BUXOM Rooftop Tan Staycation Vibes Bronzer Review & Swatches

Rooftop Tan Buxom Rooftop Tan Staycation Vibes Primer-Infused Bronzer ($28.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a light-medium, rosy brown with warm undertones and a satin sheen. It had a redder, rosier undertone, though it turned almost peachy when applied to my skin tone, paired with finer gold pearl that became more and more satin-like once the powder was applied and blended out. The texture felt soft, finely-milled, and easy to pick up without ...
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Sydney Grace Candied Peach Loose Highlighter Review & Swatches

Candied Peach Sydney Grace Candied Peach Loose Highlighter ($8.00 for 0.25 oz.) is a light, pink-peach base with strong, warm golden shimmer paired with a metallic sheen. It had a stronger, golden shift at certain angles, so the base seemed pink, while the shimmer was higher-contrast. The texture was finely-milled, silky, and weighted enough not to be prone to making a mess (as loose powders often are). It had rich color coverag...
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Leadership in Times of Adversity: Adil Malia

The WZCC Toronto Chapter held a very thought provoking webinar on Saturday, June 13th, 2020. Led by Chapter Chair, Cyrus Patel & Secretary, Arashasp Shroff, the topic of discussion was ‘Leadership in Times Adversity by Dr. Adil Malia, a thought leader in the different dimensions of corporate transformation, people, and leadership. The webinar was started with a brief and direct question by Dr. Malia…What is adversity and what happens when it strikes? Adversity can be defined as ...
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This Week in Dupes, Vol. 095

Did a product catch your eye this week? Check out dupes for the most loved and most wanted products between June 9th and June 15th before you buy! Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Why You Should Take A PTO Day When You’re Working from Home

While we are working from home week in and week out, the lines between personal and professional time blur together like the days of the week. In the last few weeks, I’ve found myself thinking “Oh great it’s Monday” only, surprise! it’s actually Thursday! (this has happened more than once). I find myself logging in earlier, and sending emails later, and checking my inbox when I’m walking the dog, reading the chats from my Microsoft Teams app on my phone while making a meal, and overall just obse...
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Emma Watson joins board of Kering, the luxury fashion giant behind Gucci

Actor and eco-fashion advocate to take a seat on board of conglomerate that oversees Gucci, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta and Alexander McQueenEmma Watson, the actor and activist who made her name as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, has joined the board of the French fashion giant Kering, in a major coup for the world’s second-biggest luxury group.The British star, who was born in Paris, is the face of the Good On You app, which rates fashion brands on their ethical and su...
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Review: OhMyG

It freaks me out to imagine the questions sex toy shoppers of today must ask themselves. The landscape of options has become so vast, it is no longer enough to contemplate materials, shape, power source, and noise level. Now you must ponder bizarre hypotheticals like, "is this what I want against my G-spot? A little nubbin that bobs up and down?" Is that even a knowable thing? It feels like it isn't, at least for the majority of people, and maybe that's what they're banking on. The Ioba Toys...
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Xerjoff Golden Dallah Review

Perfume PosseXerjoff Golden Dallah Review Xerjoff Golden Dallah is a new entry from the pricing aspirational Xerjoff.  I have a few favorites from this line – the gorgeous Irissss, Oud Stars Mamluk (Italian Bergamot, Honey, caramel Accord, Jasmine Garndiflorum, Osmanthus, Laos Benzoin, Vanilla MAdagascar, Indian… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseXerjoff Golden Dallah Review
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BPP: The Positive COVID-19 Experiences

Within a week of the first lockdown, I came across an appeal by the BPP (Bombay Parsee Punchayet). They were looking for volunteers to assist old and needy Parsees. Volunteers to deliver food, groceries & medicines to so many old people living alone, who were suddenly stranded without any help whatsoever. Now, the BPP are quite famous for all the wrong reasons; infighting, silly exchange of emails, and general acrimony over mostly everything they do. But we were sitting at home and quite bo...
Tags: Life, Mumbai, Tetley, Nanking, Bombay Parsi Panchayat, BPP, Masala Dosa, BPP Bombay Parsee Punchayet, Bandra Khar Santacruz Juhu, BPP Helpline, Navi Mumbai Kharghar, Masala Dosa Butter, Zoru Bhathena BPP

MAC Fix+Vibes: The Fusion of Makeup Routine and Scenting

MAC Cosmetics, one of the most popular makeup brands, has launched a collection of innovative products combining scent and makeup, following last year's similar launch of scented setting sprays. They're called Fix+ Vibes, and they have multiple benefits, as we found out. Previously, MAC Cosmetics had masterminded their own brand fragrances beginning more than a decade ago, and notably launched�... Read full article: MAC Fix+Vibes: The Fusion of Makeup Routine and Scenting from Fragrantica Perfu...
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Drunk Elephant The Littles Head to Toe Gives You a Chance To Try All The New Hair Care

Anyone terribly curious about the new Drunk Elephant Haircare Collection? Me too! This new Drunk Elephant The Littles Head to Toe gives you a chance to try it all out! I admit that I was totally confused when Drunk Elephant just randomly decided to get into hair care. It was just a weird jump from skincare. None the less they had me curious about the T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub and left me wondering how it was compared to Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Scalp S...
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11 Auto Maintenance Jobs Every Man Can Do Himself

Editor’s Note: This a guest article from Tony Galloway. There was a time when nearly every man knew how to fiddle around and fix things on his car. Today, with automobiles having become more complex and technologized, the idea of working on your vehicle seems more intimidating, and most guys bring their ride into the shop whenever it has a problem or simply needs maintenance. While major auto repairs may be something many modern folks don’t have the time, patience, and skill to tackle (though w...
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Anti-diskriminierende Sprache: 9 Tipps, damit du trans* Personen nicht misgenderst

Acht Jahre lang glaubte Sara Kaplan, ihr erstgeborenes Kind sei ein Mädchen. Bis ihr ein Klassenkamerad ihrer “Tochter“ sagte, sie hätte ein Geheimnis. Und dieses Geheimnis war, dass ihr Kind „im Inneren ein Junge“ sei. Von diesem Moment an wusste Sara, dass sie keine Tochter, sondern einen Sohn großgezogen hatte.An diesem Tag nahm Kaplan ihren Sohn James, der jetzt 10 Jahre alt ist, beim nach Hause gehen an die Hand, und hörte zu, als er ihr erzählte, wie er sich bemüht hatte, das Geschlecht, ...
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What’s Your Most Awesome Beauty Superpower? And Your Lamest?

Outside of the very, very disappointing dress reveal in Pretty In Pink (not only was the dress wrong she also choose the wrong guy! Duckie for the win!) one of the lamest things Molly Ringwald ever had to do on film was slip her lipstick between her breasts and apply it to her lips in the Breakfast Club. To this day I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one. I’m not saying I haven’t tried it, I have, but it’s still sort of a lame beauty superpower. What’s your most awesome beauty supe...
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Tarte Shape Tape Is On Sale

Just a heads up if you’re buying a custom kit from Tarte today you can also grab Shape Tape Concealer for $19 (30% Off retail)! Enjoy! Where to buy Tarte You may also enjoy... Tarte Shape Tape 50% OffJuice Beauty Friends and Family SaleIt Cosmetics 25% Off Coupon Code Friends and Family 2015 Sale50% Off Urban Decay Eyeliners and Tarte Shape Tape The post Tarte Shape Tape Is On Sale appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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Fun Is a Personal Standard

Whatever you’re currently doing to earn money, is it fun for you? Would you still enjoy your income-generating activities even if they paid half as much? Still fun with less pay? Or does the fun depend on the money? Earning money can be fun. Spending money can be fun too. But what if earning money isn’t fun? Then to earn more, you have to push yourself to do even more work that isn’t fun. Your reward is very mixed then – more money perhaps but also less fun. That creates a drag that ...
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Ist es schlimm, dass ich in den letzten drei Monaten keinen BH getragen habe?

Während ich diesen Satz schreibe, trage ich keinen BH. Genauer gesagt trage ich seit Beginn der Corona-Pandemie so gut wie nie einen BH. Oft vergesse ich es einfach, weil ich nach dem Aufstehen meistens erst Mal eine Weile im Pyjama arbeite, bevor ich irgendwann duschen gehe und mich anziehe. Und ich kann nur sagen: Es ist unglaublich befreiend! Für manche Frauen ist das vielleicht keine große Sache, für mich aber schon. Ich habe ein D-Körbchen und habe vor Corona immer einen BH getrag...
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Giorgio Armani Boudoir & Night Glow Ecstasy Lacquers Reviews & Swatches

Boudoir (502) Giorgio Armani Boudoir (502) Ecstasy Lacquer ($38.00 for 0.2 oz.) is a bright, strawberry red with subtle, warm undertones and flecks of gold and copper shimmer and sparkle throughout. The texture was thin, almost watery as it initially applied but developed to a more, light-medium thick consistency that was moderately tacky but smooth and more gel-like. It was comfortable to wear, as it wasn’t heavy, but it had long...
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Shalimar - Almost a Century Old

While waiting til September 2020 to discover Shalimar Philtre de Parfum, a new interpretation that sublimates the sensuality of the original, let’s dive back into the history of the legendary Shalimar fragrance, in an effort to pay tribute to it, but also to “unravel the mystery” of a never-denied success that has stood the test of time without aging. It was in the 1920s that Shalimar was ... Read full article: Shalimar - Almost a Century Old from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
Tags: Fashion, Shalimar, Fragrantica Perfumes, Shalimar Philtre de Parfum

Rustom Cooper Becomes Oldest Living Middlesex First Class Cricketer

RUSTOM ‘RUSSI’ SORABJI COOPER BECOMES MIDDLESEX’S OLDEST LIVING FIRST-CLASS CRICKETER Rustom Cooper, born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on 15th December 1922, today became Middlesex’s oldest first-class cricketer, aged 97 years, 183 days old. [ Cricinfo Player Profile ] Article on Middlesex CCC website Prior to this, the record was held by James Gilman, who passed away in Shoreham, East Sussex, on 14th September 1976, aged 97 years, 182 days. Cooper made a handful of appearances for Middlesex...
Tags: England, London, Life, Singapore, India, Sports, Army, Ipl, Mumbai, London School Of Economics, Richmond, Middlesex, Mcc, Don, Cooper, Rotary Club

Sticky Fingers: The New Perfume by Francesca Bianchi

As far back as last year, my editorial work in June was mostly based on new perfume samples collected at spring niche perfume exhibitions like Esxence Milan and BeautyWorld Middle East in Dubai. Every bit of a perfume journalist's work is completely different now. The exhibition sweep-net for perfume news is currently unavailable, and most perfumers are on hold right now, thinking it is too ear... Read full article: Sticky Fingers: The New Perfume by Francesca Bianchi from Fragrantica Perfumes ...
Tags: Fashion, Dubai, Fragrantica Perfumes, Esxence Milan, Beautyworld Middle East, Francesca Bianchi

Amplifying Black Women’s Voices

This is not a time of business as usual. Like so many of you, over the past few weeks I’ve been dedicating significant time and attention to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, learning more about and from Black Americans and taking action to promote and financially support the organizations working for racial justice in […] The post Amplifying Black Women’s Voices appeared first on Lindsey Pollak's Blog.
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Dion: 'When I heard my album sober, I thought "Wow – heroin didn't touch it"'

He was a street-tough doo-wopper, then a wayward cult legend. Now at 80, Dion is embracing the blues – and his status as one of the last rock’n’rollers standingDion DiMucci was 13, maybe 14, when he first sang in a club for money, roughly the same time as he picked up a heroin habit that lasted 15 years. He got on the stage and belted out three Hank Williams songs – Cold, Cold Heart, Jambalaya and Hey Good Lookin’ and when he was done “the owners, Yodi and Bart, they gave me $20 apiece, which wa...
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The Joy Of Picking Which Six Friends To Invite Into Your Social 'Bubble'

You can now meet up with six of your friends at a time – but, which six?
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What beauty product gives you an immediate confidence boost?

Lately, it’s a bit of foundation! I’m breaking out an unusual amount, so a little bit of foundation to mask unevenness/redness has been a real savior! — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
Tags: Beauty, Christine, Weekly Features, Temptalia Asks You

Avesthagen Releases The First Complete Zoroastrian-Parsi Mitochondria Reference Genome

Avesthagen releases “The First complete Zoroastrian-Parsi Mitochondria Reference Genome: Implications of mitochondrial signatures in an endogamous, non-smoking population” – The study unravels mitochondrial signatures linked to persian origin, longevity and associated health conditions Avesthagen Limited, with support from the Foundation for a Smoke Free World, New York, USA is developing a systems biology-based approach for the early predictive diagnosis of tobacco related cancers suc...
Tags: Science, Life, India, US, Cambridge, Persia, Parsi, ` Foundation, Avesthagen, Avesthagen Limited, Foundation for a Smoke Free World New York USA, CMD Avesthagen Limited

Would You Like To See Lipgloss and Lipstick Launches Pushed Forward?

Fact: I prefer lipgloss over lipstick. There’s just something more comfortable about a gloss for me! Maybe because my lips are drier I prefer the hydrating texture but honestly, I just think I like glossy lip looks more than lipstick. For me, Summer is typically the season for super glossy lips! The glossier, the better. This year, not so much. Face masks have taken over our everyday life and wearing lipgloss or even lipstick is a messy affair. It’s really not my priority when I’m slappi...
Tags: Japan, Beauty, Maybelline, Musings of the Day, Visee Juicy Syrup Lipgloss, Lipstick?Avon Electric Lip Gloss

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Sunscreen Video

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are having an awesome summer and staying out of the sun! I had to do a video review of one of my favourite sunscreens, and I can’t believe that I’ve been... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Iranshah Atashbehram Will Open post COVID-19 Lockdown

We are happy to hear from our dear Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor….. Dear Humdins, Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected everyone globally. After careful deliberation and with a lot of caution, we, The Udwada Nine Family Athornan Anjuman have decided to start welcoming devotees to our Holy Iranshah once again w.e.f  Roj Khorshed Mah Bahman Y. Z. 1389 (June 22, 2020), subject to strict guidelines that wil...
Tags: Life, Udvada, Atash Behram, Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor, Dasturji Khurshed K Dastoor, Kusti, Udwada, Valsad, Udwada Nine Family Athornan Anjuman, Roj Khorshed Mah Bahman, Boiwalla

Tarte Custom Kits Now On Sale $63 7 Full-Size Products + Free Shipping

Head on over to today to grab one of the Custom Kits today! These kits are customizable and get you 7 products with free shipping for $63. Last year they actually sold out (first time that happened) so, if you want one do head over now to snatch one up! Choose your foundation formula, blush, eyeshadow palette, mascara, lipstick or lipgloss, brush, and bag to hold it all in. The kit is really great this year as they have some cool options available like the Tarte Baba Bomb ...
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