It may not be as glamorous as D2C, but beauty tech is big money

Sindhya Valloppillil Contributor Share on Twitter Sindhya Valloppillil is the founder and CEO of Skin Dossier, a venture partner at Next Gen Ventures, a freelance writer and formerly a beauty industry executive and marketing professor. Last week, Procter & Gamble (P&G) announced that it was terminating plans to acquire razor startup Billie following a U.S. Federal Trade Commission lawsuit to stop the deal. Last year, Edgewel...
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Arabesque Perfumes: Pearl

The United Arab Emirates niche house, ARABESQUE PERFUMES, presented a new creation in 2020 in a glass bottle that flows in ombre style from milky white to airy white. Beautifully designed, the new creation intertwines fruity and musk shades created by perfumer Luz Vaquero. PEARL is the eighth fragrance in the Arabesque Perfumes collection. According to the brand, this is "an olfactory story of... Read full article: Arabesque Perfumes: Pearl from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Podcast #676: Stop Living on Autopilot and Take Responsibility for Your Life

Do you ever have moments of terrible realization where you recognize that you’re living on autopilot? Instead of feeling like you’re in the driver’s seat, you feel like life is happening to you. You’re just going through the motions, you’ve lost your spark, and the months and years slide by in an indistinct blur.  My guest today has been there himself, and has an action plan for how to find your way out. His name is Antonio Neves, and he’s a writer, speaker, and success coach, as well as the ...
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Pasta with Brussels Sprouts and Walnut Sauce

This walnut sauce is a vegan adaptation from a traditional Italian recipe. We found it to be delicious. There was also enough sauce left over to use over cauliflower with was also tasty. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: for the walnut sauce: 1¼ cups walnuts, shelled 1 slice bread 1 cup non-dairy milk 2 cloves garlic, minced 3-4 tablespoon olive oil ¼ cup nutritional yeast ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon dry mustard powder pinch white pepper (or black) small splash hot chili sauce water if needed for t...
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All The Little Things

Perfume PosseAll The Little Things I had tea the other day with my English neighbor, who I’ll call Jane.  This being COVID Time, we sat outside on her open porch wrapped in quilts, wearing coats and hats and mittens, with lots of distance and a… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseAll The Little Things
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How to Drive Your Life Through a Storm

We know it can be difficult to drive your car in bad weather. But what about life? We share four tips to drive your life through a storm. On The BIGG Success Show, we discuss how to weather difficult times. Here’s a summary of that discussion… We’ve haven’t had any major snow storms this winter […] The post How to Drive Your Life Through a Storm appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Reasons To Consider A Career In Higher Education in 2021

It can be easy to become restless at work. Perhaps you feel underappreciated, or unfulfilled sat behind a desk doing the same thing day in or day out. Or, maybe you took the job as a temporary position and ended up staying much longer than you originally intended. Whatever the reason is, sometimes change is necessary – especially if you want to achieve your goals.  Sometimes, when we decide to reshuffle our priorities and look for new work, we want a complete and total change. This mean...
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Lush Sappho: A Scent of Poetry and Love

Born probably about 620 BCE, antiquity’s greatest female artist, Sappho, was Greece's notable poet, a woman whose life is as fascinating as it is controversial. Her literary skills were praised as much as her sexuality was criticised for loving the bodies of other women. Sappho came from the Greek island of Lesbos, and the name of this place gained a whole new use after Sapphos's sexual pref... Read full article: Lush Sappho: A Scent of Poetry and Love from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
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(Untitled) [Flickr]

Sarcomical (Melissa) posted a photo: [Author: Sarcomical (Melissa)]
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10 Types of Closets to Consider for Your Next Remodeling Project

If you’ve noticed an uptick in the amount of clutter and mess around your room, then it’s time to rethink the closet situation in your home. Having a closet in your house won’t only grant you extra space, but also ensures that everything stays well organized and easy to find. But what exactly are the... Read More » The post 10 Types of Closets to Consider for Your Next Remodeling Project appeared first on .
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Tommy Hilfiger dumps $45 million Greenwich mansion for sunny Florida

Just about everybody seems to be moving to Florida — including Hilfiger, who dumped his $47.5 million Greenwich mansion for warmer pastures. 
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Homosalate: Should You Avoid It?

What Is Homosalate? Homosalate is an ingredient used in the formulation of sunscreen products. It is also used in some eyebrow pencils, skincare and lipsticks.  Homosalate is used mainly as a sunscreening ingredient, protecting the skin against UV rays.  As you probably know by now, sun damage from...
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What Is Resorcinol? Resorcinol is an ingredient used to help treat conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It works by exfoliating the skin, removing scaly or hard skin. Resorcinol is most often found in acne treatment products such as spot treatments usually in combination with sulfur....
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Bella and Gigi Hadid both love this money-themed blazer

The model sisters share the same taste in outwear.
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Blogs for Branding: Length of a Post

Blog posts can be as short as you want, and still be effective. Like this one.
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Agents are happy with careers despite long hours: Inman survey

Inman's second-annual Agent Appreciation survey revealed that many agents are working every day of the week and that just as many are completely satisfied with their careers.
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Lucky Me For Men Avon: Oh, Lucky You!

Lucky Me For Men Avon — another new Avon fragrance launched in 2020 in the Luck collection — is the perfect confirmation of the image of Avon as a company that produces as many fragrances as possible in the most popular segments, and at a low price. Originality? Are there any original talismans for good luck? On the contrary, talismans should always be familiar to all around. I believe ever... Read full article: Lucky Me For Men Avon: Oh, Lucky You! from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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Du hast (Ein-)Schlafprobleme? Versuch’s doch mal mit „Schlafyoga“

Ich habe schon immer ziemlich gut geschlafen – und das auch problemlos überall: auf dem Boden, im Flugzeug, während einer langen Autofahrt. Trotzdem habe ich in letzter Zeit immer wieder Probleme beim Einschlafen. Also liege ich hellwach um 2 Uhr im Bett und bleibe in merkwürdigen Ecken von TikTok hängen, anstatt mich ins Traumland zu verabschieden. Jetzt habe ich aber etwas gefunden, von dem ich glaube, dass es mein Leben verändern könnte: Yoga Nidra – auch bekannt als Schlafyoga oder „yo...
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Today’s Outfit: Soft Comfort Nakaya Boots

It’s no wonder why the Nakaya boots from Soft Comfort are one of the most popular styles for Winter 2021. They are super warm, cozy, fashionable, and very comfortable. They go great with everything from tights and dresses to leggings and jeans. No matter what you wear outside this winter, these boots will keep you cozy and stylish! We don’t go out often, but every time we do, someone compliments these boots! With their cute sweater detailing and lace-up back, it’s no wonder why ...
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I'm a butler for wealthy NYC families who earns a six-figure salary and has lots of time to see my kids. From checking for dust with a flashlight to taking wine cellar inventory, this is what my job is like.

Stanley (not his real name) has been a professional butler and house manager for 12 years. Courtesy photo Stanley (not his real name) is a house manager and butler for wealthy families in New York City. His job involves everything from organizing bills and tracking charitable donations to taking wine cellar inventory and making sure everything inch of his employer's home is spotless and dust-free. Over the years, he's had both good and bad employers, including one who would constantly fire...
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Grab Up These Eye Gels Today for 50% Off

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels are 50% Off today at and also, the Dissolving Microneedle Eye Patches With Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides are also on sale for 50% Off! Other skincare on sale today: Sand & Sea Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask $20 Mario Badescu Plastic Bottle Drying Lotion or Glass Bottle $8.50 Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion $9.50 Mario Badescu Silver Powder $6.00 Lancome Génifique Yeux Anti-Aging Hydrating Eye Cream $33 Enjoy! Where to buy Ulta ...
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Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour Review

This is definitely my favourite lip colour that I’ve tried all year – but I love Bobbi Brown cosmetics, and their aesthetic really speaks to me. They were one of the first to create an... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Low-Cost Ways Businesses Can Boost Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Your business can’t be at its best unless your employees are. If your team seems unmotivated or generally unfulfilled, it’s going to reflect in their work. You don’t have to go to unreasonable lengths to boost employee morale, however. Here are four affordable ways to get more productivity and satisfaction from your employees. Better Refreshments The break room should be where your employees re-energize, not where they space out. However, if they’re just given shoddy coffee and meager vending...
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9 Augencremes für einen frischen Blick aufs neue Jahr

Wenn du dieses Jahr in ein neues Skincare-Produkt investierst, dann am besten eine gute Augencreme – denn die verleiht dir selbst dann einen frischen Look, wenn du eigentlich so müde aussiehst, wie du dich fühlst. Die richtige Creme sorgt dafür, dass die empfindliche, dünne Haut unter den Augen praller und strahlender wirkt.  Du weißt nicht so recht, wie und wo du mit der Suche nach diesem Wundermittel anfangen sollst? Wir haben uns mal einige der beliebtesten Eye-Cream-Innovationen genauer ange...
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Spotlight: Universal Standard

I sang the praises of Universal Standard back in 2017, but they deserve another spotlight because they are now the world’s most size-inclusive fashion brand. Since my first spotlight they’ve added more sizes to their clothing assortment, and opened a showroom in Seattle which is a five minute walk from our loft. I’ve taken clients there and we always come back smiling after a delightful experience. Universal Standard believes that style should be the only filter when you shop. As a result, they ...
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"Another big issue is his lack of interest in me in other ways. He can monologue for hours about politics, culture, social issues, and..."

"... he rants like a combination of Grandpa Simpson and Archie Bunker about anyone under age 40, but when it comes to anything I’m up to, or how he or I are feeling? Crickets. I’m actually keeping a list of things he’d rather do than, well, me. The list is pretty depressing. I am less desirable than playing Windows Solitaire or watching BBC detective shows and The Seventh Seal (I’m less desirable to my husband than an overwrought, depressing Swedish movie, FML)."  From "My Husband Won’t Have S...
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How we met: ‘A fortune teller told me how I would meet my partner. She was right’

Teachers Naomi and Huw Beynon, 41 and 49, met at a salsa class in 2005. They live with their children in Swansea Naomi Lewis was nursing a broken heart at the start of 2005, after splitting up with her boyfriend a few months earlier. She had recently moved into a new flat in Swansea, alone, and befriended Saffron, a woman who lived above her in the building. “In January, Saffron went on a bad blind date to a salsa class,” she says. “Although there was no spark, she loved the dancing and begged m...
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Body Shaming von der Familie: So gehst du am besten mit Sticheleien um

Nenne es, wie auch immer du willst: Hänselei, konstruktive Kritik oder regelrechtes Body Shaming. Du kennst es vielleicht: dieses einzigartig miese Gefühl, das du verspürst, wenn dich deine Familienmitglieder aufgrund deiner körperlichen Erscheinung runtermachen. Dazu kommt es häufiger, als man zunächst vielleicht meinen würde. Jede:r kann Opfer davon werden: von extrem sensiblen Personen bis hin zu Menschen mit äußerst dicker Haut, die sonst so gut wie nichts umhaut.Mein kleiner Bruder verglic...
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Dan Lawrence: first look in Test cricket

We don’t believe you can draw meaningful conclusions from players’ debuts – but we report on them anyway. As a connoisseur of part-time bowling, we are greatly disappointed to have missed the two overs Dan Lawrence bowled on his debut (0-10). Fortunately, his batting (73 and 21 not out) provided plenty of fun and japes and the promise of plenty of mad shots in the years to come. The England batsmen we like the most generally fall into one of two categories: The almost wilfully unspec...
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