J.D. Martinez: I’ll join the Yankees when they let me keep my beard

The Red Sox slugger celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday at Lionfish in Delray Beach, Florida, on Monday night.
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Relational Goals

A nice way to identify goals, especially for the New Year, is to clarify how you’d like to upgrade your relationships with different aspects of life. Then identify and commit to action-based goals that you expect would improve these relationships. For example, you have a relationship with: moneyyour bodyeach key person in your lifeyour workyour habitsyour daily routineyour exercise routineyour dietsleepliferealityyour skillsyour emotionsyour past selfyour future selfyour websiteyour homeyo...
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'Everything tastes better': Guardian readers on their culinary discoveries of 2020

From turning up the heat with exotic chillies to the ubiquitous and ultimately rewarding rise of sourdough, readers share their ingredients of the yearRead part 1 of the list, including Kylie Kwong, Andrew McConnell and Gay Bilson, hereRead part 2, featuring Stephanie Alexander, Peter Gilmore, Bruce Pascoe and others hereDiscovering – or rediscovering – the joy of cooking has been one of the few bright spots of a year spent largely at home. We asked 43 of Australia’s leading chefs, cookbook auth...
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Hilaria Baldwin speaks out amid accusations she faked being Spanish

Baldwin accuses critics of ‘misrepresenting’ her, and addresses her background and that cucumber ‘brain fart’ incident Hilaria Baldwin has accused critics of “misrepresenting” her amid allegations she spent years faking being Spanish.Speaking out in a New York Times interview on Wednesday, Baldwin addressed the controversy surrounding her heritage after it emerged she was born in Boston, not Spain, and was originally named Hillary. Continue reading...
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The Best Three Blushes I Tried in 2020

I dunno if 2020 was the year of the blush for me but it didn’t stop me from finding at least three awesome ones to love. I hope, I wish, I prayer that 2021 brings us some new blushes. I just want some glow-y gorgeous blushes for Spring! I feel like Urban Decay has never introduced a proper blush! They should get on that. And also, it’s been a day and an age since Too Faced did a nice blush! I want some new pretty blushes to love on this year! That being said the year hasn’t been a complete bust...
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Here’s the Best Eye Cream I Tried in 2020

You wanna know the best eye cream I tried in 2020? I know you do because you might be sitting there with dry eyes too! I feel your pain! My eyes are terribly dry! You know what? I’ve learned after many, many tries with eye cream that they aren’t a cure all for dark circles, finer lines, puffiness, etc….no matter how much the marketing hypes these eye creams are chances are they aren’t going to treat all your issues. For me the most important aspect of an eye cream is moisture! If you have...
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Beloved Nebraska agent found dead after showing, homicide suspected

Mickey Sodoro, a 70-year-old agent with NP Dodge, had not been heard from by his team since entering a home in Omaha's Bellbrook neighborhood for a showing on Monday night.
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Christmas Pudding in Maremma Tiziana Terenzi

Maremma Tiziana Terenzi was first presented in 2013 as a prolongation of the collection that debuted a year earlier. Reading into the brand's bottle code, the rectangular black bottle of Maremma means that the scent inside is intense and powerful (their cylindrical bottles are reserved for light and fresh compositions). "An homage to hills and valleys of Maremma, Tuscany. Filled with fruity a... Read full article: Christmas Pudding in Maremma Tiziana Terenzi from Fragrantica Perfumes and Col...
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I’ll Try Anything Once Even Applying Retinol In A Stick Format!

Must be Spring because the skincare sticks are coming! For example, Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick ($28) joins the realms of anti-aging dodads we can slick under our eyes in the hopes all our fine lines will disappear. I’m only going to say it once and I’ll never admit to this again but there really is something terribly appealing about swiping stuff under your eyes, patting it in, and just going. It seems like minimal effort skincare at it’s best ya know? But….my anal side is like nooooo! I d...
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Resolutions For Lawyers For The New Year

Resolutions for lawyers for the New Year – where to start? This year was certainly one to be added to the record books, and said books should promptly be dropped into an industrial shredder. But years such as these can help build resilience. Making it through and learning lessons can provide valuable perspectives on how one wants to live their life going forward. Resolutions for lawyers may be quite different this year than in years past, and may very well help set you on the path you desire for...
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Start the New Year With Vim and Vigor: Enrollment for The Strenuous Life Is Now Open!

Life doesn’t magically get better by turning the page on the calendar. Life gets better by turning your desires into reality. It gets better by not just thinking about the man you want to be, but taking concrete, active steps in becoming that man.  Let joining The Strenuous Life be the first step in that journey, and your guide in the steps to come. The winter enrollment of TSL is now open! What Members Are Saying About The Strenuous Life The Strenuous Life is an online/offline program desig...
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Charlotte Rampling Stars in Saint Laurent Fashion Film Featuring Donna Summer Disco Classic

Charlotte Rampling stars as a mysterious entertainer in a new film for fashion house Saint Laurent. The eight-minute video titled “Summer of ‘21,” commissioned by Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello and directed by Gaspar Noé, begins with a woman running and screaming in terror through a forest. As an instrumental cover of Donna Summer’s […]
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Here’s Some Cute Mini Palettes from Sephora for $10 Bucks Each

Sephora Mini Pocket Palette Eyeshadow Palette are a new Spring 2021 launch featuring six eyeshadows each for $10 bucks. Listen, I never write off a cheap, cheesy Sephora Eyeshadow Palette because BAM: That right there is the The Delicate Eyeshadow Palette that launched with the Sephora Holiday 2016 Collection and to this day I haven’t forgotten how great it was. So great that I hit pan on all the shades. It was awesome, it was cheap, and it looked really cheesy but it packed power. And tha...
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Biossance End of Year Sale Prices as Low as $5

Head on over to today and score some great skincare deals! They are having a great end of year sale at the moment with some great buys! This includes the Biossance Squalane Rose Vegan Lip Balm I love so much! Enjoy! Where to buy Biossance You may also enjoy... Up and Coming at Musings of a MuseTrader Joe Facial Cleansing Oil Yay For Me But Not For Everyone!Hauled It: Sephora Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow Eyeshadow Orange Facets, Flash Dance, DazzleCovergirl Vitalist Elixir L...
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Up to 40% Or More Off MAC

MAC has a lot of times on sale at currently! Savings are up to 40% or more! Enjoy! Where to buy Ulta You may also enjoy... Daily Dose of Beauty: Bliss No Zit Sherlock Skincare Collection Lavshuca Winter Make Palettes 2007Urban Decay Brow Box for Fall 2013Urban Decay Gash Lipstick Review & Swatches The post Up to 40% Or More Off MAC appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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The Different Company Relaunches Rose Poivrée

In the winter of 2020, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the house, The Different Company reissues Rose Poivrée, one of the 3 fragrances (along with Bois d'Iris and Osmanthus) created by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena in 2000, which laid the foundation for this French independent house of fine perfumery. ROSE POIVRÉE presents an unexpected vision of the rose; assertive, intoxica... Read full article: The Different Company Relaunches Rose Poivrée from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes M...
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Try the New Clinique My Happy Scents With This Sampler

As you know the Clinique My Happy Fragrance Collection is being extended by three new fragrances for Spring 2021! Those scents are Indigo Mist, Baby Bouquet, and Cookies & Kisses! I’m quite curious about Cookies & Kisses and Baby Bouquet myself! They do have a new Clinique Find Your Happy Fragrance Set if you wanna dive in and try all three plus some of the old scents two. Head over to and grab this sampler set that includes three of the new scents and three of the older ones in 0.1...
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What Is a Penis Sleeve and How to Use It

Sex toys are becoming more and more versatile. Designers make sure that there is something for everybody on the sex toy market. Some toys have been really good, and others are, well, let us just say a little too ahead of their time. But when it comes to the penis sleeve, we can all agree that sex toy developers made a masterstroke – pun intended! What Is Penis Sleeve? A penis sleeve or an external penile prosthesis (that is how medical personnel calls it) is a hollow penis-shaped sex toy. The ...
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Dr Strum is Over Here Selling $100 Face Masks Like We’re Going to Buy Them

Dr Barbara Strum has a four pack of nano-silver face masks for $118. I appreciate the fact these are non-silver masks! I really do! But no way am I going to spend $118 on four masks! I’ve def purchased some expensive packs of mask this year but they were typically in bulk and around $5-$10 each at most. We all want to be protected right now and we’re all doing our best to stay safe but I’m not sure we need to spend over $118 on face masks. Thoughts? What’s the most you’ve spent on a face m...
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Vichy Soothing Aloe Vera Face Mask

Is your face extra dry and overall unhappy because of wearing a mask?  SAME! I’ve been finding that face masks have been helping a lot.  They just calm everything down and my skin is generally... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Boris Johnson stopped me getting fit – but he couldn’t come between me and my guitar

I’m still no Jimi Hendrix, but after a year’s solid practice I have just about mastered one R&B trackThis year, my original new year resolution was to be a two-pronged attack on my unhealthy lifestyle in the form of restrictions on booze and food. Sadly, that was waylaid by the unavoidable catastrophe of coronavirus, paired with the wildly avoidable catastrophe of Boris Johnson being prime minister.Given that we have been trapped in our homes, I had to rapidly reimagine my ambitions. Without the...
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Our Favorite Gowns From The BHLDN Spring 2021 Bridal Collection

If one word comes to mind after perusing the BHLDN Spring 2021 Bridal Collection, it’s enchantment. Inspired by the hellebore – a delicate bloom that, against all odds, comes to life most beautifully in the harsh season of winter – served as the muse for the mystical lookbook we’re giving you a first look at… Our Favorite Gowns From The BHLDN Spring 2021 Bridal Collection - Ruffled
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From pandemic postcards to picnics: Guardian readers' tips on keeping friends close

As Zoom fatigue set in, many of you found creative ways to stay in touch with loved onesSome of my friends and I began a lockdown playlist on Spotify, where we would all add one song per day that was either related to how we were feeling or just something we happened to be in the mood for at the time. Music is very emotive: it can create the feeling of your friend’s presence in a way that even a video call or their voice can’t quite manage. We carried on even after the lockdown and did more play...
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‘Four years' work in one’: vaccine researchers are the unassuming heroes of Covid-19

We don’t know their names, but these scientists have been working tirelessly to fight the pandemic. It’s time to say thank youVaccine researchers are not showy. If there is a flashy vaccine researcher out there, I’ve yet to meet them. Most of them talk about their colleagues more than they talk about themselves. In fact if you ask them about the work they are doing, they will invariably tell you how great their team is. Yet this year, more than ever, they deserve to have the spotlight firmly on ...
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Robin's Wish review – sad salute to a master comedian

This warm documentary about Robin Williams reveals how much he was loved by those who knew himWhen Robin Williams died in 2014 at the age of 63, the tabloids filled in the blanks. The front pages speculated on the return of his well-documented demons: Williams had a history of depression, alcohol addiction and cocaine use. Then came the postmortem, revealing that actually he’d been suffering from an undiagnosed degenerative brain disease, Lewy body dementia. Which explained his symptoms in last...
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The pioneering lawyer who fought for women’s suffrage in India

Amid the pandemic gloom, it is easy to forget that the year 2020 marks an important anniversary for women’s rights. In the US, it has been 100 years since women cast their votes for the first time. A century ago in the United Kingdom, the first female law students were admitted to the Inns of Court. At Lincoln’s Inn in London, one of those students, Mithan Lam, was an Indian. In 1924, she became the first woman to be allowed to practise law in the Bombay High Court, shattering one of the thickes...
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The ABCs of choosing and installing a new dishwasher

Here's what homeowners need to know about choosing a new dishwasher, how to complete a DIY installation and when it's time to call in professionals.
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Neues Jahr, neuer Look: Drei Haarfarbentrends für 2021

Für die meisten von uns kann 2021 wohl gar nicht früh genug kommen. Und obwohl wir natürlich wissen, dass uns Corona auch im neuen Jahr noch eine ganze Weile beschäftigen wird, steht jeder Jahreswechsel doch irgendwie symbolisch für einen Neuanfang, einen Übergang vom Alten zum Neuen, und die Chance auf glücklichere Tage. Ein paar Tage haben wir noch Zeit, um uns darüber Gedanken zu machen, was wir uns konkret vom neuen Jahr erhoffen. Und das kann wirklich alles sein – ein ordentlicherer Kleider...
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Richtig schöne Haare: Mit diesen Basics klappt’s!

Ist dir eigentlich schon einmal aufgefallen, dass diejenigen von uns mit den schönsten Haaren üblicherweise die unkomplizierteste Haarpflegeroutine haben? Heutzutage ist es überhaupt kein Problem mehr, deine Locken zu glätten oder deine Haare in Locken zu legen. Beim Färben stehen dir alle Farben des Regenbogens zur Verfügung und du kannst deiner Haarpracht jede mögliche Textur deiner Wahl verleihen. Dennoch bewundern wir meistens jene Personen, deren Haare uns mit ihrer Natürlichkeit – ode...
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From Naomi Campbell's hazmat suit to a floating catwalk: a distractingly difficult 2020 fashion quiz

From Beyonce’s many catsuits to the supermodel scion who walked in her first digital show, test your fashion nerd knowledge of this very strange yearWhich designer spent lockdown at the Mercer Hotel in New York?Marc JacobsMichael KorsRalph LaurenTelfar ClemensDonna KaranWho was the first man to appear solo on the cover of American Vogue in December 2020?Louis TomlinsonKerby Jean RaymondHarry StylesTimothee ChalametKanye West Which designer brand took to the Seine on a boat to show their haute co...
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