Who Else Likes to Wear 'Cold' Scents in Cold Weather?

Earlier this year, I wrote an article that extolled the virtues of wearing “hot”-smelling fragrances in hot weather, praising how the shift in oil volatility encourages more timid woody fragrances to bloom to their fullest potential, with already-big scents ballooning their base notes into baroque trails and giant bubbles of amber and resin.  The opposite happens to colognes and citrus perfu... Read full article: Who Else Likes to Wear 'Cold' Scents in Cold Weather? from Fragrantica Perfumes a...
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The Eloquii Walmart Collection: 10 Plus-Size Picks Under $60

The Eloquii Walmart Collection: 10 Plus-Size Picks Under $60 Eloquii is the destination for fashion-forward, plus-size clothes suitable for work and play. The brand was originally a short-lived, plus-size line at Limited that met its demise when Limited decided to focus on its core business. In an interesting twist of fate, Limited ultimately folded but key members of the original Eloquii team revived the brand as an online shop. Walmart would later purchase Eloquii, laying the groundwork for El...
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Is Moroccanoil Bad For Your Hair?

Have you heard that Moroccanoil makes your hair fall out? Makes your scalp itchy?  Leaves your hair dryer than when you started using it?  That it’s full of silicones and they’re bad for... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Democratic VP nominee Kamala Harris comes from a family of lawyers and Stanford graduates. Meet the family.

Kamala Harris with her husband and niece's daughter. Mason Trinca/Getty Images On Wednesday, Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence participated in the only vice presidential debate for the 2020 election cycle. Born to immigrant parents from Jamaica and India, Harris is the first Black woman and the first Indian American woman to appear on a Democratic ticket. We took a look at Harris' extended family, which has five lawyers and several Stanfor...
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Christian Louboutin LoubiWorld

The designer house of Christian Louboutin (Puig) launches its new collection of fragrances called LoubiWorld in November 2020. The official launch date is November 11th, while the perfumes are already available for pre-order in markets such as Japan. The LoubiWorld collection consists of seven new releases: Loubifunk, Loubidoo, Loubikiss, Loubirouge, Loubiraj, Loubicrown and Loubicroc.  ... Read full article: Christian Louboutin LoubiWorld from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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“Timeless Mahindra” by Adil Jal Darukhanawala Hits The Stands

New automotive history book on the Mahindra vehicles by Adil Jal Darukhanawala explores the Indian automaker’s 75-year journey, from the CJ-3B to the Thar Chronicling a large and rich mass of stories of manufacturing and allied adventures, Adil Jal Darukhanawala’s new book titled “Timeless Mahindra” is now out. Simultaneously a celebration and a memoir of Mahindra & Mahindra’s exploits as one of India’s oldest and strongest automakers, the launch of the book also coincides with the company’s 75t...
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Raising Your Baseline

In practicing the slow, shallow breathing approach from The Oxygen Advantage that I shared about during the past two days, I’m grasping that the key to this approach is to define a new baseline for my breathing and then keep synching back to that new baseline whenever I catch myself drifting from it. The initial temptation is to sync back to my old way of breathing, which can happen automatically when I lose awareness of my breath. Then I might catch myself and practice consciously reducing m...
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The 50 Best Jokes for Little Kids

While we’ve compiled the best jokes for kids of all ages, as well as the best riddles, and even non-cheesy knock-knock jokes, little kids — roughly between the ages of 3 and 7 — need a category all to themselves. Rather than require the grasp of nuance and sophisticated cultural know-how that jokes for older ages rely on, these jokes are based around kid-friendly references (to animals, body parts, food, etc.), puns, and sheer silliness. Children on the upper end of the 3-7 age range will likel...
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Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely You

  Lovely You comes out in the fall of 2020 as a new version of the original Lovely, the first fragrance by actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Lovely You invites you to "embrace your truest self with this soft, delicate floral scent." Sarah Jessica Parker launched Lovely in 2005 as a memento and homage to her mother’s perfumes. The new composition, announced to be as elegant, unobtrusive, and refi... Read full article: Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely You from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Which Are The Best Fashion Colleges in The USA?

Fashion design covers the processes of developing new collections, producing and advertising clothes, and the purpose of new products can vary significantly (from clothing for industrial workers to handmade works of art haute couture). The fashion industry requires non-standard thinking, creativity, and professionalism. Students of fashion faculties receive general educational introduction and understanding of the process of designing clothes, and at the same time, show their own creati...
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This underarm charcoal mask removes impurities and grime left behind from sweat and deodorant, something that regular body wash usually misses

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Lavanila's The Healthy Underarm Detox Mask ($26 on Ulta) can help detox and brighten underarm skin, which is great for the upcoming summer season. Lavanila My underarms are probably the most ignored body part and for obvious reasons. Buildup from pollution, sweat, and residue from traditional antiperspirants can result in discoloration and honestly, unsightly underarms.Lavanila The Healthy Under...
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How To Find Your Fall Hobby

It’s almost that time of year where leaves are falling and your favorite big coats are out of the closet and ready to go back in the rotation. Fall seems to come earlier every year, and if you’ve already seen the amount of Pumpkin Spice flavored items on the shelves in stores (Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer is really a shining example of life in 2020), you’ll know it is the time of year to head back indoors and hunker down before the real cold snap comes along. If you’re the kind of person ...
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Cariuma Brings an Eco-Conscious Twist To the World of Skate Shoes

Catiba Pro Skate Shoes | $89 | Cariuma
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Property at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate asks $60M — Alexandria’s priciest listing ever

Mount Vernon's 16,000-square-foot River View estate combines history with modern amenities on the banks of the Potomac River.
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What Does Flavored CBD Oil Taste Like?

There are many things you need to decide on when purchasing your first CBD Oil: the producer, the type, the amount, the potency. But what people often overlook is the taste and flavor. What comes as a surprise to many is the fact that CBD Oil is actually bursting with flavor. First-time users often expect it to either be tasteless or have a slight olive-oil flavor. It couldn’t be any further from the truth. While you do not need to be in love with the taste of CBD oil, it is importan...
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Giveaway: sex toy survival kits for the apocalypse

2020 is not the year we ordered. We've spent almost 7 months in quarantine, and now we're heading into a precarious election that may lead to the collapse of society as we know it. But despite the hellscape that is this year, some good traditions persist, and one of those is my annual sex toy giveaway. Of course, the usual whimsical themes wouldn't cut it this time around. This is not a time for carnivals. It's a time for survival. So, I've assembled 10 sex toy survival kits to get you throu...
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How To Start A Fashion Blog

Unlike other specific niches, a fashion blog is something that can attract many visitors. Typically, many bloggers are passionate about fashion. The blogger acts as an authority in a certain industry and directs what to say (and write) about it. This means that the blogger has figured out how to talk about fashion. A nice cherry on top is being able to turn your hobby into a profitable business (like a blog). If you want to start a successful fashion blog, think about how you can unders...
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33 high-paying jobs for people who don't like stress

Agricultural engineers are well-compensated while tending to work in low-stress environments. Square Roots October 10 is World Mental Health Day, and it's important to have a job that supports efforts to stay well. There are many jobs that are both well-paid and offer a relaxing work environment. Using data from the Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics, we found 33 jobs with annual salaries over $75,000 that also offer a relatively low-stress work situation. Highly ranked low...
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Meet 2019's Rising Stars of Wall Street from firms like Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, and Apollo shaking up investing, trading, and dealmaking

NYSE; Edison Partners; Tradeweb; Ruobing Su/Business Insider Meet the 2019 class of Wall Street's rising stars.From starting a hedge fund before age 30 to running their own alternative-data shops and helping lead $27 billion investments, this group of young finance leaders is in a league of its own.It was harder than ever this year to select just 25 people. Our selection criteria: We asked that nominees be 35 or under, based in the US, and stand out from their peers. Editors made the final...
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L'Occitane Rose Calisson

  A rose in a sweet, gourmand embrace. The new, limited creation from the house of L'Occitane en Provence was created as a modern interpretation of the Rose aroma. ROSE CALISSON combines a rich rose heart with sweet fruits and traditional cookies made in Provence.   "Of all the sweet delicacies from Provence, the most famous is Calisson. L'OCCITANE introduces a twist with this traditional deli... Read full article: L'Occitane Rose Calisson from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Halloween auf Netflix & Co.: 9 Serien für Gänsehaut im Oktober

Vor langer Zeit, bevor wir alle mindestens ein, zwei Streaming-Abos unser Eigen nannten, mussten wir uns an Halloween noch irgendwie anders gruseln. Was blieb uns anderes übrig, als die Horror-DVDs rauszukramen, bei denen wir schon mitsprechen konnten, oder uns im TV eine ähnlich ausgelutschte Simpsons-Halloween-Folge anzusehen? Dieses Problem haben wir heute nicht mehr: Im Jahr 2020 stehen wir vor einer großen Auswahl an Halloween-Specials auf Netflix und Amazon Prime Video. Einige von ihnen si...
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Rare Beauty Holiday 2020 Launches at Sephora

The Rare Beauty Holiday 2020 Collection arrives at today. You might recall when I first spoke about Rare Beauty I was intrigued the collection had no eyeshadow palettes but never fear there are not one but two different eyeshadow palettes available with this collection. Both are interesting shade choices as they are bolder with purples, blues, and pinks which isn’t quite fitting with the more natural look of the core collection but still very nice none the less. The Rare Beauty Co...
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Charlotte Tilbury Full Size Magic Skin Trilogy Set is Back for Holiday 2020

Oh my gosh! The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Skin Trilogy is back! I purchased this a few years ago and since that time Charlotte never restocked it. I’m happy to report it is back in stock at with a slight discount (7% Off ha!). This set includes full-sizes of two of my favorite products! Magic Eye Rescue Cream and Magic Night Cream! If you have dry skin you NEED these! It also includes a full size of Charlotte’s original Magic Cream. I got mine like three or four years...
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60% Off Stila

Happy Friday guys! I hope you’re hanging in there! Stila is on sale at today! 60% or more! There’s some Gloss Boss (my favorite!), some gift sets, and more. Enjoy! Where to buy Stila You may also enjoy... the Balm Instain Sneak PeekBenefit Rare Beauty Snow White & the Huntsman Makeup Kit Review & SwatchesBenefit Hello Flawless! Review, Swatches, and Before and After Photos20% Off Ulta Prestige Holiday 2019 The post 60% Off Stila appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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Mancera Juicy Flowers

  To prolong the summer during the first autumn and rainy days, Mancera Paris launches Juicy Flowers, a new fragrance with a romantic and juicy composition. The new creation is designed as a summer souvenir that will accompany us during the fall and winter, anticipating a flowery spring and the next warm summer.Juicy Flowers begins with juicy notes of pear and red fruit, illuminated by citrus ju... Read full article: Mancera Juicy Flowers from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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♥ Memorial for our Ragmate Michelle Slater click here
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Nimco Ali calls for frank discussion on violence against women in UK

Campaigner gives first major interview after being appointed as government adviser on issueThe UK needs a frank conversation about the fear of male violence that women live with every day, according to the government’s new adviser on violence against women and girls.In her first major interview since her role was announced on Friday, the feminist campaigner Nimco Ali – who has been a key figure in the global fight to end female genital mutilation (FGM) – said she wanted to work across political,...
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Physician’s Formula Nutrient Mist Facial Spray

This is a gorgeous hydrating mist that has water and glycerine mixed together to create a miss that adds hydration which you’re then going to seal in by adding a moisturizer on top. What I’ve really... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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6 Tips to Start an Efficient Team from the Ground Up

An effective team is the foundation of every successful organization. The internal relationships of a team drive them towards better performance. An interdependent network of a team always outperforms a disjoint collective one, where people work individually. And as a leader, the matters of efficiency and productivity find cradle on your shoulders. The opportunity of building an efficient team from ground-up always seems to catch up to entrepreneurs and leaders. If you’re starting a new busines...
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Pat Mcgrath Celestial Divinity Holiday 2020 Available Today 10% Off

Get early access to the Pat Mcgrath Celestial Divinity Holiday 2020 Collection today plus 10% off with code CELESTIAL10 (use at check out for the discount and use on site as the password for early access to these items) at! Let’s take a look at the collection! It includes the MTHRSHP Mega: Celestial Divinity Eyeshadow Palette which we’ve been privy to already but there are also three new quads to swoon over! Pat Mcgrath Celestial Divinity Quad: Interstellar Icon $58 Golden Po...
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