Give HOPE This Valentine's Day

Hope Fragrances announces a beautifully curated gift edition, available just in time for Valentine's Day on February 14th. The set features a full size of the new romantic and sensual Hope Night Eau de Parfum, which contains voluptuous notes of amber, vanilla, patchouli, and plum and has long-lasting properties that keep the floral scent on the skin all night long. The gift set also in... Read full article: Give HOPE This Valentine's Day from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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A Moment of Frisson

Perfume PosseA Moment of Frisson First off, hat tip to Musette for her fabulous post on Bill Evans last week – she introduced me to Bill just a few weeks ago and he’s been the soundtrack around here ever since.  Second, it’s snowing. I’m guessing… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseA Moment of Frisson
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Book Me a Stay on Lemon Island: Reviewing Atelier Cologne’s Latest Fragrance

Immaculately recreating citrus fruit in perfumery – never mind a recreation which lasts on the skin for more than 20 minutes – is no small feat. Still, Atelier Cologne has made a name for themselves in the niche fragrance scene for their lifelike citrus scents which use high doses of natural materials. Much of the buzz this house receives online centers around two hits: Orange Sanguine, which... Read full article: Book Me a Stay on Lemon Island: Reviewing Atelier Cologne’s Latest Fragrance fro...
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How to Write a Love Letter

Editor’s note:  This article was originally published in 2009. We’ve updated it. We’ve previously discussed the idea that every man should strive to be a romantic lover, and how the date is one of a man’s best tools for wooing a lady. A man’s other major tool in the romance department is the love letter. As long as love (and writing utensils) has existed, so has the love letter. It has been the go-to way for millions of men throughout history to confess or reiterate their feelings of love for a...
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Colourpop Valentine’s Day 2021 The 6th Collection to Launch In A Little Over a Month

Colourpop Valentine’s Day 2021 arrives on Feburary 3rd and it marks the 6th collection that launched since January 1st. So, what have we seen so far? The Animal Crossing Collection, the Lunar Year Launch, the new lip masks, the Wild Child Collection, The Cloud Spun Collection, the Love Struck Quads, there’s more, help me out here! Well, thank you Colourpop! I’m officially overwhelmed and it’s just now February 1st. Ironically, I’ll bitch and whine and piss and moan when Too Faced, Urban ...
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Mugler Angel Nova Eau de Parfum Arrives Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

Ahhhh Angel! I have such a love hate relationship with you! Perhaps the new Mugler Angel Nova will help me to love more and hate a little less. Angel can be an overwhelming scent experience due the heavy dose of patchouli. That patchouli has a seriously hard kick and when you present it to someone like me who likes sweet gourmands it can be a really hard pill to swallow. Honestly, I’d rather bath in Flowerbomb than mist myself down with Angel. It’s just too harsh! Too loud! Too HEY HERE ...
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What Wong Taught Me About Showing Up, Grinding It Out, And Working Hard

New Post From The Franchise King® Immediately after I came up with the title of this post, I did a search for the definition of “grinding it out.” I’m embarrassed to tell you that one of the things that appeared was the title of a book written by Ray Kroc. Yes, that Ray Kroc. The founder* of McDonald’s. My bad. I should have read that book a long time ago. *Kroc was not really the founder of McDonald’s. The McDonald brothers were. Ray was the guy who turned the business into the fran...
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Boss The Scent Pure Accord Duo

Under the license of Coty, HUGO BOSS presents a new duo comprising new fragrances that fall in the Boss The Scent range. With these two creations, the brand offers a romantic take on seduction, naming the venture BOSS The Scent Pure Accord for Him and for Her. As explained in the press info, the luminous fragrance duo continues the compelling story of seduction told through BOSS The Scent, wit... Read full article: Boss The Scent Pure Accord Duo from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine...
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How To Make Mothers Day Special During A Pandemic

Mother’s Day is a time of year where we get to celebrate the woman who gave us life and brought us up. Our mother is the most wonderful person and for all she does for us during our life, it is important to refinish it once a year on this special day.  As we know; this year is quite a bit different to before and many of us won’t be able to see our mother on the day due to COVID restrictions. If you live with your mother at home or you don’t, today we want to share some ways to make Moth...
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Urban Decay Wild West Eyeshadow Palette Leaked On Zulily

I have my doubts that Urban Decay Wild West Eyeshadow Palette was supposed to pop up o Zulily first but it did somehow and here we are! The Urban Decay Wild West Eyeshadow Palette is a Spring 2021 launch with 12 new shades inspired by California’s deserts, endless skies, and Joshua Trees. This palette contains twelves shades with a mix of pale peaches, metallic bronzes, deep greens, and turquoises in matte, shimmer, metallic, and matte finishes. Apparently it has a launch of February 8th at...
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How to Wear Lipstick or Lipgloss Under Your Facial Mask Without Smearing It

One of the biggest conundrums of wearing a facial mask is you can’t wear lipgloss or lipstick without smearing it! How do you wear lipstick or lipgloss under your facial mask without smearing it? Well, you can always get yourself a long-wearing liquid lipstick! You can go through a herd of zombies with liquid lipstick on and come out of it looking as fabulous as you did eight hours before you started fighting your way through the zombie masses. I am not a fan of liquid lipstick sadly. I hat...
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14 essential items you should keep in your car during the winter

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. DMOS Collective It's always a good idea to be prepared for accidents or mishaps while on the road, but it's especially important during the winter. Every car should come with a jack and a tire iron, but those basic essentials aren't enough to fully prepare you for winter driving. We rounded up 12 useful items...
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Becca Cosmetics Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation 50% Off

Becca Cosmetics Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation is now $22 at! Use code FREESHIP to get it shipped free. Enjoy! Where to buy Sephora You may also enjoy... Sephora Holiday 2014 Catalog Tarte Miracle of Maracuja 8 Piece Collection SwatchesSteal This: Lorac Tie Dye for Lipgloss Set 50% Off What’s the Most Exciting Holiday Makeup Release You Can Remember? The post Becca Cosmetics Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation 50% Off appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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How to Make Your Cauliflower Rice Yummier than the one Shawn Mendes’ is Eating in His Chipotle Bowl

Cauliflower rice can be a bit bland without some proper seasoning so here’s a little something that can make yours a little yummier! Full disclosure this isn’t the healthiest recipe around as it does contain a good deal of sodium but if you’re ok with that read on. Chipotle has been advertising the Shawn Mendes Bowl for the last two or three weeks on social media and I just want it to be known that 1. You can’t convince me a Chipotle burrito or bowl is better with cauliflower rice and 2. my ca...
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Up to 40% Off Too Faced Including the Sweet Peach Palette

Heads up there’s a sale at today! Get up to 40% in savings on select eyeshadow palettes, blushes, and more. Enjoy! Where to buy Too Faced You may also enjoy... I’m Very Excited that MAC Studio Waterweight Concealer is Finally Available!Valentino Valentina Eau de Parfum Review Play by Sephora The All-Star Edition Available NowContouring Made Easy with this New It Cosmetics Your Contour Must Have Set The post Up to 40% Off Too Faced Including the Sweet Peach Palette appe...
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How Tenacity Helped a Business Grow 200%

We’ll share a story today about a business owner whose tenacity helped her company grow by 200%! On The BIGG Success Show, we discuss when you should be tenacious, and when you should not. Here’s a summary of that discussion… Our entrepreneur success story comes from an article on Entrepreneur, written by Julia McCoy, Founder […] The post How Tenacity Helped a Business Grow 200% appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Nail Swatch: MAC Bad Fairy from Venomous Villains

Flash back to this beautiful colour from MAC… I wish I still had it. Bad Fairy is definitely my favourite from all the polishes that came out in the Venomous Villains collection.  It’s an... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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L’Artisan Parfumeur Coeur de Vetiver Sacre

L’Artisan Parfumer’s Coeur de Vetiver Sacre, and is done by Carine Vinchon who also did their L’Eau de Jatamansi, which was a nice fresh salty blend that I loved but it just... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Hermès H24

The new novelty of the Hermès masculine fragrance line comes out in February 2021 as Hermès H24. It is considered the first major launch for men in 15 years, after Terre d’Hermès, wnich was created by Jean-Claude Ellena in 2006.  Perfumer Christine Nagel,who loves to give her creations volume or texture, wanted to recreate textures of fine materials such as cashmere, silk, and velve... Read full article: Hermès H24 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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You Really Don’t Need Valentine’s Day To Make Someone Feel Loved But Romance Is Alive This Month

February is here! A time for love, romance, and for a chonky little groundhog to tell us if we’ll be suffering more Winter or if Spring will arrive soon. I decorated yesterday for Valentine’s Day! I shared some of my decor on Instagram stories if you followed me over there. Here’s my little V-Day Candy Bar: I’m actually not a Valentine’s Day kind of person. I don’t get the concept. Why do we need one day of the year to tell people we love and appreciate them? Why do we need flowers, choco...
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Biotherm Biosource Cleansing Softening Mousse Review

My favourite cleansers can do more than one thing at once, and help me multitask. That’s why I like the Biosource Cleansing Softening Mousse for dry skin by Biotherm.  This cleanser has a... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage Review

Throughout the year, I am notorious for staying up past my bed time because I’d rather be having fun.  This is worst in the summer because there are way more daylight hours, and as long as the... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Podcast #680: Influence and Persuade Through Human Hacking

When we think of  hacking , we think of a tech-savvy dude breaking into computer systems to steal data. But  hackers  can also take the form of “social engineers” who get what they want by building rapport and penetrating psychological defenses. My guest is an expert and pioneer in the area of human  hacking , and shows individuals and companies the weaknesses of their security systems by breaking into their offices and computers, not by bypassing pass codes and firewalls, but simply by walki...
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How Covid Upended the Lipstick Index With A Self Care Revolution

The economy is in pretty bad shape which means the lipstick index should be going up but in 2020 COVID upended the Lipstick Index and started a self-care revolution. Makeup sales plunged and what came out of it? A rally of skincare! Skincare sales were up 24% last year alone and are sure to go up even further as more and more people stay home and ditch their makeup bags. I haven’t quite reached the stage I’m ditching my makeup bag just yet. This morning I woke up, hopped on my treadmill for...
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Nennt mich nicht „bipolar“ – ich habe Zyklothymie

„Manchmal, wenn ich gerade bei der Arbeit oder zu Hause bin und alles eigentlich ganz gut läuft, kann es passieren, dass eine Kleinigkeit meine Stimmung plötzlich drastisch verändert.“ Die 23-jährige Shannon Vanderstreaten arbeitet in einem Kinderheim und vermutet, dass sie an Zyklothymie, einer Form von Bipolarität, leidet. Zwischen 1,5 bis 5 Prozent der deutschen Bevölkerung haben mit einer bipolaren Erkrankung zu kämpfen. Shannon durchlebt keine extremen manischen Hochs und depressiven Tie...
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You Can Slip On and Take Off Nike's New Sneakers Without Touching Them With Your Hands

Bending down to put on and lace up a pair of sneakers is a simple action that many of us take for granted. For those with mobility and movement challenges, Nike has created its first hands-free sneaker called the GO FlyEase that also happens to arrive in the middle of a pandemic when minimizing touch is an important…Read more...
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Whatever Happened to Urban Decay: A Case of Formula Changes

Whatever happened to Urban Decay? Their formulas sure has changed over the last decade hasn’t it? This weekend Christine (Temptalia) did a poll on Instagram asking which brands don’t interest you anymore and I didn’t even hesitate with my reply. Right away my fingers few over my Iphone to type out “Urban Decay”. Urban Decay hasn’t rallied since 2012 when it was purchased by L’Oreal for the sum of 300-400 million (the amount was never disclosed). Maybe they should have held out for the big ...
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Dein Horoskop im Februar – So stehen die Sterne in diesem Monat

Die Energie dieses Februars schenkt uns die Entspannung, die wir uns seit dem vergangenen Jahr so sehr wünschen. Wenn es uns gelingt, uns diese Schwingungen zunutze zu machen, ergibt sich daraus die Chance auf Wachstum und Weiterentwicklung. Aber immer mit der Ruhe: Sobald die Venus am 1. Februar ins Sternbild des Wassermanns zieht, bewahren wir in Sachen Romantik und Finanzen einen kühleren Kopf als vorher. Wenn der Vollmond am 11. Februar im Wassermann aufgeht, ist er dort in guter Gesellschaf...
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BLV Pour Homme Bvlgari Is Leaving

I’m blue, da-ba-dee, da-ba-di… Eiffel 65, Europop album, 1999 The last couple of years in Russia, they have been selling the last stock of the BLV Pour Homme Bvlgari fragrance, released 20 years ago. The same thing is happening all over the world: The recognizable blue bottles have moved to discounter shops and to internet sites. If you love the fragrance passionately, I'd advise you to not... Read full article: BLV Pour Homme Bvlgari Is Leaving from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine....
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Let Barbie be your Valentine this year: Her gift guide for 2021

The iconic doll turned fashion icon is here to curate your Valentine's Day shopping list, whether you're looking for your significant other or a BFF in need of a Galentine's Day treat.
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