The Auld Lange Syne of 2020

Even though it’s now January, it’s impossible to Men-In-Black zap ourselves into thinking that last year didn’t happen. Proof positive—I’m writing this in December of 2020, knowing that this will be published sometime in the future. “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it”—that’s an old adage my mom loves telling me, and I think we’re all in agreement we’d rather not repeat 2020. Auld Lange Syne translates to “for the sake of old times” – so, for Auld Lange Syne, what lessons did we...
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Another miss

Perfume PosseAnother miss I am so sorry, but typing and mousing is still the most aggravating things I can do.  It is BETTER, but doing any kind of mousing especially is like pain needles.  Two more appointments this week.  I’ll give you a… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseAnother miss
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25 Types of Curtains: Ultimate Guide to Curtain Styles

Curtains don’t just frame the windows of your home. They add an element of finesse to the overall feel of the room. Think of them as the bow that ties everything together. With so many types of curtains on the market, it can be a hassle trying to select a style that will work for... Read More » The post 25 Types of Curtains: Ultimate Guide to Curtain Styles appeared first on .
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How Your Business Can Boost Fundraising and Charity Efforts

An important part of a business’s outreach involves supporting the local community. You know that you rely on the people in your hometown to keep bringing business through your doors. In addition, employees feel more connected to their company if the company puts in effort to give back. Giving back in the form of helping with boosting fundraising efforts is a great way to show that you care about the people in your town. Commit to Give A Percentage of Your Revenue Businesses that choose to gi...
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12 Types of Journals to Put Your Thoughts on Paper

Journals are a great way to keep track of thoughts, memories, information, and valuable records. If you’re planning to buy another journal, here are some types of journals to get you started! 1. Dream Journal A dream journal is important because it allows us to record our deepest or vaguest dreams and make sense of... Read More » The post 12 Types of Journals to Put Your Thoughts on Paper appeared first on .
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Prince Harry may have a ponytail now, Rob Lowe says

"It looked to me, as a casual observer, that his hair had grown very long."
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5 Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom is an exciting time for any home owner, bringing you one step closer to your goal of living in your dream home. However, excited as you know doubt are to finally get rid of the dated avocado bathroom suite and grubby tiles, there are certain considerations to be aware of to ensure that you get the most out of your new bathroom. To help you out and give you a few ideas, here are five things to consider for your bathroom renovation.  What Type of Bathroom Do You ...
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I Mean, I’d Be Happy If MAC Re-Released Paints But New Paint Pot Shades Are Welcome As Well

MAC Paint Pot shades available for Spring 2021 in a variety of new shades for $23 each and will be part of MAC’s permanent collection! Interestingly enough these got an early launch at but are not yet available anywhere else including from MAC directly. I do so wish they’d bring back MAC Paints. I didn’t think I’d miss them as much as I do but here I am several years after they have been discontinued yearning for them and thinking about the fact I never gave them enough love when I d...
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PETA urges Sarah Jessica Parker to make ‘SATC’ reboot fur-free

The organization is hoping the show will switch to faux fur.
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4 Types of Peanuts to Use in Your Favorite Dishes

From peanut butter to roasted snacks and candies, peanuts are popular nuts used in cuisines all around the world! They’re easy to grow, fairly affordable, and above all, they taste great in a wide variety of recipes! But did you know that there are 4 different types of peanuts on the market with different flavors... Read More » The post 4 Types of Peanuts to Use in Your Favorite Dishes appeared first on .
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‘Soho Karen’ Miya Ponsetto mocked for wearing ‘trash’ crop top, sandals and socks

She's been sprung by the courts, but not the fashion police.
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‘Soho Karen’ mocked for always wearing ‘trash’ crop top, sandals and socks

She's been sprung by the courts, but not the fashion police.
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Unwanted Gift Cards? Use Them to Help Yourself or Someone Else 4 Ways

Unwanted Gift Cards? Use Them to Help Yourself or Someone Else 4 Ways Did you know that about $1 billion worth of gift cards goes unspent each year? That’s crazy, right?! Sadly, I’m sure my household has contributed to those numbers. More than … more at Unwanted Gift Cards? Use Them to Help Yourself or Someone Else 4 Ways. This is an original post from Budget Fashionista.
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Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Warm & Spicy Eyeshadow Palette Back in Stock On Sale with Free Shipping

The Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Warm & Spicy Eyeshadow Palette is back in stock and on sale for $24 with free shipping at! Best grab this if you want it because I have a feeling it’s only a small amount available! Enjoy! Where to buy Nordstrom You may also enjoy... Philosophy Lively Lemon Coconut Shower GelWin It: Dolly Forever Barbie by Christian LouboutinProduct Musings: MAC Eyeshadow FirespotBeauty Abroad: Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation The post Too Faced Pumpkin S...
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3 Rules to Follow When Packing For a Long Distance Move

Moving across the country can be a thrilling experience, one that gives you a chance to explore new cities and get a fresh start in your personal life or career.  But a long distance move is also a complicated and exhausting process, one that can take weeks of careful planning. If you want to make your trans-continental trek as pain-free as possible, here are three rules to follow when packing up your house.  1. Don’t Take What You Don’t Need If you’re doing a long distance move...
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What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Used On Your Face?

We’re all guilty of using bad skincare or at least I am! I’ve definitely used products with alcohol, essential oils, and fragrance just to name a few. I think most of the worst skincare I’ve used on my face stemmed from not educating myself enough on what I was putting on my face. As they say, with age comes experience. As I get older I pay more and more attention to what’s in my skincare! Something I wish I had done when I was younger. I’ve definitely used stuff on my face in my youth th...
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This ‘Caucasians’ T-shirt is going viral for mocking NFL’s Redskins

It's not the first time the parody shirt has sparked debate.
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13 things you probably didn't know about Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who turns 57 on January 12, was born in New Mexico to a teenage mother and father.  Even at a young age, he showed a knack for engineering and inventing. You might not know that Bezos almost named his wildly successful company "Cadabra." In August 2020, he became the first person to accumulate a fortune of over $200 billion. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Jeff Bezos is known as ...
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Jeff Bezos just turned 57. Here's how he built Amazon into a $1.56 trillion company and became the world's richest person.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. David Ryder/Getty Images Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is turning 57 on Tuesday. Bezos launched Amazon in 1995. The company has since grown to one of the most valuable, powerful companies on the planet with a market value of $1.56 trillion.  Bezos has gone from a New York hedge-funder to the richest man in the world, but in the process, he's weathered a high-profile divorce and hacking scandal, faced antitrust scrutiny from lawmakers, and everything in between.  ...
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Lush Ectoplasm Body Spray Review

It’s not Halloween but Lush Ectoplasm Body Spray is one of several new fragrances that launched on the Lush US which were previously available in the UK back in December. Yes, I am a little addicted to these damn body sprays and feel the need to collect them all and if you haven’t tried Let the Good Times Roll yet well, we can’t be friends anymore. Contract terminated. Just kidding! But Let the Good Times Roll is the sh1t just sayin’! Lush Ectoplasm was originally a Halloween Shower Gel. I ...
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Radikal-Haarschnitt: Meine Locken haben noch nie besser ausgesehen

Die meisten Menschen mit Locken können ein Lied davon singen: Ein guter Haarschnitt – egal wie radikal – macht einen riesigen Unterschied. Lockiges Haar sieht im Anschluss nicht nur unglaublich gut aus, sondern strahlt außerdem gesund und happy. Zippy Burman, eine in Los Angeles ansässige Kreativberaterin und der Star der neuesten Folge von Hair Me Out, kann das nur bestätigen. Burman hat im Laufe der Jahre viele verschiedene Looks ausprobiert. Darunter waren auch verschiedene Längen un...
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A Look Inside William S. Burroughs’ Bunker When everybody had one or two vodkas and smoked a few joints, it was always the time for the blowgun. —John Giorno From 1974 to 1982, writer William S. Burroughs lived in a former locker room of a 19th-century former-YMCA on New York City’s Lower East Side. When he moved on, his stuff, including his worn out shoes, his gun mags, the typewriter on which he wrote Cities of the Red Night, and half of The Place of Dead Roads, a well-worn copy of Th...
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Lush Keep It Fluffy is Back and I’m Heart Broken

Lush Keep It Fluffy Perfume has returned! My god how I’ve waited for this day. Keep It Fluffy was one of the original Be Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful fragrances and it’s gorgeous! Over the years Lush UK has slowly brought back a lot of the scents from the B Never days and I’ve always waited and waited for the return of Keep It Fluffy but the day never came. To this day I remember the gorgeous vanilla and rose scent. It’s so unique and so gorgeous. And Lush UK has finally brought it back! ...
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Tarte Tartelette Juicy Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette Available Now

Tarte Tartelette Juicy Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette is a new Spring 2021 eyeshadow palette featuring 20 brand new Tarte Eyeshadows in rosy and bronze shades! It’s stunning and obviously based off the Holiday 2020 Lil’ Juicy Palette includes in the Tartelette Give, Gift, Get Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Wardrobe! You might recall that I mentioned in my Tarte Holiday 2020 post that Lil’ Juicy was probably a preview of Spring 2021 and I was right. This is a stunning palette! I love the soft pin...
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Anna Wintour defends Vogue's controversial Kamala Harris cover

Editor-in-chief of fashion magazine responds to online accusations of whitewashing and disrespecting the vice-president-electAnna Wintour has spoken about the controversy over Vogue’s Kamala Harris cover, accused online of whitewashing and disrespecting the vice-president-elect. Related: Kamala Harris and why politicians can’t resist Vogue (though it always ends in tears) Continue reading...
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Ja, die Geburtsszene in Pieces Of A Woman war auch am Set so schlimm

Achtung: Dieser Artikel enthält Spoiler zum Netflix-Film Pieces of a Woman. Es dauert nur ein paar Szenen, bis in Pieces of a Woman alles eskaliert. Dabei sind die ersten Szenen davor so schön: Das junge Paar Martha (Vanessa Kirby aus The Crown) und Sean (Shia LaBeouf, der ursprünglich für seine Darstellung hier von Netflix für diverse Filmpreise aufgestellt, wegen Vorwürfen des sexuellen Missbrauchs aber vom Streaming-Anbieter fallen gelassen wurde) erwarten ihr erstes gemeinsames Kind...
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Pat Mcgrath at Costco! Yes, We Have a Costco Membership Now!

Some very odd looking Pat Mcgrath EYEdols Eye Shadow popped up at Costco today! But first a little back story… When COVID started we got a Costco Membership. Yes, a Costco Membership. This from two people who used the fridge to store bottle water. Needless to say we used to eat out a lot or order in if we were ever home. Travel, socializing, etc…left us with an empty fridge most of the days of our lives but when the pandemic struck we decided that a Costco Membership was needed. We neede...
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Mink Pearls Jovan: An Aphrodite Born of Soapsuds

It was one of the most successful perfume startups in US history: Jovan Inc., a company founded in the late 1960s by Bernard Mitchell and Barry Shipp, began with the perfumed products of Mink Pearls. Mitchell's initial investment in the company amounted to US$100,000, and eleven years later it had turned into an $85 million fortune. By founding a successful perfumery venture in Chicago, he pr... Read full article: Mink Pearls Jovan: An Aphrodite Born of Soapsuds from Fragrantica Perfumes and...
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F.E.E.D: An Amazing Initiative By Rukhsheen Vajifdar

Pearl Tirandaz who runs the Good Deeds Project highlights the work of Ruksheen Vajifdar F.E.E.D. – Food and Education to Enrich and Develop A social initiative for the betterment of Street Urchins. #GDPwithPearl #gooddeedsproject
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