Bioderma Has My Favourite Gentle Bodywash

Bioderma is the next new brand that’s breaking the Internet, and if you’ve been sleeping on this French pharmacy favourite, then now is the time to wake up and take a look at the... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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The ONLY After-Sun Lotion I Like

…you’ll want to pick this up if you’re going to spend any time in the sun, and I realize that might not be for a while, but maybe you’re going somewhere nice.  Maybe you... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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My Skincare Routine

…sooo with all the masks and moisturizers I’ve been featuring, I figured it’s time to share what I’m using all the time on a day to day basis.  I’ve said that my skin... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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I love perusing lists like this: partly because I want to see what’s actually good, but also because I want to see if anything overlaps with what I’m using. In this case, there are a few... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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DSH Perfumes of 2020 Part 2: Tea, Charcoal, Pine and Gum

In our first look at perfumes from DSH Perfumes of 2020, we examined the broad range of works from rooty irises to the paradoxes of Frida Kahlo's artistic output (and her very real life challenges.) In this second investigation, our eyes and noses turn to the contemplative work that has come from Dawn Spencer Hurwitz's studio this year, some of it as a direct reaction to the realities of working ... Read full article: DSH Perfumes of 2020 Part 2: Tea, Charcoal, Pine and Gum from Fragrantica Per...
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How we stay together: 'I believe in some sort of brain waves that connect'

Cecil and Stella Renfield met serving in the navy during the second world war, and after 75 years their adventurous spirit keeps them young Names: Cecil and Stella RenfieldYears together: 75Occupations: retiredIf you ask Cecil Renfield for the secret to an enduring relationship, he has a simple answer: “Single beds.” Continue reading...
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I organize one of the largest holiday celebrations in the US - here's how we've adapted to run successfully during the pandemic

A view of the 6,000 square foot ice skating rink at Christmas at the Princess. The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Teresa Thompson works as the onsite events expert at The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, a 5-star resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. She oversees the organization and execution of the "Christmas at the Princess" celebration that runs every year during the holiday season. This year, the event is running from November 20 through December 31. It features 5 million sparkling lights, a mass...
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"The Answer."

Meade directed my attention to William James Chidley (c.1860 – 21 December 1916) — "an Australian philosopher with unconventional theories on sex, diet and clothing" (Wikipedia): In 1911, Chidley published The Answer in Melbourne.... Chidley sold copies to curious passers-by on the footpath. In 1912, Chidley moved to Sydney, where he became a familiar bearded figure dressed in a Grecian-style tunic and sandals, giving public lectures and wandering the streets, carrying a bundle of his pamphlets....
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Three life-changing conversations: 'It made me understand I am not a dirty word’

We asked young black writers who entered our essay competition about key conversations in their lives. Queenie author Candice Carty-Williams introduces the top threeExplore the rest of the conversation special with gal-dem As a writer, my main concern is inviting the reader into a world that they might not otherwise know. And if it’s a world they do know, I want it to feel familiar to them. If there’s one thing I strive towards when it comes to writing, it’s legitimacy. And as a reader, I’m look...
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An overwhelming number of furloughed airline pilots are applying to fly private jets - here's what top aviation executives are looking when hiring

The pilot shortage that once plagued aviation is now gone thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. MyLoupe/Universal Images Group via Getty Images The aviation industry is experiencing a mass exodus of furloughed airline pilots trying to find work in private aviation. With only so many vacancies to fill, the pilot shortage is gone and replaced by a highly competitive job market. Business Insider spoke to three private aviation executives who revealed what they're looking for when they hire pilot...
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The internet's invisible hands: 11 experts explain how our digital world is fueling polarization

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images Tech companies built social media networks to connect us and search engines to give us better information about the world, yet Americans are becoming more divided than ever. The tech industry isn't entirely to blame for polarization, but there are influential economic, psychological, technological, and political forces that explain why it has played such a significant role. Business Insider asked 11 experts on everything from conspiracies to digital ethnogra...
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Sunday Firesides: You Are Religious

When asked if they are religious, many people today will say they’re not (often adding that they are, nevertheless, spiritual).  This distinctly modern refutation of religiosity makes use of a distinctly modern, and altogether too limited, definition of the word. Religion, as popularly understood today as an allegiance to certain beliefs, creeds, and institutions, did not come into English use until the 17th century. Anciently, the root of the word was used differently, and may have aris...
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One Browser Tab Only

It scares me when people tell me they have 10+ web browser tabs regularly open at the same time. For some it’s well into the dozens. This isn’t intelligent behavior; it will have a negative impact on your mental functioning if you make this a habit. How is it possible to have 10+ browser tabs open regularly and not have some part of you crying out to learn single-handling? You probably don’t even see how distracted your mind is while doing this. If you’ve been doing this long enough, it ma...
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Jamie Cullum: ‘I channel a lot of emotional intensity into my music'

The musician, 41, on what he owes Michael Parkinson, the joys of cultural freedom and why he’ll feel nervous when he’s finally able to perform againGrowing up in a very provincial village near Swindon, in Wiltshire, I struggled to articulate why my family was different. My parents were immigrants. They had it drilled into them to be as British as possible, live a very British life, observe the Britishness of their existence. I think they were culturally cauterised. A mixture of people came in an...
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Chicken pulao and an orange and piquillo pepper salad: Nik Sharma's Christmas recipes

The perfect combination: spicy chicken jewelled with cranberries and cashews, and a sharp fruity sideThe simplicity and elegance of pulaos combined with their ability to moonlight as a one-pot meal stole my heart long ago. Pulaos saved my mother and grandmother hours in the kitchen; they’d make a large pot and all that was needed was a salad or pickle on the side. I’m keeping that principle in mind with this winter-themed chicken pulao, jewelled with cranberries and cashews, alongside an orange ...
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Turkey or nut roast? Felicity Cloake's perfect Christmas dinner recipes | Felicity Cloake's How to make the perfect …

What’s your perfect Christmas? A big, bronzed turkey or a sage and stilton nut roast this year? Or both? And not forgetting all the classic festive sides. Our resident perfectionist shows you howWhile there are people who see Christmas time as an opportunity to try out new and exciting recipes, my family is not among them. We have roast turkey only once a year, which means it’s always a big, bronzed, buttery treat – why would we want to change? That said, I’m always tempted to make a sneaky nut ...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: My Top 10 Theology Stories of 2020 In any given year, the top three theology stories of 2020 would each claim #1. The Consensus Best Books of 2020 Over the past couple of weeks the blogs and sites I read have been humming with list after list of the top books of 2020. With that in mind, and based on perhaps 20 or 25 such lists, I analyzed them and narrowed it down to just a few books that received a lot of attention. See also Christianity To...
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Why India’s 36 all out was a one-dimensional effort in the field of collapses

If you’ve ever seen The Perfect Storm, you’ll know that quite a lot of things go wrong in it. The Perfect Storm is a film about fishing, starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and quite a few other people you know. At one point Wahlberg is bitten by a shark. A bit later John C Reilly is hooked and dragged into the sea. And then the bad weather arrives. The bad weather in The Perfect Storm is, as you’d imagine, quite a few steps beyond ‘persistent drizzle’. Clooney and his me...
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Jackie Kay meets Brit Bennett: ‘I can't write about the pandemic. No part of me wants to revisit this year’

The poet laureate of Scotland and the author of The Vanishing Half talk about featuring on ‘black reading lists’, the fear of wasting time and that tricky second novelRead the other conversations in this seriesDuring the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement this summer, books written by black authors were suddenly on everyone’s wishlists and timelines. They climbed to the top of the bestsellers charts and were picked up by avid anti-racists and clueless Instagram influencers alike. They...
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Lolly Adefope meets Munroe Bergdorf: ‘Cancel culture has been around for ever, we just haven’t called it that’

The comedian and the activist talk about the US election, racism and social mediaRead the other conversations in this seriesWhen comedian Lolly Adefope was asked to suggest people she’d like to speak to for this issue, Munroe Bergdorf was the first and only name on her wishlist. “I’ve long been inspired by her,” she said. Meanwhile, the activist and model has had a busy year. In June, Bergdorf joined L’Oréal’s UK diversity and inclusion advisory board, having been dropped as the brand’s first tr...
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Ex tenebris lux…   What are those "storyteller scents" you sometimes hear about. How do they do that? And who do they tell their stories to? How can that possibly be, since fragrances have no mouths? It is certainly not the scent that tells stories. The stories are told by - surprise, surprise - our mind. A scent is just a trigger or, even, a bullet that pierces your skull. Everything else is... Read full article: LUMIERE NOIRE FEMME by MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN: Otherworldly Deneuve from Fragr...
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How to Turn Your Ability into Cash

How to Turn Your Ability into Cash by Earl Prevette is an interesting book that revolves around methods on controlling your negative thoughts, making the most of your strengths and abilities, and... By Harrison Barnes
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‘I was running to adventure – and away from myself’ | Jami Attenberg

For 20 years, I was on the run across the US, but it’s only recently that I have realised what I was running from, writes the novelist Jami AttenbergIf I tell you I didn’t have a bed frame until I was 44 years old, can we all pretend I was a minimalist and not some odd bird flapping her wings all over the country? “Peripatetic” was a word I learned when I was in my early 20s – I remember looking it up after reading it somewhere, and thinking: “That sounds familiar.” I grew up in a small town in ...
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Mel B meets Nicola Adams: ‘You’ve broken all the rules – and I’ve done the same’

The Spice Girl and the Olympic boxer talk about forging their own career paths, their experiences of domestic violence and growing up in LeedsRead the other conversations in this seriesYou’d be forgiven for not immediately noticing the many parallels between Nicola Adams, the 38-year-old former undefeated Olympic boxer, and Mel B, the 45-year-old Spice Girl and television personality. Especially given the stark differences in their demeanours; Adams is coy and laid-back, and Mel B, best known as...
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Tim Dowling: My thighs are burning. Am I ready for couples' pilates?

I should be able to slack off while my wife claims the instructor’s attentionMy ideal morning workout routine goes something like this: I turn up at the gym at about 7am, drag a mat from the stack and begin some preliminary stretching; at about 7.06am I get a text from the trainer I’ve booked, telling me that he has a domestic emergency and won’t be able to make it, whereupon I ease into a standing position and punch the air while no one is looking. Then I go home and get into the bath.In over a...
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Blind date: ‘I got all I was hoping for. No question’

Florrie, 47, makeup artist, and James, 47, singer/songwriter and music teacherWhat were you hoping for?To meet Prince Charming, be rescued from my loveless life and live happily ever after. I grew up on fairytales. Continue reading...
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