This Week in Dupes, Vol. 097

Did a product catch your eye this week? Check out dupes for the most loved and most wanted products between June 23rd and June 29th before you buy! Join Discussion [Author: Christine]
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Kaja Mocha Spritz Beauty Bento Eyeshadow Trio Review & Swatches

Mocha Spritz Kaja Mocha Spritz Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Eyeshadow Trio ($21.00 for 0.09 oz.) is a new, deeper neutral eyeshadow trio featuring two matte shades and one shimmery shade. All three shades performed well; they were pigmented, blendable, and long-wearing without being prone to fallout. I felt like the three shades worked well together, too.FURTHER READING: Formula Overview for details on general performance and chara...
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5 Ways E-learning Trumps Traditional learning

In the wake of COVID 19 pandemic, everything has turned topsy-turvy all over the world, and governments are trying to adapt to keep the essential aspects of human life functional. As a result, there has been a lot of debate about how the education of our kids can be continued without exposing them to the... Read More » The post 5 Ways E-learning Trumps Traditional learning appeared first on .
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5 Tell-Tale Signs of a Toxic Marriage

Most of the people in the United States have reported that they have had at least one toxic relationship at some point in their lives. It can be devastating to have such relationships, and the situation aggravates even further when that toxic relationship is a marital bond because it is hard to quit. A toxic... Read More » The post 5 Tell-Tale Signs of a Toxic Marriage appeared first on .
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Clionadh Crown Glass & Lunette Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches

Crown Glass Clionadh Crown Glass Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow ($19.00 for 0.05 oz.) has a blackened base with a multichrome finish that shifted between navy blue, purplish-blue, brighter purple, and red. Per the brand, the shade shifts between “teal-indigo-pink-red-gold.” It had a very high-shine, reflective metallic finish. I was just barely able to detect a bit of gold–more like pink-peach–at the very, very edge of arm swatches...
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Clinique Sable & Mink Even Better Lip Colour Foundation Reviews & Swatches

Sable (27) Clinique Sable (27) Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation ($19.50 for 0.13 oz.) is a medium-dark, plummy brown with subtle, warm red undertones and a natural sheen. It had good color payoff in a single layer, though it wasn’t quite opaque, and it did not build up as readily due to the more emollient quality of the texture. The lipstick felt lightweight, lightly creamy with moderate slip, which made it comfortable to ap...
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How The Open Office Will Have To Change To Accommodate The "New Normal"

My office knows me as the open-air office evangelist. I saw our group go from a team-derived clique system to a cohesive family unit over the first month we acclimated to our open-air office, after years of being in cubes, separated by department. It was the eavesdropper in me, I couldn’t help myself but involve myself in conversations being had in front of my face, and that, in turn, became team synergy, camaraderie, and a fair amount of heckling.I do miss the heckling, to be honest, but we’ve ...
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Shani Darden Retinol Reform Review

What is Shani Darden Retinol Reform? Celebrity esthetician Shani Darden has her own line of skincare products that includes a cleanser, toning essence, moisturizer, and several serums, one of the most popular being Shani Darden Retinol Reform. This night serum is claimed to provide multiple...
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The FEZANA Talks Commence Today

The FEZANA Talks is a new initiative started by FEZANA. In the first series we invite the youth of the 7th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress 2019 to celebrate the first anniversary of the Congress this week. July 01, 2020 Participants: Karl Desai, Hanoz Suntoke, Reanna Unwalla, Farzad Sunavala Time: Jul 1, 2020 01:00 PM Eastern, 10: AM Pacific, 10:30 PM India Join Zoom Meetinghttps://...
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The College Board is a case study in corporate racism

Every day, one million families watch every move on the College Board website because it controls so much of the college application process. Today it looked like the site was hacked. There is bold, white copy centered on a black background that is unreadable in a way I haven’t seen since the early Internet. Looking more closely I saw it’s a letter “from the Black employees at College Board.” The College Board has 353 employees. Seven employees signed the letter. What?? This is an organizati...
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Haringey Lib Dems lead calls for First Indian MP to be commemorated in Muswell Hill

Haringey should honour Sir Dadabhai Naoroji MP, generally considered to be the first Indian and non-white person elected to the House of Commons, according to opposition Lib Dem councillors. Article in the London Post Naoroji was born in Gujarat and educated in Mumbai. In 1892, he was elected as Liberal MP for the Central Finsbury constituency (which included Muswell Hill) despite a public prediction from the then Conservative Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, that he doubted “a British constitue...
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The Bundahisn

The Zoroastrian Book of Creation Edited and translated by Domenico Agostini, Samuel Thrope, Preface by Shaul Shaked, and Afterword by Guy Stroumsa First complete English translation of the Bundahisn in nearly a century Includes commentary on each chapter The Bundahisn, meaning primal or foundational creation, is the central Zoroastrian account of creation, cosmology, and eschatology. Compiled sometime in the ninth century CE, it is one of the most important surviving testaments to Zoroas...
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How To Lose Weight Safely This Summer

Unfortunately, a lot of people have problems with overweight, especially after being stuck in quarantine for the last few months. For many people, it’s challenging to abandon favorite junk food or a comfortable passive lifestyle with no sport.  No doubt, it can be okay for a short period, but what should you do if you gain a lot of extra pounds because of compulsive overeating? Read some information about the effects of being overweight and ways of losing weight with no risks. If yo...
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Institchu Womenswear Collection

We’ve long loved mens’ tailor brand Institchu and today, we’ve got even more reasons to add this brand to your must-visit list because they’ve just launched their collection designed for women. The patterns have been in the making for eight years, the design team working hard to create patterns that suit the unique qualities of the female form, and are more feminine in their cuts and styling. Each piece, as on-brand – for these pieces can be completely customized to your measurements and your de...
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Repost: Tea Perfumes Best List

Perfume PosseRepost: Tea Perfumes Best List Repost!  I’m still in my perfume funk until my perfumes all get here later in July.  So Cinnamon’s Monday Post about Tea Perfumes led me to think it was time for another look at this.  I know there are tea… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseRepost: Tea Perfumes Best List
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Neutrogena’s Cleansing Gel that Won’t Dry Your Skin

Foaming cleansers from years ago used to strip your skin and leave it super dry, but they were the only way for people with oily skin to really get their skin clean and fresh.  Now, the latest gel... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Goal Traps

The end of a calendar quarter and the start of a new one is a great time to set fresh goals for the next 90-days. In Conscious Growth Club we go through a 5-step quarterly planning process each quarter, whereby our members review their recent progress and then set and share their goals for the coming quarter. As part of this process, I host a live Zoom call to review the goals that members have set and to highlight best practices and potential pitfalls. The intention is to help members set go...
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Kanye West wants to make Yeezy shoes, clothes in Wyoming

Kanye West aims to launch manufacturing for his Yeezy streetwear line in Wyoming by the end of this year. The “Closed on Sunday” singer hopes to produce over 1 million pairs of shoes in the Cowboy State by the start of next year, with apparel production to begin in the US “shortly after,” a Yeezy...
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How To Look Cool This Summer Without Trying

Summer can be a tough time to get that right look, but one of the most common starting points is your attire. When the sun comes out, you want to try and keep things nice and cool. Minimalism is always the best way to go when it comes to summer clothing; nice, comfortable clothing that allows you to breathe, and never too many layers. However, there are some other ways that you can make yourself look cool this summer without even trying. So, what works? Find Your Best Color We all ...
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Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

Obviously, it’s easy not to roll your eyes when you read “instant” on something, but then you have a day when you are so tired, and you know you don’t look your best, and... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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4 home-related wellness trends that got the boot

Bioethicist Dr. Elizabeth Yuko explains why four wellness trends, including outhouses and spittoons, fell out of favor with buyers and homeowners.
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How To Prepare For a New Baby!

Welcoming a new baby into your home is an exciting time in your life. However, there’s a lot to do as you prepare, and this may cause you some stress and anxiety. It’s in your best interest to remain calm and focus your energy instead on doing what you can to ensure you have a smooth transition as you grow your family. Put worry aside and concentrate on taking actions that will be useful to you and help you to feel ready when the time comes to have a new baby in your home. While it does...
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Orenda Tribe: Support Navajo Artists Directly through Sustainable Fashion

Those of use who have grown up with immense and invisible (to us) privilege are in a weird (albeit incredibly safe) position right now. Many of us are providing our bodies in marches and protests around the world, providing physical support and an inexhaustible echo for marginalized voices at street level. Others are working tirelessly putting together extensive and comprehensive data packs for lawmakers at both municipal and federal levels. Things are finally happening, but it’s way overdue. An...
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Love It Or Hate It, Lynx x Marmite is Here

  Cult British spread brand Marmite has teamed up with genre-defining body spray brand Lynx (Axe in the US and overseas) to release a limited-edition deodorant and body wash that combines the scent of Lynx Africa with the flavour personality of Marmite.  The scent of the two products is said to contain “aromatic notes of lavandin, white moss, and green herbs, along with woody profiles of crea... Read full article: Love It Or Hate It, Lynx x Marmite is Here from Fragrantica Perfumes and Cologne...
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Billionaire Ted Waitt Pays $34 Million for James Perse’s Malibu House

Fashion designer James Perse and his Beverly Hills-bred wife, equestrienne and animal rescuer Brandi Perse (née Briskman), have sold their Point Dume home for $34.2 million in cash, the priciest deal inked in the seaside city since August 2019, when WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum paid $100 million for Ron Meyer’s Paradise Cove mansion. Property records […]
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Manteuse Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 Review

When I first became aware of the feminine Manteuse Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 perfume and its concept of a predator female breaking men's hearts, I was most surprised by its symbol. A female praying mantis on a bottle? Are there many insect lovers in the world? It's too much for the diminutive words a couple love to call each other: “honey,” “baby,” “pumpkin”... “mantis”? Eve... Read full article: Manteuse Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777 Review from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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What Is Job Satisfaction?

I remember speaking in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2011 (9 years ago!!), for the years ago. I think it was me and Dan Schawbel in front of maybe 200 or 300 people. It was really quite fun and charming. Southern charming. I was waiting for someone to drop the “bless your heart” bomb, but no one did. Look how young I was here :p I guess I left the South unscathed, then. Anyway, the morning of the presentation I was driving through downtown Charlotte. I didn’t know what to expect from Charlotte,...
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Pat Mcgrath Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette On Sale + Free Shipping

Pat Mcgrath’s Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette is on sale at today for $32.50. If you don’t have flash shipping you can use code FREESHIP to get free shipping on it or any other purchase. Enjoy! Where to buy Sephora You may also enjoy... Juice Beauty Friends and Family SaleIt Cosmetics 25% Off Coupon Code Friends and Family 2015 SalePat Mcgrath Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette Arrives Today in Two Gorgeous Shade SelectionsPat Mcgrath EYEdols Eye Shadow $12.50 + Free...
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To Boost Ecommerce, Forever 21 Partners With Performance Branding Firm Within

Fashion retailer Forever 21 has announced a partnership with performance branding company Within in an attempt to revamp its ecommerce business. Within, whose client roster also includes Nike, Shake Shack and Hugo Boss, will join the Forever 21 marketing team to assist with content production and media management for social and search platforms. This partnership...
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Pat Mcgrath EYEdols Eye Shadow $12.50 + Free Ship These Won’t Last

These won’t last! Grab ’em now! Pat Mcgrath EYEdols Eye Shadow are $12.50 each! If you don’t have Flash Shipping you can score free shipping on any order using code FREESHIP at! Enjoy! Where to buy Sephora You may also enjoy... Juice Beauty Friends and Family SaleToo Faced Friends and Family 20% Off 2015It Cosmetics 25% Off Coupon Code Friends and Family 2015 SalePat Mcgrath Blitz Astral Quad Eyeshadow Palette On Sale + Free Shipping The post Pat Mcgrath EYEdols Eye S...
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