, Alton Sterling und Tamir Rice tötet...
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Crafting the Perfect Cover Letter

Many resumes these days are read by bots that are looking for certain keywords and qualifications. There are things you can and should do to tailor your resume to these bots, but even in this modern high-tech world of hiring, you still need to think about an old fashioned document that will influence interview decisions after this initial round of sifting: the cover letter. If your first reaction to those words is “Ugh,” I get it. I haven’t had to write a “real” cover letter for about 8 year...
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'I loved the weirdness' – can Laura Marling's crowdless gig rescue live music?

The singer played ticketed livestreams from an (almost) empty church to brighten up lockdown. We took up a lonely pew to see if it could match the real thingAfter three months of shuttered concert venues, hearing Laura Marling’s voice eddy around the Union Chapel in north London is like being dosed with a vitamin I had been leaving out of my diet. It’s almost like hearing live music for the first time; a different kind of beauty than you get on a daily walk or a drive to a castle, something vivi...
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You Know What Was Missing from My Summer of Beauty World? Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Scrub!

Dude, dude, dude there’s a Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Body Scrub now and I’m kind of excited about this development in the world of body scrubs. I think we we’re all waiting and waiting for the day to come when Sol de Janeiro introduced a perfume. Who didn’t want to smell like the beautiful tropical scent of Bum Bumb Cream? We finally got our wish granted when Sol de Janeiro introduced one a few months ago. Sol de Janeiro actually been pretty busy cooking up as many products as possible scented lik...
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Evergreen Fashion Advice For Every Season

Do you have the same argument with yourself every summer? How are you supposed to dress to impress on a budget? It’s not as if you’re fall and winter outfits transition into the warmer months. Plus, you want to turn heads and stand out from the crowd. The things women have to go through! With fashion trends changing like the weather, it’s not easy or cheap to stay on top of the latest styles. However, this shouldn’t cause you to fret. The good news is that you can maintain your look ...
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Perzen Patel Starts a Kiwi Foodcast Podcast Series

Our dear friend and amazing chef, entrepreneur and mom Perzen Patel a.k.a The Bawi Bride starts a new podcast series titled “Kiwi Foodcast With Perzen Patel” Perzen informs us…. We are finally up and running and I am happy to announce that @kiwifoodcast is officially launched. .Stories, the interesting tidbits of information we share about the food we love to eat, why we love it, how it got made is what makes food so interesting.On the show I talk to food businesses, producers, fo...
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Oud Les Nombres d’Or Mona di Orio: Vintage From the First Day

I remember the first time I tried a fragrance formerly known as Oud Les Nombres d’Or. It was introduced to me in Milan by Mona di Orio herself, and I must say that at that time I was not impressed.   For some reason, I didn’t appreciate the fragrance itself, as it was just another fragrance on a trendy theme. All that interested me then was whether natural oud oil was used. Yes, she said, t... Read full article: Oud Les Nombres d’Or Mona di Orio: Vintage From the First Day from Fragrantica Per...
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Why I’m Old School and Prefer Physical Exfoliation Over Chemical Exfoliation

Committing to an exfoliating technique is a lot like a good relationship. Sometimes they’ll be messiness, sometimes they’ll be pain, but in the end you’ll come out of it glowing. Deciding on a physical or a chemical exfoliating product is the hardest part. I have dabbled in the world of BHAs, AHAs, Lactic Acids, newfangled PHAs (which I’m convinced are a made up version of a BHA on a low calorie diet), etc… I just don’t do acids well. I have a very extensive skincare routine and adding in a...
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Walmart Will Stop Locking Makeup, Beauty, and Multicultural Products Up

News broke last year that Walmart was locking up certain makeup and beauty at some of their stores and unfortunately, this led to a lawsuit. According to the New York Times, in 2019, a woman sued Walmart for racism because her store was locking up African-American personal care products. The woman, Essie Grundy, purchasing a mere $0.48 comb made her feel humiliated and discriminated against due to the experience of having a store employee having to unlock the case to get the comb. She further...
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Bapsi Nariman: In memory of Fali’s better half

Fali was her universe and she was his. They were a couple where the whole was larger than the sum total of its parts. I think it was on the occasion of Fali’s ‘50 years at the Bar’ that Ashok Desai began his speech by saying, “Behind every great man, it is said, there is a surprised mother in law” – but quickly went on to say it wasn’t so in Fali’s case, because he knew Mrs. Contractor. He was right. Mrs. Contractor, knowing her daughter, would have known that whoever Bapsi married would h...
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Halfeti Leather, the New Penhaligon's Edition

The British house Penhaligon’s unveiled on May 8th, 2020, a new chapter in its Trade Routes Collection; the perfume Halfeti Leather. It is announced as a dark creation in oriental tones, built around a woody and spicy rose. A variation of the original Halfeti fragrance from 2015, enriched with spicy, woody and leathery notes.   "A potion with scents so deliciously intoxicating that you will im... Read full article: Halfeti Leather, the New Penhaligon's Edition from Fragrantica Perfumes and Col...
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Diese Künstler*innen protestieren mit ihren Werken gegen Rassismus

In Zeiten politischer Revolution wirken Demonstrationen oft wie die sichtbarste Möglichkeit, sich für Veränderungen einzusetzen. Doch das ist nicht die einzige Option. Nicht jede*r kann und muss an vorderster Front kämpfen, um seine oder ihre Unterstützung zu zeigen. Soziale Bewegungen brauchen auch Menschen, die im Hintergrund agieren und beispielsweise organisatorische Tätigkeiten übernehmen, finanzielle Mittel zur Verfügung stellen oder emotionalen Support für Betroffene bieten.Und dann kanns...
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Racism is at the heart of fast fashion – it's time for change | Kalkidan Legesse

The fashion industry makes huge profits from the exploitation of black and brown women. Now is the time to call it outOf all the shocks that the past few weeks and months have brought to all our lives, one of the biggest for me as a black woman working in the fashion industry is that finally people are realising that racism is more than calling someone a derogatory name.The killing of George Floyd while in police custody and the global outrage and protest that followed is bringing a dawning coll...
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Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette I Don’t Think I Need You In My Life

Urban Decay Naked Ultra Violet Eyeshadow Palette got an oddly early launch over on Cult Beauty today. It officially arrives on US shores starting June 17th. We all knew colorful Naked Palettes were coming. Naked Honey and Naked Cherry were just the tip of the iceberg here! With the original Naked Eyeshadow Palette gone but never forgotten it’s logical enough that Urban Decay is going to ride this train to the very ends of the universe. Not to mention people were legit upset that Urban Decay...
Tags: US, Beauty, Lucid, Urban Decay, Bloom Amazonian Clay Palette Review, Summer Collections 2020, Cherry Honey, Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette

How to Escape From Killer Bees

In 1978, The Swarm premiered in theaters across the country and illustrated the raw, destructive capabilities of bees. In the film, starring a young Michael Caine, swarms of bees crash helicopters, derail trains, and wreak havoc on communities. If that sounds ridiculous, it was, but then again, these were not just any bees. These were killer bees. In reality, when people talk about killer bees, they’re referring to the Africanized honeybee. Developed in the 50s, the Africanized honeybee is a hy...
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Rocky Mountain Soap Company Day Cream

A day cream without SPF is just a cream isn’t it? The Rocky Mountain Soap Company Day Cream is moisturizing, rich, and thick, which is what my skin really needed.  I loved that it left a... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Executive Job Search: Health Tech, Sales Tech, Insurtech, Big Data

Check out these great hidden executive job opportunities from Cruchbase: Vroom surges in IPO Shares of online used car marketplace Vroom soared in first-day trading this morning, opening at around $40 each. Previously, the New York-based company priced its shares at $22 each, above the projected range, bringing in $468 million. Collab Capital eyes $50M […]
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