Mesmerizing Paipan Goddess Not Afraid to Get Naked

Another shapely goddess is possibly addicted to the act of taking off her clothes to an audience as her erotic escapades have been captured in photo form, depicting her wearing all sorts of bras and old fashion trends that will leave men entranced. More goddesses.
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How CBD Oil Is Related To Cannabis

Much verbiage accompanies the cannabis community to the point it leaves newbies confused and potential users hesitant. Each label under the umbrella of “cannabis” denotes a unique individual component complete with its own implications.  These include the hemp species, marijuana, and the cannabinoids of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The questions are countless with concerns that CBD can potentially lead to intoxication, as is the case with THC and assumptions that be...
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Sunday Firesides: Yours Sincerely

Over his lifetime, Winston Churchill penned a voluminous amount of correspondence, and commonly signed these missives with “Yours Sincerely.” But committed to always saying what he meant, and meaning what he said, he would never use this closing in a letter unless he could assent to every word he had written (and rarely wrote a word to which he couldn’t).   Sincerity represents a strict correspondence between an individual’s professions and their actual feelings and beliefs. Sincere communic...
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How To Toilet Train Your Puppy

One of the memories you’ll probably forever cherish is when you first brought your puppy home. It’s a life-changing experience as you welcome your new, little, furry family member home. Life changes, and there are a lot of changes to adjust to. As it grows, you’ll have to train it for many things, including toilet training. Puppies require training because they pee a lot. You don’t want to always clean after its mess, so it’s better to toilet train your puppy as soon as possible. How...
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What CBD Oil Can Do For Your Anxious Pets

You probably think that your dogs, cats and any other pets that you might have don’t have a care in the world. Their life is full of playful and joyful moments and all they need to do is eat, play, sleep and repeat. What a life to lead, huh? If that’s the case, though, then why are more and more cats and dogs exhibiting signs of anxiety? Check out those signs. That information piece must have come as surprise to all of those people who genuinely believed that their pets never worry abou...
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To Leave And Stay.

You left me. But you stayed in me. What’s meant to be. May not always be. Your soul walked away. Tearing us both apart. But.. Hold on! Did you forget? Taking back your heart. Love couldn’t live. Wouldn’t die too.
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Of you, for life.

Across the worlds, And the oceans, Will cross them all, To find some moments, So you I can hold, So you I can breathe. To have you around, And keep you warm. What's in moments, You have me for life. How would I fear, If you be my wife. To never leave, To never hate, Why? Because, you You are my fate. You stitched me back, When I was broke, Showed me life, Gave me hope, And, Love. ...
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Of dying hopes, a fading voice and love forever.

She never left staring outside the window since the last two days. In spite of the world tried to convince how impossible it was, she felt content and hopes of finding those precious memories she seem to have now lost. May be she will hear the thunderous sound of his bike once more which would freeze right outside her house and she could reach out to the door to hug him again. Time froze in those moments Earth used to skip a spin Her thoughts used to fade ...
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About dreams kissing reality..

When dreams kissed reality, sunshine touched clouds, winds whispered rains.. That holding you tight, and losing my fingers, sanity, in your curls and in the depth of your eyes.. Of wicked temptations, careless whispers, exploring curves.. To stumble through your lips until I kiss you deep, where I'll rest my soul. To sing a note soft, gentle, in the golden husk of dawn. Because you I remember, lik...
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Forbidden, love.

Loving secretly, Known just as friends, If they know, It’d be forced to end. Her warm and soft lips, The natural softest pink, Joined with mine for a kiss, Our souls become a link. I smile at her, And she back at me, What else could we do, If someone were to see. She’s the only star, Who is in my sight, May be far, But she’ll always be light. Our love...
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Look for your answers in my breaths.

Look, I don’t know. And I’m hanging up now, have a long day tomorrow.            Okay, but talk for a minute? Puh-leeeez, Sahil. Pleassse!? Yes, Riddhi. What?            Do you love me? Are you serious, it’s 4 in the morning!!?             Sahil, that doesn’t answer my question. I love you, a lot. Why did you ask, is it all fine?           Hmm.. Was just trying to understand, why? What? What, why?           Wh...
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I will be your home.

I will you be your home Your life’s certainty. Will lift you away From the harsh realities of this world. Warm you softly  With the softest brush Of our lips. Will be your shelter From your own tears, From your own fears. Will be the one you can take for granted. I’ll wrap you within me And make your life like your dreams. Will hide you off To the place we can call our world.  Will be your happines...
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I Know Where To Find You..

“You know Sahil.. I really like your smile.” “Hmm.. So why won’t you let it stay?” “Why on earth would do that!? “If you want me to smile, you should never be sad too, Ayesha..” “really though crying isn’t sad, it’s beautiful..” “..each tear like unspoken thought..” “..the ones that you can feel, through your skin..” “ crying isn’t really sad, it’s beautiful, yes..?” “Hmm.. you know I have a secret wish..” “tell me?” “After I die, I wish to becom...
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To love and live happily after, ever.

"Let’s just go away, somewhere?"                "From where?" "From here, to anywhere"                "Yes, we may. But.... Tell me where do we go?" "Does that really as long as we’re together?"                "It does, really!" "No, it doesn't. We must take one step at a time and then one more and another and see where we reach."                "Okay. But.. what if we find ourselves reaching a place worse?"  "Then we walk, again. Not so har...
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“She is as beautiful as is love expressed in whispers, radiant yet still, silvery dust of the moonlight, misty leaves on the river’s bed. Always in my sight, I stand, always close behind. She can’t hide, while playing in my mind. All! That I wanted, All! That I needed, All! That I loved to love, The air that I breathe! A pain that I feel, She thought unreal, stays ...
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Intoxicating Love.

My lips against hers,     Those soul engulfing silent whispers. Slipping my tongue through hers,     Burning passions fuelled our desires. Stared deep into her oceanic eyes,      To find dreams similar to mine. Sliding my hands against her thighs,       Kisses and the deep sighs. Enamored by the softness of her lips,       How I wish it would never ended. For within me I held the one,       Lady I loved.        Who makes my heart rush with,...
Tags: Romance, Life, Love, Poem, Relationship, Wish, Mirage

You. And. Me.

The brush of cheeks. Blush. The careless beats of another’s heart. Smile. The slipping of fingers on her back. Shiver. The sharing of dark secrets and childish stories. Laugh. The pain of all hidden lies.  Tears. The look on her face, while she sleeps. Sigh. The rhythm of your name in her voice. Song. The caring warmth of being held tight. Affection. The fights for the TV’s ...
Tags: Romance, Life, Love, Relationship, Conversation, Silence, Wish

Of flirting with hopes..

We held breaths for too long,  Might not even live further. To meet, finally. Holding the burnt thread of hope. Let’s hug and burn,  Kiss and be turned into ashes.  We set each other on fire,  Feed each other’s thirst too. It’s us, I know. It's there, I know. Our eyes speak. Let’s answer each other’s questions; Not in words, But in feelings. Forever in turmoil, Together, Yet each other’s serenity of calm. Li...
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To set on fire, her frozen lips.

To set on fire her frozen lips, So she can feel her lost bliss. To kill her past, Holding her as prisoner in dead memories. To free her soul, Of the apprehensions and decisions. To find tears in her eyes, Like finding an ocean in the desert. To breathe colour into her skin, Of frozen blood and sin. To make her mine, Hers, and mine. To set on fire her frozen lips, So she can feel her lost bliss.
Tags: Life, Love, Poem, Wish, Prose, SHE

That winter.

December It was the first snow of the season. She woke up in his arms, while he whiskered away her hair out of her eyes and smiled. She questioned in a sleepy voice, “Smiling, why?' He answered, “I think I have a new year’s resolution already!” “Really? Tell me, wha..” she couldn’t finish her question before he answered, “I'll not break anything anymore.” And in that very moment, he kissed her, “Promise, beautiful I won't leave you broken again.” That kiss and the promise m...
Tags: Winter, Life, Love, Moving On, Belief, Story, Conversation

Falling star, fragile wishes.

Sometimes nothing works out.. Sometimes I looked for the sun but it was too clouded. Sometimes I needed rains, For the sun was burning me alive. And so it did and now I’m caught in flames. Sometimes I walk to the end of the world but when I've one foot left on the edge my feelings pull me back remember that I was loved. Often, there was no love.  No one to hold, and nothing left to felt within your soul. Sometimes nothing ...
Tags: Life, Love, Poem, Belief, Relationship, Reality love with your heart.

Rehan’s arms snaked their way around her waist, his nose nuzzling her ear when Ria was lost in her own world looking at the setting sun out her window with a well-kept sadness in the depths of her eyes. Her heart echoed reoccurring thought, one that would just throw her for a tail spin into a slight depression. Would she be as loved and cared for when she wouldn't as young and attractive anymore? “Ria was quite sure how their togetherness would short-live, in his wishes; within a bli...
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About romance and her eyes.

He: “So you think romance is about gowns, suits, and ties..?”               She: “Yes. And also about ballroom dancing, kissing in the rain, and holding hands in the park..” “Yes, may be. But you know what I think..”                “What?” “You! Your eyes, when you wake up from a peaceful slumber, like a work of art..”                “Umm..” “Without any make-up, disheveled hair, when you look just you..”                “But, you know..” ...
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Promises, broken for love.

She: You know we can try and make this work.              He: I guess, we can. She: But you need to assure me of certain things? Can you promise?              He: Like? She: Like, give me a promise me that you’ll never leave the hand soap box empty.  You’ve to promise me when when you drop that cup of tea, instead of leaving it like that you will clean it up.               He: No, I won’t promise all that. But take my word for this I’ll never leave you hands an...
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More than words.

If I am talking to you, You don’t always have to talk. Not your advices, nor your consolations, If I am talking to you, I’ll just ask you to stay around. To let me know that you’re there, And will always be. Exhausted, most nights, I patiently wait for gentle hands, To hold me tight. If am talking to you, Assure me, that you understand. Tell me, tell me it’s okay to cry. Without saying a word, Make your presence felt,...
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Adobe Certification Exams for Photographers

Photographers have four Adobe certification exams in two different Adobe solutions from which to choose when seeking to document their professional expertise and product specific skills and knowledge. All of the available exams earn successful test takers an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification, allowing them to build their formal credentials and expand their area of validated expertise in their field. The first two exams offered specifically for photographers focus on the Adob...
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An Escape From Reality

Fireflies in her eyes, painted on the canvas of life. A beautiful lie, inviting sins on her velvety skin. To desire her, is to hold a flicker of light through a storm. For she is a dream held on with open eyes. An intangible tempest, holding war with the sunshine. A distant wish, to hold her once, like she is, just mine. Luscious, appealing, charming and not yet revealing. A flirtatious disaster, her images hold a fire burning. That light, radiance, sl...
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Eyes closed, As fingers trail down her neck, Tracing curves. Smell of her perfume, Whispering breaths, Dancing through midnight. Arms wrapped, Engraved in each other. Soft music, loud noises; Too crowded, Yet alone, Together. Staring into each other’s eyes, Digging souls. Secrets revealed. Our skins brushed, Lips at whispering distance, Hours passed by, ...
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Calls Unanswered. A Letter Unread.

27th July, 2010. 12:30 am She calls him for the first time. "Hi." ... *voice-mail* ... "You there?" ... "Say something?" ... "Please talk, when you can. Bye!" 12:45 am The 2nd time. "I know you’re there. Aren’t you?" ... "Listen, Arjun. Its very urgent!" ... ”Go to hell.” 12:52 am The 3rd time. “Sor...
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Let me touch you, for I miss my own life.

Let me hold you. Let me read out loud your heart's wishes, from the tears of your eyes. Let me feel your warmth, this cold burns me. Let me touch you and calm the burning storm, a volcano of emotions. Let me hear your heart, how it whispers my name. Let me read your bright loving eyes, to forget how ugly this world looks like. Let me know, if your soul craves for mine. Let me go deep in you, I think you think of me too. Let me stop missing you, for the breeze ke...
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