Dolce Gabbana Fruit Collection: Colourful Tailoring Made for the Fruit-Averse

The Dolce Gabbana Fruit Collection is hard to get hold of (available, on the whole, in their clothes stores but not elsewhere). So, I forgot about it. When I did finally try them, I was surprised at how their cartoonish, candied aesthetic mismatched with the subtle, brush-worked compositions inside the bottles. If you’ve always wanted to wear a fruity fragrance but dislike the fruit cocktail fo... Read full article: Dolce Gabbana Fruit Collection: Colourful Tailoring Made for the Fruit-Avers...
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Curology Review

Have you ever wished that you could get an appointment with a top dermatologist and have them create a customized product that would solve all of your skin care problems, without spending a fortune? Well, it turns out that may be possible. That concept is the idea beyond Curology, a relatively new...
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The 4 best tweezers we've tested

Ulta A good pair of tweezers can help you pluck fine hairs with little to no pain.Tweezerman is the tried-and-tested brand we frequently recommend, but we favor other brands, too.A good set of tweezers should be able to grab onto fine hairs on the first pass without pain or accidentally snagging your skin. These multi-use tools can be used all over your face - and can even be used to remove a splinter in a pinch.  The most important step is to determine what you'll use your upgraded tweeze...
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Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu In Zoroastrianism’s Creation Mythology

Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu are the two main deities in the dualistic doctrine of Zoroastrianism. The former is the supreme deity of this religion, whereas the latter is the evil, destructive spirit. Angra Mainyu or Ahriman is the name of Zoroastrianism’s underlying reality or substance of the “destructive/evil spirit” and the main adversary in Zoroastrianism either of the Spenta Mainyu, the “holy/creative spirits/mentality,” or directly of Ahura Mazda, the highest deity of Zoroastrianism. In ...
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9 cottagecore aesthetic dresses and outfits that exude cozy style

The "cottagecore" fad all over TikTok is a lifestyle and fashion trend that embodies a slower, simpler time a la "Little House on the Prairie," but more elegant and romanticized.
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Reconnecting to Faith: Covid-19 Survivor Recites Prayers from Childhood

Shireen Carlson and her husband Leif on their wedding day(Photo Courtesy: Som Sharma/Leif and Shireen Carlson) By Sunita Sohrabji  | Siliconeer As a child growing up in Burlingame, California, Shireen Carlson and her two sisters would recite their prayers, punctually at the dot of 5 p.m. each evening. Carlson, whose maiden name is Sohrabji, immigrated to the U.S. from Mumbai, India with her family in 1970 when she was just three years old. At the time, there were few people of her Zoroastrian fa...
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Becca Cosmetics Going Out of Business in September So Stock Up Now

With a heavy heart I’m sad to say that Becca will be closing their doors and going out of business starting Fall 2021 (September 2021). Their products will no longer be available for purchase on their website or on any secondary stores as of that date. Becca broke the sad news this morning in an Instagram post. “The global pandemic has had an impact on everyone around the world on many levels. It has also had a tremendous impact on so many businesses. At BECCA, an accumulation of challenges, t...
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Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Review

In the beauty world, there are popular products, and products which have earned icon status. The road to becoming a beauty legend is not an easy one, and very few products ever achieve it. Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream is one, along with CoverGirl mascara and Cetaphil cleanser. Another iconic...
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Dermalogica Reviews

The beauty world is filled with trailblazing women, such as Estée Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Mary Kay, and Anita Roddick of The Body Shop. More recent beauty entrepreneurs include Tata Harper and Emily Weiss of Glossier. But there’s one name that belongs in that group that perhaps isn’t quite as well...
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A maestro dips into nostalgia

Photographer Arif Mahmood’s Pestonjee, Silver Linings leave one in sweet melancholy KARACHI: As the pandemic makes us nostalgic, longing for the yesteryears when times were simpler, a studio-light setup and a little brown bench in front of a dimly lit Arif Mahmood photo helps in turning the bitter yearning into a sweet melancholy. This is precisely what makes Mahmood the maestro. Article by Tehreem M Alam |The Tribune Often associated with black and white photography, the Karachi-born artist h...
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Mediterraneo and Albizia: New Phaedon Paris Fragrances

The French perfume niche house of Phaedon Paris has launched two new fragrances: the masculine fougere Mediterraneoand the feminine floral Albizia in February 2021. Both of them were created by perfumer Pierre Guillaume. Mediterraneo Phaedon Paris is a new masculine scent, inspired by the landscapes of Sicily. On the ridge paths overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, contemplating the horizon, the me... Read full article: Mediterraneo and Albizia: New Phaedon Paris Fragrances from Fragrantica Perfume...
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The 6 best women's razors we've tested

Billie A good razor will smoothly and effectively remove unwanted hair without irritation.We asked our Insider Reviews team for their go-to shavers to compile a master list of our top picks.Shaving is a totally personal choice - one that not everyone decides to participate in. But if you're someone who prefers to remove their body hair, there are several ways to achieve smooth legs, hair-free underarms, and a groomed bikini line. But the fastest, easiest, and least painful is generally sha...
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Podcast #687: How to Get a Handle on the Voice in Your Head

We all talk to ourselves all the time. This kind of inner dialogue can be a good thing, helping us focus and work through problems, but it can also go off the rails, turning into worry and negative rumination. My guest today calls this negative self-talk “chatter,” and in a book of the same name he outlines how to get a handle on it. His name is Ethan Kross, he’s a psychologist and the director of the Emotion & Self Control Lab, and we begin our conversation with the way introspection can be ...
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Favourite Facial Oils Roundup

Face oils – consider me a convert.  I’ve realized that my skin isn’t just combination, sometimes it’s downright dehydrated because of the climate and because of not drinking... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2021

Embodying the essence of the season, the limited summer edition for 2021 of CK One Summer is announced as a scent full of vitality, purity, and freshness. Sweet and bitter citrus fruits make up the top notes of the composition. There is Meyer lemon, a hybrid fruit between a citron and mandarin/pomelo native to China. The core includes the sour-sweet aroma of rhubarb with green eucalyptus and wa... Read full article: Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2021 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazin...
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Beziehungspause ohne Drama: So geht’s

Viele von uns haben sich irgendwann bestimmt schon einmal den Kopf über die Bedeutung einer „Beziehungspause“ zerbrochen. Womit genau geht denn eigentlich dieses Wort einher? Ist dieser Begriff nur ein einfühlsameres Wort für eine – wenn auch möglicherweise vorübergehende – Trennung? Oder handelt es sich dabei um eine Zeitspanne, während der man sich nicht sieht, aber auch nicht mit anderen Leuten schläft? Eines steht fest: Wenn man nicht eindeutig definiert, womit eine Beziehungspause ver...
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Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Now Them

Back in the mid-90s and early '00s, Tommy Hilfiger marked a generation with iconic Tommy fragrances. In the present day, the brand has updated its signature scents for a new generation. After releasing the duo of fragrances Tommy Now and Tommy Girl Now in 2018, in 2021 the fashion house of Tommy Hilfiger will present the limited unisex edition, Tommy Now Them. It is announced as a fresh... Read full article: Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Now Them from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Ikea is selling tiny homes now — and, phew, no assembly required

In a partnership with Vox Creative and Wisconsin-based tiny home and RV builder ESCAPE, the furniture giant revealed a 187-square-foot tiny home.
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4 Best Hair Oils

Hair oils have been gaining popularity, and there’s nothing I love more than dousing my hair in some oil, going to work out, and then washing it all off. I feel like the heat from the workout... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Maybe it doesn’t matter how many seamers/spinners England picked

It’s always exciting to try and guess what day one talking points will be. When India picked three spinners and England picked one, it seemed like maybe that would be a thing. But you don’t always get to a point where the composition and quality of your bowling attack will have any real impact on the outcome of the game. Sometimes in a modern free-roaming videogame, you can venture into an area where you get minced. “What’s over here?” you wonder. “What’s in this room/cave/dungeon?” ...
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Why is There Sugar in My Baby Formula?

The first thing I am going to say because we are online and it can so quickly go uncivilized, that this is not a breast milk vs formula milk debate. But I do want to discuss something. Why does my son’s infant formula have SUGAR and Corn Syrup in it? This week randomly I realized... Read More » The post Why is There Sugar in My Baby Formula? appeared first on .
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How the wellness and influencer crowd served conspiracies to the masses

A distrust of traditional institutions saw wellness advocates find common ground with QAnon during the pandemic – and soften their message for the mainstream• How governments were left playing catch-up on misinformationIn August last year, Matt Lawson, a Melbourne-based conspiracy theorist and anti-5G activist linked to the group that helped organise the city’s anti-lockdown protests last year, held one of his regular YouTube gabfests.The guests were mostly the usual crowd. The former celebrity ...
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Brittle, Dry Hair? These 4 Healthy Hair Tips Are Your Fix

Brittle, Dry Hair? These 4 Healthy Hair Tips Are Your Fix Dry hair is the worst. I mean, your hair is your crowning achievement — it literally sits on top of your head. And those tresses actually do more than frame … more at Brittle, Dry Hair? These 4 Healthy Hair Tips Are Your Fix. This is an original post from Budget Fashionista.
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Was der „Tod“ der Skinny Jeans für mich als dicke Frau bedeutet

2021 war bisher voller Überraschungen. Ich hätte vorher zum Beispiel nie erwartet, dass Europa über ein Jahr nach seinem ersten Coronafall immer noch weitestgehend im Lockdown steckt oder Donald Trump tatsächlich mal von Twitter verbannt werden würde. Noch schockierender fand ich aber die News, dass Generation Z nicht bloß Seitenscheitel und den Freudentränen-Emoji gecancelt hat, sondern jetzt auch die Skinny Jeans. Yep – TikTok-Teens haben soeben das Ende einer modischen Ära verkündet, die mich...
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Reminder to Be Physically Healthy

Maybe it’s because the weather where I live is in the mid-20s this morning, when I looked. Maybe it’s because the Texans experienced devastating lows last week. Maybe it’s because I’m longing for warmer weather where people are out and about. This morning I woke up with physical health on my mind. In 2006, during my horribly failed job search, I literally would roll out of my bed, walk a few steps to a recliner, and sit there until dinner time. I’d go to the bathroom, and maybe the fridge, but m...
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The New Hermès Men's Fragrance H24 - Discover the Hot Iron Notes

A major new fragrance from a famous house like Hermès is always a big deal in our microcosm. H24, which is released today (February 24, 2021) at all of the brand's outlets, keeps its promises in that it breaks with the current codes of the genre. Indeed, with its herbaceous, floral and metallic signature, both full and dazzling, it is immediately recognizable among the many masculine scents on... Read full article: The New Hermès Men's Fragrance H24 - Discover the Hot Iron Notes from Fragrantic...
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MAC Mehr Lipstick Swatch

Here’s my favourite MAC lipstick of all time: Mehr. It came out in 2011, as part of the Mickey Contractor collection and it’s described as a dirty blue pink.  Mickey Contractor is a... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Nie mehr pleite dank Kakeibo, der japanischen Kunst des Geldsparens

Geld zu sparen, ist kein Kinderspiel. Im Gegenteil: Es ist wirklich, wirklich schwer. Egal, wie sehr du auch glaubst, sparsam gewesen zu sein, am Ende des Monats ist immer nur ein kläglicher Betrag auf deinem Konto übrig, stimmt’s? Das kennen wir doch alle. Ein großer Teil deines Gehalts geht wahrscheinlich für die Miete drauf, und dann sind da noch all die anderen Rechnungen, die monatlich anstehen. Am Ende stehst du fast ohne Kohle da und hast nicht einmal bemerkt, wie es so weit gekom...
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Exuberant and Trendy in Atlanta

Atlanta-based Monica Awe-Etuk (41) documents her outfits on Instagram, and on her blog Awed by Monica. She’s a trendy dresser with exuberant style who enjoys playing around with all kinds of different vibes. Our blogger often sports interesting footwear and maximal arm candy, and loves neutrals as much as she loves colour. “As I get older, I do believe my style has evolved a little. I say a little because I have always maintained a core principle when it comes to style and that is ‘classic with ...
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Melting pot: 17 delicious, warming stews – from a Moroccan fish dish to Persian lamb

Popular all over the world, stew is always a comfort, whether it comes as a Lancashire hotpot, French daube or a summery mix of courgette, mint and butter beansStew doesn’t have a poor reputation so much as bad branding. The name itself has an aura of disappointment about it, especially the way my children repeated it back to me, after they asked what we were having and I told them. “Stew!” they would say, with heavy emphasis on the “Ew!” It probably doesn’t help that “stew” shares an etymologic...
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