House of CB Debut Wedding Gown Collection

If there ever was a brand we’ve come to know for affordable, luxury pieces, it’s London fashion house  House of CB. So imagine our delight at the launch of their debut wedding gown collection. Oh yes, friends, the angels sang, the confetti popped! The collection, which was shot on two different models, in two different sizes (which, quite frankly, we’d love to see more brands get on board with!) starts at just AUD $706. Continue reading House of CB Debut Wedding Gown Collection
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Review: Dame Kip and Pom

Sometimes companies surprise you. When hit the scene with their zealously-crowdfunded initial effort, the "hands-free" labia-clinging Eva, I pegged them as a company that would focus more on (heterosexual) fantasy than consumer reality. "You know it's bad when abstinence starts to sound appealing," I famously stated in my review, going for the jugular after the toy fell off my vulva for the millionth time. I figured I'd burned that bridge and would likely never work with Dame again. Then c...
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Oud Fest 2020: Ambergris, Sandalwood, and more Oud

Some of the best smelling adventures at this year's Oud Fest expanded beyond the world of oud into other rare and exciting materials from the natural world. The three day event held in October of this year in Roswell, Georgia (US) was a deep dive into the mysteries of this legendary wood of myth found in the warm and tropical regions of the world. We first reported on the highlights of the event,�... Read full article: Oud Fest 2020: Ambergris, Sandalwood, and more Oud from Fragrantica Perfumes...
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Interesting Career Options That Can Provide Purpose To Your Life

Some professions are more fulfilling than others, especially in the white-collar world where sitting in a cubicle all day is the norm. Here are some of the more interesting career options that might provide purpose to your life. 
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Cartier L’Heure (IV) Fougueuse … and a giveaway

Perfume PosseCartier L’Heure (IV) Fougueuse … and a giveaway We’re having headache-inducing weather: wet, then sunny; cold and gale force winds. It’s supposed to get dryer and quieter this week. Two boxes left to unpack – and those have to wait for the small bookcase to arrive end of… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseCartier L’Heure (IV) Fougueuse … and a giveaway
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How To Relax During the Holiday Season

While the holiday season is supposed to be joyous, it can also be incredibly stressful. If you’ll be hosting any type of event, you’ll probably feel this holiday stress even more intensely. There are so many things to do: gifts to buy, houses to decorate, food to cook . . . Not to mention that you often need to spend time with people you don’t get along with very well. Add the fact that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and the stress levels might just be too much to handle! Luckily, t...
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Shower Sex Positions

Shower sex should be on your bucket list. If it isn’t, it’s okay; it surely will be after you are done reading this! You absolutely need to experience that stimulating, orgasmic rush of hitting it with those droplets of water wildly splashing on your skin and trickling down your joined bodies. Shower sex is a delicate yet satisfying experience that will guarantee you the orgasm and the fireworks climax you crave. Of course, if you do decide to practice it, you should apply the right skills and k...
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Princess Diana’s royal fashion on ‘The Crown’: How to get the look

Two houses, two courts, one crown — and a whole lot of style.
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Working from home made my descent into decrepitude harder to avoid | Elizabeth Quinn

Confronted by my reflection at every turn, I armed myself with expensive beauty productsI have a theory – largely untested – that everyone is mentally “stuck” at a certain age: the one that best reflects their outlook. Mine is 17. At my core, I see myself as youthful, enthusiastic and not yet tainted by the bitterness of experience. I’m optimistic and forward-looking. A woman in my prime.But increasingly, the face and form I see reflected back in the mirror are none of those things. At first I b...
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'All I want is chocolate': Jamie Oliver and other top chefs on their Christmas wish lists

Tinned fish, ceramic tableware and cornettos – Santa’s sack is full of unusual treats for our chefs and food writers Bread, cheese… and ginJamie Oliver, celebrity chef and authorA couple of loaves of Coombeshead Farm bread. The crust is exceptional, it’s nutty, chewy and malty. Toast it up with some good butter, it heats like a dream and will last for a week. Have it with some good cheese and a glass of wine or beer, it’s just heaven and a meal in itself. Continue reading...
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Perfumed Horoscope: November 16 - November 22

  The previous week may still resonate with you. You may have had to overcome some of your weaknesses, and in the process, you have grown a new skin. This new skin could be still a bit fragile, so pay attention to a possible misalignment between heart and brain during this week. Whatever you may think as most valuable to you may undergo an unexpected transformation, so don’t allow forces to... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: November 16 - November 22 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colog...
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Desperation Loyalty

Desperation loyalty is remaining loyal to a group or identity based on neediness or clinginess, often in violation more important values. It is a place of stuckness that elevates loyalty to others above the commitment to grow. It’s relatively easy to spot this in other people. It’s harder to spot this in ourselves. If you pursue a strong and centered path of personal growth for many years, you will outgrow many friends and social groups along the way. That’s a normal part of a life of grow...
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I'm a flight instructor in Las Vegas, where clients rent private planes for up to $1,000 an hour. Business is booming as people are coming out of the woodwork wanting to learn to fly.

Carl May has been a pilot and flight instructor for nearly two decades. Carl May Carl May is a 38-year-old flight instructor and director of flight operations for All In Aviation in Las Vegas. He's been teaching and flying planes around the US for 17 years. Despite the ongoing pandemic, business for All In Aviation has boomed this year, and May has nearly doubled his staff of flight instructors since April. He typically sees several clients a day for three- to four-hour flight lessons on p...
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How much have you got? Breaking the taboos on money

The squeeze on jobs means that many of us are now juggling our finances. But if we are more open and honest about our earnings then all of us will be better offOn a sunny Tuesday afternoon in July, Rob Campbell, 50, received a Zoom call from his boss at the advertising firm where he worked as a head of strategy. He took it in his bedroom. It wasn’t a good call. His boss was courteous, professional and regretful that, what with coronavirus and everything, Campbell was being made redundant. His fi...
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I feel bullied and hopeless. How can I find happiness? | Dear Mariella

Go back to therapy and use the skills to better understand yourself and combat self loathing, says Mariella FrostrupThe dilemma I am a woman in my 30s. On paper I am bright – an Oxford graduate with a slew of prestigious qualifications, extracurricular achievements and a fairly successful career. The reality is I just feel pathetic, ignorant and gormless. I’ve got to where I am because I’m adept at analysing and memorising information, while clearly lacking other types of intelligence. I was bu...
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When I was 18-years old I started an asphalt sealing business. My second asphalt sealing job was for the Chief Financial Officer of a Fortune 100 company. He lived on a giant hill in a tony suburb... By Harrison Barnes
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Sunday Firesides: Don’t Let It Petrify

As you grow older, your body grows stiffer. It gets harder to bend, to stretch, to contort yourself into “unusual” positions — unusual in that they involve something beyond sitting, standing, and reaching for the Special K from the cabinet. Make such a move and you can almost hear the crumbling of an invisible patina of stone which had begun encasing your limbs. Your mind and personal habits grow stiffer with age as well. Beliefs harden, becoming impenetrable to new information and perspecti...
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