ScentXplore 2020: The Virtual Scent Experience this December

2020 will once again bring ScentXplore to perfume enthusiasts the world over. What began last year as a niche perfume event in New York City will now be held as a virtual, day-long event on Saturday, December 5th. It has a full roster of perfume world speakers, fragrance brand presentations, musical performances, content presentors and panels, awards ceremonies, and giveaways. It all begins at ... Read full article: ScentXplore 2020: The Virtual Scent Experience this December from Fragrantica...
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Inside Tyra Banks and Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s 10-Course Drive-Thru Dinner

Tyra Banks and Jesse Tyler Ferguson weren’t going to let the pandemic restrictions get in the way of enjoying a night out with good food. Sure, they could have gone to a restaurant that offers outdoor seating, but instead, the two were among the many people who had dinner on Thursday at The Resy Drive […]
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This season’s hottest purse is a rubber chicken ‘henbag’

What the cluck! Forget the $10,000 Birkin bag, this season’s hottest handbag is a rubber chicken “henbag” that sells for just $32.95. Sold on Amazon as the “Rubber Chicken Purse,” the accessory has received over 1,062 recommendations — mostly five stars — and while it’s not new, is making a comeback in fashion circles. The...
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Luminous Lemurs: A New Eco-Perfume to Help Save Habitats

San Francisco’s Velvet and Sweet Pea’s Purrfumery has released a new perfume to help raise awareness of the crisis that many animals are facing as their environments are changing across the globe. The all-natural perfume Luminous Lemurs focuses on this particularly fascinating native of Madagascar. As the lemur’s native habitat is rapidly becoming deforested in that country, many eyes thro... Read full article: Luminous Lemurs: A New Eco-Perfume to Help Save Habitats from Fragrantica Perfumes...
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Universal Timing Alignment

I’ve noticed that when I get an idea for a big new project, the timing often doesn’t feel good right away. It’s as if the idea wants to get my attention, so I can start thinking about it, but it also needs time to incubate. If I try to force the idea forward faster, it’s like pushing through molasses. It takes lots of discipline, and I have to forcefully re-engage with the task again and again. The inspiration to move it forward isn’t present. These projects don’t succeed. If they ever get co...
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My husband and I are both full-time freelancers who work from home. This is how we handle the challenges.

Shannon Page. Courtesy of Shannon Page Shannon Page and her husband are both full-time freelancers.Page dreamed of full-time self-employment for years. In 2009, she was finally in a position where she was able to achieve it, and she hasn't looked back. She's found that freelancing has its challenges: There's no separation between home and work, and taking time off isn't something she knows how to do anymore. But, despite the complex finances and challenges, she would never go back to a day ...
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"[I]n an attempt to defend [Billie] Eilish — a sincere attempt, often from other young women — a new narrative is being formed around her body."

"Now, it’s about Eilish’s 'bravery' in having a body atypical for celebrities because she’s seemingly not a size 0. It’s a common refrain anytime a woman in the public eye is seen eating in public, having hips in public, or having rolls in public.... The goal of this kind of noxious positivity is to make clear that not being thin — either intentionally or not — is just as worthy of celebration as thinness has been since basically forever. But this is a false equivalence; we praise thinness becau...
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The CEO of a Texas haunted house had to get creative to reopen. Here's how he's helping people feel safe in a place meant to scare them.

Norm Glenn is the founder and CEO of the Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park. Tamela Pruitt of Scream Hollow Norm Glenn is the founder and CEO of the Scream Hollow Wicked Halloween Park in Smithville, Texas. Before he opened up his own haunted house, Glenn spent two decades working in the haunted attraction industry; he loved haunted houses growing up. When the pandemic struck, Glenn wasn't sure if the haunted house would reopen. But through COVID screenings, mandatory masks, and "Monster ...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: What Does It Mean to ‘Fill Up What’s Lacking in Christ’s Afflictions’? What could possibly be lacking in Christ’s afflictions? And in any case, how on earth could Paul fill them up? Why This May Be the Most Offensive Verse in the Bible I’m convinced that there’s one Bible verse that, when rightly understood, proves most offensive to people whose sensibilities have been shaped by Western notions of inclusivity and freedom. 7 Questions to Help...
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‘He wanted to control me completely’: the models who accuse Gérald Marie of sexual assault

Elite Models boss Gérald Marie was one of the most powerful men in fashion. Was he also a sexual predator? As French prosecutors investigate, four women tell their stories for the first timeA special investigation by Lucy OsborneIn the spring of 1980, Wendy Walsh and her mother flew to Paris from their home in a suburb of Toronto, Canada. Walsh was 17, a straight-A student who excelled at maths. She was also an aspiring model whose blond, blue-eyed, girl-next-door look had already got her notice...
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Perfume PosseZOOM POSSE 2 CANCELLED. Sorry ZOOM POSSE 2 CANCELLED Sorry Crew, something has come up and this month is cancelled. We’ll be back. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY Portia xxx Perfume PosseZOOM POSSE 2 CANCELLED. Sorry
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