Vanille Fatale and Fucking Fabulous: Vanillin vs Coumarin

It just so happened (I do not know whether it was intentional or accidental) that two recent fragrances from the Private Blend line by Tom Ford are devoted to two of perfumery's chief ingredients that are responsible for the emergence of perfumery the way we know it today; those two forever changed our perception of fragrances and based on each, an entire trend, a huge branch of perfumery was... Read full article: Vanille Fatale and Fucking Fabulous: Vanillin vs Coumarin from Fragrantica Perfum...
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New Alphaora 30 Pierre Guillaume Paris

Pierre Guillaume has added a new fragrance to his Numbered collection inspired by tree mosses. It is called Alphaora 30 and is composed of blood orange, albizia blossom, hinoki sap, and Assam moss among others. The name: "A portmanteau word, invented, in the purest PG style. First work (alpha) on the theme “Glam’moss”, the quest for a perfume-aura (ora), tenacious and ultra diffusing, where ... Read full article: New Alphaora 30 Pierre Guillaume Paris from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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Dolce Gabbana The One Luminous Night

  DolceGabbana Beauty presents an olfactory journey to the Middle East with a new exclusive edition, The One Luminous Night. Following The One Royal Night and The One Mysterious Night, it is the third exclusive edition for men "to fuse the richness of Italian tradition with the aromatic treasures of the Arabian world." Inspired by the captivating contrast between the deep blue night sky and t... Read full article: Dolce Gabbana The One Luminous Night from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Mag...
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How to dress up your robe for Valentine’s Day

Here's how to dress up your comfy bathrobe for Valentine's Day.
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17 gift baskets for your favorite foodie

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Bokksu Gift baskets should be thoughtfully curated with items that fit your recipient's tastes and interests.These 17 gift boxes are sure to make them smile, no matter what their indulgence of choice is. Need more gift ideas? Find all Insider Reviews holiday gift guides here. A gift basket is a common and easy gift to give to a client, host, or your in-laws, but all too often, gift baskets share th...
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23 unique gifts that feel personalized and thoughtful

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Most gifts are vaguely personalized as they might address your recipient's interest, hobby, or style preference. These 23 gifts are personalized in the truest sense of the word, whether they sport your recipient's name or invoke their background.Need more gift ideas? Check out all of Insider Reviews' gift guides here.Sign up for Insider Reviews' weekly newsletter for more buying advice and great deals.Idea...
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Tabac Man Gravity

  Under the Maurer Wirtz license, TABAC gets a new version of the TABAC MAN GRAVITY fragrance inspired by space tourism, Hollywood productions, and the 50th anniversary of landing on the Moon. According to the brand, "the infinite vastness and mystery of space have fascinated mankind since the beginning of time. Awaken your spirit of exploration and unquenched desire. The olfactory answer to t... Read full article: Tabac Man Gravity from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Do It Yourself! Halloween Tin Can Luminaries {Tutorial}

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to decorate your home for Halloween, make these luminaries using tin cans! Place them along your walkway or front steps to light the way on Halloween. So cute and charming!What You’ll Need:* Sharpie or marker in the same color as your paint* Clean empty tin cans {I like to use the big coffee cans, any size will work}* Hammer and large nail or awl* Paint* Paint brush* CandlesInstructionsFill the tin can with water and place it in the freezer. When ...
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Ba Humata Webinar February 2021

Ba Humata invites you to their monthly webinar for February 2021 THEME: BUILDING HAPPINESS WITH THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (Ashem Vohu) On Sunday, February 7, 2021 8:00 AM Pacific Time 11:00 AM  Eastern Time 9:30 PM Indian Time 4:00 PM GMT The Second Webinar Features The Following Global Zarathushti Icons: Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor from India Mobed Zerkxis Bhandara from United States Dorab Mistry;  from Singapore and United Kingdom Danny Master from United Kingdom Moderated by Dr...
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Ryan Serhant on the ‘big money energy’ agents need to succeed

The "Million Dollar Listing New York" star's second book, "Big Money Energy," hit shelves on Tuesday.
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Billionaires like Ray Dalio and Sergey Brin are opening family offices in Singapore, lured by the city-state's ample incentives and low taxes

Google cofounder Sergey Brin. Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images Singapore is attracting billionaires who are setting up new branches of their family offices. Singapore has famously low taxes and offers incentives to set up family offices. It's lured Google's Sergey Brin, hedge-funder Ray Dalio, and vacuum-cleaner magnate James Dyson. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Singapore is becoming a hub for billionaires looking to set up new branches of their family offices thanks ...
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Comme des Garçons Stüssy Laguna Beach

Stüssy, an American clothing brand with as location and starting point Laguna Beach, California, teamed up with  Comme des Garçons and launched the new fragrance Stüssy Laguna Beach. The perfume is inspired by the mood and lifestyle of Laguna beach. The collaboration keeps pace with the long history of partnerships between the two houses, like the time they launched a capsule collection... Read full article: Comme des Garçons Stüssy Laguna Beach from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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Dinner for One: Wie es sich anfühlt, in deinen 30ern verwitwet zu sein

Die Nächte sind am schlimmsten. Den meisten Eltern sind sie als „Geisterstunde“ bekannt: jene scheinbar nie endenden Minuten zwischen Abendessen und Schlafenszeit, während denen sich ihre Engelchen in Monster verwandeln und zu kleinen, verstörten Diktator:innen mutieren. Für mich beginnt die Anspannung aber bereits viel früher. Um etwa 16 Uhr fange ich an, das Abendessen zu planen und nichts ist so entmutigend, wie jede Mahlzeit allein zu sich nehmen zu müssen – glaub’ mir. Klar, mein S...
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Sollte ich vor oder nach dem Morgen-Workout frühstücken – und was?

Unabhängig davon, ob du dich nun selbst eher als Morgenmensch oder -muffel bezeichnen würdest, dürfte dich eins nicht überraschen: Ein Workout am frühen Morgen ist gesund und hilft nicht nur beim Stressabbau, sondern hebt auch noch deine Stimmung, lässt dich im Laufe des Tages eher einen kühlen Kopf bewahren und dich abends besser einschlafen. Bonus: Wenn du dein Workout gleich morgens erledigst, kannst du den restlichen Tag guten Gewissens auf dem Sofa verbringen. (Theoretisch jedenfalls.)...
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My Journey to Healing Counter-Dependency (Radical Self-Reliance)

I lied when I said “I’m fine. I don’t need anyone”. Counter-dependency is exaggerated independence stemming from a fear of depending on other people and an inability to trust others. I am a recovering counter-dependent. On my healing journey, I discovered that I adopted excessively avoidant behaviors as a result of being physically and emotionally abandoned by toxic parents. As a survival strategy I used to “numb out” and stop feeling anything, so I would never experience that pain again....
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A philosophical approach to routines can illuminate who we really are

There are hundreds of things we do – repeatedly, routinely – every day. We wake up, check our phones, eat our meals, brush our teeth, do our jobs, satisfy our addictions. In recent years, such habitual actions have become an arena for self-improvement: bookshelves are saturated with bestsellers about 'life hacks', 'life design' and how to 'gamify' our long-term projects, promising everything from enhanced productivity to a healthier diet and huge fortunes. These guides vary in scientific accurac...
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A 'frugalist' software developer who saves 60% of his income explains how he lives on about $1,000 a month

Oliver Noelting, a self-described "frugalist." Joana Schlutter / German software developer Oliver Noelting lives on just $1,047 a month with his young family. Noelting saves 60% of his income with the aim of achieving financial freedom. He said the key lies in a "top-down" approach and one key question. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. "Sitting in the same office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day until I can retire at 67? My job is fun, but I didn't want tha...
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Hayley Kiyoko is Launching Hue, Her First Fragrance

American pop star Hayley Kiyoko is launching Hue by Hayley, her first fragrance.  "Perfume has been a massive part of my queer experience. I remember feeling famous in middle school because girls said that I smelled good. They wouldn’t date me. They didn’t have crushes on me. But they said I smelled good, and that was like a huge thing for me, and I’ve carried that throughout my life," H... Read full article: Hayley Kiyoko is Launching Hue, Her First Fragrance from Fragrantica Perfumes and Co...
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Penhaligon's Racquets: Sports and Beyond Fragrance

The well known British brand Penhaligon's, founded in 1870 on Jermyn Street by William Penhaligon, has been providing a collection of scents for every taste for over a century. After their early 2021 launch of the woody green masculine fragrance, The Inimitable William Penhaligon, aka Mr Penhaligon. (which we reviewed HERE) part of the Portraits Collection, and of Babylon eau de parfum, part of t... Read full article: Penhaligon's Racquets: Sports and Beyond Fragrance from Fragrantica Perfumes ...
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UK Influencers Are Not Longer Allowed to Use Filters in Promotional Posts Will The US Follow?

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that UK influencers are not allowed to use filters on promotional, ad, and sponsored material they post on Instagram. This basically means if influencers or celebrities are teaming up with brands to promote and review products on Instagram they are no longer allow to exaggerate the claims of the product using a filter. Say if a celebrity is the UK is given a lip plumper and paid to post about it on Instagram and proceeds to use Facetune to m...
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The Ultimate Guide to Garden Parties

Hosting a garden party is the height of sophistication, and it is something that everyone should try at least once in their life. However, there are some things that you need to think about when planning such an affair. Here is our ultimate guide to garden parties, to help you throw together a do that no-one will forget. Pick a Theme Some people like to just have simple garden parties that all can enjoy, whereas others prefer to pull together some sort of theme to help them build t...
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7 Financial Reasons Why You Should Live in a Tiny House

The American Dream has always been based on the idea of homeownership and that bigger is better. If you need confirmation of this fact, then look no further than last year’s statistics that show how the average American home is 2,400 square feet. It averaged 2,000 during the housing boom years in the early 2000s and even less if you go back in history. But even though average home sizes are increasing, there’s a small but growing trend in the opposite direction: tiny houses. Documentaries on ti...
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Confessions from a Phone Sex Professional

Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews Confessions from a Phone Sex Professional Do you remember the days of 1-900 numbers? Well, you may have thought those days had passed but now the 1-900 phone numbers have been traded in for apps. For example, on sites such... Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews Confessions from a Phone Sex Professional
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'It has cost me 14 teeth': Readers on soft drink addiction – and how to beat it

Fizzy, caffeinated drinks are on sale everywhere, and for many people it can become difficult to function without them. Is cold turkey the only way out?Sirin Kale wrote about her 27-year addiction to fizzy drinks this week. When we asked readers to tell us about their own experiences of soft drink addiction, there was a huge response – here are some of the replies Continue reading...
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Bobbi Brown Hot Nudes Palette

Flashback Friday: this Bobbi Brown palette came out in 2015 and these are still some of the most silky shadows around. They are so blendable and beautiful to wear. My fav is the silver on top of the... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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The Future of Human Resource Process Management

Recent history has created some major changes. COVID-19 has forever altered the landscape in the workplace. More people are working from home and businesses are having to dig deeper. Human resources are just one of the ways in which companies have had to make changes. We will take a closer look at human resources management. You will get a better understanding of where we are at now. It will also be made clear as to where we are going in the future. While we may not always know what is coming, ...
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David Brooks' Unusual Smarts

Just one sentence: "Democrats, God put you on this earth to spend government money on the disadvantaged. Now, please go do it."
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What Does it Mean to Recalculate?

When Covid-19 first emerged, I started to think about all the people thrown unexpectedly into career transition because of the pandemic, lockdowns and economic fallout. For some reason, I kept imagining the situation as that moment when you’re driving a car and the road forks, or you make a wrong turn, or you miss an […] The post What Does it Mean to Recalculate? appeared first on Career and Workplace Expert and Speaker, Multigenerational Work Expert, Lindsey Pollak.
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3X Points On All Fragrance at Ulta

Just a heads up you can earn 3X points on any fragrance purchase at until Sunday, Feb 7th, 11:59PST. Activate in your dashboard account before purchase! Enjoy! Where to buy Ulta You may also enjoy... Happy Lunar New Year!New Beauty and Makeup at Ulta P.S. I Gotta Get the Bread and Milk!Makeup Reviews You May Have Missed!Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette Is Super Cheap The post 3X Points On All Fragrance at Ulta appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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The Easiest Valentine's Day Manicure

Ever since the global pandemic hit about a year ago, I haven’t been going into the nail salon every two weeks as I have for years. It pains me that I am not able to support one of my favorite local businesses, but I just don’t feel safe sharing polishes and other manicure tools at the moment. While I have found joy in doing my own nails, it does take a long time to create the perfect polished manicure; I’m no pro. I recently discovered all that is Color Street nail polish strips. Using strips (a...
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