Proptech startup bringing AI to builders scores $1M in seed round

Propertymate, an Austin-based startup working to bring artificial intelligence data to buyers and builders, just secured $1 million in a seed round.
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How To Become an Entrepreneur in At-Home Skincare Products

Maintaining healthy and radiant skin is a goal that many people have. For this reason, the skincare market is constantly growing and evolving. People often visit dermatologists for various skincare services, but especially on the non-prescription side of this healthcare space, entrepreneurs are meeting consumer demand with new and innovative products of all kinds. If jumping into this market space is something that appeals to you, here are a few things to consider. Differentiate Yourse...
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Victoria's Secret Announces Spring 2021 With Three Floral Explosions

Victoria's Secret is ready to say goodbye to winter with the new Fragrance Mist collection Super Flora, comprising three floral explosions that are 'super-charged' and "signal the start of something new. A blooming array of sunflowers, bright cherry blossoms and wild lilies spring forward. Ready, reset, grow," as the brand puts it. The names of the mists are Cherry Blossoming, Electric Poppy, and ... Read full article: Victoria's Secret Announces Spring 2021 With Three Floral Explosions from Fr...
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Get ready to wear platform shoes again — and it’s a sign of a recession

When the economy goes low, the heels go high.
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29 affordable skincare products we swear by for treating and preventing acne - all under $25

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Mighty Patch makes stickers that suck all the grime out of pores like a magnet - without breaking the skin. Hero Cosmetics You don't have to spend a fortune to get great skincare products that work.The Insider Reviews team shared their favorite skincare products for battling acne - all under $25. Still on the hunt? You can find our 18 favorite skincare brands to shop here.Skincare can be a sensitive...
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24 best Valentine's Day gift ideas for kids of all ages in 2021

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. This Valentine's Day, don't forget the little ones in your life. You can't go wrong with teddy bears or sweets, but if you're looking to get a little more creative, we rounded up great Valentine's Day gifts kids will love. Looking for more gift ideas for everyone in your life? Check out all of Insider Reviews' Valentine's Day gift ideas, including our favorite gifts for him and her.You found the perfect ...
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Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, signs with IMG Models

The stylish second daughter has a new role.
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Pomifera Skin Care Review

The Story Behind Pomifera The story behind skin care brand Pomifera starts with the brand’s key ingredient: pomifera oil. The benefits of pomifera oil were discovered by the brand’s co-founder and chief scientific officer Todd Johnson, a PhD chemist. Even though the green, bumpy pomifera fruit has...
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35 funny and low-key Valentine's Day gifts perfect for a chill night in

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Etsy No matter what stage of a relationship you're in, you'll probably be celebrating Valentine's Day.If you're looking for a funny, low-key present that's also thoughtful, we've curated 35 low-pressure gifts for every relationship level and budget. Read more: 10 online classes and resources to improve your romantic relationshipsSign up for Insider Reviews' weekly newsletter for more buying advice...
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Maison Margiela Replica Bubble Bath Will Give You Self-Pampering Vibes

Maison Margiela Replica Bubble Bath is a new fresh floral fragrance with notes of soap bubble accord, rose, white musk, and coconut milk. This launched a few weeks ago for the Spring 2021 season and becomes part of Replica’s permanent line of fragrances. Replica Bubble Bath is inspired by relaxing in a warm hot bath with fluffy bubbles. It gives off clean, fresh, spa-like vibes with it’s soft, delicate notes! As you know from my past Replica reviews the brand specializes in scent memories. Thei...
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My Digestive Nightmare UPDATE (my h pylori diet and treatment plan) & my balloon belly photos

Back in December, I was diagnosed with h pylori, a serious bacterial infection in the stomach that causes ulcers. You can read my original post here, or watch my video on Instagram here. HERE'S THE GOOD NEWS: My recent stool test came NEGATIVE for h pylori!! This means my treatment protocol worked!! (I'll share what I did EXACTLY below)   Eradicating H pylori, and subsequently healing the ulcers caused by them, eliminated several of my digestive pains and symptoms. UNFORTUNATELY, it did not elim...
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Instagram Sex Q&A

Recently I was approached about possibly collaborating with someone on Instagram to help address the topic of sex with their followers.  While SMR actually does have a profile on Instagram (@sexymarriageradio) – I would still be considered a novice (ok, virgin) – so I quickly got up to speed with the platform, under the expert […] The post Instagram Sex Q&A appeared first on Sexy Marriage Radio.
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Took a Training Hiatus? Here’s How to Gain Back the Muscle You Lost

Editor’s Note: This is a guest article by Reese Dockrey. Things don’t always go as planned in the life of a lifter. On a long enough timeline, it’s guaranteed that some unforeseen event will interrupt your training. Maybe it’s an injury that sidelines your workouts for several weeks. Or you have a baby, and suddenly there’s no time to get “the pump” on for a few months. Or there’s a worldwide pandemic that forces your gym to shut down for an extended period of time. Then, in the following weeks...
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Art Meets Art: Collection of The Greatest Hits

The Art Meets Art perfume collection appeared in Paris in 2017. The idea of entrepreneur Ali Kashani to create fragrances inspired by music, in particular by world-famous cult songs, was to the taste of many well-known perfumers of our time. The collection of seven fragrances was created by the perfume wizards Alberto Morillas (I Put A Spell On You, Like A Virgin), Christophe Raynaud (Besame Muc... Read full article: Art Meets Art: Collection of The Greatest Hits from Fragrantica Perfumes and C...
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Trennungs-1×1: 5 Regeln fürs Schlussmachen

Meine Zwanziger zeichneten sich durch eine intensive Dating-Phase aus, während der ich leider oft geghostet wurde. Das passierte so oft, dass ich irgendwann beschloss, eine Standard-Nachricht als Entwurf abzuspeichern, auf die ich bei jedem weiteren Ghosting-Vorfall zugreifen konnte. Ich musste sie nur noch an den jeweiligen Typen anpassen und entsprechend umformulieren. Für gewöhnlich verschickte ich sie mit einem lauten Seufzer und leitete sie gleich danach an andere Freund:innen weiter, die ...
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Spaziergang? Nein, danke: 9 COVID-freundliche Winter-Date-Ideen

NEW YORK, USA – DECEMBER 16: A couple is seen at the Rockefeller Center during snowfall in New York City, United States on December 16, 2020. (Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Dating während einer Pandemie ist bestenfalls merkwürdig – und mit „bestenfalls“ meinen wir Corona-Dates im Frühling, Sommer und Herbst. Da war die Welt zwar auch ein seltsamer Ort, aber zumindest war das Wetter noch nett. Corona-Dates im Winter hingegen… uff. Wer hat schon Lust auf nasskalte ...
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Do You Live Dangerously and Use Two Mascaras Rather Than One?

I remember going to the MAC counter at Nordstrom a few years ago and a new MA came over to help me. I typically bond with one MA at a counter and I admit I’ll leave if they aren’t there! It’s rare that I want to talk to someone else as I feel like my personal MA knows me a little better than someone new. As in they know I’m going to buy, as in they know I don’t need an aggressive sales push to get me to buy, and they know I don’t want them touching my face and pushing me to try things on. Bu...
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Cashing In Those Sephora Reward Points for a Discount on the Natasha Denona Mini Love Story Collection

I’m cashing in my Sephora Reward Points today to snag 15% off Natasha Denona Mini Love Story Collection because it’s almost February and this girl wears pink glow-y makeup in February! You know Valentine’s Day is on the way when Natasha hits us with a new blush palette or glowy highlighter! This year we get both in the form of the new Love Cheek Duo Palette ($42) that has a lovely cream blush and gel-powder highlighter! You know how gaga I get over Natasha’s blushes! I mean look at it? The...
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I Woke Up This Morning and Decided I Needed New Spring 2021 Candles

I put myself on a candle ban and I’ve pretty good about it! I mean, I totally missed Candle Day this year and I didn’t haul any Holiday 2021 Candles plus I skipped over the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale completely. At this point I’m sort of developing the shakes and my teeth are starting to rattle in my head as I struggle not to haul Spring 2021 candles. This ban is not going to last because Homeworx Spring 2021 launched at with free shipping at $35 (if you buy the sale candl...
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Update on Ervad Zahan Turel

WZO TRUST’S UPDATE ON Er. ZAHAN TUREL WHO SUFFERED FROM BURNS INJURIES. – Team WZO Trusts. Community members are aware that 15 year young Mobed Zahan Turel suffered from burns injuries on 24th October 2020 when his jama caught fire whilst performing the Rapithvan Geh boi ceremony at Goti Adarian, Surat. Since WZO Trust’s used their good offices to raise funds from institutions and individuals, details of injuries, treatment, donations and expenditures are being shared in the public d...
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Grove Collaborative Debuts New Skincare Line Called Superbloom

Grove Collaborative has debuted a new skincare line for Spring 2021 called Superbloom. If you follow me on Instagram you might know I am a clean-a-holic and an organizing freak. Mrs Hinch is the cleaning goddess I pray to on the daily. No but seriously, I find comfort in a clean, well organized house. I like to do laundry, I like to organize the pantry, I like waxing the wood floors wearing bright red lipstick, I like Febreezing stuff, I like home decor, I like long, slow, romantic trips dow...
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Here’s the home design trend homeowners regret the most

Trends come and go, and it's time to ditch industrial design according to UK-based platform HomeNow's latest homeowner survey.
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Big Data Big Questions Video Interview with Jason Alba and Thomas Henson

Thomas Henson asked me to have a chat with him…. and it was a lot of fun! Jump over and check this out. For those of you who haven’t heard me speak, or haven’t heard my story, or know much about me, and why I am so passionate about JibberJobber and Pluralsight and the Job Search Program, listen here (and what the heck, while you are there, give it a like):
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IPL 2021 Player auction to be held on 18 February 2021

The IPL 2021 player auction is scheduled to be held on 18th of February 2021 right after the 2nd test of India vs England finishes Read More The post IPL 2021 Player auction to be held on 18 February 2021 appeared first on Cricket Fever - It's All About Live Cricket. Related posts: IPL 2010 Auction Review Pakistan Players Ignored IPL 2010 Auction List 66 International Players Listed To Be Auctioned Lots of Possible Changes in IPL 7
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For The Next 24 Hours, You Can Save 20% on Athletic Wear at Eastbay

20% Off Athletic Wear | Eastbay | Promo code 20JANRead more...
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The 20 highest-paying and most-fulfilling jobs in the US, according to Glassdoor

Several tech jobs make up Glassdoor's latest ranking of the 50 Best Jobs in America for 2021. Cavan Images/Getty Images Glassdoor just released a new ranking of the best jobs in the US. These top jobs were based on three factors: openings, job satisfaction, and salary.  Java developer was No. 1 this year, and tech jobs overall dominated the list, where about half of the 50 spots were tech positions. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The start of the year is a big peri...
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Matthew Wade dropped from Australia Squad for South Africa Test Tour in 2021

Cricket Australia (CA) named a 19 member squad for the 3 test series tour of South Africa. The schedule and exact dates for the tour Read More The post Matthew Wade dropped from Australia Squad for South Africa Test Tour in 2021 appeared first on Cricket Fever - It's All About Live Cricket. Related posts: India vs South Africa 2nd Test in Pune 2019 Match Prediction South Africa Tour of India Feb 2010 Full Schedule and Fixtures India vs South Africa 1st Test Live Streaming
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Trend: Brow Pens

I’ve noticed a real trend towards brow pens in the past few months and I kind of love it. They’re easy to use and make natural-looking strokes on your eyebrows. Below, you can see a pen... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Berufswechsel: Ist es zu spät, einen Neubeginn zu wagen?

Wer heutzutage die Karriereleiter hochklettern will, hat viele Herausforderungen zu bewältigen. Es reicht nicht mehr aus, die Ärmel hochzukrempeln und Vollgas zu geben, um beruflich aufsteigen zu können (als ob das jemals der Fall gewesen wäre). Der Weg zum Erfolg ist jetzt entschieden zickzackförmiger: von trivialen Dingen wie der Erwartung, dass man Begriffe wie „Pivot“ und „Triangulation“ verwendet, über informelle Networking-Treffen nach der Arbeit (nein, Daniel, ich möchte keinen weiteren D...
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