Why You Need Dog Insurance For Your Furry Friend

Pets are considered part of the family. A dog’s companionship, loyalty, and unconditional love are just a few reasons why we want to keep them healthy and strong so they can live a full and happy life with us. But just 40 percent of Americans are able to afford an unexpected $1,000 dollar emergency expense with their savings, which also includes the capacity to cover a sudden veterinarian bill. Responsible pet ownership not only includes showering your dog with love and affection but also ...
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Deneuve By Catherine Deneuve Review

The life of the legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve is closely related to fragrances. She wore fragrances since her 18th birthday and can be called a perfumista or an advanced user. Jacques Helleu chose her as the face of Chanel №5 in the late 60s to rebrand the fragrance on the American market, and, impressed by the advertising, the United States declared Catherine the most elegant wom... Read full article: Deneuve By Catherine Deneuve Review from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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Five 2020 Style Trends that We Need to Kiss Goodbye

Five 2020 Style Trends that We Need to Kiss Goodbye Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to change it every six months. Oscar Wilde Sometimes the fashion gods get it right — the wrap dress … more at Five 2020 Style Trends that We Need to Kiss Goodbye. This is an original post from Budget Fashionista.
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This Best Sneakers of 2020 List Isn’t Like OTHER Best Sneakers of 2020 Lists

Perhaps you’ve caught on from some of my work on this site over the last year but in case it’s news to you, hey, I like sneakers. I like wearing them. I like writing about them. I like hunting for old pairs that passed me by back in the day, the feeling of finally finding that shoe I’ve wanted for years at a good…Read more...
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A bridge too far for the renaming game? | Brief letters

Teachers and coronavirus | Honours and Spike Milligan | Art quiz | World leaders | Severn BridgeWhat? No teachers interviewed or photographed at the chalkface in praise of their efforts to keep schools running (Heroes of 2020, 22-31 December)? Rising levels of coronavirus among pupils put all teachers at risk. There is limited use of PPE and masks are not used in class. My son is one of those unsung and exposed heroes, with a wife who suffers from asthma.Mary HillLudlow, Shropshire• The body tha...
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3 Tips for Managing Your Finances As a Single Parent

Being a single parent is no easy feat. Between balancing work and home life, you likely feel a lot of pressure and stress, and you have minimal time to yourself to unwind. The financial aspects can also be incredibly difficult to manage, given that you are living in a sole-income household. According to the 2018... Read More » The post 3 Tips for Managing Your Finances As a Single Parent appeared first on .
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My mum lied to me about having an affair. How can I trust her?

As long as you expect your mother to be someone different, you will get hurt, says Annalisa BarbieriI am 29. When I was nine, I found a letter addressed to a man’s name I didn’t recognise. My parents were married. When I was 11, my dad told me my mum was having an affair that had begun before their marriage. He told me how she wouldn’t be there when he came home, and would disappear at weekends. Throughout my adolescence, this man would call the house and hang up, and send cards to my mum. My da...
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Alexander Wang denies 'grotesquely false' sexual assault claims

More claims emerge on social media after British model says fashion designer groped him at partyThe American fashion designer Alexander Wang has denied “grotesquely false” allegations of sexual assault as grassroots advocacy sites claim that there are a high number of victims.A British model, Owen Mooney, this week publicly claimed that Wang had groped his crotch during a party at the nightclub Slake in New York in January 2017, following which a number of similar claims, mostly anonymous, emerg...
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‘I yowl like a leopard’: Guardian readers’ lockdown fitness tips

From exercising with animal noises to the thrills of a mini trampoline, readers share their secrets for staying healthy despite Covid restrictionsKeeping motivated while doing an online class is hard. When doing any exercise named after an animal, I find that making the sound of that animal makes the whole thing a lot more fun. For example: growl for bear crawls, yowl for leopard leaps, ribbit for frog-hop squat jumps, nibbling chatter for bunny hops, roaring for dragon crawls. I’ve also added a...
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NEW YEAR, NEW CAREER: How to change jobs, make more money, and feel more satisfied

Take the reins of your career. Getty Images The start of a new year is a natural time to consider a career change. Even amid a global recession, it's possible to find and nab a new role. Executives and strategists say a successful transition is about working systematically. Business Insider regularly interviews experts about changing jobs and careers. You can read all about it by subscribing to Business Insider. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The start of a new year ...
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Gucci Guilty Love Edition MMXXI

Gucci (with fragrances under the license of Coty) is launching the new Gucci Guilty Love Edition duo of limited edition fragrances in 2021, which differs from previous releases by the additional designation of MMXXI. The new duo, like the previous one, is dedicated to eccentric lovers and packaged in pastel bottles, this time in lavender and light pink colours. "Set to become a modern declarati... Read full article: Gucci Guilty Love Edition MMXXI from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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Masque Milano Madeleine: Twisted White Floral Gourmand

Masque Milano started a useful way of presenting their fragrances this year: sending us samples of the new perfumes along with the main accords that compose them. After they had presented, via Zoom, the new Ray-Flection, a soft, classic and sparkling mimosa scent created by perfumer Alex Lee, there was another novelty that I received by mail too late, and not in time for their presentation via z... Read full article: Masque Milano Madeleine: Twisted White Floral Gourmand from Fragrantica Perfum...
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No one can read 50 books a week. So why was I buying or borrowing that many?

I have always been a voracious reader. But one day I realised my passion for books had turned into a maniaThe need for last year’s resolution started in my childhood. (Don’t they all?) By the age of six, I was reading braille at an unheard-of speed, to the point where the teacher at my blind school accused me of lying when I said I had finished the three books she had given me that morning. It was the start of a lifelong problem: braille books were scarce, but I could not get enough of them.The ...
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Happy New Year

Like many others, I’m very eager to welcome the new year. Although the US is in partial lockdown, and the global pandemic has left its ugly and heartbreaking mark, there is light at the end of the tunnel. When the first healthcare heroes received vaccinations in Seattle, Washington a couple weeks ago, I was elated and felt hope for a brighter future. We can look forward to a better Spring, a much safer Summer, and hopefully some normality by Autumn. I am SO looking forward to working with my cli...
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Removed London bike lane blocked by parked cars most of the time – study

Analysis shows average car journey times have also increased after Kensington and Chelsea council took out laneA much-used cycle lane in London that was removed because the local council said it was impeding the flow of motor vehicles has since been blocked by parked cars up to 80% of the time, a study by a campaign group has found.Computer analysis of traffic cameras on Kensington High Street have also shown that average car journey times appear to have increased since officials took out the bi...
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