Sunday Firesides: Gnaw Your Bone

The first few dozen times you listen to a killer new album, the experience is nigh near euphoric. The songs just seem to get better and better with each “spin.” Eventually though, they start to lose some of their verve, and you listen to the album less and less frequently, until it drops off your regular playlist. This parabolic arc of pleasure occurs in our encounters with every novel and rewarding stimulus, from relationships to material possessions. The “buzz” rises, peaks, and then desce...
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Rusi Surti: Indian cricket’s original braveheart and ‘the poor man’s Garry Sobers’

Queenslanders saw one of their own in the first and only Indian Test player to play in the Sheffield Shield Patrick Skene Indian Test cricketer Rusi Surti plays a classic cover drive. ‘To see him perform in the middle was like sipping champagne and he gave endless pleasure to fans,’ says Kersi Meher-Homji. Photograph: Percy Surti Fifty-three years ago, the second Indian Test team to tour Australia arrived, turning the wheel of history and sowing the seeds of the respect Virat Kohli’s modern-da...
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Innovations To Meet a Customer's Needs: To Please Us and Spoil

Inspired by the latest review of my dear colleague Mat, who shared with us his impression of the newest creation from Mary Kay I wanted to wrap up my latest thoughts and share my views of the newest launches (which are a bit different than years before.) The brands that are well known for their affordable prices started to create and launch more interesting things, expanding their vision to m... Read full article: Innovations To Meet a Customer's Needs: To Please Us and Spoil from Fragrantica ...
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Kamalrukh Khan: Anti-conversion law should be nationalised

Wife of late Wajid Khan writes on her sufferings in an inter-faith marriage, says anti-conversion law should be nationalised Months after music composer Wajid Khan of the Sajid-Wajid fame passed away due to coronavirus related complications, his wife Kamalrukh Khan has taken to social media to share her first-hand account of life in an inter-faith marriage. In a lengthy post on Instagram captioned “Live and let live should be the only religion we all practice”, Kamalrukh revealed how her resis...
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Artistique Parfumiers Avon: Oud Grandeur Avon

In the summer of 2020, Avon launched its first niche perfume collection: Artistique Parfumiers. The collection includes three fragrances created by renowned perfumers Maurice Roucel, Emilie Coppermann and Alexandra Carlin, with each perfumer creating a fragrance on a theme for which they are famous - magnolia, iris and patchouli. Avon has previously ordered fragrances created by eminent perfum... Read full article: Artistique Parfumiers Avon: Oud Grandeur Avon from Fragrantica Perfumes and Col...
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Fendi’s magic touch: the woman behind the world’s most famous handbag

Artisans from every corner of Italy are putting their spin on Fendi’s iconic Baguette bag. Its designer, Silvia Venturini Fendi, explains whyLast year, Silvia Venturini Fendi was on holiday with her girlfriends in Palermo when she came across a small bottega run by a middle-aged artisan and his father. Enchanted by the beautiful handmade homewares on display, she spent all morning in the store-meets-workshop buying up pieces for her Roman home. A passionate preserver of Italian artisanship, she ...
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Ex-Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has died at 46. Here's how the iconic entrepreneur went from selling pizzas from his Harvard dorm to leading the shoe company he sold to Amazon for $1.2 billion

FilmMagic/Getty Images Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has died at the age of 46.  Hsieh, a Harvard grad, went from selling pizza out of his dorm room to establishing himself as an eccentric and well-liked entrepreneur.  In his first year at the company, Zappos went from almost nothing in sales to $1.6 million.  Hsieh moved Zappos headquarters to Las Vegas, Nevada, and began an initiative to make the city another Silicon Valley. He announced in August he was retiring after more than 20 years at the...
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Leap of faith for historic home in France

To renovate her parents’ home, one French designer insisted they throw everything out and start from scratchAfter graduating from architecture school, Marine Bonnefoy decided it was time to get her hands dirty. “My studies were very intellectually oriented and had no link to actual construction,” she recalls. “By the end of them, I hadn’t even been taught what holds a wall up.” To find out, she decided to spend a year working for a building firm. “I demolished facades with a pneumatic drill, lea...
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7 powerful qualities introverts have that can get them noticed at work

Introverts are a great asset on a team. Mayur Kakade/Getty Images Jane Finkle has 25 years of experience as a career coach for universities and has run her own career  counseling firm since 2002. Introverts can sometimes feel overlooked in today's fast-paced virtual workplace, as they are less likely to speak up or want to stand out.  However, their shy and reserved nature can make them a great asset to balance their extroverted coworkers. Introverts excel at staying focused, offering empa...
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When Friends Turn Nutter

What do you do when friends of yours turn nutter on you, such as when they descend into conspiracy theories, Trumpism, etc? If they’ve otherwise been good friends, it can be distressing to watch them go down such a dark path. You may wonder if something happened to their brains, like a buildup of toxicity that made them turn. You may wonder if you could have done something to prevent their excursion into anti-truth. You may wonder how on earth they could be so ridiculously deluded. You may...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: If You Can’t be with the Church You Love, Love the Church You’re With As your church leaders make difficult decisions, oftentimes landing on solutions you don’t necessarily agree with, how should a mature Christian process the disappointment? My Threshold for Civil Disobedience in a COVID19 World I believe that we would be justified in disobeying the government’s protocols with respect to COVID19 in the following circumstances. Is Civil Diso...
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'It stretches the limits of performance': the race to make the world's fastest running shoe

With its supercharged sole, the Nike Vaporfly bounced on to the winner’s platform at nearly every major marathon last year, smashing world records. Can its rivals keep up? Natasha Cockram never really cared about shoes. When the Welsh runner entered her first marathon in 2017, she wore a pair of two-year-old Nike racing flats that cost her £15 at an outlet store. And she was a talented athlete: a former junior cross country and middle distance champion, she had won an athletics scholarship to th...
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Jonny Bairstow proves he should open and also bat at four

Our rule with white ball cricket is that if you’re bearing down on a World Cup, you pay attention to that particular format, and then immediately stop paying attention afterwards. The competition currently known as the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is due to take place in October 2021. Being as the following edition is due to take place 12 months after that, it’s very much shortest format time. 50-over cricket isn’t really going to start seeming relevant again for quite some time. We should pr...
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Blind date: ‘I thought she looked like Emma Watson’

Kate, 25, whisky marketing associate, meets Maz, 24, charity workerWhat were you hoping for?A lovely evening, or a funny anecdote. Continue reading...
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Vitamins, Oprah, and the Importance of Taking Action Right Away

In this article Harrison discusses why it is important to take action right away. For most people it is much more fun and interesting to sit around and dream and think about how they are going to... By Harrison Barnes
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I Shouldn’t Be This In Love with a Skincare Fridge But I Am

I do not need a skincare fridge! I have a mini fridge installed in our bathroom and I don’t need to go around buying mini fridges but oh my god I’m in love with this Luxe Skin Care Fridge! It’s a bit expensive compared to other mini fridges but on sale at for $112! It’s built so nicely with a little drawer, two shelves, and a standup area for larger bottles. Ugh! These Black Friday deals are killing me! If you’re shopping mini fridges this looks cute! Free Shipping and returns ap...
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New collection by Avon – Studio 1886: Gilded, XXI, Techtopian

As Avon's website states, 34 years before women won the right to vote, in 1886, David H. McConnell started Avon based on the revolutionary concept that women could earn an independent income, run their own business, and contribute to their community. This year, in order to mark the birth year of the company, Avon has launched three fragrances, united as the Studio 1886 collection: Gilded, XXI, an... Read full article: New collection by Avon – Studio 1886: Gilded, XXI, Techtopian from Fragrantic...
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