3 Reasons Why Lean Protein and Local Meat Are a Healthy Boost For Any Diet

Food fads are part of how we live now, and every new season seems to bring a new miraculous food we all need to incorporate into our diets. But the truth is that often it’s the staple foods that have been on our plates and in our recipe books for generations that we need to be paying the most attention to.  Here are three reasons why reliable ingredients like lean proteins that are rich in the macronutrients we need to fuel our busy lives are an essential part of a healthy diet.  1....
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Tocade Rochas: Quiet, Happy Days

Tocade Rochas is famous for its fancy bottles with colorful plastic stoppers that look like a woman in a Vietnamese hat or Chinese fireworks. Far from glamour and luxury, the Serge Mansau bottles once kept me from trying the fragrance - the more pleasant it was to smell it now, after an interview with its creator Maurice Roucel, after a five-star review by Luca Turin, and after numerous reviews by... Read full article: Tocade Rochas: Quiet, Happy Days from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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When Should You Replace Your Boiler? 10 Tell-Tale Signs to Look Out For!

If you have had your boiler for years and years, or you have recently moved into a new property and fear your old boiler isn’t running as efficiently as it should be, it may be time to replace it. The purpose of a boiler is to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the cold winter months. So, here are ten tell-tale signs that could indicate that it’s time for a boiler repair or replacement. Unusual Noises If you are being kept awake by your boiler at night, this is the first tell-...
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Distracted, and oy – just oy

Perfume PosseDistracted, and oy – just oy Been feeling twitchy the past few days. It’s the time of year – I like summer into autumn, but it does make me think that it will soon be hunkering down time: shorter days, getting colder, and here getting decidedly… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseDistracted, and oy – just oy
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Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise

Jo Malone fragrances are not for everyone – but they are for me, and I still remember how much I loved my first purchase, Pomegranate Noir. If I had to describe that scent, I would have to say... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Reader Experiences

On July 22 I shared a checking in with you post, inviting people to share what they’ve been experiencing during this time and how they’re doing. A lot of people decided to take me up on that – more than I was expecting. After personally replying to the first several dozen people that wrote to me, I let the remaining responses pile up for a while, and then I gradually read through them. I did read all of the responses, although I regrettably didn’t reply to everyone else after the first day or...
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Kim Kardashian Pure Honey: A Question of Proportions?

Honey is a material with a lovely smell, it brings back memories of comfort, sweet desserts, hot tea and just overall goodness. What's not to love about honey? Even the color is attractive. I have been exploring honey in perfumery recently for a personal interest, as I was myself working of my own take on a honey perfume for my perfume line. After experiencing several offerings on the market (the... Read full article: Kim Kardashian Pure Honey: A Question of Proportions? from Fragrantica Perfum...
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Can You Put a Mini Fridge on Carpet? Let’s Find Out!

Mini fridges are great for dorm rooms, dens, or even for storing breast milk as a new mother. They can fit practically anywhere, sitting nicely in a corner or even on top of a counter. Most mini fridges are sat upon hardwood floor or other types of flooring that wouldn’t be affected by water, but... Read More » The post Can You Put a Mini Fridge on Carpet? Let’s Find Out! appeared first on .
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Are You Spending Your Weeks The Way You Want To?

Amy has a birthday coming up. We spent some time this morning talking about her next year. Since the two of us are together all day every day, we also discussed how I’m spending my time over the upcoming year that begins at her birthday. A few hours later, I stumbled upon Your Life in Weeks on Wait But Why, one of my favorite blogs. The following are the number of weeks (measured in boxes) that a typical 90-year-old human has on this planet. Think you have all 90 years worth of boxes...
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A University of Washington graduate who landed a tech job at Starbucks shares his journey fighting for a computer science degree while battling cancer

Trey Tamaki graduated from the University of Washington this year. During his school years, he had to go through chemotherapy treatments. Trey Tamaki While he was studying at the University of Washington, Trey Tamaki was diagnosed with cancer and had to take time off school for chemotherapy treatments and surgeries. Tamaki meanwhile fell in love with computer science, but when he tried to declare it as a major, his advisor told him he most likely wouldn't get into the program because of hi...
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And now to brighten your day, here’s Matt Bomer stripping

Magic Mike Welcome to Screen Gems, Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch.our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a rewatch. The Aphrodisiac: Magic Mike Why did it take Hollywood so long to figure out that audiences enjoy seeing naked men as much as naked women? In 2012, they finally cracked the cipher. Magic Mike takes some of Tinseltown’s best-looking men–Ma...
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10 huge companies, from Amazon to UPS to Home Depot, that are each looking to hire at least 20,000 people

Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns picks a watermelon with the help of a Safeway employee. Tetona Dunlap/The Washington Post via Getty Images As the coronavirus pandemic roils the economy, more than 13 million Americans are out of work. But the pandemic has hurt some industries more than others: delivery businesses and grocery stores continue to do well. We've rounded up some of the biggest companies that are hiring right now. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. With mor...
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Incredible clip of Jane Fonda defending LGBTQ rights in the ’70s goes viral

Jane Fonda has been an ally of the LGBTQ community long before it was considered cool, and this resurfaced interview from 1979 shows just how outspoken she really was. In the clip, which has gone viral after it popped up on Twitter, Fonda is interviewed during San Francisco’s White Nights Riots, sparked by the murder of Harvey Milk. The interviewer asks her if gay people face discrimination, to which she replies: AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); “Ab...
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WATCH: What if ‘Sex and the City’ took place in 2020?

Big questions loom large on everyone’s minds as we inch our way through 2020, such as: “What if Sex and the City took place during the pandemic and was suspiciously shot in Los Angeles?” No, it’s not just you — we all want to know. Related: What’s it like to be a gay adult film star mid-Covid? AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); Here to offer sweet relief is Jimmy Fowlie, whose Carrie Bradshaw finds herself in some distinctly current situations, from h...
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Socially distanced attractions and activities for a road trip through Colorado that are actually worth the stop

Visit these socially-distanced attractions if you're road-tripping through Colorado this season. Shutterstock/Kris Wiktor International travel is on hold for most in light of the coronavirus pandemic, making road trips the vacation trend of the summer, travel experts previously told Business Insider. CDC Director Robert Redfield predicts the pandemic will last through the fall and winter. We surfed Trip Advisor for the highest-rated attractions in Colorado within recommended social dis...
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The 12 best mezcal brands you need to try, according to experts

Ignacio "Nacho" Jimenez, expert of the best mezcals. Ghost Donkey All tequilas are mezcal, but not all mezcals are tequila — and if you're looking for something smokier, earthier, or more tropical, mezcal might be your bet.  Mezcals are made from a variety of agave plants, so you can get a wide range of flavors, from nutty to floral. Even if you don't enjoy sipping tequila straight, our experts recommended trying mezcal neat to experience the full flavor.  From berries to nuts to chocolate...
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Perfumed Horoscope: September 14 - September 20

  You should be able to feel that things are finally moving along. A certainty will grow more and more firmly from within you, and seriously alter your reality towards what you really want. As Jupiter turns direct, you look at the wisdom of the last four months, and share your viewpoints with greater confidence. Our genius is reborn and ready to soar. This week we are happy to share the very ... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: September 14 - September 20 from Fragrantica Perfumes and...
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Habibi New York: Fragrances of the East on the East Coast

  Habibi New York is a new perfume house that merges scents of the East with modern European and American sensibilities. This is accomplished in a way that doesn’t compromise on any of the three traditions, but becomes more of a conversation between styles and languages. The brand’s name, Habibi, comes from the Arabic root meaning “love,” the final “I” is a possessive form which the... Read full article: Habibi New York: Fragrances of the East on the East Coast from Fragrantica Perfumes and Co...
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Israeli court sentences model Bar Refaeli for tax evasion

Refaeli and her mother were convicted in July to offenses of evading paying taxes on income nearing $10 million.
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25 years on, John Leguizamo dishes on how he and Patrick Swayze almost got in a fistfight…in drag

Actor John Leguizamo, known for his roles in When They See Us, the Ice Age film series and Moulin Rouge! has just opened up about his life-changing experience making one of his most notorious films: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Numar. The film cast Leguizamo Chi-Chi Rodriguez, part of a trifecta of drag queens, opposite Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze. Speaking on the 25th Anniversary of To Wong Foo‘s release, Leguizamo reveals how the film broke new ground for mainstream, Hollywo...
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How to make your own luck and turn a mistake into the best thing ever

Seeing meaning in the unexpected can help turn mistakes into opportunities, says researcher Dr Christian BuschDr Christian Busch has had a lucky life. He narrowly escaped a catastrophic car accident at the age of 18. The car was wrecked but he walked away without a scratch. It was just the wake-up call he needed. “I turned my life around. Before that I’d been a reckless teenager who lived in the moment, having fun. The accident instilled a sense of urgency to try to find meaning.”Luck continued ...
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Is this the end of the buffet?

The writer Joel Golby has been obsessed with buffets since he was a kid. But in a post-Covid world, will we see the end of helping yourself?In Liverpool, before the pandemic, I went to a hotel breakfast buffet. I always fret about the breakfast buffet, mainly about what to wear, because it’s one of those weird places where the full 7am suit-and-tie crowd sit elbow-to-elbow with people yawning in frayed jogging bottoms and thin hotel slippers. So anyway, I found my hotel slippers, rubbed a small ...
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