Best Retinol Eye Creams

There is no such a thing as a miracle, but when it comes to skincare, one product come close- retinol. This vitamin A derivative is considered the gold standard of anti-aging products and works in multiple ways. Retinol boosts collagen production, which helps to plump up the skin and make it look...
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Turtles, sexing it up

There they go, reproducing. Look at 'em go. Sea turtles doin' it in the waters off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
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Tyger Tyger: The New Perfume By Francesca Bianchi

Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? On November 20, 2020, a humble Facebook post by perfumer Francesca Bianchi brought back to life a poem by William Blake, first published in 1794 — and announced her new eponymous perfume. Oh no, of course, she was not the first perfumer to recall these (most anthological) li... Read full article: Tyger Tyger: The New Perfume By Francesca Bianchi from Fragrantica Perfumes and...
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Best Firming Creams and Skin-Tightening Creams 2020

It’s a fact of life that skin changes as we age. Wrinkles, dark spots, sagging, deep creases, fine lines, loss of moisture — all of these are unwelcome skin changes that we try to do battle against with a multitude of anti-aging products that fill our bathroom counters. While many of us can be...
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Drunk Elephant Review

Some brands have a runaway hit product, the one that beauty editors and real people talk about in breathless tones. These products are described as being “holy grails” and “life changers.” Drunk Elephant is unusual for having more than one cult favorite product. Some of their super star items...
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Home for the holidays? Ring in the season with cozy style

The party-hopping circuit might not be happening this season but that's not a reason to give up on festive fashion.
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Skinceuticals Reviews

There are certain brands that are always associated with one hit product. Estée Lauder has its Advanced Night Repair, and Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is a cult favorite along with CeraVe’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion along with that other drugstore staple, Aquaphor. For SkinCeuticals, their...
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The Season of Giving: Scented Candles for the Holidays

The year 2020, largely punctuated by periods of confinement, was more than conducive to cocooning. And what's better for cocooning then to let yourself be lulled by the refined aromas of a scented candle. Because the Holidays are approaching, we have concocted a selection of pretty room scents to please your loved ones (yes, you can love yourself as well!) and give a little sparkle to these end-of... Read full article: The Season of Giving: Scented Candles for the Holidays from Fragrantica Perf...
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How To Help Your Child Cope With Car Accident Trauma

An estimated 1.35 million people lose their lives in road crashes every year. An additional 20 to 50 million individuals experience non-fatal injuries that result in long-term disabilities, according to ASIRT. On 3rd December, two teenagers were ejected from their car following a road accident. The teens, identified as Skylor Brown and Garret Haddon, are aged 18 and 17 years. Family members say the two were traveling to view Christmas lights when the crash occurred before 10 pm at Mickler ...
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Startling Over for Success in the New Year

As we begin a new year, it’s time for a fresh start. BIGG goal-getters don’t think about starting over; they focus on startling over for BIGG success. On The BIGG Success Show, we discussed how to surprise yourself and others for BIGG success in the New Year. Here’s a summary of that discussion. Here we […] The post Startling Over for Success in the New Year appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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How To Improve The Look & Comfort Of Your Home

Your home is a significant investment and meaningful to you so it makes sense you want it to be attractive. If you haven’t paid much attention to it lately then it may be time to revisit a few home improvement ideas so you can get it looking better and feeling more comfortable. Use the following tips as a starting point to help get you off on the right foot to make your home look more expensive. These updates will make a big impact on how you view and feel about your home. You’ll enjoy ...
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L'Artisan Parfumeur Passage d'Enfer Extrême

The perfume made by Olivia Giacobetti for L'Artisan Parfumeur, Passage d'Enfer, is one of the modern classics with its unisex composition of incense, woods – such as cedar – and lily. The fragrance was named after the Paris address where the L'Artisan Parfumeur boutique was originally located in the 1970s, which in French means "Gate of Hell." Passage d'Enfer is a subtle elixir based o... Read full article: L'Artisan Parfumeur Passage d'Enfer Extrême from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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Happy happy, joy joy: The Midwest tops list of the US’s happiest states

On the other end, West Virginia, Nevada, California, Mississippi and Kentucky ranked as the unhappiest states, according to a new survey by homeselling platform iSoldMyHouse.
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Thriving Without a God

In your favorite models of reality, do you include a god or gods? Have you tested models and frames that are god-free to see how well they work for you? I grew up learning models of reality that include a god, in that case a Christian version of one. Later I went atheist, and I enjoyed the godless style of living – perhaps a little too much. It was way more fun, but it took me a few years to find my footing with it. After that I explored some New Age models that included angels, spirit gui...
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50% Off Benefit Blushes and Bronzers Today Only

Head on over to today and snag any of your favorite blushers or bronzers at 50% Off ($15 each). Enjoy! Where to buy Benefit You may also enjoy... Physicians Formula #InstaReady Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Review & SwatchesStila Precious Pearl Palette Review, Swatches, Photos, and FOTDRevlon Custom Eyes Mascara Review, Photos Rimmel Magnif’Eyes Eyeshadow and Kohl Liner Review & Swatches The post 50% Off Benefit Blushes and Bronzers Today Only appeared first on Musings...
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Candice Bergen and Marshall Rose list Hamptons home for $18M

Famed architect Jaquelin T. Robertson designed the home for Rose, a real estate developer, and his first wife, Jill, in the 1980s.
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Get Inside the Head of a New York City Christmas Tree: A Gonzo Short Film from Artist Nina Katchadourian

For every year this Christmas tree Brings to us such joy and glee O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree Such pleasure do you bring me… All over New York City, tree stands are springing up like mushrooms. Unlike the fanciful windows lining 5th avenue, the Union Square holiday market, or Rockefeller Center’s tree and skating rink, this seasonal pleasure requires no special trip, no threat of crowds. You could battle traffic, and lose half a day, dragging the kids to a cut-your-own farm on Long I...
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To Cure Anosmia: Smelling Training by Urban Scents Making It A Habit

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, attention to anosmia and other olfactory disorders has increased dramatically. Loss of smell and taste, as one of the significant symptoms of coronavirus infection, received widespread press coverage. However, up to  now, no one has explained how the sense of smell is restored after an illness. They usually say it will return, sooner or later. I myself l... Read full article: To Cure Anosmia: Smelling Training by Urban Scents Making It A Habit from Fra...
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Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum Nectar

La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum Nectar will appear on the market at the beginning of January 2021 as the new "little black dress" of the Guerlain collection, a flanker of the original La Petite Robe Noire from 2012. The new variant promises an optimistic, mischevious, and seductive "little black dress," a symbol of a modern Parisian fashonista. Eau de Parfum Nectar is a limited edition t... Read full article: Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum Nectar from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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Words of the year 2020: Fritinancy edition

 COVID, COVID, COVID, impeachment, COVID. Just kidding. Sort of. Yes, 2020 was the year in which Donald J. Trump was impeached by the US Senate. It was also the year in which he was soundly defeated at the polls by Joe Biden, although as of this writing his legal shenanigans and email grifting continue unabated, as I expect they will until Biden is sworn in on January 20, 2021. But the impeachment took place in January and February, and in March everything changed thanks to the SARS-CoV-...
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Hauptsache nicht 08/15: Hier sind 12 großartige Geschenkideen zu Weihnachten

Weihnachten naht und damit auch der Druck, das passende Geschenk für die Liebsten zu finden – vor allem, weil es dieses doch etwas finstere Jahr vielleicht ein bisschen erhellen könnte! Damit das auch klappt, habe ich einige Geheimtipps, damit dieses Jahr auch etwas kreativere Geschenke unterm Baum landen (und am besten keines der Top 12 der miesesten Weihnachtsgeschenke).Klar wäre es leichter, einfach irgendwas zu besorgen – vor allem, da die Suche nach Last-Minute-Geschenken 2020 durch Corona...
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The best 2020 holiday gifts for every kind of agent

This year, step away from clichés with a personalized hometown puzzle, a sanitizing phone charger or online design class, all befitting the theme for the mess of a year that was 2020.
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L.A.’s Holidays at Home: Where to Order Christmas Dinners, Gifts and More

In this holiday season like no other, small family dinners are taking the place of lavish parties and festive restaurant meals. But celebrating can still be delicious, with restaurants offering creative dinner kits, dessert samplers and more ways to celebrate. Supporting local restaurants is more important than ever right now, as many are struggling without […]
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'I lost all sense of perspective!' The broadcaster whose dogs became superstars

Millions of frustrated sports fans began following Andrew Cotter’s ultra-competitive labradors Olive and Mabel in the first lockdown. Has it changed the trio’s lives?Did anyone convey the topsy-turvy world of pandemic life better than two ultra-competitive labradors? When the first lockdown was announced back in March and sports events were cancelled across the country, the Scottish commentator Andrew Cotter found himself staring at a grim year ahead. And so he decided to simply continue comment...
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Podcast #669: A Change IS a Rest

One of my favorite sayings is that “a change is as good as a rest.” It captures an idea I’ve found true in my own life, that doing something different, even if it takes effort, is just as rejuvenating, and in fact more so, than doing nothing. Well, my guest today would tweak this maxim slightly to say that a change IS a rest. His name is Alex Soojung Kim-Pang, and he’s a writer, consultant, and academic, as well as the author of Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less. We begin our con...
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The 25 best large companies for women in 2020, according to female employees

Facebook is one of the best large companies for women, according to Comparably's new ranking. Courtesy of Comparably Career site Comparably just published its annual ranking of the best companies for women. The ranking is based on ratings from female employee over a 12-month period. HubSpot, which makes a marketing and sales platform for businesses, ranked at the top of the large company list.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. HubSpot is the best large company for wo...
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The 25 best small and midsize companies for women in 2020, according to female employees

Pendo is the best small or midsize company for women, according to Comparably's new ranking. Courtesy of Comparably Career site Comparably shared its fourth annual ranking of the best companies for women. The ranking is based on ratings from female employees over a 12-month period. Pendo, a software-as-a-service company, was named the best small or midsize place for women to work for.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. One career site found out which companies are hig...
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7 Ways to Motivate Your Kids (Without Paying Them!)

Teaching kids to develop intrinsic motivation can be difficult. Many people resort to paying for effort and performance, but it’s not pleasant to be treated like a universal vending machine where kids put in a completed task and you spit out money. And once they hit the teen years, this connection between money and household tasks can easily get out of control. That’s unless your teens have learned the value of pitching in without getting paid by then. So what’s a parent to do? Here are a few i...
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Schönheits-OPs: Das sind die gefragtesten Trends 2020

PARIS, FRANCE – OCTOBER 06: A Maria Decremps wears a black face mask, earrings, a gray oversized blazer jacket, a gray wool pullover, cropped pants, snake pattern printed pointy shoes, a bag, outside Louis Vuitton, during Paris Fashion Week – Womenswear Spring Summer 2021, on October 06, 2020 in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images) Das Jahr 2020 ist wie eine riesige Fallstudie zum menschlichen Verhalten während einer Pandemie: Die Einführung grundlegender Sicherheitsmaß...
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Wordless Wednesday

Visit to read the rest of this article.
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