What’s a Beach?

Perfume PosseWhat’s a Beach? Beach noun an expanse of sand or pebbles along a shore. the part of the shore of an ocean, sea, large river, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves. the area adjacent to a seashore: We’re vacationing at the… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseWhat’s a Beach?
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Porsche Expands Its Single-Vehicle Subscription Service to Los Angeles

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Stop Ghosting and Date With More Empathy

If you’re looking for a quick and dirty exit to a romantic entanglement with someone you’re not too likely to run into again, ghosting can seem like a tempting, blissfully simple option. (Especially when social venues are closed, and online dating makes for countless relationship options that are easy to enter, and…Read more...
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25% Off Hourglass, BeautyBlender, Chantecaille, More

Select luxury beauty brands are on sale with 25% off today including Hourglass, Chantecaille, and more at! No code needed. Enjoy! Where to buy SpaceNK You may also enjoy... Lancome Auda(city) in Paris Eyeshadow Palette Arrives for Fall 2015Makeup Porn: TokiDoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette Bastardino and Tokidoki Cromatico Eyeshadow Palette Adios The Body Shop Beauty, Adventures, and Ultimate Advent Calendar for Holiday 2017Garnier Skin Renew The Brusher Gel Cleanser Revi...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married in Italy

A lot of people dream of a romantic Italy wedding. After all, it’s Romeo and Juliet who defined romantic love – the young passionate lovers against the backdrop of the lush Italian landscape. The lavish furnishings in the Capulet home and the timeless architecture all seem to be the epitome of the excitement and romance of first love which is why Italy makes the perfect vacation destination. Planning a wedding is exhilarating and fun at the same time – at least, most of it. It’s excitin...
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In Memory of Kenzo Takada

Japanese fashion designer, Kenzo Takada, founder of the brand Kenzo, and a refined artist and the divine patron of strange, delicate and daring perfumes, died on October 4, 2020, in Paris.   Kenzo Takada, Credit: Michell Aappa, Edited from Kenzo Takada Helô   Kenzo Takada was 81 years old. He lived a long, exciting and, most likely, happy life because when one's life has so much space for... Read full article: In Memory of Kenzo Takada from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Behold, the Texas home with America’s largest closet

Formerly owned by Houston socialite Teresa Roemer, the 17,000-square-foot home — along with its three-story closet — has sold after six years on and off the market.
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Is “Don’t Give Up” the Right Advice for Your Job Search?

In my email this morning I saw an advertising email talking about not giving up. The title was “Don’t Give Up – Positioning for the Right Perspective.” As far as I can tell, this was an email about investing in the market, or staying the course with your business.  I can’t really tell. But what caught my eye was the “Don’t Give Up!” message. And my first thought, for job seekers, was that maybe there are a lot of things we have to give up. In the job search we learn a lot about who we really are...
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Ford's former CEO just sold his Miami compound for $18 million. Take a look at the waterfront property that sits on an exclusive manmade island.

Courtesy of Luxe Living Realty The former president and CEO of Ford Motor Company just sold his waterfront Miami compound for $18 million, Fang Block reported for Mansion Global.  Jacques Nasser, 72, bought the property in 2006 for $5 million. The compound on Biscayne Bay's Venetian Islands comprises 2 homes that span a combined 10,041 square feet, according to the Multiple Listing Service. It comes with 2 outdoor swimming pools and a private boat dock.  The listing agent declined to comm...
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Cetaphil Deep Hydration Skincare Is Probably Because Of Tiktok

Cetaphil Deep Hydration Skincare arrives today just in time for Winter when your skincare needs a little moisture and also, because Tiktok made them do it. Seriously, Cetaphil and Cerave are two of the biggest brands mentioned by Dermatologists on Tiktok. They pimp the hell out of both lines! I was actually surprised to see one Dermatologist going on about CeraVe Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum which contains more alcohol than Hyaluronic Acid. Another Tiktoker was going off about how he cou...
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14 Video Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Beauty Brand

The beauty industry is made up of thousands of brands, today, of different sizes and categories, all vying for similar or diverse consumers. A universal theme across their growth strategies is the use of video marketing in social campaigns.  According to Hubspot’s The State of Video Marketing in 2020 survey, over 92% of marketers say their brands use video marketing. Of the 59% who don’t, they are gearing up to include videos. If you’re looking to leverage video in a big way in the c...
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18 praktische & stylishe Geschenkideen für alle, die im Homeoffice arbeiten

Vielleicht gehörst du zu den Leuten, die das ganze Jahr über Geschenke besorgen, um den vorweihnachtlichen Einkaufsstress zu umgehen. Vielleicht bist gerade jetzt auf der Suche nach einem Präsent, weil eine*r deiner Lieben bald Geburtstag hat. Vielleicht willst du aber einfach nur jemandem (oder dir selbst) eine kleine Freude bereiten, weil es für sie oder ihn gerade alles nicht so leicht ist. In jedem Fall bist du hier genau an der richtigen Adresse, wenn du auf der Suche nach einem Geschenk fü...
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Nudestix Matinee to Soiree Kit by Allana Davison for Holiday 2020

Oh my god I need the Nudestix Matinee to Soirée Kit by Allana Davison for Holiday 2020! I just purchased the Smokey Nude Glow Set By Taylor Frankel which I love and now they go and slay my world by introducing another set! Ugh! But I love these sets so much! They are so easy to apply, blend, and it takes mere minutes to do a complete look! I’m sort of obsessed with how quickly I can put my makeup with these little pencils! This is a limited edition set that was created with Allana Davison ...
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I visited two high-end California hotels to compare their reopenings. Here's how they're taking care of guests — and why I hope some of these measures stick around.

Casa Terrazza at Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, CA. Hotel Casa del Mar Freelance writer Molly O'Brien visited two hotels in vastly different geographic locations — Santa Monica's Hotel Casa del Mar and Hotel Cerro in San Luis Obispo county — to compare and contrast their reopenings. While capacity and noise differed between the hotels, both had reopening plans with significant accommodations and enhanced safety protocols. O'Brien says neither experience felt cleaner or safer than the ...
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How Technology Helps In Reducing Stress for HR Team

Organizations today are rapidly changing themselves in line with the highly competitive global industry. Technology is transforming the way human resource departments carry out their operations. In the present round the clock, consolidating, merging “do more at lesser time” work environment, the term HR can be abbreviated as “Hub of reorganization” rather than human resources. This department is laden with diverse responsibilities as it is the meeting point for the two organizational forces, i....
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In-House Counsel Rules To Live By and Thrive By

In-house counsel rules to live by – just what you have been waiting for! From the famous Sterling Miller, known worldwide for his excellent “Ten Things” lists for in-house counsel. Many of these rules will resonate with you in your in-house practice, and if you have idea for other in-house counsel rules let Sterling know! “Last week I was cleaning out a bunch of old files on my computer (because that’s how I roll).  I had the television on in the background and one of my favorite movies was play...
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Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel 30% Off And A Happy Monday To You!

Good Morning! Happy Monday! Did you have a great weekend? It’s spooky season! Time to watch all the scary movies, bake all the yummy treats, and enjoy all the snack size chocolates! I had a hard time dragging my butt out of bed this morning. I’m feeling a bit exhausted after a very eventful weekend! As the weather gets cooler I just want to hit the snooze button when my alarm goes off. My eyes are a bit puffy today because I tend to sleep on my stomach! Something a little Biossance Squal...
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50% Too Faced Clover Picks

Too Faced Clover’s Eyeshadow Palette, Highlighter, and Bronzer are 50% today at! I never picked these up before but I’m somewhat tempted as a chihuahua mom! Here’s what’s on sale: Pretty Puppy Eye Shadow Palette $14 Sun Puppy Bronzer $16 Glowver Highlighter $15 Enjoy! Where to buy Too Faced You may also enjoy... Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection for Spring 2013Lush 13 Soap (Unlucky for Dirt)Want It: Tony Moly Panda`s Dream Goodbye Dark Eye CorrectorWhat Makeup and Beauty W...
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Podcast #649: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Outsourced Expertise

In an age where endless streams of data, options, and information are available, it can feel like every choice — from what TV show to watch to how to invest our money — ought to be optimized, and yet making any choice, much less an ideal one, can seem completely overwhelming. How do we figure out what to do? Much of the time, we don’t. Instead, we outsource our thinking to technology, experts, and set protocols. This, my guest today says, is where some real problems start. His name is Dr. Vik...
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Kosmische Freundschaft: Diese Sternzeichen sind die besten Freund*innen

Wer von uns kann schon ernsthaft sagen, noch nie ein Liebeshoroskop gelesen oder gegoogelt zu haben, wie gut das eigene Sternzeichen zu dem des Partners oder der Partnerin passt? Ich meine ich persönlich würde mich zwar nicht gleich von einem Steinbock trennen, wenn ich erfahre, dass das Sternzeichen nicht so gut zu mir (Widder) passt. Aber trotzdem ist es schon spannend, den Plänen der Sterne auf den Grund zu gehen, findest du nicht? Meistens beschränken wir uns dabei aber auf Liebesdinge. Das ...
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Superjobs Are the Roles of the Future

As companies begin to spin back up, leaders are looking to refill the roles they may have had to cut to survive. But many new roles won’t look like the old ones —organizations can structure their workforces to most effectively distribute labor between employees and automation through newly defined roles called “superjobs.” According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report, superjobs include components of traditional jobs to maximize the strengths of both humans and automated servic...
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Black Orchid Parfum by Tom Ford: The Blackest of Black Flowers

The smell of a truffle dug out from the ground, the smell of earth and rotten leaves, and the smell of a southern forest in late autumn are strong, beautiful, and completely unperfumed scents, which, nevertheless, lead in the new Black Orchid Parfum. Once upon a time, the note of truffle captivated me in Black Orchid; it was a peculiar combination of this mushroom with chocolate and gardenia. Su... Read full article: Black Orchid Parfum by Tom Ford: The Blackest of Black Flowers from Fragranti...
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Lake Tahoe's Nevada side hit a 'Bonanza' with a record $38 million sale — take a look inside the massive waterfront property

Sierra Sotheby's International Realty A 24-acre Lake Tahoe property that was previously used as a backdrop in the popular TV series "Bonanza" just sold for $38 million. The sale makes it the highest-priced waterfront sale on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, according to The home on the property is 17,700 square feet and was built in 2004. It comes equipped with a private beach, horse stables, a home theater, and as many fireplaces as there are bedrooms. Visit Business Insid...
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The Little Black Door app makes luxury wardrobes shareable, resalable, and sustainable

When Lexi Willetts and Marina Pengilly realized they could make as much as £30,000 a year reselling their luxury clothes and accessories online, they resolved to create a solution for modern women who are already well-versed in the behaviors of Instagram and the sharing economy. Their solution, Little Black Door, has just gone live on the iOS store, and allows women to see, style and share their wardrobes with friends and followers. It also connects them to resale platforms, unlocking a vastly m...
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Spotify Pumped: So funktioniert das personalisierte HIIT-Workout

Durch Corona waren viele von uns dazu gezwungen, unsere Sportroutine zu überdenken: Fitnessstudios waren monatelang geschlossen, und auch jetzt unterliegen die meisten von ihnen strengen Auflagen. Wer die eigenen Muskeln trotzdem in Form halten wollte, dürfte wohl also früher oder später mit Home-Workouts geliebäugelt haben. Jetzt hat Spotify dafür ein passendes neues Angebot parat: „Spotify Pumped“. Spotify Pumped ist ein (zunächst nur auf Englisch verfügbarer) personalisierter HIIT-Workout-...
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Ole Henriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème

I got a smaller size of this Ole Henriksen C-Rush Vitamin C Moisturizer in the 3 Mega Wonders Set, and I’ve been using it as part of that set every morning.  I use the toner and then apply this... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Fashion designer Kenzo Takada's catwalk – in pictures

The late fashion designer was the first from Japan to break into Paris’s exclusive fashion milieu in the 1970s. His colours and prints were a far cry from the traditional Parisian style of the time Continue reading...
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Aviation Ancestry

Discovering the Logbooks of a Life Rarely Discussed Covid sequestration is, it turns out, an inescapable cloister (especially now, with Wisconsin’s record-setting infections), perfect for undertaking long put off tasks you’ve always meant to get to when you had the time. In this unpredictable year, such efforts can be rewarding surprises and poignant lessons for our future understanding of our present existence. My dad, Morris Henry Spangler, died on April 26, 2008. He was a World War II naval ...
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You Ask, I Answer: College Degree for Marketing Success?

Mark asks, “Do you need a college degree to succeed in marketing?” Like any profession, success in marketing is about combining knowledge plus practical application to generate experience. How you obtain those pieces is up to you, but for many employers, a college degree is a heuristic they use to screen and judge candidates. Generally […]
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Dear Facebook, This is How You’re Breaking Democracy: A Former Facebook Insider Explains How the Platform’s Algorithms Polarize Our Society

Is this what we want? A post-truth world where toxicity and tribalism trump bridge building and consensus seeking? —Yaël Eisenstat It’s an increasingly familiar occurrence. A friend you’ve enjoyed reconnecting with in the digital realm makes a dramatic announcement on their social media page. They’re deleting their Facebook account within the next 24 hours, so shoot them a PM with your email if you’d like to stay in touch. Such decisions used to be spurred by the desire to get more done ...
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