Remote Work: Recruitment & Retention Tool?

This is guest blog post from Jason David. Many of us have seen the predictions: office culture as we know it is never coming back. The effects of COVID-19, and the accompanying diaspora that have left so many workers performing their functions remotely, have many of us wondering if the strictures of 9-to-5 physical office presence makes as much sense as it seems to have made for so long. It even has employers wondering if offering prospective hires the option to work from home will be necessary...
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Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Mist Review

Indeed Labs is a Canadian skincare brand that aims to bring scientific skincare solutions to the drugstore. Their products are pretty reasonably priced considering the formulas and you can find them... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Lessons on Connection from the Life of RBG

Are you struggling to connect with a coworker, neighbor, or family member with whom you find yourself disagreeing frequently this year? Consider borrowing some connection tips on interacting with people in spite of the differences between you from the example of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg . Politics aside, there is much to admire about Justice Ginsburg—her perseverance in overcoming obstacles, her commitment to the cause of equality for women and men, and her tremendous work ...
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$19 turtleneck dress with face mask sells out after Kate Moss’ sister rocks it

Pretty Little Thing sold out of the £15 (or $19.31) dress after Lottie Moss stepped out, but it's now back in stock with limited supply.
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An Open Letter To My Younger Self

Hi, it's me.  You don't know me, but in time you will. I have the benefit of time and experience on my side and wanted to share some thoughts with you if you're willing to listen. If you receive this, please know that it comes from a good place.  Let's talk about that time in high school when you ran with the cool kids for a short while before they rejected you. What they rejected was how hard you were trying to be something that you weren't. You'd think this experience would have taught you...
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A Winter Vanilla: Les Indémodables Launches Vanille Havane Composed by Antoine Lie

French brand Les Indémodables, famed for their development of proprietary, in-house, green extraction technologies and experimental, expensive naturals, launches a new scent composed by Antoine Lie entitled Vanille Havane, described by the brand as "a journey … through the multiple olfactory facets of a premium, gourmet-grade black vanilla bean, revealing the depths and layers of this importan... Read full article: A Winter Vanilla: Les Indémodables Launches Vanille Havane Composed by Antoine L...
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By Kilian Angel’s Share Review

Perfume Posse By Kilian Angel’s Share was just released, and I think they sold out at the U.S. Kilian site in less than two hours.  The note list of cognac, cinnamon, oak, tonka bean, praline, vanilla and sandalwood explains that. Those of… Perfume Posse
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Fashion Musings by Meher Castelino

Meher Castelino’s Fashion Musings takes a humorous, saucy, cheeky, tongue-in-cheek look at the fashion, beauty and film world in her unique style. The unconventional Q & A format of the book makes it easy reading, while taking the reader through the various segments of style and glamour. With a Foreword by ace couturier, Tarun Tahiliani and stunning cover design/illustrations by Marangoni Istituto trained designer, Aniket Satam, Meher Castelino’s racy style with quirky anecdotes ...
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$95,000 bespoke fragrances, $350 vintage reds, and an unseasonable boost in engagement rings: Some high-end sectors have been seeing a surge during the pandemic

Westend61 / Getty Images During lockdown, many wealthy Americans saw little impact on their incomes. At the same time, their outgoings cratered: Galas and charity events were canceled and vacations nixed. As a result, some high-end industries — think perfumes, fine wines, and jewelry — have seen a boost in business. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  Perfumer Ben Krigler had a deadline to meet. He'd spent the last few months working on a bespoke fragrance for a client. T...
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Security flaw in male ‘chastity cage’ could keep it from being unlocked

A glitch in a computer-controlled male “chastity cage” could cause some unlucky guys’ privates to be locked up by hackers. The security flaw in the Qiui Cellmate Chastity Cage — which is a kind of sex toy designed to be attached to a user’s manhood — can be taken over remotely, forcing victims to cut...
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People in California can apply for unemployment benefits again after a 2-week 'reset' made filings impossible

Economic stimulus checks are prepared for printing at the Philadelphia Financial Center May 8, 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jeff Fusco/Stringer California residents can apply for unemployment benefits again after a two-week hiatus that was used to update technology for the state's Employment Development Department. The new technology hopes to cut down on routine issues within the department including fraudulent claims and long processing times for initial claims. Visit Business Insi...
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The perfume house from New York City, KIERIN NYC, has just launched the new fragrance KIERIN NYC ROSE INK in an ode to New York’s tattoo culture. Saffron and rose are two leading notes in ROSE INK. Stemming from a juicy rosey start, the fragrance unexpectedly unfolds towards its spicy saffron side rather than rose. Most unsually, this is how it presents itself. The main accord, which forms from... Read full article: New KIERIN NYC Rose Ink from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Fight the power: Off-the-grid cabins spark demand from rural buyers

Homebuyers are flocking to off-the-grid cabins — many without electricity or public utilities — in Maine, Oklahoma, New York and Wyoming, among other states.
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Meet the billionaire doctors behind Regeneron, the pharmaceutical company that developed Trump's experimental COVID-19 treatment

Regeneron billionaires Leonard Schleifer and George Yancopoulos. Victor Hugo/Patrick McMullan; Victor Hugo/Patrick McMullan; Taylor Nicole Rogers/Business Insider Leonard Schleifer and George Yancopoulos, the billionaire doctors behind Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, are worth nearly $4 billion combined. President Trump took a high dose of the experimental 'antibody cocktail' that Regeneron is developing to treat his case of COVID-19. Even before he took the drug, the president was friendly wit...
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The Legendary Crêpe de Chine F. Millot

Crêpe de Chine was launched 95 years ago, like many other fragrances that debuted at the Paris Exhibition of Decorative Arts (Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes). Thus, it's the same age as Shalimar Guerlain, L’Ocean Bleu Lubin, Le Numero Cinq Molineux, Narcisse Bleu Mury, Sans Adieu Worth, trio Jean Patou Amour Amour, Que Sais-Je? and Adieu Sagesse, as man... Read full article: The Legendary Crêpe de Chine F. Millot from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
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Chanel and Louis Vuitton veer between future and past

Evocative shows by two of fashion’s biggest names light up a bizarre Paris seasonThe strangest ever season of catwalk shows ended in Paris with Chanel and Louis Vuitton, displaying an industry divided between nostalgia for the razzmatazz of the old normal and a futuristic vision of what fashion could be.The 14-metre white capital letters of the Hollywood sign that crown the Santa Monica Mountains do not just designate a place name. Since they were erected in the roaring 20s, they have stood for ...
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It Cosmetics 25% Off

It Cosmetics Friends and Family Sale is happening now! Enjoy 25% off at! No code required, discount at checkout! Enjoy! Where to buy It Cosmetics You may also enjoy... Did You Catch the Latest Sephora Favorites for Holiday 2018?Victoria’s Secret Love is Heavenly Stroke of Beauty Skin Finish Concealer Review & SwatchesL’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Concealer Review & Swatches The post It Cosmetics 25% Off appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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Turning Points and Milestones of Growth-Fostering Relationships

Every person who intends to exert leadership in his personal life, in business or any other vocation—and even in the family--will intentionally focus on personal growth. Research has shown us that effective business leadership growth inevitably requires mentors. Though true, that notion is plainly inadequate. The fact is that all living and all development takes place only with relationships . To put it still more directly, we experience growth because of our connections to other people. I can ...
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Defining Your Own Spiritual Path

Have you ever connected with someone who had strong preconceived notions about what your spiritual path should look like? Apparently there’s a rulebook for being spiritual, and you have to satisfy certain criteria for how you’re supposed to think, feel, and behave in order to consider yourself a spiritual person. You got the memo summarizing those rules, right? Being spiritual is a label and lens. But it’s not the same lens for everyone. We all assign different meanings to what it means to...
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Benefit Brow MircroFilling Pen

Three tips instead of one in this marker-type pen from brow authority Benefit Cosmetics. It makes filling in brows so easy but runs out after I’m done 1 eyebrow, so I have to give it a chance... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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6 Best Clit Sucking Vibrators in 2020

If vibrations are so great, why don’t women spend hours sitting on the washing machine to get off? It’s obviously because there’s no variation. It’s boring! In this post, you’ll learn about the best clit sucking vibrators that offer you even more variation than normal vibrators. Never again will you need to resort to underwhelming levels of pleasure with these suction vibes around. Top Picks: Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 Check prices Satisfyer Pro 2 Check prices We...
Tags: Sex, Vibrators, LELO Sona, For Her, We Vibe Melt Check, Cruise Check, Nü Sensuelle Trinitii Check, Womanizer Red Duo Check, Price Lelo Sona, Sensuelle Trinitii, Womanizer Red Duo Stimulator

Coronalingus: Was ist das & worauf solltest du bei dieser Art von Sex achten?

Dank Corona könnte der Duden wohl bald eine Erweiterung gebrauchen, denn die Pandemie hat unser aller Vokabular um ein paar Begriffe ergänzt – wie beispielsweise „Social Distancing“ oder „Zoom-Meeting“. Und dann wäre da noch eine Wortneuschöpfung, die allerdings etwas… sagen wir mal brisanter ist. Und die lautet: „Coronalingus“. Obwohl ich direkt davon ausging, der Begriff habe etwas mit Oralsex zu tun (da „lingus“ schließlich vom lateinischen Wort „lingere“ abgeleitet ist, was „lecken“...
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Trump sagt, wir sollen keine Angst vor Corona haben – obwohl in seinem Land mehr als 200.000 daran starben

Am Montagnachmittag schrieb US-Präsident Donald Trump auf Twitter, er würde am Abend das Walter Reed Medical Center nach einem dreitägigen Aufenthalt verlassen, nachdem er zuvor positiv auf COVID-19 getestet worden war. „Ich fühle mich sehr gut!“, schrieb er. „Habt keine Angst vor Covid. Lasst es nicht euer Leben beherrschen. Unter der Trump-Regierung haben wir wirklich großartige Medikamente und Erkenntnisse entwickelt. Ich fühle mich besser als noch vor 20 Jahren!“ Auch wenn Trumps Tw...
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Jette Joop! Jette Dream

  The Jette Joop! collection has included the new Jette Dream fragrance in its offer, which inherits numerous editions with heart-shaped glass cutting on bottles. The composition is floral, fruity and mysterious, which reflects the inspiration of dreaming and romance. JETTE DREAM arrives in a dark blue bottle of distinctive design that has characterized Jette Joop! for years. The opening is spa... Read full article: Jette Joop! Jette Dream from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Anna Sui Fantasia Forever

  ANNA SUI has launched another fragrance belonging to the fairytale world of her brand, to the special collection, FANTASIA, as the third fragrance of the line. Fantasia was presented in 2017 as the first creation of the Fantasy collection, celebrating the unicorn in a golden color decorating the lovely flacon. The second creation was Fantasia Mermaid from 2019 with the metallic mermaid a... Read full article: Anna Sui Fantasia Forever from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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A flaw in a 'smart' chastity sex toy could cause it to lock permanently and trap users, researchers found

Researches found a security flaw in the Qiui Cellmate smart chastity lock that could cause it to lock permanently. Qiui/Photo illustration by Business Insider Cybersecurity researchers discovered a vulnerability in an internet-connected chastity sex toy that could cause it to be taken over remotely and locked. Once the sex toy is locked by an outsider, researchers at Pen Test Partners found, there's no emergency override function — meaning the sex toy would have to be cut off using bolt cu...
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I'm a CEO of a global tech company who never got a college degree. Here's how I made my greatest asset — life experience — work for me.

Megan Clarken is the CEO of Criteo. Megan Clarken Megan Clarken is the CEO of Criteo, an internet advertising platform for brands and retailers. As a teenager, Clarken was an Olympic class athlete in track and field, until a serious knee injury ended her hopes of an Olympic career. After this setback, Clarken decided to pursue a career in business, and worked her way up from a computer operator to become chief commercial officer at Nielsen Global Media before joing Criteo. Clarken credits ...
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Lumiere Eye Cream

What is Lumiere Eye Cream? Lumiere Eye Cream is an anti-aging eye cream formulated by the skin care brand Neocutis, a science-based company that heavily researches the active ingredients included in their products to ensure optimal performance. Lumiere Eye Cream is said to reduce the appearance of...
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Natürlich dürfen auch Abtreibungsbefürworter*innen nach einer Fehlgeburt trauern!

Letzte Woche gaben Chrissy Teigen und ihr Ehemann John Legend bekannt, dass sie ihr Kind verloren haben. „Wir sind geschockt und verspüren die Art von Schmerz, von der du sonst immer nur hörst; eine Art von Schmerz, die wir noch nie zuvor erlebt haben“, schrieb Teigen in einem sehr persönlichen Instagram-Post. „Wir konnten die Blutung nicht stoppen und unserem Baby nicht die Flüssigkeit geben, die es gebraucht hätte, trotz unzähliger Bluttransfusionsbeutel. Es war einfach nicht genug.“,...
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