History With Cy: Cyrus the Great and the Birth of the Achaemenid Persian Empire

Cyrus Cama launches a new learning series online. This is an in depth, fantastically researched presentation for young kids and adults. Cyrus writes… With this video we start a series of programs and podcasts all dealing with ancient Persia and the beginnings of the Achaemenid Persian Empire of Cyrus II, better known to the world as Cyrus the Great. We’ll first take a quick look at the history of the region around the time when the first Iranian tribes entered the region, followed by th...
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4 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Great!

Do you ever get self-conscious about the smell of your home? This is very common. When we live in a place for a long time, we can come accustomed to the way things smell – after all, we all know that every household has a signature scent that is unmistakable. But have you ever wondered if your house smells bad to others, and you just can’t notice it? Human beings adapt to different environments very quickly, meaning that they can barely smell certain odors once they are used to them. This ...
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A Dentist Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

Say goodbye to the discomfort and unsightly appeal brought about by metal braces! With today’s technology, getting the perfectly aligned teeth and a confident smile that you always wanted has never been comfortable and fashionable with Invisalign!  Curious about this modern teeth-straightening technology? Here are a dentist’s answers to frequently asked questions about Invisalign.  What is Invisalign? Invisalign are clear aligners made of flexible thermoplastic material used to ...
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34 photos that show how Halloween has been celebrated at the White House

U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump hand out Halloween candy to visiting schoolchildren in advance of Halloween at the White House in Washington, U.S., October 28, 2019. Tom Brenner/Reuters Halloween at the White House has been a fun tradition honored by presidential administrations over the past 60 years. It started when First Lady Mamie Eisenhower first decided to decorate the White House for the holiday in 1958. Since then, presidents and first ladies have welcomed ...
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Rapper Saweetie says real men should buy their women Birkins

Hey ladies, does your man buy you Birkins? If not, kick him to the curb. That's the gospel of rapper Saweetie.
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Establishment of North American Institute of Zoroastrian Studies

It is now more than two score and ten years since Zoroastrians from various parts of the world have settled in North America, bringing with them their religious practices, traditions and cultures which are gradually evolving into a tapestry of a new North American Zoroastrian identity. The first-generation Zoroastrians in North America, in the space of a few short years, have made remarkable progress in firmly establishing themselves on North American soil. They have established Associations, ...
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Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation

I didn’t love Giorgio Armani Face Fabric when I first tried it. On my skin, it did this weird, rolling thing, especially when applied with fingers. The trick with Face Fabric is to use a damp sponge,... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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European farmers lose attempt to ban terms such as veggie burger

Meat-related words can be used to describe plant-based foods, decides European parliamentPlant-based products that do not contain meat can continue to be labelled “sausages” or “burgers”, European politicians have said, after they rejected a proposal backed by the meat industry to ban the terms.In votes on issues relating to agricultural products, the European parliament said that so-called veggie burgers, soy steaks and vegan sausages can continue to be sold as such in restaurants and shops acr...
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European farmers lose attempt to ban terms such veggie burger

Meat-related words can be used to describe plant-based foods, decides European parliamentPlant-based products that do not contain meat can continue to be labelled “sausages” or “burgers”, European politicians have said, after they rejected a proposal backed by the meat industry to ban the terms.In votes on issues relating to agricultural products, the European parliament said that so-called veggie burgers, soy steaks and vegan sausages can continue to be sold as such in restaurants and shops acr...
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Empties Video

Here are some empties that I just finished. What did you go through this month?   Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Companies across the country are requiring workers to return to offices during the pandemic. How well is your employer handling it?

L'Oreal has opened its US offices at 50% capacity. Glassdoor As offices reopen across the US, Business Insider wants to hear from employees about how it is going. Fill out this form to share your experience of returning to the office and a reporter from Business Insider will reach out to hear more before anything is published. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The future of the American office space is in flux. While some companies are opting to keep employees working...
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It Cosmetics Buy 1, Get 1 Free Select Products

Here’s a great deal today on It Cosmetics. Buy any two of the following items below and get one free! This includes everyone’s favorite concealer, Bye Bye Undereye. Items can be mixed and matched. Spend $25 and get free shipping! Buy 1, Get 1 Free: CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ Superhero Liner Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer Your Skin But Better Setting Spray+ Brow Power Filler Eyebrow Gel Superhero No-Tug Sharpenable Gel Eyeliner ...
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Guess Bella Vita

Guess presents a new pillar perfume for women, called Bella Vita. The novelty is announced as an elegant and luxurious scent for a glamorous Guess girl. The concept involves a return to Guess's roots — the vibes of Southern California and the Mediterranean. "Designed like a shot of adrenalin, this perfume instils confidence, elegance, sensuality and femininity at the same time." photo via:�... Read full article: Guess Bella Vita from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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5 Effective Time Management Skills for HR Professionals

Every day of your entire career has seen so much paperwork and so many issues with co-workers that you forget about yourself. This is everyday life for HR professionals. It can be a real headache having the same work-related problems day in and day out, but it’s the norm in HR.   Fortunately, time management skills are as effective as your favorite painkiller. As long as you manage your time, you’ll avoid burnout and keep it all handled. To be an effective HR specialist, you’ll ...
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Idole and Idole L'Intense in Comparison

Most often, a flanker is an attempt to bet on the popularity of a successful fragrance and make one (or more) of almost the same yet not quite identical perfumes. However, sometimes a flanker is a bug fixing project. In the case of Idôle and Idôle L'Intense, I think that the 'update' was worth it. Those who like Idôle don't lose anything, but those disappointed in the original releas... Read full article: Idole and Idole L'Intense in Comparison from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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20% Off Farmacy Plus 5 Piece Gift Free Gift

I know the Sephora Holiday Savings Event starts next week but I’ve taken to posting all these sales in the hopes it is helpful to Sephora VIB and BI who only get 15% Off. As you know Farmacy is a fond fav of mine and 20% off is a great deal! I picked up the new Honey Halo Moisturizer and I’m loving it! And don’t forget their cleansing balm is amazing! Totally an HG for me (you seriously won’t go back to any other cleansing balm once you’ve tried it!)! The Very Cherry one is lovely! The enti...
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B. Kamins Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher

Believe it or not, it is possible to find a gentle exfoliant that can be creamy but doesn’t make your skin break out. Check out B. Kamins Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher. This is a face... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Thank Goodness for a Good SPF Moisturizer

Friends, I am loving Prevage’s newest formula with spf in it. It is called Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging moisturizer, and yes, at over $100 it is not cheap. The thing is that the... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Power zones and Duchenne smiles: Body language tips for every agent

Practicing the use of body language while wearing a face mask can help improve an agent's ability to effectively communicate with clients during showings, experts told Inman.
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The 6 Week Job Search Program

Hey, so I’ve been crazy busy spinning all my plates… that is, I have a lot of things I’m working on, each of them are like plates spinning on sticks. If any of them slow down too much they will fall, so I’m busy keeping each plate spinning. All good stuff, and I’m super excited about some pending changes to JibberJobber that will, among other things, make JibberJobber FASTER for you. Also, more mobile friendly. I’ll talk more about that soon. Today I wanted to share a video I did a few days ago ...
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Every Man Should Be Able to Save His Own Life: 5 Fitness Benchmarks a Man Must Master

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Friday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in September 2009. In 1926, strong man and physical culture enthusiast Earle Liederman wrote a book called Endurance. In it, Liederman makes the case for developing all-around strength and fitness as a way of not only preserving one’s health in the everyday sense of extending l...
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50% Off Pat Mcgrath

Get up to 50% Off Pat Mcgrath today!’ A few highlights from the sale: Lust: Gloss Set $65 (Four Full-Size Lust Glosses) Eyedols Eyeshadow $12.50 Mini Lip Fetish Lip Balm Trio $13 Enjoy! Where to buy Pat Mcgrath You may also enjoy... Maybelline Stormy Sahara Color Sensational Lipstick Review & SwatchesSleek Makeup Lash Out Mascara ReviewNatasha Denona Palettes on SaleBig Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Day The post 50% Off Pat Mcgrath appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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21 high-paying side jobs you can do in your spare time

Virtual yoga instructors can make $25 per hour. insta_photos/Shutterstock Many of these side jobs pay more than $25 an hour. Part-time and remote opportunities allow you to choose a side job that works with your regular work schedule. A bachelor's degree or higher education isn't necessarily required — many side jobs favor work experience or other skills.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Looking to make a little extra cash without having to leave the job you already hav...
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I'm a Walmart delivery driver who's made over $100,000 in the last year. I love my job, even though I work 80 hours a week and have only taken one day off.

Brenda Brown is a Walmart delivery driver and a graduate student. Brenda Brown Brenda Brown is a 57-year-old delivery driver for Walmart based in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Brown is currently a graduate student at Weber State University studying healthcare administration.  She's been delivering for Walmart since September 2019, and said the coronavirus pandemic has been a "rollercoaster of emotion" for her and her community.  In the last year she's made over $100,000 doing deliveries for Wal...
Tags: Careers, Trends, Walmart, Starbucks, New Mexico, Nissan, Kia Optima, LAS CRUCES, LAS CRUCES New Mexico, Weber State University, Brenda Brown, Tech Insider, Delivery Driver, Meira Gebel, BI-freelancer, Contributor 2019

Urban Decay Primer and More 50% Off Today Only

Macy’s 10 Days of Glam continues today with new 50% off deals! Use promo code GLAM10 for free shipping! Today’s deals: Urban Decay Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion $12 Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion $12 Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer $16 Also, these items are still on sale: Sunday Riley A+ and Luna Retinol Trial Set $21 Sunday Riley 3-Pc. Bright Young Thing Set $63 Benefit Cheekleaders Cheek Palette $30 Where to buy Macy’s You may also enjoy... Tarte Pineappl...
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5 Great Benefits of a Leather Wallet for Men

Finding a wallet that suits your style can always be a challenging task. And if you are one of those who has a never-ending love affair with leather wallets, this task could be a bit more challenging. Without a doubt, the most important thing to decide is the fabric of your wallet. Also, leather is one of the most common material options for a wallet. Now, as you know, leather can be of many types; some of them are cowhide, full-grain cowhide, and horse leather. Depending on the type of leathe...
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Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask

Ok, so this mask will work best if you have light hair – think blonde or if you have white hair that you’ve dyed and you want a colour refresh. If you’re like me with inky dark... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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American Apparel 'used fake comments to fuel founder's bad boy image'

Ex-worker tells documentary series staff would post on articles about Dov CharneyA documentary series has revealed how American Apparel helped fuel its founder’s bad boy mythology in order to bolster interest in the clothing company online.In the nine-part Big Rad Wolf, a former employee reveals she would leave approved fake comments under salacious articles about Dov Charney on celebrity media blogs such as Gawker and Jezebel, in order to manufacture his reputation as predatory. Continue readin...
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Wash your mask daily: the ultimate guide to face coverings

Experts explain the best way to wash masks, how to handle them – and how to prevent ‘maskne’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageWe hook them on to our faces, laugh, sneeze and sputter into them, then crumple them into our bags or pockets only to retrieve them and do it all again. Yet despite official advice that we should be wearing a fresh face covering each time we enter an enclosed public space, a YouGov poll revealed many people are going several wears between washes ...
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Outfit Formula: Easy Fall Black and Grey

A few of my clients and friends wear black and grey exclusively, throughout the year, with a little white and silver thrown in the mix. This post is for them, and for those who like to wear black and grey in the Autumn.  These outfits showcase pants, but I’ll cover skirts and dresses in the same palette another time. 1. Sporty Luxe A Sporty Luxe vibe combines dressy, luxe pieces with casual sporty components to create an interesting juxtaposition that is modern and very comfortable. This outfi...
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