5 Ways To Boost Your Immunity For Flu Season

With all the madness within the world getting us down at the instant. The last item you would like on top of everything else is to urge a chilly or the flu. Because the mercury level drops, it becomes even more important to require extra care of your body to take care of your health and repel all kinds of virus and infection that’s going around. At your first visit to Rose Wellness Clinic, will explain how chiropractic care works and give you a full evaluation to see if our chiropractic...
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Katy Perry’s Ultimate Sleek Topknot Hairstyle

Katy Perry’s Ultimate Sleek Topknot Hairstyle For 2020 Katy Perry has embraced a series of top knot hairstyles ranging from a classic knot to knots embellished with clip-in extensions creating longer flowing locks. Follow the steps included in this blog to recreate Katy's sleek sophisticated topknot. Hair, Health, Beauty blogs by
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Narciso Rodriguez 2020: For Him, For Her… And Some Milk Chocolate to Boot!

I have a difficult relationship with Narciso Rodriguez perfumes. I do admit that the first fragrances from Narciso Rodriguez were a veritable phenomenon in the world of perfumery. I also agree that, for years, Narciso Rodriguez has clearly and consistently continued with his main theme, turning just slightly either in the direction of a warm, sweaty, 'under-the-sheets' musk or in the ... Read full article: Narciso Rodriguez 2020: For Him, For Her… And Some Milk Chocolate to Boot! from Fragran...
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NaNoWriMo Days 16-17

The morning I hit a nice milestone for my novel-in-progress, getting it just beyond 30K words, so I’m still ahead of schedule for reaching 50K words by November 30th. The daily target of 1667 words continues to work well. Yesterday I added 2050 words, which I think is the first time I’ve gone over 2K words in a day. I got into the flow of an emotionally juicy scene and didn’t want to stop till I got to the end of it. I got caught up in the characters’ feelings as I channeled their dialogue, a...
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Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Review

Perfume PosseMaison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Review Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 is something I completely missed. I vaguely remember it coming out, and I don’t even recall sniffing it, but I’m sure I must have. Over the intervening few years since it came out,  I… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseMaison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Review
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Dermablend Insta-Grip Jelly Primer 3-in-1 Multi-Tasking Primer Is On Sale, Muse Approval, And Fantastic

Dermablend Insta-Grip Jelly Primer 3-in-1 Multi-Tasking Primer ($23) is a gripping gel facial primer that’s 30% off during the Ulta Holiday Sale at the moment. I actually just ordered another one of these with my current Ulta Holiday Sale order as I love this stuff and I’m down to the last few pumps of my current bottle. If you love J Pack Jelly Primer, E.L.F. Jelly Pop Dew Primer, and Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer this is something you most definitely will want to explore! Dermablend Inst...
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Autogenes Training: 7 einfache Übungen, die gegen Stress & Schlafstörungen helfen

Natürlich wollen in der gegenwärtigen Situation immer mehr Menschen für sich selbst sorgen. Schauen Sie sich nur die Zahl der Jogger an, die in diesem Jahr auf den Straßen erschienen sind. Da die Sporthallen noch immer auf unbestimmte Zeit geschlossen sind, müssen Lösungen für Sport, Yoga, Entspannung und Meditation in unseren Wohnzimmer oder Räumen gefunden werden. Tatsächlich in letzter Zeit habe ich mich ziemlich häufig in Gesprächen wiedergefunden, in denen es im weitesten Sinne...
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The best dry shampoos for gorgeous second-day hair

Some days you just run out of time to wash your hair (or you just don't feel like it), but that doesn't mean it has to look greasy.Dry shampoo is here to save you from a bad hair day. Just spritz your roots, give it a little fluff, and you're done. Of all the dry shampoos we tried, Living Proof's Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is the best because it makes your hair look — and smell — just-washed. Although you may feel guilty for not washing your hair as regularly as you'd like to, you're actually ...
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‘2021 has already kick-started’: Noel Roberts on the Hamptons market

The star of Netflix reality show 'Million Dollar Beach House' talks about the influx of permanent Hamptons residents and what to expect in the coming year.
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Tony Moly Moisture Boost Cooling Algae Eye Serum Review & Swatches

Tony Moly Moisture Boost Cooling Algae Eye Serum ($22 for 0.5 oz) is a newish gel eye serum that contains algae and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and and plump the under area. I’ve been using this since April and it’s turned into one of my favorite ways to prep my eyes for eye cream and concealer. Sure, sure, the whale sold it to me. I mean really, he’s adorable isn’t he? But the formula is quite lovely as well. Let’s take a look! Tony Moly Moisture Boost Cooling Algae Eye Serum arrives in a c...
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Chapel Factory - A New House Dedicated to Incense

Anaïs Biguine, the mind who brought us lines such as Jardins d'Écrivains, Gri Gri, and Les Cocottes de Paris, has created a new brand of perfumes, this time dedicated to a very mystical ingredient that has many connotations with spirituality: incense. The new brand is called Chapel Factory and comprises three scents in Eau de Parfum: Baptisma, Heresy, and Holy Stick. Chapel Factory is a house th... Read full article: Chapel Factory - A New House Dedicated to Incense from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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8 free classes from Bill Gates' favorite websites that you can sign up for right now to teach yourself to code

These online courses are free. Getty Images/ Maskot If you find yourself at home with a lot of free time on your hands, consider learning the basics of coding. Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates said he loves Khan Academy and Here are eight free online courses on everything from JavaScript to SQL, from the platforms recommended by Gates. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. To help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, which is again spiking across the country, mil...
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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Jewel Pot Review & Swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Jewel Pot is a new gel-to-power eyeshadow that launched in two shades a few weeks ago and is available for a limited time. Honestly, I don’t get the limited edition with this launch because I’d totally buy more Jewel Pots in a variety of shades if they offered them! Contrary to reviews I read I loved the formula and would definitely purchase more if they extended the shade range at some point. So far, I only have Pillow Talk but I want to add Walk of No Shame to my...
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TikTok user mocks multimillion-dollar Zillow listings in viral videos

Unlike agents who use TikTok to engage with young homebuyers, @cyberexboyfriend is gaining a following by mocking homes listed on Zillow in his "Roasting McMansions" series.
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Ich habe DIY-Maniküren gehasst – bis ich dieses Spray entdeckte

In den letzten zwei Jahren habe ich mir selten, wenn überhaupt, selbst die Nägel lackiert oder war bei der Maniküre. Ich war einfach viel zu frustriert von dem ganzen Thema. Jahrelang hatte ich mich zu Hause mit der DIY-Maniküre abgequält – und vor allem eines gelernt: Du wirst das Verrutschen und Verschmieren beim besten Willen nicht verhindern können, und daran kann kein Schnelltrockner-Überlack der Welt etwas ändern. Du kommst mit dem eigentlich schon „trockenen“ Nagel gegen eine Kante ...
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The over-the-top space fashions of Star Trek: TOS

It's long been a joke that the formula for generating aliens on Star Trek is to give a bipedal humanoid a weird prosthetic forehead. And non-human ears.Star Trek: The Original Series, very much a product of the 60s, followed another formula for the fashions of futurity and alienation. — Read the rest
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What Happens When You Spend Weeks, Months, or Years in Solitary Confinement The loneliness and isolation of quarantine is nothing to laugh about, though we might have heard grim jokes about solitary confinement in the last few months. We’ve also seen overwrought comparisons of social distancing to prison. These are, I think, release valves for real pain. One hopes the harrowing experience of the pandemic will give Americans some compassion for the lives of prisoners, a shocking number of whom spend years, even decades,...
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Fenty Full Snap Eyeshadow Palette + Mini Mascara Set Now $20

Fenty Full Snap Eyeshadow Palette + Mini Mascara Set is now $20 at (use code FREESHIP if you aren’t a Beauty Insider for free shipping). It was originally $29 but it’s already marked down and on clearance. You get a Snap Shadow Palette as well as a mini Full Frontal Volume Lift and Curl Mascara. Snag it now at Sephora! Where to buy Sephora You may also enjoy... Marc Jacobs Beauty The (Nude)ist Show Lipstick and Lip Liner Set for $28TokiDoki Robbery Palette for Winter 201...
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15 Outfits von Prinzessin Diana aus The Crown & ihre echten Vorbilder

Ein Jahr lang mussten wir uns gedulden, aber jetzt ist sie da: Die vierte Staffel von The Crown ist seit dem letzten Wochenende auf Netflix verfügbar und wirft uns in eine besonders dramatische Ära des britischen Königshauses. Die (tragische) Liebesgeschichte von Prinz William und Lady Diana Spencer steht im Zentrum der Staffel. Darauf dürften sich nicht nur Drama-, sondern auch Modefans gefreut haben – schließlich galt die von Emma Corrin gespielte Lady Di nicht nur als „Königin der Herzen“, so...
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How Fair Harbor, one of fashion's fastest-growing sustainable brands, hit record sales during the pandemic

(L) Jake and his sister (R) Caroline. Fair Harbor Jake Danehy, 26, and his sister Caroline, 23, are the founders of Fair Harbor, a sustainable brand that turns recycled water bottles into clothing.  Last year, the duo was honored for their work in fashion and sustainability with a spot on the coveted Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Jake and Caroline previously spoke to Business Insider about how they spent the past five years scaling their business to become a popular — and profitable — sustainab...
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Common Job Interview Questions – Bill Gates’ Cheat Sheet

Common job interview questions may result in uncommon or suboptimal answers. Listen to Bill Gates for his thoughts on the topic. For your legal job interview, do your research and get multiple perspectives on topics such as how to answer salary questions, what questions you should be asking at the interview, how to prepare for an in-house interview, and last but not least, how to ace the in-house counsel job interview. Keep in mind that you may be asked questions that are uncommon, unusual and u...
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Fall Scents For Men That Aren’t Sweet

Do you ever feel oppressed by sweetness in perfumery – that you can’t escape sugar when sniffing out your next scent? A lot of our readers communicate similar sentiments, expressing discontent and disappointment that it is so rare to find fragrances (both in the men’s and women’s aisles) that do not possess dominating sugary accords. In many ways there is a parallel with the pre-wellness f... Read full article: Fall Scents For Men That Aren’t Sweet from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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10 (Non-Religious) Books to Get Into the Devotional Reading Habit

Each day, too, acquire something which will help you to face poverty, or death, and other ills as well. After running over a lot of different thoughts, pick out one to be digested thoroughly that day. —Seneca  Today, we largely associate daily “devotionals” — short, reflection-spurring texts — with religious scriptures and faith-themed books which feature musings, challenges, and brief bits of inspiration for each day of the year.  But as Seneca proves above, for millennia, devotional-type...
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Wie ich dank meiner verstorbenen Mutter eine Fehlgeburt während Corona überstand

Als meine Ärztin unsere strahlenden Gesichter sah, sagte sie: „Dann sind wohl Glückwünsche angebracht.“ „Ich denke schon“, gab ich zögerlich von mir. Mein Mann und ich hatten davor sieben Monate lang versucht, unser erstes Baby zu bekommen, und waren gerade an einen Fruchtbarkeitsspezialisten in einer anderen Stadt überwiesen worden. Für uns fühlte sich der positive Schwangerschaftstest wie ein kleines Wunder an. Nach diesem Arzttermin wurde ich zur Blutuntersuchung geschickt. „Ich bin schwan...
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Customize This Chic Bracelet – For Less

Getting luxe-looking jewelry doesn’t have to empty your wallet, at least not from oNecklace.  And I refuse to drop thousands of dollars for high-end brands or other overpriced accessories.  But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying beautiful, quality pieces of jewelry including customizable bangles.  This holiday season, I chose this oh-so-chic Roman Numeral Bangle since I’ve been coveting those more pricey gold bangles for some time now. The bangle is light, fashionable and just about the right s...
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6 Reasons To Go Vegan in 2021

Vegan culture has boomed in recent years, with more restaurants and cafes than ever offering vegan options on their menus, but veganism wasn’t always popular. In the past, vegans were thought to be less healthy than omnivores that consumed lots of healthy meat. That attitude changed significantly in recent decades, and the benefits of a vegan diet are now supported by science. With more people living longer nowadays, it’s important to get our diet right and reduce the chances of developing...
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My Ulta Holiday Sales Order

So, I finally cashed in my Ulta points! I had quite a few built up and I feel like 20% may never arrived so today I cashed them in and shopped the Holiday Sales Event. It’s actually a really good sale and I’m glad I took advantage of it because some of the items I got are discounted lower than 20% so even if a 20% coupon pops up I still saved more shopping those items this sale. Here’s what I grabbed: Clinique Jumbo Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator $66.50 (I mean it’s 6.7 oz!...
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“Musik ist eine Art psychologischer Anker”: Tätowiererin Simone Klimmeck über sture Herzen, Synth-Pop und surrende Tattoo-Nadeln

Egal ob auf dem Sofa oder dem Weg nach Hause: Unsere Kopfhörer sind zu einem tragbaren Safe Space geworden. Getreu dem Motto #TapIntoJoy können wir uns dabei ganz unserer Lieblingsmusik und dem einzigartigen Sound hingeben, wann und wo immer wir wollen. Gemeinsam mit Bose erzählen uns vier Frauen über diese besonderen Momente, die sie mit der Musik verbinden.  Manchmal muss man erst einen anderen Weg einschlagen, um ans eigentliche Ziel zu kommen. So ging es auch Simone Klimmeck, die es vor ü...
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Lush Yog Nog Body Milk Smells Like Christmas Dessert

Lush Yog Nog Body Milk is a new, limited edition lightweight, hydrating body milk that launched with the Lush Holiday 2020 Collection in two sizes. It’s currently sitting here looking out my home office window and blissfully sniffing my arm. My whole body smells like delicious caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon Christmas pudding thanks to Lush’s Yog Nog Body Milk! Go stock pile, go now, hurry, hoard it away before it disappears forever. Lush Yog Nog started life as a block of soap and later Lu...
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Select Marc Jacobs Very Merry Cherry Holiday 2020 On Sale at Sephora

The Holiday 2020 markdowns continue to roll in today! Select pieces from the Marc Jacobs Very Merry Cherry Holiday 2020 Collection hit the Sephora sale rack today! Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick Very Merry Cherry Edition $22 Blacquer Cherry 2-Piece Mini Eye Set $14 O!Mega Glaze All-Over Foil Luminizer Very Merry Cherry Edition $34 Skincare Sundae 4-piece Hydrating Skincare and Beauty Essentials Set $52 I picked up the red lipstick! Glad I waited to snag it. Enjoy! Where to buy Sephora You...
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