Step Aboard: Welcome to Milano Anytime

The Italian niche brand Step Aboard first appeared at Pitti Fragranze in 2019. Its 150 ml metal canisters resemble graffiti paint cans, while the five hair and body fragrances were named after Milan metro stations on a defunct line. The main advantages of the urban collection are the low prices (only 55 euros) and the cooperation with one of the most prolific independent perfumers: Bertran... Read full article: Step Aboard: Welcome to Milano Anytime from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magaz...
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Announcing The SMRNation Community

About a week ago we began spreading the word about what will be happening as we venture into 2021 with the SMRNation. We have some big plans.And these plans directly involve YOU! To make this a reality, we’re going to need your help. We are now rolling out an updated community/member area that will house […] The post Announcing The SMRNation Community appeared first on Sexy Marriage Radio.
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64 thoughtful and fun gifts that won't cost you more than $25

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. You can get a great gift and still stick to your budget. We've rounded up 60+ gifts under $25, from a mini waffle iron to a set of travel-friendly lipsticks.For more inspiration, check out Insider Reviews gift guides. The elements of a good present - being thoughtful, useful, or novel - aren't restricted to a big budget. But the best gifts under $25 are usually hidden in a minefield of totally expendable k...
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Victoria's Secret Pink Paradise Collection Offers Bronze on Demand with the Bronzed Coconut Collection!

The American brand VICTORIA'S SECRET offers a new collection inspired by idyllic summer and the bronze color of tanned skin. The collection arrives under the name PINK PARADISE COLLECTION, which includes four body mists: Bronzed Coconut, Tropic Palm, Sunset Sorbet, and Paradise Bloom. The theme of the tropical holiday and summery mood is to really tease all of the senses, while the product l... Read full article: Victoria's Secret Pink Paradise Collection Offers Bronze on Demand with the Bron...
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Can Being Competitive Lead to a More Successful Life?

It’s common knowledge that competitiveness leads to success.  Some of the most accomplished people of our time like Steve Jobs were known for being hyper-competitive perfectionists. Ambitious people go far in life because they’re always trying to be the best version of themselves. They don’t accept failure and have the level of motivation necessary to achieve their goals.  To encourage you to embrace your competitive streak, here are four reasons why being driven leads to a better life.  ...
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Lemon Juice For Skin: Should You Be Using It?

What Is Lemon Juice? The question ‘what is lemon juice?’ may seem like it has an obvious answer but in the context of skincare and skin health, it is actually a little complicated. Lemon juice for skin has recently increased in popularity with a number of DIY blogs recommending its use. These blogs...
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Why Is Octyldodecanol Used?

What Is Octyldodecanol? Octyldodecanol is a skincare and cosmetic ingredient that is used to improve the texture of products. It is often used in moisturizers and lip products due to its emollient and lubricating abilities.  Octyldodecanol is a long-chain fatty alcohol. While it has alcohol in its...
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Should You Be Avoiding Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate?

What Is Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate? Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate or DLS is a cleansing ingredient that is used to help improve the cleansing abilities of skincare products. It is generally considered to be less harsh than other cleansing ingredients such as sulfates.  DLS is a common...
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Should You Be Using Lauryl Glucoside?

What Is Lauryl Glucoside? Lauryl glucoside is an ingredient used in skincare and cosmetic formulations to improve the cleansing abilities of cleansers, body washes and soaps. Lauryl glucoside is a thick yellow substance that is derived from palm kernel oil, corn sugar or coconut. Lauryl glucoside...
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What Is Sodium Palmitate?

Sodium palmitate is a skincare and cosmetic ingredient used to saponify oils and fats to create soaps. Sodium palmitate is derived from palm oil however it can also be created synthetically, reducing the environmental impact of the ingredient.  Sodium palmitate is used to saponify oils and fats to...
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Floral Print Wedding Guest Dresses You'll Love

Spring is near, you guys! Which means I'm feeling all kinds of Spring fever over here. Please tell me I'm not alone? Looking for a beautiful dress to wear for an upcoming Spring wedding? From floral midi dresses, to floral maxi dresses, and everything in between - I'm just going to be honest and say that I'm never not going to love a good spring floral print dress. Here's a few looks that are dance-floor ready and picture perfect all the way! Floral Maxi Dress: HERE // Chandelier Earri...
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A Spanish startup is offering trips to space in helium balloons as a cheaper alternative to SpaceX

Setting off from Andalucia in the south of the country, the space trip will take six hours. Zero 2 Infinity Spanish startup Zero 2 Infinity will soon be launching operational helium balloon space flights. Tourists will be taken 40 kilometers above Earth, allowing them to enjoy the "overview effect." As well as being lower cost, it's a lower risk operation than more ambitious missions like SpaceX. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Founded in 2009 by Jose Mariano Lopez-...
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Dior Premiere of Perfume Documentary Included Odorama Cards

“Nose” is a new documentary about Christian Dior’s chief perfumer, François Demachy, directed by Clément Beauvais and Arthur de Kersauson. For the virtual premiere on Feb. 16, guests received a bottle of Champagne, Miss Dior perfume as well as Odorama cards so they could smell along as Demachy travels to Indonesian patchouli plantations and Italian […]
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Podcast #685: How to Decide

We all make many decisions every single day. From little ones like what to eat for breakfast, to big ones like whether to take a new job. Given how regularly we’re deciding, we certainly have a vested interest in getting better at this skill. But how do we do so? How can we get better at making big choices, and spend less time dithering over the insignificant minutiae that often overwhelms our mental bandwidth? And why didn’t anyone teach us how to do this stuff to begin with? My guest today ...
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Spazio Krizia Donna Krizia Review

Today in our Vintage Fragrances rubric is a fragrance of the recent past, released at the turn of the century. Spazio Krizia Donna, like most Krizia fragrances, ended its journey in 2014 when the Krizia fashion brand was bought by the Chinese company Marisfrolg Fashion Group from Shenzhen. Since then, no new Krizia fragrance has been released. The Italian fashion brand Krizia was founded in 1954 ... Read full article: Spazio Krizia Donna Krizia Review from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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Black History Month Gifts That Give Back

As Black History Month celebrations continue through February, we’ve rounded up a handful of ways to shop and show support — from collaborations spotlighting Black artists to product launches that pay homage to Black history and culture. San Francisco-based, Black-owned fine jewelry brand Harwell Godfrey’s Black Onyx Heart Talisman benefits the NAACP. Designer Lauren Harwell […]
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3 ways to increase your chances of hearing back from job recruiters, according to a professional resume writer

Kyle Elliott is a career coach and professional resume writer. Kyle Elliott Not hearing back from recruiters can be a discouraging part of the job application process. Career coach Kyle Elliott says you'll boost your chances of hearing back if you already have an 'in' at the company. If you don't, don't be afraid to send the recruiter a short check-in message to ask for an update. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Not hearing back from recruiters is one of the most fr...
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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male On Board

Under PUIG license, the newest flanker of the popular and now-iconic Le Male arrives on the market. LE MALE ON BOARD follows the several wonderful creations of Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male line: Le Male, Ultra Male, Le Beau, and Le Male Le Parfum. CREDITS: VIDEOS - @Alice Rosati DIGITAL VISUALS - ©Pierre Mahieu PRINTS - ©Fede Delibes for Perfecto Madrid Agency #LeMale #WelcomeOnBoard @jpg... Read full article: Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male On Board from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazi...
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Jean Paul Gaulier Le Male On Board

Under PUIG license, the newest flanker of the popular and now-iconic Le Male arrives on the market. LE MALE ON BOARD follows the several wonderful creations of Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male line: Le Male, Ultra Male, Le Beau, and Le Male Le Parfum. CREDITS: VIDEOS - @Alice Rosati DIGITAL VISUALS - ©Pierre Mahieu PRINTS - ©Fede Delibes for Perfecto Madrid Agency #LeMale #WelcomeOnBoard @jpg... Read full article: Jean Paul Gaulier Le Male On Board from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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Neil Patrick Harris Says Lana Wachowski’s ‘Matrix 4’ Shoot Felt ‘Very Intimate’

Neil Patrick Harris spent some of the pandemic filming “The Matrix 4” in Berlin. He tells me that he was surprised that writer-director Lana Wachowski’s shoot was so “intimate.” “It didn’t feel large because it felt like she was in her sweet spot, which was filming on the fly, filming using natural light,” the Emmy- […]
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10 ways to use up leftover milk – from potato gratin to magic custard cake

The UK throws away 330,000 tonnes of milk each year – and there is no need for the waste. Here is how to use it to make soup, yoghurt and even polishThose of us concerned with food waste – and, not to finger-wag, that should be all of us – might want to pay close attention to our milk stocks. A 2018 report suggested that the UK throws out £150m of milk every single year. That’s 330,000 tonnes of the stuff, a whopping 7% of all the milk produced in the country. But it doesn’t have to be this way....
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How Much Do You Save If You Live Abroad?

One of the retirement options that I often think about is whether it makes sense for me to retire overseas one day. Being born in Asia and then growing up in Canada, there are quite a few places that attract our family on many levels. For one, we have many family and friends all over the globe. In fact, there are more friends and family of ours living in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Canada than where I live. Moving to any of these places wouldn’t be much of an adjustment because the connections we hav...
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Kein sinnloses Meckern: So geht konstruktive Kritik in einer Beziehung

Selbst wenn in deiner Beziehung gerade alles reibungslos läuft, gibt es wahrscheinlich irgendetwas, das dich an deinem Partner oder deiner Partnerin nervt. Richtig geraten? Vielleicht ist deine bessere Hälfte immer zu spät dran, um sich mit dir zu treffen – sogar bei wichtigen Terminen. Möglicherweise macht sie sich nicht die Mühe, dir bei irgendeiner kleinen Aufgabe im Haushalt zu helfen. Die Art und Weise, wie sie seufzt, wenn du sie um einen Gefallen bittest, könnte etwas sein, das dich ...
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The Pompous Legacy of the Persian Language in India

From to ‘Hind’ and ‘Hindostan’ to ‘Chashma’ and ‘Biryan’, the words you know and the language and history you don’t. Persian “The best memory is that which forgets nothing, but injuries. Write kindness in marble and write injuries in the dust.” This is not a quote without context. The India of today (2021, can you believe it!) often forgets its own history, and it is understandable to forget what hinders in the process of moving on. The seasons, clocks and life itself teaches us the art of mov...
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Wie du umziehst, ohne dort jemanden zu kennen – 4 Frauen erzählen

Ein Umzug ist immer anstrengend: Erst musst du dir über all deine Besitztümer einen Überblick verschaffen, dann all das zusammenpacken, es zu deiner neuen Adresse schleppen, dich bei den Behörden ummelden, deine neue Nachbarschaft erkunden, um herauszufinden, wo der nächste Supermarkt ist… Diese Liste wird umso länger, wenn du nicht nur von einem Bezirk in den nächsten ziehst, sondern in eine neue Stadt – oder sogar ein neues Land, wo du niemanden kennst. Wie sieht es da mit der Krankenversicher...
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Spotlight: Pari Passu

I first noticed the Pari Passu brand at Nordstrom last year, and liked their handwriting. They offer dressier attire and elevated essentials in sizes US12 to US24 across beautiful fabrics. Their items are versatile, crisp, sharp, and a little different to the norm. Trendy classic silhouettes, outstanding fits, flattering cuts, playful detailing, sophisticated, tailored, and lots of neutrals. Prices are high, but they do go on sale. I did a little digging and was pleasantly surprised by the stor...
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Warum du dein Make-up niemals im Badezimmer aufbewahren solltest

Falls du dein Kosmetiktäschchen im Badezimmer aufbewahrst, haben wir schlechte Nachrichten für dich: Expert:innen zufolge ist dieser Raum nämlich der optimale Ort für die Vermehrung von hautschädigenden Bakterien. Im Rahmen einer aktuellen Studie haben Mikrobiolog:innen eine Reihe von gebrauchten Make-up-Produkten getestet und festgestellt, dass 79-90 Prozent der Artikel mit Bakterien kontaminiert waren. Einige davon können potenziell gesundheitsschädlich sein und uns deshalb krank machen ode...
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Ruth E Carter: 'Nothing is set in stone until the camera starts rolling'

The Oscar-winning costume designer of Black Panther talks her illustrious career as well as her future, including what to expect from the Marvel sequelThere were a number of historic breakthroughs as a result of Marvel’s blockbusting adventure Black Panther: the highest-grossing film from a black director, the highest-grossing film with a black lead and the first ever black winner for the best costume design Oscar.The winner was Ruth E Carter, whose major moment of recognition came after a caree...
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Putting Yourself Out There and Your Heart, Body and Soul

You must desire success in whatever you are doing, and make sure that desire matches who you are and want to be. Put your heart into what you are doing, and be behind it 100%. When you go out into... By Harrison Barnes
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'He's beaten her black and blue for years': a month in the life of a women's refuge manager

Over the past year, reports of domestic violence have risen enormously – while refuge places are scarce. One woman explains what it is like trying to help those who have fled for their livesThe pandemic has had a devastating impact on women in abusive relationships, trapping them in their homes with violent, manipulative or controlling men. The UN described the global increase in domestic abuse as a “shadow pandemic”, and in the first seven weeks of lockdown there was a domestic abuse call to UK...
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