Sample Haul Arrived

Perfume PosseSample Haul Arrived Hi Posse! Late December I made a large order from Surrender To Chance. The other day my sample haul arrived. With all the restarting and reopening of life in Sydney I finally got to open the pack and have a… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseSample Haul Arrived
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5 Easy to Implement Home Decor Tips

Chances are you have been spending more time at home lately as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. By constantly surrounding yourself with the same surroundings, you might also be getting tired of living in the same space. Perhaps it’s time for some home redecoration?  Decorating your home needn’t be a task best left for award-winning interior designers. In fact, you can get started on making your home a far more beautiful place to live in with just a few simple tips. If you have a mo...
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8 clothing brands we turn to for affordable women's basics

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Universal Standard's size-inclusive basics are a great addition to any closet. Universal Standard/Facebook Every wardrobe needs great basics that can lay the foundation for plenty of outfits.Brands like Everlane and Pact have taught us that high-quality basics don't have to cost so much.Here are the companies we come back to again and again when we need new T-shirts, jeans, and more.We've all ha...
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7 New Drugstore Mascaras for Spring 2021

Tried any new mascaras lately? There are quite a few that have launched in the last few weeks at the drugstore and I expect more are on the way soon! Here are 7 new drugstore mascaras for Spring 2021 to try now now! Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara Delivers full volume and limitless length with an exclusive Flex Tower mascara brush that bends to volumize and extend every single lash from root to tip. Physicians Formula Lash Mixologist 3-in-1 Mascara A customizable duo of two diff...
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Amazon just announced a major shake-up to its senior ranks, with Jeff Bezos' second-in-command replacing him later this year. Here are the other high-powered executives behind some of the biggest CEOs in tech.

Andy Jassy, left, and Jeff Bezos. Mike Blake/Reuters; Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images CEOs at some of the biggest tech companies rely on No. 2 execs to help them get the job done. Some may go on to run the company one day, while others may leave for big opportunities elsewhere.  For example, Jeff Bezos' No. 2, Andy Jassy, has just been named the future CEO of Amazon.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Life at the top of the world's most valuable tech companies isn't eas...
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What NOT To Do When You Have Pests In Your Home

Mice, bats, rats, birds, bees, ants, termites – all of these creatures have one thing in common: they can infiltrate your home and cause all kinds of problems. Do they do this on purpose? Of course not! They’re just living their lives and happen to stumble upon your home. In most cases, pests are only there because your house presents some good conditions to live and survive. When you put it like that, you almost feel rude about getting rid of them. Unfortunately, pests can be just that: a...
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5 Fragrances Perfect for Gifting

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so this is an apropos video for buying a scent that’s nice but hopefully won’t offend. Share this with whoever’s getting you a present, or save... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Be Mine! from Sarah Baker — Two Valentine’s Day Gifts of Choice

Receiving a special fragrance remains a favourite Valentine's Day gift for many. But there are ongoing challenges this year. With bricks-and-mortar shops still closed in many parts of the world, how do you find exactly the right fragrance for your amour, especially if you’re banking on the surprise of something new; something not experienced before? Sarah Baker is a London-based American visual... Read full article: Be Mine! from Sarah Baker — Two Valentine’s Day Gifts of Choice from Fragranti...
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Beautiful Makeup from Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Bare Minerals, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Here’s some new makeup that I’ve been using. The only thing that I didn’t like was the Charlotte Tilbury compact because the powders are so tightly packed, but it was... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution Review

The Story Behind The Ordinary The Ordinary is a popular skin care brand under the global beauty brand, Deciem’s, umbrella. Created to offer effective, clinical solutions at an affordable price tag, The Ordinary features a cohesive collection of treatments to meet the most common skin care needs....
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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Review

The Story Behind The Ordinary The Ordinary is a popular skin care brand under the global beauty brand, Deciem’s, umbrella. Created to offer effective, clinical solutions at an affordable price tag, The Ordinary features a cohesive collection of treatments to meet the most common skin care needs....
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A Beginner’s Guide to Getting A Mortgage

Buying your first home can be a dream come true, and a life-changing adventure. But you should make sure that you have your finances and legal documents in place.  It would help if you did as much research as you can into all of the costs you may incur, and set aside an affordable budget that will not leave you struggling with making the repayments each month.  In this equation you should also consider the cost of the house you intend to buy, is this your first home, or your second, ...
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Former international cricket umpire Piloo Reporter honoured

Former international umpire Piloo Reporter was on Monday honoured for his service to Indian cricket by the Cricketers Foundation here. The 82-year-old, who stood in 14 Tests and 22 ODIs in a career spanning 28 years, was handed an amount of Rs 75,000 by the foundation. He was invited by former Pakistan skipper Imran Khan in 1986 to officiate with another Indian VK Ramaswamy in the Pakistan versus West Indies series, making them the first pair of neutral umpires in the world. The Cricketers ...
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Parsi-Owned — Bawas And Their Bikes

Parsi-Owned — Bawas And Their Bikes But don’t go asking if they’re for sale. Chances are, you’ll be chased away with colourful language BY Kartik Ware | PHOTOS Kaizad Darukhanawala Zend is a consummate Commando fan and rightly waxes eloquent about his great motorcycle. He informs us of how Norton ditched their iconic Featherbed frame to make this, the Isolastic frame which was designed to keep the huge engine’s vibrations away from the rider. At first, the Commando came with a 750cc parallel-t...
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What’s Your Worst Zoom Meeting Beauty Moment? Here’s Mine!

The pandemic has brought about the work at home revolution and you know what? I think it’s here to stay! It’s actually not something I can do on the daily and at some point I will have to go back to work as I see clients daily but I can see some companies just leaving a lot of their work force at home. It’s actually pretty cost efficient especially when you consider the prices of rent on offices here in Manhattan. Working at home is actually pretty fun as you can walk around the house all da...
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The Ordinary Retinol 0.5 in Squalane Review

The Story Behind The Ordinary The Ordinary is a popular skin care brand under the global beauty brand, Deciem’s, umbrella. Created to offer effective, clinical solutions at an affordable price tag, The Ordinary features a cohesive collection of treatments to meet the most common skin care needs....
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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Review

The Story Behind The Ordinary The Ordinary is a popular skin care brand under the global beauty brand, Deciem’s, umbrella. Created to offer effective, clinical solutions at an affordable price tag, The Ordinary features a cohesive collection of treatments to meet the most common skin care needs....
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JetBlue founder David Neeleman's new airline is almost ready for takeoff with the addition of new aircraft - here's what we know about Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways founder David Neeleman. Paulo Fridman/Corbis/Getty Images David Neeleman's Breeze Airways is launching flights this year after a pandemic-induced delay. The low-cost airline is Neeleman's fifth and plans to fly direct routes between secondary markets. Breeze's first aircraft arrived in December 2020 and more are on the way, on track for a 2021 debut. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Breeze Airways, the new start-up airline founded by David Neeleman of ...
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Aveeno Restorative Skin Therapy Collection

If you have eczema, you know how difficult it can be to treat. Even when it goes away, it can come back at any time which is the worst! We’ve got eczema in our family too, and so there’s... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Salma Hayek shares the truth behind her ‘liberating’ bikini photos

"People are sick of it but I'm going to let them take a break."
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Let’s Revisit Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser Because It’s Rotting in My Bathroom Vanity

I thought today we’d take a moment to revisit Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser and other potential products that are lying in our beauty graveyards. I noticed that Allure called Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser one of the “Best Cleansing Balms” Hello? Hello? Anyone home? The best? Naaa! Am The only that has a big jar of Drunk Elephant Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser sitting in my bathroom vanity rotting happily away? I purchased it when it firs...
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These 11 political friendships proved party lines don't have to divide Americans

AP Photo/Matt Rourke The 117th Congress is narrowly politically divided as they work towards another COVID relief bill.  Despite the political divides over the years, many politicians have forged bipartisan friendships.  Here are 11 famous political friendships that crossed the aisle.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The members of the 117th Congress are currently in the thick of negotiating another COVID-19 relief bill after years of historically pernicious partis...
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Salvatore Ferragamo - Ferragamo Intense Leather

Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo is releasing the first flanker of the new men's perfume line, Ferragamo, founded in 2020. At the beginning of 2021, Ferragamo Intense Leather appears on the market, announced as a sophisticated and elegant perfume created to follow the creative and dynamic spirit of the wearer. Ferragamo Intense Leather is described as an expression of modern, determ... Read full article: Salvatore Ferragamo - Ferragamo Intense Leather from Fragrantica Perfumes and Co...
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Amazon's Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, have weathered a tabloid scandal, possible interference from a foreign government, and now, Bezos stepping down as CEO. Here's where their relationship began and everything that's happened since.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. Simon Stacpoole/Offside / Contributor Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez were publicly outed as a couple in January 2019. Since then, they have both finalized their divorces and embarked on a whirlwind romance. Now, Bezos has announced that he'll step down as Amazon CEO in the third quarter. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It's been a turbulent two years for Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. In...
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Young workers may benefit the most from working in an office instead of from home

Inside Creative House/Getty Images Many Gen Z workers and millennials are enjoying the perks of working from home amid the pandemic, but recent surveys show professionals who are still early in their careers may benefit from working in an office. Two separate workplace surveys by Nintex and PwC, reported on by Fast Company, highlight how young workers are feeling less productive from home. The Nintex survey found that although most respondents were more productive than they expected durin...
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Was es wirklich bedeutet, wenn du davon träumst, betrogen zu werden

Als mein Freund mich das erste Mal im Traum betrog, sprach ich danach einen ganzen Tag lang nicht mit ihm. Wie konnte er mir das nur antun? Wie konnte er es wagen, so etwas zu tun? Zu sagen, dass ich mich hintergangen fühlte, wäre eine Untertreibung. Mitten in der Nacht wachte ich schweißgebadet und voller Angst auf und fragte mich, womit ich das denn eigentlich verdient hatte. Natürlich kam ich nach ein paar Minuten wieder zur Besinnung, als mir bewusst wurde, dass mein Freund mich nicht ...
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How the Challenges of Divorce Made Me a Better Person

I got divorced. There, I admit it. If you ask me why, I could give you a long-winded list of reasons and accusations that made my marriage irreparable – irreconcilable differences, if you will. But when all is said and done, it boils down to one simple reason. We were unhappy. The process of divorce is such a heavy burden to carry. You start splitting everything down the middle and then have to figure out how the half that you got is going to support you and your kids now. Luckily, we were...
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Wir trainieren jetzt mal die Bauchmuskeln, die du immer vergisst, okay?

Kleiner Anatomie-Crashkurs: Deine schrägen Bauchmuskeln sind für so viel mehr verantwortlich als nur die Form deiner Taille. Tatsächlich kontrollieren sie, wie sich dein Körper drehen und beugen kann (bzw., wie er dieser Bewegung widersteht – zum Beispiel, wenn du eine einseitige Last wie eine Schultertasche trägst), stützen deine Wirbelsäule, geben deinen Organen besseren Halt und beeinflussen sogar deine Atmung. Starke schräge Bauchmuskeln können also gleichzeitig deine Haltung verbessern, di...
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Podcast #681: The Epic Exploits of Kit Carson

Within the space for just three decades, monumental episodes of exploration and expedition, politics and violence, including the mapping the Oregon Trail, the acquisition of California, and the Mexican-American and Civil wars, forever changed the history of the United States and the shape of the American West. And one man, an illiterate trapper, scout, and soldier, was there for it all: Kit Carson. In his book Blood and Thunder: The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American W...
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FEZAO : A New Federation is Born

Our dear friend Firoz Pestonji, in a communique to the Global Working Group; announced the formation of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of Oceania. FEZAO shall represent the Zarathushti member associations in Australia and New Zealand. The Federation has been a nascent idea for many years and it was after the 2018 World Congress in Perth, that it picked up steam to become a reality today. It was incorporated with the Australian authorities on January 27, 2021. They held their very f...
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