How to Handle People Who Easily Become Defensive

I had a great realization when going through Dr. Julie Helmrich’s Science of Conflict course recently. One idea from that course helped me make sense of an issue that had been popping up now and then in my relationships. She noted that a key reason that people become defensive during conflict is that their inner critic gets triggered. They’ve already gone through many rounds of internal conversation with this inner critic. So when a problem or issue is raised as if it’s new, it’s really not n...
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Happy Planner Skinny Classic Meal Planner Dec 14-20

The OG Squad girls make their winter appearance in my Happy Planner Skinny Classic Planner. I have been using this as my meal planner since July and it's help me keep my family meals, grocery lists, kitchen to do's -- really organized.   Sticker Book: Happy Planner Squad Goals ($15.17 at Walmart) Skinny Classic Planner: Wild Styled ($7.99 at The Happy Planner) [Author: Coquette]
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Happy Planner Classic Spread Christmas Week of Dec 21-27

  This is my final week in my Classic Happy Planner and aside from when I was in France in the beginning of January, I actually completed all the pages for 2020! Most of the time was under quarantine and my planner turned into a memory of what I was doing with my family, cleaning tasks (in monthly view), to do lists, fitness and appointments. Since this week we really aren't going anywhere, I wanted to make it a more special journaling page, since Dec 24th is also my birthday. We see deer almo...
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Is Willow Bark The Next Big Anti-aging Ingredient?

What Is Willow Bark? Willow bark is the bark from several types of willow tree. It has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes due to an active ingredient called salicin which has similar effects to aspirin, helping to relieve pain.  Willow bark has also been used in traditional skincare for...
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Perfumed Horoscope: December 21 - December 27

  We want to take a look at the predictions for 2020 made a year ago, and see if astrological predictions have any merit. A year ago I wrote my impressions: “… fundamental transformation of humanity, which will begin as a highly organized process from 2021. This year, the rich will get richer, the rulers and regulators will have their day, the ignorance and indifference will have a greater ... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: December 21 - December 27 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colog...
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Should You Avoid Diethanolamine?

What Is Diethanolamine? Diethanolamine is an ingredient used in skincare and cosmetic formulations to adjust the pH and improve the stability and lather of a product.  Diethanolamine or DEA is generally used in products such as moisturizers, sunscreens, shampoos, cleaners and conditioners. DEA is...
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A Gorgeous Black Voice

Expecting silence, I got the glories of Saint-Saens from Samson and Delilah. I was on my phone, holding for a technician to help me resolve a computer problem. The song went on with the rich, emotionally dark sounds of “my heart at the sound of your voice,” with even the harp and a wailing clarinet or oboe in the distance. And then the half-falsetto of the tenor’s response.  Entranced I hoped the technician wouldn’t come on too soon. I wanted to hear the end of the aria. So it finished. Then the...
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How You Can Change the World

We look to a timeless movie to unlock the simple truth about how to change the world (or at least your corner of it). On The BIGG Success Show, we discuss two necessary ingredients for changing the world. Here’s a summary of that discussion Near the end of the movie Oh God, God (played by […] The post How You Can Change the World appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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The pandemic has proven that mothers can work from home and still be excellent at their jobs. Here's what workplaces must do next.

Jessica Milicevic Jessica Milicevic Jessica Milicevic is the owner of Maven Media, a strategic branding and marketing agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a mother of four, she says she spent her career job-hopping in search of an employer who would be supportive of her goal to balance her own professional path with raising a family. Milicevic often found herself devalued in the workplace due to her status as a parent, and has made it part of her work with businesses and brands to help ...
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Frosty mornings but no white Christmas for UK, forecasters say

Met Office predicts a ‘seasonal feel’ to the weather after a rainy start to the week Those dreaming of a white Christmas will be left further disappointed this year after the Met Office forecast no more than frosty conditions for the UK.Temperatures across most of the country will stay in mid-single figures on Thursday and Friday, and no snow was expected to settle. Continue reading...
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Etat Libre d’Orange Spice Must Flow … and Mon Tableau

Perfume PosseEtat Libre d’Orange Spice Must Flow … and Mon Tableau The 21st is winter solstice. It gets lighter from here … hopefully, in all kinds of ways. I said last Monday I would be more cheerful in today’s post and that just happens to have come true. Thankfully. But first… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseEtat Libre d’Orange Spice Must Flow … and Mon Tableau
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Libre and Libre Intense: which one is better?

I discovered the delightful combination of vanilla and lavender in Jicky Guerlain. Its vanilla is fine and dry, while its lavender is fresh and gentle. There is so much more besides vanilla and lavender in the perfume, of course, and the beautiful complexity of it makes it an immortal masterpiece. My second perfume encounter with the blend of vanilla and lavender was Kashnoir Laboratorio Olfattiv... Read full article: Libre and Libre Intense: which one is better? from Fragrantica Perfumes and ...
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'Want to do the Spacegirl dance with me?' How to talk to teens this Christmas

Between cancelled school formals and gap years, it’s a bleak time to be a teenager – but Nina Dillon Britton knows the right words to sayGuides for talking to teenagers range from the useless to the psychopathic. “Really listen,” one reads, “control your emotions,” says another, “water daily and place in full sun,” suggests a third.For boomers, or even the old-at-heart millennials among us, this advice won’t equip you for climbing the mounting fear that talking to younger cousins and nephews at ...
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Paulina Gretzky celebrates her 32nd birthday in a sexy rainbow dress

Paulina Gretzky kicked off her 32nd birthday in style on Saturday.
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All about my father: chef Ravinder Bhogal on her distant dad

My father was exiled from my emotional life – and it was only when he was dying that I started to understand whyMy father was my first love. It wasn’t a romantic love, of course, but all the ache of love was in it. He was handsome, charming and dangerous. It was more than just a minor crush – it was a fatal, all-consuming yearning for his affection that engulfed me like a slow, devastating bushfire. Heartbreak was inevitable.Dad shared his birthday with Jesus. “Look! Everyone celebrates my birth...
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Sephor Major Sale on Sale Starts Now with 20% Off Sale Items

Hurry over to to enjoy an additional 20% off all sale items using code MAJORSALE. Many Holiday Gift Sets, fragrances, and more are on sale at prices up to 30-50% off with the code you’ll grab an additional 20% off the sale price. Enjoy! Where to buy Sephora You may also enjoy... E.L.F. Essential Eye Shadow Palette, E.L.F. Essential Zit Zapper, and More New Products from E.L.F.Guerlain’s Limited Edition Extra Gold Makeup Palette At Neiman MarcusBecca Apres Ski Eyeshadow Pa...
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30%-50% Off Youth to the People, Sunday Riley, Tocca, More is having a massive sale on the entire site! Enjoy up to 50% off the entire site, no code needed and free shipping applies! You can enjoy savings on many of their fragrances and beauty brands with no exclusions! They carry a lot of different beauty brands like Youth to the People, Tocca, and More! Enjoy! Where to buy Anthropologie You may also enjoy... Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roller Review & SwatchesStila Raspberry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain Revie...
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Seasonal makeover: from couch potato to festive diva

Lockdown has not been kind to our beautiful selves, but now it is time to shape up. Emma Beddington gets to work on her pre-Christmas, full-body makeover. But where to begin?How do you look at the moment? It’s a loaded question, I know. “Asking me to choose one physical feature I feel bad about is like asking me to choose my least-favourite family member since lockdown,” says my friend F. An unscientific poll of friends and acquaintances reveals a tally of 2020 woes: worry wrinkles, “maskne”, “Z...
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My perfect Christmas playlist, by Michael Kiwanuka, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Tim Burgess

Pop stars who lit up 2020 talk about their Christmas routines and share the tracks they turn to on the big day – scroll down to hear their choices2020 Mercury prize winner and associate of mysterious band of the year Sault Continue reading...
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Ulta Holiday Blitz Continues with New Items On Sale on It Cosmetics Brushes, Cerave, More! +250 Bonus Points

The Ulta Holiday Blitz Sale continues today on with savings on Juvia’s Place, It Cosmetics Brushes, Cerave Skincre, and More! Save up to 50% Off for a limited time. If you still have your 20% Off use it to enjoy an additional discount on these items! Plus check your dashboard! There appears to be an offer to activate a rewards points bonus of 250! Not sure if this is targeted but it doesn’t hurt to check your dashboard before checking out to see if you can activate this offer as it ...
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Gemma Arterton: ‘I feel more in control now’

By playing complex, even unlikable characters, and setting up her own female-led production company, Gemma Arterton is changing the role of women on screenGemma Arterton was desperate as a teenager to leave her small home town in Kent to go and live in London. She remembers, in detail, the day she finally moved, driving up with her dad and her boxes, to stake her claim at independence and adulthood.“It was a tiny flat in west London,” she says, her voice stripped of any hint of Gravesend. “My ro...
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Sunday with David Oyelowo: ‘I unwind by watching MMA fights'

The actor on discovering hiking, choosing dessert and attending church onlineWhat gets you up? Three rabidly hungry dogs demanding to be fed – it’s the same every morning here in Los Angeles. Normally we’d head to church, although now we’re attending virtually. It remains a surreal way to take part in such a communal activity.How do you unwind? With MMA fights. For some reason I find watching grown men turn each other into burger meat very relaxing. I love that on Sunday I’m commanded from on hi...
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Now I’ve had a baby, I resent my young stepson coming over

Speed forward a few years and imagine it’s your baby in this situation, says MariellaThe dilemma I feel awful saying this, but I’m holding loads of resentment towards my young stepson. I met his father when the boy was only two. For years we’ve all had a great relationship, but recently I gave birth to our baby, and I found I was becoming less tolerant of his son throughout my pregnancy and started to dread him staying with us. My partner is unaware of this, as I hide it very well – I’m sure thi...
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