The Inimitable William Penhaligon Walks in Silk Slippers

When Mr Penhaligon first made cologne for royals and nobility, he had set up in Mayfair, the centre of Old-World civility. Our Dear Queen Victoria and the Shah of Persia soon wore his scent, and the request for a Royal Warrant had swift regal consent. This was 1870, and the world was discovering what would one day be his legacy.  The above is all true.  This is the way Pengaligon's, the Briti... Read full article: The Inimitable William Penhaligon Walks in Silk Slippers from Fragrantica Perfum...
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Kamala Harris switches to all-black outfit for inauguration concert

First day on the job calls for two outfits. Vice President Kamala Harris joined the "Celebrate America" inauguration concert, ditching her purple outfit for an all-black ensemble by Sergio Hudson.
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Leopard coats worn by Kamala Harris’ great-nieces named after VP

The plush jackets, which were custom-made by NYC-based children's wear form iloveplum, have since been named "Kamala" after the newly-anointed VP, the brand told The Post.
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6 Delicious Types of Cookies You HAVE to Try!

Cookies are found everywhere and they are given numerous names, as they’re among the most well-known sweets created. Everyone has their preference when it comes to cookies; some like chewy and moist and some like it more on the light and crunchier side. Here I’ve listed the most common six types of cookies worth knowing!... Read More » The post 6 Delicious Types of Cookies You HAVE to Try! appeared first on .
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Did Garth Brooks get hair plugs for Joe Biden’s inauguration?

When country singer Garth Brooks belted out a stunning rendition of "Amazing Grace" at President Joe Biden's inauguration, everyone was thinking the same thing: Did he get hair plugs?
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How To Introduce A Child To The World Of Beauty

There are a lot of vital parenting questions that are often left unanswered. When should they get their first smartphone? Should you give them pocket money? Is my child ready to try makeup for the first time? Questions like this can make the life of a parent very stressful, making it difficult to know if you’re taking the right path when you’re looking after your little ones. While other parents may take one path, you will probably want to forge your own. To help you out with this, this po...
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Maison Ormaie: Natural Elegance

Almost a year ago, just a few days before we all had to stay in place due to the spread of the pandemic, I met Baptiste Bouygues, the founder of the brand Ormaie.  It was an opportunity for me to discuss the genesis and the purpose of this new label that I did not know, but whose merits were already praised by fellow Fragrantica writer Sergey here. But also to discover the perfumes of the rang... Read full article: Maison Ormaie: Natural Elegance from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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‘Zillow Gone Wild’: Instagram account featuring kooky homes gains popularity

An Instagram account that finds the biggest, flashiest and otherwise weirdest listings on Zillow is quickly gaining a loyal following.
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Unethical Marketing: How to Spot Greenwashing

Concerns about sustainability and the effects of global warming have consumers demanding more “green” products that aren’t as detrimental to the environment or their health. Research from the American Chemistry Council, for example, revealed that 83% of people think it’s important for companies to...
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How the Beauty Industry Is Navigating Body Positivity

Studies confirm the well-known fact that the media impacts body image and nutrition. One study shows that 53% of thirteen-year-old girls are “unhappy with their bodies.” At age 17, the percentage grows to 78%. The portrayal of preference for thin bodies and the emphasis on beauty in the media,...
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Carrot & Stick

If you’re the kind of shopper who carefully reads every label, whether it’s on a bottle of cold pressed green juice or a moisturizer, there’s a good chance you may be switching to natural skincare. Just as everything you put into your body has an impact, so does everything you put on to your skin...
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CV Carrot Stick Brand Review

If you’re the kind of shopper who carefully reads every label, whether it’s on a bottle of cold pressed green juice or a moisturizer, there’s a good chance you may be switching to natural skincare. Just as everything you put into your body has an impact, so does everything you put on to your skin...
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Men’s Fitness Leggings Are A Thing And We Don’t Hate It

Some years ago, not many men wanted to be identified with wearing leggings -men’s fitness leggings. In fact, if you asked some girls about what they think of having their man in leggings, they’d scowl, “eeeww.” That’s changing, though. It is. As you can tell, when it comes to fashion, no style lasts forever. The evolution of men’s dressing has seen men wearing leggings now to the gym, for fitness purposes, and out on the streets, for a fashion statement. Are you thinking of joining the ‘me...
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Kamala Harris Sworn In As Vice President Of The U.S. Wearing Christopher John Rogers

A big day for the country — and for the U.S. fashion industry.
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5 Ideas For Your Perfect Spring Bathroom Remodel

Whether you’re thinking of carrying out a full bathroom remodel or simply upgrading a few elements, you’re probably looking for new ideas to improve your space.  Apart from replacing the bathroom suite, what should you be considering? Here are 5 ideas to help you create the perfect bathroom. Add patterned floor tiles White bathroom suites are seen as a timeless classic, so they’re what most of us have installed. However, your bathroom can look a bit clinical if you’re not careful...
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Everything You Need to Know About Skinimalism

Scroll through social media, and you’re likely to find dozens of videos with titles like “My Nightly Skincare Routine,” with influencers sharing elaborate, multi-step routines for cleansing and treating their skin. YouTube has thousands of makeup tutorials, with some artists showing how to create...
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CeraVe Eye Cream

The Story Behind CeraVe CeraVe is a brand of dermatologist-developed skin care products that are formulated with the primary goal of repairing and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier. Why? Well, the importance of a strong, intact skin barrier can be compared to the importance of having a...
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Tech Trends That Are Impacting the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is not immune to the rapid rise of technology. Many recent innovations have changed how companies sell products, engage in manufacturing, and engage with customers.  Beauty companies that integrate technological solutions into their business models will have the edge over the...
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Unethical Ingredients to Look Out for in Everyday Products

Consumer shopping behavior has changed as more people search for companies that practice ethics and sustainability. By choosing to buy ethical products, you can benefit from: Minimizing harm to the planet, animals, or humans; Supporting local communities; Indulging in healthier products; Creating...
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Armani Privé Sable Nuit

The oriental and spicy fragrance, Sable Nuit, will be released in early 2021 as part of the exclusive Armani Privé line and its subcollection, Les Mille et Une Nuits. It is inspired by the desert — cold and fresh nights and the warmth of desert sand. The composition is created by perfumer Nicolas Beaulieu (IFF). Fresh top notes of pink pepper and olibanum mix with the warmth of benzoin ... Read full article: Armani Privé Sable Nuit from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Podcast #677: The Value of Learning New Skills in Adulthood

When you were a kid, you not only went to school, where you did academics, art, and PE, but you probably also took extracurricular lessons in music or sports, and likely even taught yourself things like how to do magic tricks. Now that you’re an adult, can you think of the last new skill you learned? My guest today explains why there’s a good chance that you’ll struggle to answer that question, and how that’s a tragedy you ought to do something about. His name is Tom Vanderbilt, and he’s the ...
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Jill Biden’s glittery inauguration outfit was a nod to ‘stability’

“The color blue was chosen for the pieces to signify trust, confidence, and stability."
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Peter Thiel bought this Miami compound on an exclusive manmade island for $18 million - see inside

Peter Thiel's Miami property. Courtesy of Luxe Living Realty Tech billionaire Peter Thiel bought a miami property through an LLC in September. It was sold by former president and CEO of Ford Motor Company Jacques Nasser. The compound on Biscayne Bay's Venetian Islands comprises 2 homes that span a combined 10,041 square feet. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Tech billionaire Peter Thiel bought an $18 million Miami property in September, Becky Peterson at Insider repo...
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Top 5 Australian Cricket Players in History

Australia is one of the countries that have always been obsessed with cricket. According to the latest count, there are around 3,450 cricket clubs in Read More The post Top 5 Australian Cricket Players in History appeared first on Cricket Fever - It's All About Live Cricket. Related posts: Top Records From DLF IPL 2008 The Rise of the Australian Cricket Team Why International Cricket teams need to fear Australia again?
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5 real estate professionals who got pardons — and the 1 who didn’t

Jenna Ryan, the Realtor arrested for "storming the capitol," made a public plea for a pardon on Monday. But among 73 pardons and 70 clemencies granted Tuesday, she was left empty-handed.
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Why are so many women wearing purple at Biden’s inauguration today?

In a sea of red, white and blue, there's a whole lot of purple.
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Kamala Harris’ purple inauguration outfit champions black designer

For Wednesday’s historic inauguration, Vice President Kamala Harris elected to wear black designer Christopher John Rogers. On a day that is not only historic for the incoming 56-year-old vice president — Harris is the first female, the first woman of color and the first woman of Asian American descent to occupy the vice presidency —...
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Working from bed? Here’s how you can still look professional

From airline pants to the all-day dressing gown, these outfits are just the thing for those duvet-based video callsDressing for work, if lockdown is forcing you to work from bed, is a dance between comfort and mindset. A nightie suggests you’ve given up, but lip gloss is too much (plus it’s a nightmare if you get it on your sheets). So, how to dress when you don’t want to get dressed? Can you get away with a dressing gown, and what about a hoodie? Follow these tips for bed-based video-call dress...
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