Finesse raises $4.5M to predict fashion trends with AI

Finesse, a startup promising to take the guesswork and waste out of fashion, is announcing that it has raised $4.5 million in seed and pre-seed funding. Founder and CEO Ramin Ahmari said the tremendous waste in the fashion industry has become a badly-kept secret, with Burberry recently facing a backlash over its practice of burning unwanted products, and the industry as a whole producing an estimated 13 million tons of textile waste each year. Finesse is looking to change that, Ahmari said, in p...
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Patou pour Homme Jean Patou: Old And New

Last year it became known that Jean Patou fell into the hands of LVMH like an overripe fruit in the palms of a patiently waiting person, and the concern is that they are not going to resume the brand's perfume production. Now, while some are saddened by the loss, without exaggeration, of the legendary perfume brand, others are methodically collecting little by little all that can still be purch... Read full article: Patou pour Homme Jean Patou: Old And New from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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L’Occitane Files for Bankruptcy

News broke today that L’Occitane has filed for bankruptcy but don’t panic quite yet as the brand is still thriving in Internationally and this does not extend to Elemis. I hate to say it I’ve been sitting here waiting to see who would hit the chapter 11 button first. 2020 was a rough year and a lot of brands struggled to stay afloat. Beauty brands in particular are guilty of setting themselves up for failure with an endless round of releases that go on sale within weeks of launching. The ov...
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Du guckst im Lockdown mehr Pornos? Du bist nicht allein – & das hat komplizierte Gründe

„Oktopus-Tentakel-Hentai-Cartoons, Gangbangs, Erniedrigung – ich hab nichts davon jemals selbst erlebt und finde es auch nicht heiß, aber mir ist einfach so langweilig“, erzählt Eloise*, 29. Vor der Corona-Pandemie schaute sie sich ungefähr zweimal pro Woche Pornos an. Jetzt passiert das etwa vier- bis fünfmal. Damit ist sie nicht allein. Kaum wurde die deutsche Bevölkerung im März 2020 zum Homeoffice und Social Distancing aufgerufen, schoss der deutsche Traffic auf Pornhub um fast 25 Prozent...
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Three Men’s Mass Market Scents to Try This Month

Finally, new releases are beginning to make their way to retail shelves in steady fashion. Long-promised novelties in the mass section have been slow to materialize for consumers due to the pandemic, and consequently, a lot is turning up at once, with the chance to miss some hidden gems.  I am only just smelling Versace Eros Eau de Parfum from last year. The official notes, for the most part, re... Read full article: Three Men’s Mass Market Scents to Try This Month from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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The best places to shop for men's boots in 2021

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Thursday Boot Co. Fall boots are a perfect transitional shoe for when it's too cool for sneakers, but not cold enough for heavy-duty winter boots.Which boots you choose to wear has everything to do with where you plan to wear them. Some of our favorite pairs come from Thursday Boot Co., Timberland, Clarks, Dr. Martens, Frye, and L.L. Bean.Although we typically assign boots to cooler temperatures, t...
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The New Pacifica Line: MOON MOODS

The American beauty and fragrance house Pacifica, founded in 1997 by Montana born Brook Harvey, an aromatherapist by trade, and Billy Taylor, a successful photographer and filmmaker who shared her love for nature and the outdoors, continues to bring new and interesting fragrances onto the market place. After last year's Natural Origins line, the brand presented this week their latest collection... Read full article: The New Pacifica Line: MOON MOODS from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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Amanda Gorman signs modeling contract after star turn at inauguration

Already a fashion sensation, the 22-year-old joins IMG Models, the same agency as Gigi and Bella HadidAmanda Gorman, whose performance of her poem The Hill We Climb during Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration drew widespread praise, has signed to IMG Models, the same agency as Gigi and Bella Hadid.The 22-year-old US national youth poet laureate, has already become a fashion sensation. The red satin Prada headband she wore during the inauguration ceremony led to the item selling out, while her y...
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Shea Moisture Color Correcting Moisturizer Review

The Story Behind Shea Moisture The story behind Shea Moisture dates back to 1912 when Sofi Tucker, a pioneering mother of four and entrepreneur, began selling shea butter, African black soap, and homemade beauty preparations in Sierra Leone. Today, the brand honors Sofi’s vision by continuing to...
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Humanrace Skincare Review

The Story Behind Humanrace Skincare Founded by Pharrell Williams, Humanrace Skincare is a collection of all-gender skincare products with a mission to empower all people in their pursuit of wellbeing. Pharrell has always taken good care of his skin and has been seeing board-certified dermatologist...
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Keys Soulcare Review

The Story Behind Keys Soulcare Keys Soulcare is a beauty and lifestyle brand created with Alicia Keys and inspired by her own skin care journey and love of ancient beauty rituals. The brand not only offers skin care products, but also tools and accessories to truly care for the whole self — body,...
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Smart Ways to Look After Your Health As A New Mother

It’s not uncommon for a new mother to find themselves deprived of sleep, which is known to affect mood, appetite, stress hormones, and more. However, the exhaustion of new motherhood can also wreak havoc in other ways, particularly when it comes to daily health necessities — like eating consistently (and healthily). Whether you’re expecting for the first time or are already going through the trials of new motherhood first hand, here are just a couple ways you can better look after yourself...
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Sephora Your Algorithm Is Broke

Sephora Beauty Wins is an interesting concept that started happening last month! It’s basically a “secret offer” that Sephora extends to you via e-mail and sometimes on a pop-up on their website. I’ve gotten two so far and both of them we’re rubbish. Allow me to explain. Sephora says these offers are based on my past purchases. The most recent offer I got was 20% off hair care. Wait, what? Ok, so, we all know that during the pandemic I got a little hair crazy. Pigtails, crown braids, spa...
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Givenchy L'Interdit Édition Millésime

For the spring of 2021, Givenchy prepared a special edition of the 2018 L'Interdit fragrance that enhances the note of orange blossom in a hypnotic bouquet of white flowers. The new fragrance is called L'Interdit Édition Millésime. Egyptian orange blossom comes from a harvest dedicated to Maison Givenchy, according to the house, adding that each bottle of perfume contains at least one hund... Read full article: Givenchy L'Interdit Édition Millésime from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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Bathroom Scales and Why They Are Important To Your Health

Personal health has become a major concern for everyone, especially in societies filled with questionable food choices and sedentary lifestyles. Obesity has slowly become one of the major health concerns globally, and given the high number of cases and limited health services, many individuals have decided to take a personal initiative to ensure that they maintain a healthy diet and consequently healthy body weight. As a result, bathroom scales have become a must-have item in any household...
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Saunf wala Sooji ka Halwa | Semolina pudding with Fennel Seeds

Sooji Halwa is a classic Indian sweet! There are many versions of this sweet treat. Traditionally, Sooji Halwa is flavored with a large pinch of cardamom. Some folks like to cook it in milk, or a combination of milk and water. When saffron is added to it, its gets a light yellow color and is called Rava Kesari. Continue reading » [Author: [email protected] (AJ)]
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Podcast #679: The History of Fame, From Alexander the Great to Social Media Influencers

When choosing among options like becoming a leader, helping others, and becoming more spiritual, half of millennials say that their generation’s first or second most important goal is being famous. When teenagers in the UK were asked what they’d like to do for their career, over half said they wanted to be a celebrity. And amongst kids polled in the US and UK, 3X more said they’d like to become a YouTube star than an astronaut.  How did fame, and modernity’s particular flavor of fame, rise to...
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Cacharel Yes I Am Glorious

Cacharel further extends its Yes I Am fragrance line with a new edition for 2021. The perfumes of the line that represents boldness and independence come in glass bottles with a lipstick-shaped design. Each of the fragrances comes with its own signature color. Yes I Am Glorious is the fourth edition of the collection, and it is characterized by a dusty pink shade. Yes I Am Glorious is announced... Read full article: Cacharel Yes I Am Glorious from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Heidi Klum’s model daughter Leni, 16, opens Berlin Fashion Week

The rising style star made her runway debut.
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Warum deine bessere Hälfte für dich so unwiderstehlich riecht

An den meisten Wochentagen kannst du mich an meinem Schreibtisch vorfinden, während ich mich durch Twitter scrolle und mir dabei durch die Haare fahre. Das ist eine geistesabwesende Angewohnheit, die ich mir zu Schulzeiten angeeignet habe (das ist wahrscheinlich auch der Grund dafür, warum meine Haare am Ende des Tages immer so fettig aussehen). Weil ich mich jedes Mal so sehr darin verliere, bemerke ich meistens nicht einmal, dass ich währenddessen ständig mit meinem Haar spiele. Das ist a...
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Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman’s Thirty Five Ventures to Premiere New Video Series About Sneaker Industry (EXCLUSIVE)

  Kevin Durant and his Thirty Five Ventures partner Rich Kleiman are about to launch a slew of shows on their vertical The Boardroom. Among them is the tentatively titled “The Sneaker Game,” which focuses on the $75 billion sneaker industry. Variety caught up with host Nick DePaula ahead of the show’s premiere next month. […]
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9 Tips for Saving Money on Birthday Parties Without Sacrificing Fun

My daughter’s birthday is in two weeks. Although I think that all-out birthday parties are a little excessive for kids, I do think it’s fun to celebrate these special days. The only problem is that even the simplest parties can add up in costs. Do you have a party coming up? Here are a few tips for saving money on the birthday parties without sacrificing a fun experience. 1. Check the Dollar Store I was in Target getting a few items and was going to buy plastic tablecloths for the party. T...
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Ist es sicher, dich selbst zu piercen? Wir haben zwei Profis gefragt

Unser Leben wirkt gerade so unberechenbar wie vielleicht nie zuvor. Der Lockdown scheint kein Ende zu nehmen – und um zumindest in irgendeinem Lebensbereich das Gefühl zu bekommen, alles selbst unter Kontrolle zu haben, experimentieren einige von uns gerade zu Hause mit ihrem Aussehen. DIY-Haarschnitte oder -farben, bunte Nageltrends, Tattoo-Pläne für später: Weil die entsprechenden Studios und Salons derzeit geschlossen sind, verlagern sich viele dieser Beauty-Rituale eben ins eigene Zuhause. U...
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Ist es sicher, dir selbst ein Piercing stechen? Wir haben zwei Profis gefragt

Unser Leben wirkt gerade so unberechenbar wie vielleicht nie zuvor. Der Lockdown scheint kein Ende zu nehmen – und um zumindest in irgendeinem Lebensbereich das Gefühl zu bekommen, alles selbst unter Kontrolle zu haben, experimentieren einige von uns gerade zu Hause mit ihrem Aussehen. DIY-Haarschnitte oder -farben, bunte Nageltrends, Tattoo-Pläne für später: Weil die entsprechenden Studios und Salons derzeit geschlossen sind, verlagern sich viele dieser Beauty-Rituale eben ins eigene Zuhause. U...
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Orange appeal: 17 mouth-watering ways with marmalade

From cake to pudding to panna cotta to pork ribs, this seasonal treat is endlessly flexible. And let’s not forget the cocktails …We may never know how many surplus jars of marmalade were created during the lockdown year, just for something to do. There is, however, still time for one final push: marmalade – as detailed in this masterclass recipe from Felicity Cloake – is traditionally made with sour Seville oranges, which have a notoriously short season, due to end in just a few weeks’ time. You...
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Definite Guide to Giving a Perfect Blowjob

When it comes to sex, oral sex tends to speak louder than the rest. If you have ever had oral sex, then you can generally testify to this. If you cannot agree, it is because you haven’t had a blowjob yet, or you did not get it done right. If your problem is the latter, then you’re just in the right place. Join us as we dive into the specifics of a proper blowjob! We understand that there is a misconception that a blowjob is entirely for the receiver. It is wrong. If done right, the person giving...
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Root’s Moose Cup Powered by Daraz | Mop-up of the day

Three things, okay? Thing 1 Just as with Botham’s Ashes, the 2021 Moose Cup Powered by Daraz seems destined to be forever remembered as Root’s Moose Cup Powered by Daraz. In the first Test, Sri Lanka made 135 and then Joe Root made 228. In the second Test, Root made 186 before Sri Lanka made 126. England’s bowling was effective, but the captain made the runs. There were other noteworthy performances though and it would be remiss of us not to mention Lasith Embuldeniya who a...
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Dr. Barbara Sturm klärt 8 Hautpflege-Fragen, die wir alle gerade googeln

Hautpflegeliebhaber:innen geht beim Namen Dr. Barbara Sturm bestimmt sofort ein Licht auf. Sie ist nämlich nicht nur eine der besten Ärzt:innen und Schönheitsmediziner:innen (zu ihren Kund:innen zählen Hailey und Justin Bieber, Emma Roberts und Irina Shayk), sondern auch die Erfinderin der Plasma-Gesichtsbehandlung (ja, die, bei der dein eigenes Blut verwendet wird). Vor allem aber ist sie für den Erfolg ihrer gleichnamigen Marke, die für milde, entzündungshemmende Hautpflege steht, bekannt.Mit ...
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Seit ich diese 6 Skincare-Regeln befolge, ist meine Haut schöner denn je

Als Beauty-Redakteurin habe ich das Glück, Hunderte von Produkten ausprobieren zu dürfen – und deswegen kann ich inzwischen selbstsicher behaupten, Tops und Flops ziemlich gut auseinanderhalten zu können. Um meine Haut allerdings so zu pflegen, dass ich selbst mit ihr zufrieden bin, brauche ich mehr als nur Produkte – nämlich den richtigen Umgang.  Ich habe Mischhaut, die gern mal fettig ist (und mir daher auch zwischendurch Pickel beschert), vor allem im Winter aber auch trockene Stellen entwic...
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