Community Favorites, Looks & Color Stories, Vol. 047

First and foremost, if you’re not part of the lovely community, consider registering for an account.  This will allow you to take full advantage of all of the features available on the site! Now, let’s dive into readers’ most loved and most wanted products from this past week along with recently shared looks and color stories. Most Loved ...
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New Classic: Lady Million Paco Rabanne

This year, Paco Rabanne celebrates the first 10 year anniversary of Lady Million. In the decade that has passed since July 2010, tens of millions of bottles were sold (five million bottles were snapped up by Dree Hemingway's fingers in just the first 8 months) 11 new versions of the fragrance were created, including collector's editions. Lady Million's bottle is easily recognizable among many ... Read full article: New Classic: Lady Million Paco Rabanne from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes M...
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Sir Shapoorji Burjorji Bharucha

A tribute on his death centenary by Marzban Jamshedji Giara He was a self made and large hearted man, financier and business magnate. He was born at Bharuch on 30th April 1845 of poor parents. He lost his father when he was a child and his mother brought the children to Bombay from Bharuch when he was 12 years old. He would sit and stitch along with his mother and sisters. He failed in his matriculation examination. He did not get higher education but learnt to speak English. ...
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Celebrating the Life of Jamshid Jam

The Zoroastrian Society of Ontario via its newsletter informs us of the passing away of Jamshed Jam. Jamshed was a legendary figure in the Zarathushti community in Toronto. ZSO writes…. The Wonderful Life of Jamshid Jam This is to inform you of the peaceful passing away of Jamshid Jam in his home on the night of June 20th, 2020 in his sleep at age 87. He spent his day with his wife Parvin Jam and his 3 children Manochehr, Bahram, and Mandana around him. He had also collected...
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Día del Padre: el mensaje de Juliana Awada para Mauricio Macri y su ex, Bruno Barbier

Juliana Awada felicitó en el Día del Padre a Mauricio Macri y a su expareja, Bruno Barbier, en un mismo posteo. Con una imagen de ambos disfrutando de un encuentro al aire libre, la exprimera dama le dedicó unas sentidas palabras a los padres de sus hijas, Valentina Barbier y Antonia Macri.Video: un perro juega con un delfín y su amistad se vuelve viral"¡Feliz día a todos los padres! Especialmente a los de mis hijas. Gracias por ser tan buenos papás", escribió en su cuenta de Instagram, junto a ...
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6 Steps To Starting Your Own Personal Clothing Line

Having a personal clothing line and making money from it at the same time is a dream for some people. They love clothing and fashion and would do anything to work in this industry. If you would like to start a clothing line yourself, prepare to work hard. It is not so different from most ideas, but things can get pretty hard, especially given the competition and the need to keep things interesting so people would not stop buying from you. As for what is necessary, follow the steps me...
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4 Reasons You Need Sheepskin Uggs Even In The Summer

There are plenty of different uggs on the market that are sold at different price points and made from various materials. While there are some great options available, none will truly compare to natural sheepskin. You may not know this, but genuine ugg boots are made in Australia and produced from 100 percent Australian A-Grade Double Faced Sheepskin. They only use the highest quality sheepskin to give their customers the best ugg experience they possibly can. But what actually ma...
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Please Begone From My Reality, Foul Trump Supporters

I just want to be very clear about something. I don’t tolerate the presence of Trump supporters spouting their nonsense in my personal space, which includes my email inbox, social media, and personal friendship circles. On social media I unapologetically unfriend, block, and banish Trump supporters on sight (or smell). If I happen to have missed anyone, please let me know, and I shall remedy that promptly. I also enjoy it each time, much like people derive pleasure from popping bubble wrap...
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The New Creation by ERIS Parfums – Green Spell

ERIS Parfums founded by Barbara Herman, the author of Scent Subversion - Decoding A Century Of Provocative Perfume, has announced the launch of its new creation – Green Spell, composed by Antoine Lie. There are many green-smelling and aromatic materials in the fragrance, and according to Barbara, Antoine Lie described the perfume as "a blast of happiness, an homage to nature that is sparkling ... Read full article: The New Creation by ERIS Parfums – Green Spell from Fragrantica Perfumes and C...
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How To Make Your Home More Unique This Summer

You may be bored with your home because it’s looked the same over the years. Now is an excellent opportunity to make a few modifications that will make your home more unique and interesting. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and experiment with the top 6 home design trends for 2020 until you find upgrades that match your personal taste and style. In no time at all, your home will appear unique and interesting, and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your new space. Adding to...
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Denise Richards’ New Line of Skincare

I’ll cut to the chase and then tell you more about the products: this line is actually good.  CBMe Beauty is a line of skincare by Denise Richards.  It has 4 products (I’m missing the... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Floraiku: This July Evening

  One of three French niche brands that Clara and John Molloy make, which celebrate Japanese cultural traditions and ceremonies is Floriaku. It is named after the tradition of haiku poetry. We already know Floraiku for its wonderful fragrances and inspiring bottle designs, created with an attentive eye for detail. The latest creation from the house is THIS JULY EVENING, a fragrance that... Read full article: Floraiku: This July Evening from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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In the garden …

Perfume PosseIn the garden … I’m still not feeling 100% (though I’ve now gotten back most of the ‘investigations’ already done and they have all been ‘normal’ – awaiting one more and having bloods done this Friday) so I decided not to venture into that… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseIn the garden …
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Estee Lauder Musings & Sweet Crush Pure Color Envy Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Musings (534) Estee Lauder Musings (534) Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick ($32.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a brighter, medium-dark pink-coral with moderate, warm undertones and a glossy, cream finish. It had good color coverage that adhered fairly evenly and smoothly to my lips. There was a smidgen of streakiness along the edges that wasn’t too noticeable in person. The lipstick had a lightweight, lightly creamy consistency that had e...
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The Groomsman’s Guide to Packing for a Summer Destination Wedding

For a groomsman, a destination wedding is the ideal mixture of both work and play. You’re there to fulfill a function, sure, but it’s all set against a gorgeous out-of-town backdrop and everyone is encouraged to relax like it’s their own holiday. Here’s how to pack for the joyous occasion in style: Consult the itinerary. Take it from G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero: “Knowing is half the battle!” Destination weddings are usually guided by a detailed itinerary or schedule, so check your e-mail or...
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How do you feel about purchasing backups?

I try hard to resist the need to purchase backups of color cosmetics, in general, unless it’s something like a brow product that I know I tend to stick to and will actually use up. For skincare/haircare, if it’s become a staple, then I’ll have one or two on hand (depending on how quickly I go... — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Perfumed Horoscope: June 22 - June 28

  Astrology apparently survived and remains a palpable influence because of a certain level of accuracy in its predictions. Deep core astrologers studying 3 millennia of astrological writings argue that the solar eclipses (June 21st) direct evolution of life on our planet. Each new eclipse adds a new piece of the puzzle to human consciousness. As the universe grows, so does our consciousness... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: June 22 - June 28 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes M...
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Estee Lauder Unrivaled & Tenacious Pure Color Envy Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Unrivaled (213) Estee Lauder Unrivaled (213) Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick ($32.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a medium pink with strong, warm undertones and a luminous sheen. It had medium color coverage that didn’t build up much beyond that. The texture was lightly creamy, moderately emollient but not slippery, and lightweight, which made it comfortable to wear. There was a bit of streakiness, though not enough to be noticeable in per...
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'My life became a disaster movie': the Bangladesh garment factory on the brink

One factory owner tells how coronavirus cancellations by UK brands have seen him struggle to pay wagesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage As high streets across England opened this week and hundreds of people jostled through the doors of clothing shops, thousands of miles away in Chittagong, Bangladesh, Mostafiz Uddin is worrying about how to pay his workers’ wages. At Denim Expert Ltd, the sustainable clothing company he founded in 2009 as a sustainable apparels clothin...
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The Importance of Sharing

The most successful people in the world share the common characteristic of sharing, or concentrating on the value that they give back to others rather than on their own growth and profit. Focusing on... By Harrison Barnes
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