Mask and makeup combos perfect for NYE, outdoor parties

Holiday celebrations look different this year, but if you're going to gather outside, you might as well jazz up your look from the neck up.
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Did You Know THIS is the Number 1 Shampoo in the World?

I have purchased every kind of shampoo on the market, from dollar store up to $140 a bottle shampoo. In fact, this year I purchased a shampoo/conditioner from a major brand that cost me $280 for the set. I really had to know if it would turn my hair into some sort of silken goddess... Read More » The post Did You Know THIS is the Number 1 Shampoo in the World? appeared first on .
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Walking Beastie Boys Lyric Sues Parents For Tossing Out $30K Of Porn

And you thought your family was f***ed up!
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28 companies that give back all year long - not just around the holidays

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Cotopaxi is a B Corp that puts 1% of its yearly revenue toward grants to nonprofits making sustainable changes in poverty alleviation. Cotopaxi/Instagram Giving back is woven into the business and operations of these 27 companies. If you shop from the following style, skincare, home, food, and pet brands, you're also participating in charitable initiatives that range from animal welfare to ocean pla...
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FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorite Perfumes of 2020

Perfumes preserve memories, they entertain, reassure, console, and sometimes fulfill a cherished desire - it is the holiday season after all! Mat YudovWriter editor of and THE BEST Laboratorio Olfattivo Mandarino It seems to me that this fragrance was given to us from above as compensation for all the troubles of the ending year. I've been looking for an ide... Read full article: FRAGRANTICA Editors' Favorite Perfumes of 2020 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Co...
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How to Finger Someone

Fingering is one of the best ways to pleasure a female-bodied person. It allows you to give them really targeted, focused stimulation, and can be one of the best ways to help her have an orgasm. Compared to oral sex or intercourse, it’s also relatively non-taxing for the giver. Here’s what you need to know to finger…Read more...
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Silent night: 'In our family carols are a ritual celebration – this year the music stopped'

For Sian Prior, 2020 feels like the year the carols nearly died. But perhaps there are new ways to keep the song aliveThe purists would say I shouldn’t sing Christmas carols. Heathens have no right to be warbling about mangers, angels and holy nights. Strictly speaking, those tunes belong to the faithful, not to atheists like me. But on Christmas Day you will usually find me hovering beside the piano, waiting impatiently for the carolling to begin.My mother will play the accompaniment, my sister...
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Can You Trust a Life of Fun?

During my late teens, each time I got caught shoplifting and had to deal with the consequences, my mind would dwell on what I could have done differently. I went over and over different actions I could have taken to avoid the arrest. This helped me get better at shoplifting. Each arrest or near-arrest made me refine my techniques. I learned to shoplift more valuable items and at lower risk. I started out stealing candy bars and cassette tapes. Several months later I was stealing video game...
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Best in Show: Private Line by a Designer House

Something private is a secret, it's exclusive. It is often tantalizing because it is (or was) kept hidden from us. And everybody loves secrets. Wouldn't you like to be part of something that is private? When discussing perfume houses and their private lines, we're often talking about fragrances that are made and presented under special conditions and circumstances. They're not part of the usua... Read full article: Best in Show: Private Line by a Designer House from Fragrantica Perfumes and...
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Sephora Hello! Beauty Sets On Sale with Free Shipping + 15% Off Vouchers

There are three Sephora Hello Beauty Sets available now with free shipping (use code FREESHIP) for $8 each! Sephora Favorites Hello! Haul-Star Heros $8 Includes: Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara 0.06 oz MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder 0.035 oz REN Clean Skincare AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum 1.7 oz Caudalie Vinopure Pore Purifying Gel Cleanser 1 oz OUAI Hair Oil 0.33 oz Versace Bright Crystal 0.33 oz Voucher for 15% off the full-size versions of everything above to use in a fut...
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If You’re Doing a Sephora Order You Can Try Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops Free

If you’re doing a order shortly you can grab up a sample of the new Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops with code GLOWDROPS. Enjoy! Where to buy Sephora You may also enjoy... New Makeup and Beauty Picks Available Now at SephoraThe Holiday Makeup Advent Calendar Road So FarFresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner ReviewCVS Makeup Sale/Extra Bonus Bucks/20% Off The post If You’re Doing a Sephora Order You Can Try Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drop...
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Maison Margiela REPLICA Lazy Sunday Morning Lunar New Year Limited Edition

Maison Margiela's fragrance Lazy Sunday Morning, from the Replica line (abbreviated from "Reproduction of Familiar Scents and Moments of Varying Locations and Periods") that captures memories and moments hidden in our memories, was created by Louise Turner in 2013 with the scent of soft skin and clean cotton sheets in mind. The location for inspiration is Florence, and the period is 2003. To c... Read full article: Maison Margiela REPLICA Lazy Sunday Morning Lunar New Year Limited Edition fr...
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Beautyworld Middle East Awards 2020: The Winners

  This year, Beautyworld Middle East organized their Awards for the very first time in Dubai. Due to the situation with Covid-19 and the global pandemic, the organizers decided to announce the nominees and winners in a virtual edition, while the exhibition is postponed to next year. The Beautyworld Middle East Awards were held in a three days program, celebrating the best from the beauty in... Read full article: Beautyworld Middle East Awards 2020: The Winners from Fragrantica Perfumes and Col...
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How to 'Control+Alt+Delete' on a Mac computer, and force quit unresponsive apps

If your Mac isn't working right, try force quitting programs. YouTube/Screenshot/Business Insider If you want force an app or program to quit on your Mac, you can use a similar keyboard shortcut to PC's Control+Alt+Delete. Force quitting a program will sacrifice any unsaved changes, so do it with care. In addition to the keyboard shortcut, there are two other ways to force quit a troublesome program.  Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Sometimes in life,...
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Electric shock male chastity device for you

Want a nice constricting plastic apparatus on your nether regions giving you electric shocks? Well, this male chastity bird cage device might be what you or your loved ones are looking for. Though it's not quite a male chastity belt, many consumers remark about the snug fit this product offers. — Read the rest
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Cyberpunk 2077: how 2020's biggest video game launch turned into a shambles

Starring Keanu Reeves and hyped to the heavens, Projekt Red’s dystopian but glitchy romp has been pulled from sale. What went wrong? Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most-anticipated video games of the year was released last week. A dystopian romp around a Blade Runner-inspired city, it had all the ingredients for a perfect storm of hype: it’s been nearly a decade in the making; its creator, Warsaw’s CD Projekt Red, was behind one of the greatest games of the last decade (The Witcher 3 – think Game of...
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We are honored to make Feedspot’s Top 100 Career Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020! This is a solid list of excellent career resources. Click here to see’s blog on Feedspot. Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM), Internationally Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), Certified Master Career Director (MCD) and Certified International […] The post is Named a Top 100 Career Website! first appeared on https://mar...
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‘My parents told people I had been in a car crash’: readers’ office Christmas party disasters

Most workplace festivities will be virtual this year – but, on the evidence of this lot, maybe that’s not such a bad thingWe were a party of about 15 in All Bar One, which was filled with other office parties. It was a sit-down Christmas dinner and, after the main course and cracker pulling, I wiped my mouth with a large cloth napkin and accidentally put it down on a lit tealight. It caught on fire immediately – there were flames and smoke and the waiter was hitting it with a cloth and throwing ...
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Does Color OOPS Work? I Color Stripped My Hair- Here’s What Happened.

Does Color OOPS work? My experience with OOPS hair color remover and how I took my hair in 20 minutes from this colour to that hair colour. So I have been dying my hair for oh, about 23 years, and along the way a LOT of accidents have happened. Like the time I dyed it... Read More » The post Does Color OOPS Work? I Color Stripped My Hair- Here’s What Happened. appeared first on .
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Während Corona habe ich mehr echte Freundschaften geschlossen als je zuvor

Ich muss ein Geständnis ablegen: Als Freundin habe ich dieses Jahr wahrlich nicht besonders brilliert. Im Frühjahr, als alle Zoom-Partys feierten, um mit der Einsamkeit im Lockdown zurechtzukommen, vergrub ich mich in meiner Arbeit. Ich versuchte das stetig wachsende ungute Gefühl in meinem Bauch, das mir keine Ruhe mehr gab, zu verdrängen. Die Pandemie hatte die Aufmerksamkeit aller auf eine unbequeme Wahrheit gelenkt: Obwohl es noch nie einfach war, Freundschaften zu pflegen, war es aber wohl ...
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My older brother makes me feel stupid and I can't laugh it off

It might be worth looking at why it’s so easy for him to make you feel like an idiot, says Annalisa BarbieriI am a 40-year-old woman who has been talked down to and patronised by my older brother my entire life. He often speaks to me as though he assumes I don’t understand simple things, and when I try to communicate to him that I do understand, he doesn’t seem to listen. I looked up to him when I was a child, so there’s this loud voice inside my head that says: “He’s speaking to you like you ar...
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'I had a surge of power': the Bristol woman whose statue replaced Edward Colston's

The image of Jen Reid raising her fist against racism went viral on social media, then inspired a sculpture by Marc Quinn. She’s still making a standOn 7 June, Black Lives Matter protesters in Bristol pulled down the statue of 17th-century slave trader Edward Colston in spectacular fashion. Among the jubilant crowd, which jumped on the statue and rolled it down the street before pushing it into Bristol harbour, was 50-year-old Jen Reid, attending her first protest.She walked towards the now empt...
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Great Deals on Beauty at Macy’s Today

Macy’s has a few great Deals of the Day available today on Tarte, It Cosmetics, and More! The Stila Ethereal Elements Beauty Boss Lip Gloss Set is back with free shipping! It’s $36 and includes six full-size lipglosses! Also, the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Set is on sale for $20. Other items on sale: Tarte Tartelette Party Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette $14 Tarte Micellar Magic Makeup Remover & Cleanser $12.60 Stila Bare It All Liquid Lipstick Set $21 Tarte Curl’s Best Friend Lash Curler Set ...
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3 Reasons Why Work/Life Balance Doesn’t Really Exist

I’m a work-at-home-mom with two kids under the age of four. I’ve been doing the freelancing-from-home gig since my eldest was two months old. And despite nearly four years of evidence to the contrary, I still wake up every single morning believing that today will be the day I cross off every item on my to-do list – from paid work to exercise to housekeeping to errands to childcare. And every evening, when I look sadly over the long list of things left undone, I shake my head and wonder if I’ll ...
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Amika The Kure Repair Shampoo Review

A quick review of a great shampoo – Amika The Kure Repair Shampoo.  I tried a whole bunch of new Amika products this year, and this was one that I really loved.  It’s moisturizing and not... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Beyond a 401k: Retirement Planning Services for Employees

Enrolling your employees in a 401(k) plan can be an effective way to keep them happy and engaged at work. However, it is important that your people understand what the account does and how to make the most of it. It is also a good idea to ensure that a worker understands that it is an asset that needs to be accounted for in his or her estate plan. Here are some ways you can help your employees with their retirement planning services that go beyond offering a 401(k). Your Company Should Have a ...
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20% Off at Ulta On These Brands

If you wanna do a curbside order at Ulta you can head over to today and use code BOPIS20 to get 20% Off the following brands today only for curbside pickup: Tarte It Cosmetics Lancome Clinique Too Faced Urban Decay Bare Minerals Kyle Cosmetics MAC Estee Lauder KVD Beauty NARS NYX Cosmetics Makeup Revolution Buxom Becca Cosmetics Philosophy Origins Derma E Living Proof CHI IGK Enjoy! Where to buy Ulta You may also enjoy... Real Techniques You Glow Girl For A Full Face Look K...
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San Pedro Fish Market Unveils 12 Days of Shrimp Dec 9 – 20! Win a World Famous Holiday Shrimp Tray Celebration Meal!

San Pedro Fish Market Unveils 12 Days of Shrimp Dec 9 – 20 Compete to Win a Holiday World Famous Shrimp Tray Celebration Meal       San Pedro Fish Market invites seafood lovers to make new memories with food and family this holiday season during 12 Days of Shrimp. From December 9 – 20, fans can enter the #SPFMContestEntry Instagram contest […] The post San Pedro Fish Market Unveils 12 Days of Shrimp Dec 9 – 20! Win a World Famous Holiday Shrimp Tray Celebration Meal! first appeared on LA-Story....
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Covid puts us in the weird position of missing the Christmas songs we hate | Emma Brockes

Living in New York, I’ve often yearned for Slade at this time of year. Now we’re all in the same boatAlong with a lot of other people in New York, we put up our Christmas tree early this year – the day after Thanksgiving, and three days before the end of November. It felt like a joyful gesture and a sensible move, given all the time we’d be spending at home. Besides which, we had nothing else to do. Continue reading...
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