Sunday Firesides: Profanity Is Performative

In 1934, Rear Admiral Richard Byrd spent almost five months living entirely alone in a tiny shack buried under the ice of Antarctica’s interior. Though the military pilot and polar explorer was ostensibly there to gather scientific data, he admitted to really being after the experience itself; he wanted to pare life down to the essentials, and see how being cut off from civilization would change him. One of the first discoveries Byrd made during his sojourn was that “solitude is an excelle...
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Watch the Recording of My Recent Webinar With getAbstract

Recently, I had the privilege of being the guest speaker for a webinar hosted by getAbstract, one of the leading book summary organizations in the world. Our topic was “Remote Work, Rising Stress and the Critical Need for Connection” – a timely discussion for today’s environment. The webinar was attended live by 2,004 professionals eager to learn how connection can help their teams to thrive this year. If you missed the live webinar, you can now watch the recording on demand. I hope the conversa...
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Citizens Of Humanity Emerson [February 2020]

We may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Popular jeans from Citizens of Humanity You can find these jeans online at Nordstrom Rack for $89.97, a discount of 48% $89.97 from Nordstrom Rack What the Reviews Say Citizens of Humanity Emerson were rated 4.60/5 from the 70 reviews we’ve analyzed. This rating is better than 80% of all the jeans we’ve looked at. Buying These Jeans Online, these jeans are available at 62 retailers and they have an average pri...
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Citizens Of Humanity Emerson [January 2020]

Citizens of Humanity Emerson Popular jeans from Citizens of Humanity You can find these jeans online at Nordstrom Rack for $89.97, a discount of 46% $89.97 from Nordstrom Rack What the Reviews Say Citizens of Humanity Emerson were rated 4.60/5 from the 50 reviews we’ve analyzed. This rating is better than 80% of all the jeans we’ve looked at. ‘ ‘ Buying These Jeans Online, these jeans are available at 63 retailers and they have an average price of $183.04. The best deal we foun...
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3 Reasons Why Hiring a Home Cleaning Service or Maid Is Totally Worth It!

It is always nice to get your cleaning chores ticked off from your to-do list. But sometimes, it’s just not realistically possible. Hiring professionals who are dedicated to this job can be your next best option.  You’re probably wondering if hiring a home cleaning service is actually for you. Here are some factors that can help you decide.  1. It saves you time Hiring a cleaning service frees you up so you can make wiser investments with your time. When cleaning doesn’t consume...
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How to Know When to Bleed a Radiator

In these cold winter months, our heating systems can be our best friends or worst enemies. When your heating has a low heat output and you are sitting there shivering, there are a few things it could be. You might not even need to call a plumber if it just needs bleeding. All you need is a radiator key, which usually comes with the system or can be bought from most hardware shops, and the knowledge of how and when to bleed your radiators. Is it Cold in Your House? The most ...
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Boosters jump to Joe Biden’s defense over coverage of his high-end watches

A fluffy fashion story on President Joe Biden’s pricey taste in timepieces is drawing bitter pushback from lefty defenders on social media. “Headlines complaining about Biden’s Peloton and Rolex after 4 years of a dude with a literal gold toilet are beyond parody,” Laura Bassett, a writer for GQ, tweeted Friday. The anger was directed...
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Molinard Osmanthus Eau de Parfum

  The historical perfume house of Molinard has introduced a new perfume inspired by osmanthus. Osmanthus Eau de Parfum has joined the Les Eléments line dedicated to the traditional perfume making in Grasse. "Grasse is the birthplace of perfumery, land of perfume plants, boundless source of inspiration, and the origin of Molinard's first floral creations." – Molinard. The wonderful smell of o... Read full article: Molinard Osmanthus Eau de Parfum from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine...
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Gravure Idol Shihomi Yoshino Advertises Fish Bikini Calendar

Shihomi Yoshino, a gravure idol who grew in popularity after posing in a fish bikini of sorts, has now made her way onto a Japanese variety show to advertise a calendar full of such photos of her wearing the pungent attire. The idol advertised her “dried fish calendar” and various photos of her wearing fish-based […]
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Burberry Body EDT: A Beautiful Bauble

Ten years ago, Burberry launched its Body Burberry fragrance collection, which has become a classic. During this time, seven different variants and limited editions were launched - however, all updates happened before 2013. By 2021, only two options remained on the official website - Burberry Body Eau de Parfum and Burberry Body Tender. The Eau De Toilette version appeared in 2012 as a lighter an... Read full article: Burberry Body EDT: A Beautiful Bauble from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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Analgesic culture: can reframing pain make it go away?

The way we think about pain could change how much we actually sufferWe’ve all got a story about pain. Maybe it’s that time you broke your arm skating, or the time you finished the game on a twisted ankle, or the 10 hours of labour without an epidural. Maybe your story of pain is a story of violence, the injury and trauma of an assault. Maybe it’s a story of terror. Or it’s heartbreak, the seemingly endless depths of grief and despair after a loss. Whatever it is, (almost) all of us have experien...
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Paul Smith on lockdown dressing: 'Don’t laugh but I've still been wearing my suits'

The designer discusses how the pandemic has affected with latest collection – and why he likes digital fashion showsThis time last year Paul Smith celebrated his fiftieth anniversary with a bells and whistles fashion show in Paris. There was a greatest hits collection and Susan Sarandon and Jon Hamm front row. This year, things are a little different. Paris men’s fashion week is largely digital and Smith’s show on Friday afternoon was a behind-closed doors event with no audience. It was filmed i...
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Tommy Hilfiger: ‘Sometimes I forget Tommy Hilfiger is my real name’

The designer, 69, on the joy of comfortable clothes, being starstruck by David Bowie and why he is an eternal optimistI’m glad I started work at 18. It was a lot more fun than going to school. When I opened my first shop it was a hangout for all my friends – a community before social media. I didn’t worry about the business side until I faced bankruptcy, five years later. That taught me a big lesson.I really enjoy being a designer. It’s a big creative outlet and it’s exciting to grow a brand and...
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James Anderson has become spry

It’s funny how people described as “ageless” are always, always, without exception, old. People age in different ways. This is a phenomenon that first becomes apparent, and is arguably at its most jarring, when you’re in your late 20s or early 30s. At some point during that period, you’ll bump into someone from school having not seen them for 10 or 15 years, and you’ll discover that they have aged considerably more rapidly or slowly than you. If you’re only now starting to look like ...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Reevaluating Your Church’s Values While we’ve been emphasizing initial decisions, numeric growth, and “worship experiences,” we’ve likely been missing out on communicating what God ultimately values — which isn’t success so much as faithfulness. How Would Paul Use a Church Directory? He’d Look for Grace on Every Page. Let me offer another outlet for your creative insights about the church. Pull out your church directory and notice God’s grace i...
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‘I only know one god – and that’s me’: non-believers on the meaning of life

Around the world, growing numbers of people are rejecting traditional faiths and choosing their own spiritual path. Eight atheists and agnostics open upReligion may once have been the opium of the people, but in large swaths of the world the masses have kicked the habit. In countries once dominated by churches characterised by patriarchy, ritual and hierarchy, the pews have emptied and people have found other sources of solace, spirituality and morality.In the US, those who say they are atheist,...
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He shoots, he scores – or does he? How VAR changed football for ever

Virtual assistance for referees has drawn complaints from managers, players and fans. What has it done to the beautiful game?When Manchester City scored a brilliant winning goal in the last seconds of a Uefa Champions League quarter-final against Spurs in the spring of 2019, at least two spectators who were present at the game abandoned watching.Out in the stands, an overcoated City fan hurried for the exits, delighted with his last-gasp win and keen to beat the rush home. At the same time, down...
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Blind date: ‘I realised my questions were getting a bit intense’

Matt, 32, hydraulic engineer, and Steph, 29, trainee clinical psychologistWhat were you hoping for?To meet someone interesting and enjoy a slice of normality in the sea of crazy that is the world at the moment. Continue reading...
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Tim Dowling: the cat has plenty to say. But why should I listen?

‘Your English is poor,’ I tell him. ‘Your accent is atrocious’My phone says it’s 7.50am, but the sky outside looks more like 4.15. Rain is striking the window in handfuls, like flung gravel. It has been raining all night, and it promises to rain all day, possibly for the rest of the month. I dress by the light of a reading lamp and close the bedroom door behind me.“Hello?” says the cat from somewhere in the darkness below. Continue reading...
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It’s the Last Day of the Ulta Love Your Skin Event! Here’s What’s On Sale!

It’s the last day of Ulta’s Love Your Skin Event. The month literally flew by didn’t it? Here’s the final offerings today: Juice STEM CELLULAR 2-in-1 Cleanser $17 PMD Personal Microderm PRO $99 Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff $16.50 Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer $19.50 Enjoy! Where to buy Ulta You may also enjoy... Estee Lauder on HautelookHard Candy Plumping Serum Lipstick Review & SwatchesLiner Designer by Beautyblend...
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