Happy New Year!

Perfume PosseHappy New Year! Almost at an end of 2020, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so elated to wave goodbye to a year. It hasn’t been all bad, but it seems like there was so much bad, I can’t remember as much… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseHappy New Year!
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We tested and reviewed hundreds of skincare products in 2020, but these 11 stood out from the rest

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Sephora As members of the Insider Reviews team, we try a lot of skincare products.We know shopping for great skincare can be overwhelming and expensive, so we made this list of the best products we've tried in 2020.Keep reading for a roundup of the items that have become a fixture in our routines.When it comes to skincare shopping, it's too easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. A ...
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From witchy rituals to sobbing on the floor: how will you spend New Year's Eve? – open thread

A terrible year is finally over but are we really in the mood to party? The Guardia Australian team reflect on how they’ll be marking 2020’s demise – please join us in the comments with your own plans and suggestionsIn many ways, the end of this terrible year deserves the biggest, loudest and most cathartic party of all time. In a pandemic, of course, that was never going to happen – but it seems to be the last thing many want to do anyway.When asked how they’d be marking New Year’s Eve – amid C...
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Chrissy Teigen gets cheeky on St. Barts vacation

Teigen is in St. Barts with her family ahead of the new year.
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The 4th Fragrantica Readers Awards – The Best Perfumes 2020

Best Perfume for Women 2020   Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense Guerlain (female) ~ 2019 Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense is a deliciously sweet edition of Mon Guerlain, with an emphasis on the quality and intensity of tonka beans which acquire a caramelized, cherry-nutty facet. The fragrance is also considerably warmer than the original, suitable for cold weather. You can find an overview o... Read full article: The 4th Fragrantica Readers Awards – The Best Perfumes 2020 from Fragrantica ...
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William Gibson — deploying the old "grocer's apostrophe" — says something inscrutable about Nazis and the Space Force.

How was it, given fascism's theoretical predilection for kitsch, that the Nazi's generally had such strongly stylin' uniforms? Could it all have been Hugo Boss?— William Gibson (@GreatDismal) December 29, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Here's how to use your FSA dollars before you lose them at the end of the year - and get a discount on supplies you'd need to buy anyway

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.; Gilbert Espinoza/Business Insider The pre-tax money you contribute to your FSA must be used on eligible healthcare products and services, which can be as mundane as Advil and as unexpected as Felix Gray or Warby Parker glasses or an at-home Zeel massage.FSA dollars work on a use-it-or-lose-it provision. If you don't use your FSA money by December 31 of each year (or March 15 of the n...
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20% Off Already Reduced Fenty Beauty Products

Head over to today and enjoy an extra 20% off Fenty Beauty’s Holiday launch! Prices are already marked down but add items to your cart and they will be instantly reduced by 20% extra when you check out! Enjoy! Where to buy Fenty You may also enjoy... Beauty on a Budget: C.O. Bigelow Tinted Lemon Strawberry Lip Balm C.O. Bigelow Tinted Lemon Blackberry Lip Balm Mizon Ultra Repair Wonder Cream ReviewToo Faced Natural Lust Eyeshadow Palette Boring Snoring or OMG I Must H...
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Clinique My Happy Perfumes Size Still Sucks But the New Spring 2021 Fragrances Intrigue Me

Clinique My Happy Perfume Sprays ($25) arrive in three new scents for Spring 2021 today including a Cookies and Kisses! I have to throw it out there and say I love My Happy Cocoa & Cashmere Perfume Spray! Actually, the entire My Happy Fragrance Collection is really fun and some of the scents are brilliant! But…. But…………………. The size! 0.5 oz? Why? I can literally go through one of these a week of I used it everyday! It’s just too small! That being said there are three different Clinique...
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Young Living Shampoo Reviews: Did it work?

Looking for Young Living Shampoo reviews? If you know me at all there are two things that you probably turn to me for: Hair care and Books. In my world I combine them both by taking a bath while conditioning and reading- if you haven’t tried it, try it. Fabulous hair and a fabulous book makes for... Read More » The post Young Living Shampoo Reviews: Did it work? appeared first on .
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A Black agent waited in his car for clients. Then the police were called

Marlon Crutchfield, a Compass agent and real estate photographer, filed a complaint claiming he was racially profiled while waiting to photograph a client's home.
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Best of Art of Manliness 2020

The next person who uses the word “unprecedented” and says something like, “Man, 2020 was such a crazy year,” ought to be hit in the head with a frying pan. But man, it was a crazy a year, wasn’t it? Despite all the goings-on of 2020, here at AoM we kept doing exactly what we’ve been doing since 2008, which is creating totally free, high-quality, evergreen content that aims to inform, entertain, and inspire. We published hundreds of new articles and podcast episodes this year, and below we high...
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Pierre Cardin: A Retrospective in the Master's Memory

Pierre Cardin was on the vanguard of design history, and now he is no longer with us. Celebrated for his avant-garde style and Space Age designs which, alongside those of Courreges and Paco Rabanne, catapulted the fashions of the 1960s and partly made that decade what it is. He has departed to go design at the angels' neighborhood at the ripe age of 98 years. Pierre Cardin was very popular in... Read full article: Pierre Cardin: A Retrospective in the Master's Memory from Fragrantica Perfumes ...
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Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Duo Corrects and Brightens

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Duo ($32) is a new dual-ended correcting and brightening conceal pencil that’s available in 16 shades for Spring 2021. If you know anything at all about makeup you know that January is the season for brands to relaunch a lot of their base products. Foundations, powders, and most especially concealers are always brought out and showcased in January. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Duo is the first new concealer launch we are seeing heading i...
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Le 3e Homme de Caron: The Third Man

"The third man" sounds very French. According to an established belief, supported by French literature and cinema, a family in France cannot consist of two persons. Sooner or later someone else appears because, they say, they are so full of love, these French people. A vigilant husband will be able to find out about his wife's new lover by the smell of an unfamiliar cologne. (In fact, just like a... Read full article: Le 3e Homme de Caron: The Third Man from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes M...
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Pierre Cardin helped define modernity in the 1960s and beyond

Fashion designer will forever be associated with the decade that embraced his space-age aestheticFrench designer Pierre Cardin dies aged 98The Beatles smiling for an early group portrait in 1963, their pixie handsomeness perfectly framed by four snappy collarless jackets. US first lady, Jackie Kennedy, unimpeachably elegant in a boxy scarlet wool day-suit on a visit to Canada in 1962. Marisa Berenson in a groovy sunset-hued kaftan, gazing through matchstick lashes at the lens of Irving Penn for ...
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Why Socialize at All?

How do you get motivated to reach out and connect with people? What gets you to overcome inertia? What makes you want to risk rejection? Is it worth it to keep sifting through so many mismatches and partial matches? What makes you exert the effort to engage with people socially? What’s your why? I brainstormed the following list in Conscious Growth Club yesterday in a discussion thread about the motivation for doing anything of a social nature – like connecting with people online or offline, ...
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The 20 weirdest, wildest real estate listings of 2020

A mansion with an underground bunker, a former monastery and a property deemed "too dangerous to enter" all hit the market in this wild year.
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NARS Is Over Here Releasing All Kinds Of New Sh1T!

NARS Spring 2021 releases are popping up left and right. We’re all nursing our Holiday hangovers (at least I am) but NARS is being all sort of busy and releasing all kinds of new stuff. The question is, can they tempt me? NARS, you’ve burn me a little lately and I’m not sure I trust you but I may just try give you a second chance as I really like the looks of that St Germain des Prés Eyeshadow Palette from the Claudette available at Here’s what NARS has been cooking up for Spr...
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Glossier You

Firstly, lets just talk about this packaging.  I love the Glossier bubble bags that they send product out in and I hope that they never get rid of them.  They’re more than perfect for traveling... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Crammed with my wife and adult kids into a tiny one-bed flat, I realised I loved my home

In March, our house was a cold, rubble-strewn building site. As supply chains broke down, it became clear we wouldn’t be moving back any time soonMy wife is a goal-oriented person. When she learns, it is deliberate. For her, lockdown presented an opportunity, so she began learning Danish. I didn’t. I am deeply lazy: as I sit here writing, I am staring at an empty packet of Wotsits that has been sitting by my laptop for three hours; the bin is 6ft away. The notion of actively learning something s...
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Flash Gordon and a Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe

Want a cheaper Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum dupe? Who doesn’t? At $300 for 2.7 oz Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s cult favorite and much beloved Baccarat Rouge 540 isn’t the cheapest bottle of fragrance I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing but it is totally worth it if you collect and appreciate luxury fragrances! To me Baccarat Rouge 540 smells like luxurious cotton candy. Some find it harsh, others say it smell like an exotic spice market, where as others claim it gives them a headache but to m...
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9 Snacks zum Vorglühen, damit der Partyabend kein böses Ende nimmt

Auch wenn sich die Feierlichkeiten auf ein Minimum beschränken, ist es immer noch möglich, zu Hause in sehr, sehr kleiner Zahl oder eher am Bildschirm Spaß zu haben.Das Thema „Essen vor der Partynacht” ruft unterschiedliche Reaktionen hervor. Während der Eine „sowieso immer mit einem Döner nach Hause geht” ist die Andere vor dem Feiern so „aufgeregt”, dass kein Hungergefühl aufkommt. Keine perfekte Lösung, denn ein nicht vorhandenes Essverhalten führt meist zu einem miesen Kater am Morgen danac...
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French designer Pierre Cardin dies aged 98

Cardin, who upended fashion styles in 1960s and 1970s with futuristic looks, dies in hospital near ParisThe French designer Pierre Cardin, who upended fashion styles in the 1960s and 70s with futuristic looks, has died at the age of 98.Cardin was also known for overhauling the industry by successfully licensing his brand name and making savvy business moves. Continue reading...
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The TV quiz of the year: from a Schitt’s Creek wedding to an explosive Homeland finale

How much TV did you binge on during the lockdown months? And have you retained any of it? Time to find out …It was a big year for Schitt’s Creek, which saw its sixth and final season nominated for a record 15 Emmy awards, sweeping all four in the acting categories. What did Moira wear to her son’s wedding?A clown costumeAn angel costumeA pope costumeA Mickey Mouse costumeAnd what happened at the Crows Have Eyes 3 premiere?Everyone was attacked by crowsEveryone ate crowEveryone dressed as a crowE...
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You Deserve – 10 Tried, Tested Self-Care Gifts to Get Yourself

I know I’m not alone in the post-holiday impulse to treat myself. This year I discovered some great products that truly helped me work better, live better, or relax a little more. Here are some tried and tested items that are truly worth your splurge if you’re in the mood. The post You Deserve – 10 Tried, Tested Self-Care Gifts to Get Yourself appeared first on Afrobella.
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Ajinkya Rahane and India’s net gains

India got past Pat Cummins and Josh Hazlewood bowling with the new ball and lo, they won the Test match. That’s reductive – but then so’s concluding a team can’t bat when it gets bowled out for 36. Ajinkya Rahane made the most obviously telling contribution, run out for 112 in a match where only one other batsman passed 50. But then it must help a man to get regular net practice against bowlers as good as India’s. Good bowlers improve a side in ways beyond the most obvious one. India hav...
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A Psalm 1 Life

One of the best goals anyone could set is to develop a Psalm 1 kind of life. What a Psalm 1 Life Looks Like Psalm 1 describes what this looks like: Blessed is the manwho walks not in the counsel of the wicked,nor stands in the way of sinners,nor sits in the seat of scoffers;but his delight is in the law of the LORD,and on his law he meditates day and night.(Psalm 1:1–2) We reject certain things: the influence of ideas and people that lead us away from God. Instead, we build eight i...
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This is the No. 1 overlooked culprit of your laundry room woes

Dryer vents are responsible for maintaining a moisture-and-lint-free laundry room. Here's what homeowners need to know about this overlooked feature.
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„Vorher/Nachher“-Accounts stellen Frauen bloß. Wieso sind wir trotzdem danach süchtig?

2007 wurden dem Model Tyra Banks von Promi-Magazinen in aller Welt hämische Schlagzeilen um die Ohren gehauen, weil sie von Paparazzi aus einem unschmeichelhaften Winkel im Badeanzug erwischt worden war. Im Jahr darauf machte sich die britische Daily Mail über die Schauspielerin Mischa Barton lustig, weil sie im Urlaub mit Cellulite fotografiert worden war. Beides ist nun über ein Jahrzehnt her, und viele der Artikel von damals lesen sich aus heutiger Perspektive unglaublich giftig – aber ...
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