The 15 richest people in the fashion industry, ranked

Delphine Arnault, Bernard Arnault, Rihanna, and Alexandre Arnault at the Fenty launch in May 2019 in Paris. Julien Hekimian/Getty Images for Fenty Business Insider has compiled a list of the richest people in the fashion industry, based on Forbes' Real Time Billionaires ranking and Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The list includes designers, founders, CEOs, and heiresses who have made their fortunes in fashion, from haute couture to fast fashion. Fashion's richest billionaires are behind lux...
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Labor Day Sale Fab Finds

The pandemic makes the world feel like it’s in a time warp. The days can be slow, but the weeks and months fly by. We’ll be ringing in 2021 before we know it. But first, it’s Labor Day Weekend in the US, which means that there are sales aplenty. Here are some things that caught my eye and worked on my clients.  Nordstrom Labor Day Sale There are some great items available. Gibson x International Women's Day Fancy Ashley Asymmetrical Flowy Midi Skirt: This skirt is roomy but streamlined and com...
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Areej le Dore War and Peace – and some books

Perfume PosseAreej le Dore War and Peace – and some books   After Patty’s post on By Killian Love Don’t Be Shy I went off looking for a sample. None of my regular haunts stock it. So, I took a deep breath and used a site I’d never heard of with… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseAreej le Dore War and Peace – and some books
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What Cricket Does

In the past few days one old cricketer has died and another has announced his retirement. In terms of seriousness or finality they cannot be compared, but, in its own way, cricket mourns them both.The death of David Capel hit me hard. Unexpectedly so. He was someone I’d seen play a little for Northants back in what now seems like a distant and opaque era: of single division county cricket, of plentiful outgrounds, even of matches that only lasted three days. But, as with so many players, mem...
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Why buying real estate may be a bad deal for you amid the pandemic

Tom Merton/Getty Images Buying a house amid the coronavirus pandemic might seem like a good idea, especially with mortgage rates historically low, but evidence that is piling up is making it look like a bad deal. A LendEDU survey in late August found that 55% of those who became homeowners amid the pandemic already regret the decision, mostly due to financial reasons. Redfin found that as of the end of July, lower mortgage rates had given buyers an extra 6.9% in purchase power, but house ...
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Perfumed Horoscope: September 7 - September 13

  Some of the possible events of this busy but uplifting week include a cure becoming accessible (Sun trine Jupiter opposite Neptune,) and our egos regaining their creative self and becoming lovely and expressive again (Venus moves to Leo.) The big unknown is our assertiveness, which is now in the process of rerouting. Some unfinished business may come to haunt us, but in the end, all wil... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: September 7 - September 13 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colo...
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Give the Truth a Voice

Here’s quick video about using the “cards speak” standard to give the truth a voice in your life – and the importance of separating truth from power when making decisions. Receive Steve's new articles by email. Read related articles: Human PrivilegeAsk Steve – Intuition vs. EgoPower Challenges
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‘I was hammered for the first month of lockdown’ – meet the people who quit alcohol in the pandemic

Despite the stories of people drinking more when confined to home, for many this has been a time to tackle their dependencyThere was nothing extraordinary about the weekend that Charlotte Davies decided to stop drinking. The 47-year-old office manager, from the Berkshire village of Warfield, watched TV with her husband. They cooked. On the Saturday evening, Davies drank two bottles of red wine. Fetching the wine from the garage, where she stores it, she realised with dismay that the 36 bottles s...
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Anita Hill says she's "willing to evolve myself" and "work with" Joe Biden.

"One of the impacts of 1991 was my desire not to really work with the government in any way... I always said, I think I can be more effective as an outsider, as opposed to an insider. And now, I'm willing to evolve myself, to work for change inside." That's from "Anita Hill vows to vote for Joe Biden and work with him on gender issues" at CNN. She did an interview with CNN. Anita Hill is the person who most prominently brought sexual harassment in the workplace to the forefront of American cultu...
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One step beyond: the ascent of mountain runner Kílian Jornet

He is the most outrageously talented mountain runner there has ever been, conquering peaks in dizzying new records. But what keeps driving Kílian Jornet ever upwards? And how does he cope with his new life as a social influencer?More days than not, Kílian Jornet runs up a mountain. A short run will take him between one and four hours. A long run will take him five or more. Usually he’ll take a backpack with him, but for the sake of efficiency there won’t be much in it. “I can run for 10 hours, c...
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Head To The Office In Style With Our Back To Work Edit

As more and more of us head back to the office, the time has come to think about what to wear to work. Who woulda thunk it? We’ve spent so much time working from home in comfy loungewear, that truth be told, we’re actually looking forward to getting dressed up and putting on a bit of lippy. Here we’ve put together a ‘back to work edit’ featuring our favourite staple pieces including tailored blazers and crisp white shirts along with some new autumn must-haves for an effortlessly chic workwear wa...
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