Lilia Cass Ceremonial Collection

We have such a treat for you fashion lovers today because designer Lilia Cass has shared not one, but two […] The post Lilia Cass Ceremonial Collection appeared first on Polka Dot Wedding.
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Golden Globes 2021: the winners, the speeches, the controversy – live

An unusual semi-virtual kickoff to the awards season sees Mank, Nomadland, Schitt’s Creek and The Crown leading the way but there’s continued outrage over diversity and alleged corruption 1.35am GMT Also lest we forgetRemember how the HFPA's first response to the LA Times story was to insist that questioning them reflected "unconscious bias against the HFPA’s diverse membership"? Anyway 1.34am GMT I’m expecting more unimpressed tweets li...
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What Are This Year’s Golden Globes Beauty Trends? Professional Makeup Artist Kirin Bhatty Explains

All products and services featured by Variety are independently selected by Variety editors. However, Variety may receive a commission on orders placed through its retail links, and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes. Once a starry red-carpet affair, the Golden Globes has, like many other awards season events, been relegated to […]
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Kate Spade’s New York: Rose Syrup Drizzled on Fresh Red Fruit

I haven’t smelt a fruity floral this good in years. Kate Spade’s newest scent New York is a summer hamper filled to the brim with fruit and flowers, joyous and radiant in its fresh, simple optimism and generous sense of overabundance and bounty. I appreciate that it is not trying to shock, provoke, scream nor break the glass ceiling,  but create a beautiful harmonious accord that will delight... Read full article: Kate Spade’s New York: Rose Syrup Drizzled on Fresh Red Fruit from Fragrantica Pe...
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Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds, But Subconscious Healing Can

Time doesn’t heal all wounds, it just gives them space to sink into the subconscious, where they will still impact your emotions and behavior.  What heals is going inward, loving yourself, accepting yourself, listening to your needs, addressing your attachments and emotional history, learning how to let go and follow your intuition. – Yung Pueblo It might be the elephant in the room, but it needs to be said.  Covid-19 has changed us.  We all, in some way, are connected to the loss.  We have...
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Elf Happy Hydration Cream Review

Elf Cosmetics is known for its affordable line of makeup products, but many don’t know that the brand has a pretty extensive collection of skin care products. Elf skincare products can address concerns like dryness, blemishes, uneven skin tone, aging, and more. One of the popular products in the...
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La Mer Cream Review 2021

In the beauty world there are products which have achieved cult favorite status, and then there are products which have entered the stratosphere to become legends. Arguably the most famous face cream in the world is also one of the priciest– Crème de la Mer. It’s a firm celebrity favorite,...
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CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream Review

CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream is a facial moisturizer that is said to refresh and hydrate tired-looking skin while helping to restore the skin’s natural barrier overnight. It is a rich yet non-greasy night cream that is formulated to continually release moisturizing ingredients — such as...
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Olaplex: How Does It Work?

What Is Olaplex? Olaplex is a brand of hair treatments that focuses on repairing hair bonds. You have probably heard of Olaplex by now particularly if you are an enhanced blonde. Olaplex treatments have been making the rounds on instagram for the last few years as a professional treatment to reduce...
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Reviewed: Top 8 Best Elf Skincare Products

E.l.f. Cosmetics (which stands for Eyes, Lips, Face) is known for its affordable line of makeup products, but many don’t know that the brand also has a pretty extensive collection of skin care products. Elf skincare products can address concerns like dryness, blemishes, uneven skin tone, aging, and...
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Bespoke Fragrance as a Gateway to Reflection

Bespoke fragrances were once almost completely unattainable. Access to perfumers, availability and price were all barriers to possessing a truly signature scent. The continued convenience and popularity of online purchasing, a growth in demand for personal branding and a desire to smell unique have precipitated the dismantling of at least some of those barriers. The digital age has ushered in acce... Read full article: Bespoke Fragrance as a Gateway to Reflection from Fragrantica Perfumes and C...
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Perfume PosseSunshine I realise the groundhog said six more weeks of winter. Thankfully, however, we seem to have moved into a transition phase. It’s been sunny for several days (and should continue to be for at least the next two weeks) and… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseSunshine
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Pyjama suits are next big thing as formal wear is hit under Covid

Two Japanese firms have created working from home pyjamas to adapt to workers’ needsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFirst there were smart “use once” tops worn only for virtual work meetings and whipped off thereafter – otherwise known as the “Zoom shirt”. Now, courtesy of two Japanese companies, comes the latest hybrid of the suit and loungewear: the WFH pyjama suit.Working from home has rubbished the idea of formal dress codes. As sales of suits have suffered (onlin...
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Melissa Rivers on the death of the red carpet: ‘It’s been on life support’

"With virtual, you’re not gonna have any mishaps, any malfunctions ... Which sadly takes a lot of the fun out of it," she told us.
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From LinkedIn hashtags to résumé keywords, these are the best ways to tailor your application for remote work

Just one in 10 companies expects all their staff to return to the office after the pandemic. Manish Rajput/SOPA Images When looking for remote jobs, it's important to tailor your résumé and cover letter accordingly. Highlighting any previous remote work or related soft skills such as Zoom could go a long way. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile and using the relevant hashtags will catch recruiters' attention. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Remote work might have been ...
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Attar Collection Floral Musk

  The newest fragrance from ATTAR COLLECTION brings a musky - oriental atmosphere featuring the beauty of gentle white flowers. The fragrance Floral Musk arrives in late February and it is inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. As the brand describes: "One of the symbols of UAE is the legendary white Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is located in the Emirate of Abu-Dhabi. This is one of... Read full article: Attar Collection Floral Musk from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine....
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3 Black queer journalists share their advice for breaking into the journalism industry and what publications should do better to recruit minority employees

(L-R) Tre'vell Anderson, Cerise Castle, Femi Redwood. Courtesy photos/Business Insider Regardless of any sudden DEI efforts made in 2020, journalist Daric L. Cottingham says the media industry has a long way to go to promote diversity.  Cottingham interviewed three Black LGBTQ journalists on lessons they've learned breaking into the media industry. The group also shared their thoughts on how publications can better recruit and retain Black queer journalists. Visit the Business section ...
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Readers reply: why do some places get dusty and others don’t?

The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical conceptsWhy do some places have dust and others not? Our house seems to need redusting days after a full deep clean, while a colleague told me she could leave her holiday home in Sweden for a year and come back to a spotless space. Is it the population density? Legacy of industrialisation? Car pollution?James de MalplaquetSend new que...
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Perfumed Horoscope: March 1 - March 7

  How can we make the scents of this world even richer, and more powerful? If we love mother Earth, at least like she loves us, we could make its elements smell even more beautiful. Our premise this week is: Once we connect better to Earth, we connect better to Ourselves. One way to do that may be by grounding with Her. Since this week offers us greater power with our minds (Mercury Jupiter... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: March 1 - March 7 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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The power of touch: what will it be like when we can all connect again?

Social distancing has reminded us what a crucial role touch plays in our wellbeing, says social and cultural historian Joe MoranWhen was the last time you touched someone you don’t live with? One day last March, probably; you’re not sure of the date. Did you shake hands with a new colleague at work? Did your coat brush against another commuter’s on the train? Did someone bump your elbow and mutter an apology when rushing past you on an escalator? If you’d known that was the last time you’d make ...
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The worst bathing suit, the hungry dog, interesting/uninteresting sounds, pandemic doodles.

I've selected 4 things for you from TikTok. If you like all 4, you must be like me: @hopeliveslife #ItWasntMe #DoritosFlatLife ♬ original sound - Hope M. I think Smudge is hungry #fyp #dog #dogtoks #pomeranian ♬ Up - Cardi B @anominalia ♬ original sound - Anominalia @mrdoodleofficial Lockdown doodles #doodling #art #mural ♬ original sound - Mr Doodle [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Guilt and fury: how Covid brought mothers to breaking point

The pandemic exposed gender inequality, shattering the fragile jigsaw of support that allowed women with children to work. Radical action is necessary to prevent women’s rights backsliding a generation“It is so hard, I cannot describe it.”“I burned out, completely.” Continue reading...
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My boyfriend spends all his time selling weed. Should I leave? | Dear Mariella

Your relationship sounds unworkable and toxic, says Mariella Frostrup. Find someone you can confide in or get professional helpThe dilemma My boyfriend’s work ground to a halt as a result of the pandemic, and his weed-smoking habit has expanded within that void to become a lifestyle. He buys, sells and grows the stuff, meaning that he’s meeting strangers on a daily basis, often in our home.My initial response was anger that he could so readily endanger my health for the sake of a habit I despise...
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