The Best of Fragrantica in 2020!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas! Dear friends, I hope your Holidays are cheerful, peaceful, magical, and I offer you some of our most read articles we published in 2020. Enjoy your time with your family, friends and Fragrantica! Powdery Scents: That Well-Groomed Feeling by Elena Prokofeva  In search of the perfect powdery fragrance: "absolutely powdery" scents. Camphor Notes in Perfume... Read full article: The Best of Fragrantica in 2020! from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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The sneaker resale market exploded in 2020. These were the most expensive sneakers that sold on The RealReal this year, where some pairs went for up to $20,000.

The sneaker resale industry has continued to thrive amid a pandemic. The RealReal The sneaker industry thrived in 2020. Hyped collaborations and a surge in demand for the Air Jordan brand helped keep the sneaker resale market hot. Luxury consignment platform The RealReal shared a roundup of the most expensive sneakers to sell on the platform in 2020. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. 2020 was a fantastic year for sneakers, pandemic notwithstanding. While lockdowns and sto...
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How to properly load a dishwasher: 'If you pre-rinse it might actually come out dirtier'

Should you pay attention to ‘not dishwasher safe’ labels? And what really belongs in the bottom drawer? Experts solve your family washing-up conflictsIf you still feel the sting of parental reprimands for barbarically stacking your plate in the dishwasher without rinsing it first, one good thing 2020 can offer is vindication. While everyone has their own methods, tricks and opinions on conventional wisdom, the misinformation around a machine that’s meant to make our lives easier has caused gener...
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Cardin de Pierre Cardin: The Humble Chypre

If you go to the Pierre Cardin official website, you will not find this fragrance on it. There, officially, the feminine perfume history of the brand begins in 1981, with Choc de Cardin. As if there was no Cardin de Pierre Cardin (1975) perfume at all. Meanwhile, vintage advertisements and vintage bottles say the opposite. Moreover, before that, in the 1950s and 60s, at least two more Pierre Car... Read full article: Cardin de Pierre Cardin: The Humble Chypre from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colog...
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Ours Was One of the “Most Read” Articles on SmartBrief

I was delighted to learn that an article Katie Stallard and I wrote, titled “Why Relational Connection is So Important During the Coronavirus Pandemic,” was one of the most read articles on SmartBrief over this last year. If you haven’t read it, you can find the full article here. Thank you for your support and for helping us to share the connection culture message! The post Ours Was One of the “Most Read” Articles on SmartBrief appeared first on Michael Lee Stallard.
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Merry Christmas, And A Halcyon New Year ! 2021

Boy, what a year 2020 has been. As Annus Horribilis finally comes to a close I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we all look forward to a new year that is better is every aspect. Here in Vancouver work is ramping up for me on the feature animated film Vivo that I’m working on, so this Christmas/New Year break is coming at a great time for some good rest before a final push on the delivery for the film. As I’ve been writing for the past few years, my annual fav art books of the year...
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The good, bad and ugly of owning a historic home amid the pandemic

What homes are optimal for living and working through stay-at-home orders and social distancing? It may depend on lifestyle and what a buyer is willing to put up with.
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Natalie Portman on why she was motivated to pursue acting and how she's stayed grounded throughout her career

Natalie Portman has been acting since she was 12 years old. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni Dan Schawbel is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and host of the "5 Questions with Dan Schawbel" podcast, where he interviews world-class humans by asking them just five questions in under 10 minutes. He recently spoke with Natalie Portman, the Academy Award-winning actress and author of the new picture book "Natalie Portman's Fables." Portman shared that after her childhood acting career, the fri...
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Seven stress management tactics for HR managers to help the employees de-stress

As HR managers, you shoulder the responsibility of managing the Human Resources of your organization. You ensure that all the employees perform their duties well, stay comfortable, and work productively. No doubt, you are proficient in shouldering your responsibilities well, but the pandemic has made things challenging for you. It has exposed everyone to vast amounts of stress, as a result of which your employees cannot focus properly on work. They are living in a chaotic mental state, full of ...
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I Hope 2020 Wasn’t Too Bad a Year For You

Here we are! We made it through 2020 (almost)! As always I wish for you what I wish for myself. Health, a warm place to lay your head at night, food in your stomach, and love be it from your favorite people or your loving animals. I meditated a lot on 2020 and I thought back to all the times that I hated on this year and how I whined about how horrible it was and how bad things were but in the end I realized one important thing. I’m here. I’m healthy. My family is healthy! I still have a...
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Guaranteeing a Certain Kind of Year

One thing I love about interesting commitments is that they can guarantee that I’ll have a certain kind of year. This requires that I pick a commitment that’s close to 100% under my direct control, so there are no significant risky external points of failure. This year I guaranteed that I’d do a lot of writing by committing to publishing something new on my blog every day of the year. I guaranteed that it would be a year of high internal reflection and high creative output. I guaranteed th...
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Happy Holidays from Amalfi

It’s early in Amalfi this Christmas Eve morning and the 7:35am church bells at the Duomo are ringing over town. As we wake up here in Italy today it is to the suddenly not so festive color red. That is, red for zona rossa (red zone). According to the Decreto Natale (Christmas Decree), all of Italy is a red zone for the holidays this year with many restrictions around movement and limitations on celebrations. It’s quite complicated, but the short version is: Stay Home. And that’s exactly...
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Of course, the NYT "loves" this... if love includes loving the virality of something so clickable and sharable.

Times Pick— Joe Gabriel Simonson (@SaysSimonson) December 22, 2020 Click and reclick the image to read the full comment that begins "It all depends on your attitude." Now, Joe Gabriel Simonson withholds a link to the NYT, so he's onto their game and refusing to play... and he himself is using a woman's sex tale about her daughter to get links for himself... including this one from me. Reading the comments on his tweet, I see that no one believes the story, but they...
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Deine Playlist zur Weihnachtszeit

Liebst du Weihnachten genauso sehr wie ich? Wenn ja, dann kann dieser Zeit für dich bestimmt auch nicht früh genug beginnen, stimmt's? Und wie kommst du besser in Weihnachtsstimmung, als mit besinnlichen Weihnachtsliedern?Glücklicherweise hat die Musikwelt schon jetzt neue Festtagshits für dich bereit und die kannst du bis zur Bescherung rauf und runter hören. Dieses Jahr beschenken uns nicht nur Sänger wie Ne-Yo mit einem tollen Weihnachtsalbum. Auch Schauspielerin Lea Michele ist auf den X-Mas...
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Trying out real estate part time in 2021? Here’s what you should know

In these uncertain times, dipping your toe in the water with a part-time real estate gig may be the way to go before committing to a job that doesn't offer a regular paycheck.
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3 simple ways to show gratitude this year 

It's essential to lead with gratitude every day. Equally important? Expressing appreciation for a job well done and cultivating a positive work culture, especially as we enter a new year.
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Merry Christmas – Take The Week Off!

Loyal readers & subscribers, here’s hoping that this upcoming Christmas season week is a great week for you – I’m taking it off! Blogging will resume after the holidays… Everyone seems to celebrate something different this week, but I’m hoping that no matter how you choose to spend your time, you will enjoy yourself. The world can wait, let’s spend time with friends and family and we’ll get back to the madness when the new year begins… Have a happy and safe week no matter where you are and we’l...
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17 spannende Filme für die ganze Familie

Was passiert, wenn man Menschen mit verschiedenen Geschmäckern, Persönlichkeiten und Ansprüchen in ein Haus steckt? Nein, nicht Big Brother. Okay, doch, auch. Aber ich meine die Familie.In einer Familie treffen nicht nur verschiedene Interessen, sondern vor allem diverse Reifegrade aufeinander. Da Unterhaltung zu finden, die für alle gleich spannend ist, scheint nahezu unmöglich. Vor allem, wenn es um Filme geht, ist es besonders schwierig die Balance zwischen Entertainment und pädagogischem An...
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Christmas Perfume: What Are You Wearing?

Perfume PosseChristmas Perfume: What Are You Wearing? Hey Posse! Christmas Perfume! I reckon anyone who lives in most of the western world and quite a bit of the east you’ll have noticed the world’s greatest retail event is happening tomorrow. For all the Christians, practicing and non,… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseChristmas Perfume: What Are You Wearing?
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