Natasha Denona Bronze Face Glow Palette Review & Swatches

Bronze Natasha Denona Bronze Face Glow Palette ($55.00 for 0.4 oz.) is a new, seemingly-permanent palette that features four luminous shades with two cream-based formulas and two powder-based formulas. The cream formulas were disappointing and a deliberate departure from the brand’s prior formulas but not in a good way. The powder formulas were consistent with past releases–they worked best with denser brushes/firmer hand but have...
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Natasha Denona Bronze Lip-oh Phoria Glosses Reviews & Swatches

Caramel Natasha Denona Caramel Lip Oh-phoria ($26.00 for 0.13 oz.) is a medium brown with moderate, warm undertones and flecks of gold and pink micro-sparkle and pearl throughout a creamy base. The texture was lightweight, smooth, and mostly non-sticky with a slightly minty tingle. It had good color coverage in a single layer, which applied evenly and didn’t emphasize my lip lines. The color stayed on well for four and a half ho...
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JD Glow Essence Pressed Powder Illuminator Review & Swatches

Essence JD Glow Essence Pressed Powder Illuminator ($16.50 for 0.28 oz.) is a slightly muted, medium-dark copper with warm, rosy undertones paired with a metallic finish. It had an incredibly intense shine, which resulted in some emphasis of my skin’s natural texture at higher coverage. The texture felt smooth, lightly creamy without being too firmly-pressed into the pan nor was it thick in consistency, which ensured it picked up w...
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What’s your current, go-to fragrance?

I’ve really dropped the ball lately on fragrance… the last one I wore was By the Fireplace by Maison Margiela. — Christine Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Sunday Firesides: Don’t Judge ‘Til You See the Whites of Their Eyes

Have you ever had a heated disagreement with a significant other over text? You were sure an inherent flaw of theirs was to blame, and the perceived size of this flaw, along with your anger, exponentially grew as the argument progressed. Yet, when you finally got together face-to-face, feelings of affection flooded back, and your resentment instantly melted away. Or have you ever had a friend you thought you liked immensely . . . until you started following them on social media? The longer it’d...
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Best of ColourPop Tie Dye Collection

Here’s a recap of my reviews of the recently-released Here are swatches of the new ColourPop Tie Dye Collection, which is the brand’s collection in a few months. I wish I could say it was worth the wait, but it was more of a miss than a big win for me! The matte eyeshadows performed better than expected, while the shimmery eyeshadows left something to be desired. The eyeliners were a mixed bag; some were nice but a few were so-so. ...
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American Perfumery Some Scents Which Smell American

  While many fragrant Americans grew up smelling and wearing whatever their parents wore, or whatever a well-meaning family member or significant other bought for them, some of those individuals now seek out the unique, the different, and often, the daring. Within the last 30 years, plenty of options have emerged for them in the form of a new, American school of perfumery. A school with no burde... Read full article: American Perfumery Some Scents Which Smell American from Fragrantica Perfum...
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Essence Bye Bye Panda Eyes Mascara

I have oily eyelids in the winter so I’m really always looking for a mascara that can last without smudging.  Essence Bye By Panda Eyes Mascara is made especially for that, and I put it to the... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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6 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom

Want to retire early? Wish you had the time and money to do what you really want? Just take these six steps to financial freedom. On The BIGG Success Show, we discuss how to accumulate a nest egg which will support the lifestyle you dream of. Here’s a summary of that discussion. It’s easier than […] The post 6 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Make Your Nose Travel The Word with Strada Parfumerie

Now that traveling is possible in some places, but very limited, we can let our minds and noses wander around the finest streets of the most beautiful cities of the world. This can be done more safely through perfume and it's not a new idea. However, there is a new brand that has just arrived on the market, and its concept consists of evoking famous streets of the world: Strada Parfumerie. Wi... Read full article: Make Your Nose Travel The Word with Strada Parfumerie from Fragrantica Perfumes ...
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Power Challenges

Since Trump is doing such a hideous job on his re-election campaign, some analysts are concluding that he’s deliberately trying to sabotage himself. They suggest that he’s putting out strong indications that he really doesn’t want the job for another four years (or that he doesn’t expect to get re-elected). One example is that he openly talks about Biden as being the next President – and without qualifying words like could or might. Another example is that he’s been deliberately taking actions t...
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L'Oréal to remove words like 'whitening' from skincare products

Announcement comes against backdrop of global anti-racism protestsL’Oréal al has announced it will remove words like “whitening” from its products, as global anti-racism protests continue.“The L’Oréal Group has decided to remove the words white/whitening, fair/fairness, light/lightening from all its skin evening products,” the cosmetics company said in a statement on Saturday. Continue reading...
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Wow Factor

“Wow factor - a quality that makes someone feel excited or surprised when they first see something” Cambridge Dictionary Every perfume lover has warm memories of the first scents that made him or her exhale enthusiastically. It doesn’t matter what sound came out on exhale - “Wow!”, or “Ooh!”, the main thing here is the emotions from encountering something incredible and beautiful. A... Read full article: Wow Factor from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Dating over Zoom? Don’t be surprised if those online sparks fizzle in person

For those dipping their toes into the dating pool during stay-at-home orders, it's been like swimming in a version of Netflix's reality series “Love is Blind." In the show, contestants must get engaged before ever actually meeting one another in person. And while a lockdown engagement might be a bit extreme, it's entirely possible that two people have grown to really like one another over the previous weeks and months. Maybe it started with a match on a dating app, followed by flirting over text...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Are Social Justice, Critical Theory, and Christianity Compatible? We’re just now beginning to see the cascading complications that the cascading acceptance of Critical Theory will have on the life and health of the church…If you’re an elder or a leader or a pastor, you are called to shepherd the flock. That means you need to explicitly repudiate these ideas. Is the Sabbath Command Still Relevant? How can I better love God and love my neighbor?T...
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Your Ability to Be Free Will Determine Your Success

In this article Harrison discusses how a very crucial part of your future success and happiness depends on your ability to be free. The concept of freedom is difficult for most people to truly... By Harrison Barnes
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Terri White: 'On good nights, I lost my phone. On bad nights, I lost my sanity'

I was a successful magazine editor, working my dream job in New York. But alcohol, and the ghosts of my childhood, took me to breaking pointMy life began in the village of Inkersall, just north of the Derbyshire town of Chesterfield. Mum and Dad collided when she was just 15 and living in a house teetering on a faultline. Their love crackled bright and quick after meeting in the pub, and a wedding was arranged for the day after her 16th birthday. My grandad, horrified and furious, made Mum an of...
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