Plastic Surgeon’s Guide: Here’s What to Expect From Your Facelift Procedure!

As you get older, it’s normal that you consider a facelift Newport Beach procedure. When done properly, such an intervention can seriously improve the appearance of: Wrinkles; Age spots; Fine lines; Saggy skin; And so many other little imperfections that are common as you age. All these things can cause more or less serious issues for your self-confidence, which is why many people consider plastic surgery as a means for improvement. In this article, we’ll let you know what to expect from your...
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Rejuvenation Through Manifestation: A Nowruz 2021 Parenting Special

Parsi Khabar is happy to present it’s first ever online program this Navroze. We will anchor a Nowruz 2021 Parenting Special titled Rejuvenation Through Manifestation with Dr. Mickey Mehta from Mumbai, India & Meher Amalsad from California, USA. Saturday, March 13, 2020  07:00 PM Pacific,  10:00 PM Easterm Sunday March 14, 2020  08:30 AM IST,  3:00 AM GMT Add event to calendar Host & Moderator: Arzan Sam Wadia, Founder of Parsi Khabar This Speci...
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Historical Coty Fragrances: The Anniversary Edition 2004

Just a short while ago, Fragrantica published an article about a set of three legendary Coty fragrances, released as a limited edition by Association François Coty. Set of three legendary Coty fragrances, 2020 limited edition The contents and design of the set is similar to the one produced in 2004 by Henri Coty, grandson of the legendary company's founder, for the brand's centennial: sam... Read full article: Historical Coty Fragrances: The Anniversary Edition 2004 from Fragrantica Perfumes...
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The 4 best whitening toothpastes of 2021 that help remove surface stains from your teeth

Trading your regular toothpaste for the whitening kind lifts surface stains while also cleaning.While studies show charcoal toothpaste doesn't actually whiten teeth, other ingredients are proven to work.Colgate's Optic White Express White Toothpaste is our top choice because results show up in just three days. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Unless your smile is already blinding, pretty much everyone wants whiter teeth. Our smile is one of the first things other people notice when meeting us,...
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4 Famous Walks To Discover In The Pages of a Book

Whether you’re a fan of the latest thriller or you prefer sporting autobiographies, books provide us with a sense of escapism. But they can also inspire us with a sense of wonder, and wanderlust! There is no shortage of books that have centred on great journeys – of both discovery of self and exploration of new places. And with that in mind, here are some of our favourite books that have inspired plenty of walking holidays as we follow in the protagonists footsteps.   Wild: From Lost t...
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Nina Wadia on breaking through & giving back to society

Grab an icepick, start climbing the ladder: Nina Wadia on breaking through & giving back to society Nina Wadia, who rose to fame in the 1990s with the iconic comedy sketch show ‘Goodness Gracious Me’, received an OBE for contributions to entertainment and charity in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List 2021. ‘ iGlobal’ caught up with the former ‘EastEnders’ star to hear about her life and achievements, and how she came to be one of the most pioneering Global Indians on British television, insp...
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When Arthur Conan Doyle responded to the call of a Parsee Lawyer

Shrabani Basu’s latest book is about an unexpected friendship in the 20th century In the village of Great Wyrley near Birmingham, someone is mutilating horses. Someone is also sending threatening letters to the vicarage, where the vicar, Shahpur Edalji, is a Parsi convert to Christianity and the first Indian to have a parish in England. His son George – quiet, socially awkward and the only boy at school with distinctly Indian features – grows up into a successful barrister, till ...
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CEO behind P&G brands like Tide, Dawn, and Swiffer on how to spark creativity and collaboration among your team during difficult times

Insider Shailesh Jejurikar. Procter & Gamble Shailesh Jejurikar is the CEO of Procter & Gamble's largest business line, Fabric & Home Care. By maintaining a growth mindset, he's helped his teams thrive despite pandemic uncertainty. Jejurikar has employees challenge assumptions and connect with shoppers and emphasizes work-life balance. This article is part of a series called "Leaders by Day," which takes a look at how prominent business leaders are tackling various challenges ...
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5 of India’s Best Ever Cricketers

Meta Title: India Cricket | 5 of India’s Best Ever Cricketers Meta Description: India has always produced fantastic cricketers and in this article we are Read More The post 5 of India’s Best Ever Cricketers appeared first on Cricket Fever - It's All About Live Cricket. Related posts: India vs Australia 2nd Test Day 4 SCG Video Highlights Online Vodafone Test Series 2011-12 India vs Australia 2nd Test Day 1 SCG Video Highlights Online Vodafone Test Series 2011-12 India vs Australia 2nd...
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12 Jumping Jack Variations to Kick Up Your Cardio

The jumping jack is a singularly effective exercise, used in elementary school PE classes and military PT training alike. Doing jumping jacks is kind of fun, and, in mobilizing the entire body, quickly gets one’s blood pumping and heart rate soaring. You can do them in a small space, without a lick of equipment. You can incorporate them into a full-fledged cardio workout, or intersperse them into your day; taking a jumping jack break is a great way to shake off malaise and regain focus when you...
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AMAZING Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Rolls Recipe!

This Pepperoni Pizza Rolls Recipe is perfect for parties or homemade pizza night! Though they’re made from scratch, they’re super simple to throw together and pack all of the flavors of a regular pizza in a bite-sized roll! What to Serve With Pepperoni Pizza Rolls These Pizza Rolls are a great idea for a party... Read More » The post AMAZING Homemade Pepperoni Pizza Rolls Recipe! appeared first on .
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Bio-Oil Reviews

Can Bio Oil Improve Skin Health? When Bio Oil was launched in 2002, it was not a well-known product, and didn’t command much media attention. Since then, this specialty brand has grown in popularity and is now sold in numerous countries, including USA, Ireland, Guatemala, Peru, Russia,...
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Is Methylpropanediol Safe?

What Is Methylpropanediol? Methylpropanediol is a skincare and cosmetic ingredient that is used as a solvent and to enhance the absorption of ingredients such as salicylic acid. Methylpropanediol also has the added benefit of hydrating the skin, leaving the skin looking hydrated, dewy, and smooth. ...
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Cancelled Plans: Pandemic-Themed Candles That Smell of Comfort and Regret

Cancelled Plans, a tongue-in-cheek candle company that has made the most out of our collective mindset during the pandemic, has released a new set of four candles: ‘I Need Space’, ‘Remember Hugs?’, ‘It’s Fine, I’m Fine’ and ‘Lost Idea’.  The Seattle-based brand describes itself as “a design-focused company that combines high-end, quality ingredients and craftsmanship with fu... Read full article: Cancelled Plans: Pandemic-Themed Candles That Smell of Comfort and Regret from Fragrantica Perfumes...
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Hilde Soliani Disobbedienza - Diary of a Non–Existent Curtain

In the last few months, perfumer Hilde Soliani has presented two new creations that are completely opposite to each other and complement her creative image. They were the compositions of Quin Meringa (a gourmand creation that perfectly reflects the smell of freshly whipped cream; a fluffy and delicious white cloud, finely sweetened, slightly lactonic), and Disobbedienza, which speaks of he... Read full article: Hilde Soliani Disobbedienza - Diary of a Non–Existent Curtain from Fragrantica Per...
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Obagi Reviews

If you’ve been to a medical spa or seen a dermatologist recently, you probably spotted Obagi products for sale there. Obagi is a line of professional, medical grade skincare products only available through its network of doctors. Here’s a look at Obagi skincare, what it offers and is it worth a...
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Frownies Review

The story behind Frownies Frownies is an anti-aging skin treatment that has been helping to keep wrinkles away for over 100 years now! Back in 1889, Margaret Kroesen was inspired to create Frownies because of her daughter’s “unsightly frown lines”. Frownies, also called wrinkle tape, wrinkle...
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Mary Kay Skin Care Review

Tiffany Blue. Coca-Cola Red. Hermès orange. A few brands are closely associated with one color and in the cosmetics world, Mary Kay has cornered the market on pink. This iconic brand has been around since 1963, when its consultants sold the products at house parties and the most successful ones...
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Do You Know The Benefits of Matrixyl 3000?

Do you know the benefits of using skin care products that contain Matrixyl 3000? Matrixyl 3000 is a type of synthetic peptide used in skin care for its ability to stimulate collagen production, which results in anti-aging effects. If you’ve never heard of Matrixyl 3000 or don’t even know what a...
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RoC Retinol Review

When you’re browsing the beauty aisle at your local drugstore, chances are you’ve seen shelves stocked with RoC products, sharing shelf space next to Olay, L’Oreal and Neutrogena. Or maybe your friends rave about some of the brand’s most popular products, including RoC Retinol Correxion Deep...
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DDF Review

Are DDF Skin Care Products Right for You? The last several decades have seen a wave of skin care product lines being founded by doctors and dermatologists, including DDF, a company founded by Dr. Howard Sobel. Launched in 1991, DDF stands for Doctors Dermatologic Formula. The main idea behind the...
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Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K is sometimes used in skin care products designed to help heal bruises and scars because it can affect the clotting abilities of blood. It is also frequently used to help fade stretch marks and hide the signs of spider veins, although its effectiveness in this regard is still debated. Many...
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Best Sunscreen for Face

Choosing the Best Sunscreen for Face As we continue to learn about skin cancer, the importance of using sun block to protect skin becomes very clear, but finding the best sunscreen for face and arms is just half the battle. Just as it is important to have the right ingredients, knowing how to use...
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Mr Potato Head brand is no longer a mister (but still a potato)

Manufacturers Hasbro opt for gender-neutral brand nameCompany says Mr and Mrs Potato Head characters will still existHasbro created confusion on Thursday when it removed the gender from its Mr Potato Head brand, but not from the actual toy.The company, which has been making the potato-shaped plastic toy for nearly 70 years, announced Thursday morning that it was dropping “Mr” from the brand in an effort to make sure “all feel welcome in the Potato Head world”. That set off a social media frenzy ...
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Mr Potato Head is no longer a mister (but still a potato)

Manufacturers Hasbro opt for gender-neutral namePlastic toy gets modern makeover after 70 yearsMr Potato Head is no longer a mister. Related: Maya Angelou Barbie doll launched in US Continue reading...
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Ervad Yazad T Bhadha: Spotlight on Youth Organizers of 8WZYC

Introducing Ervad Yazad T Bhadha-  8WZYC Secretary & Speakers Liaison Officer My name is Ervad Yazad Tehmuras Bhadha and I am the Resident Priest for the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (ZTFE), London and am taking on the role as Secretary for the 8th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress (8WZYC). I graduated in 2012 in the field of commerce from the Byramjee Jeejeebhoy College of Commerce (BJCC) and then completed my Masters in Commerce 2 years later from Mumbai University. I was then appointed...
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How I used YouTube and email to market my candle-making course and bring in $40,000 in one month

Tiana Coates is a small business owner and entrepreneur. Tiana Coates Tiana Coates is an entrepreneur and owner of Winding Wick Candles based in Garland, Texas. In 2020, Coates made over $70,000 from selling her online candle-making business course, including $40,000 in just one month.  Here's how she developed, produced, and marketed the course, as told to freelance writer Kaila Yu.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. I always wanted the freedom of running my own busi...
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Pupa Vamp! Collection: Three Personalities in Black, Red and Pink

The Italian cosmetic and makeup brand PUPA presents their newest collection of fragrances that takes the name from their makeup line PUPA VAMP. The new line comprises three female fragrances: Vamp! Black, Vamp! Red and Vamp! Pink, dedicated to a women with different styles and sensibilities. As the brand explains, "All women are unique and authentic, but they are united with all other wome... Read full article: Pupa Vamp! Collection: Three Personalities in Black, Red and Pink from Fragran...
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All Kosas Blush and Highlighter Duos 40% Off

All Kosas Blush and Highlighter Duos are 40% off for a limited time. No code needed! Discount already applied! Free Shipping on any order! Where to buy Kosas You may also enjoy... 50% Off at E.L.F.It Cosmetics Holiday Edition Airbrush Complexion Trio Review & SwatchesChanel Jardin de Camelias Collection Brings Spring Freshness!It’s a New Week Here’s What I Love The post All Kosas Blush and Highlighter Duos 40% Off appeared first on Musings of a Muse.
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Rose Done Right: Ormonde Jayne's Indus

This might be (okay, will be, if I know anything about human nature!) a controversial statement, but I'm going to say it anyway: Nobody does a rose fragrance like Ormonde Jayne! Naturally, this is my opinion, but as a lover of their wonderful Ta'if scent and now of their Indus (as well as Damask—really love that tangy rose/lemon at the top), I feel my nose-course is set on this brand. I spoke... Read full article: Rose Done Right: Ormonde Jayne's Indus from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Ma...
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