Sunday Firesides: Every Man Needs His Own Walden(s)

In recent years, it’s become fashionable to question the authenticity of Thoreau’s famous experiment in seeking greater solitude, simplicity, and self-reliance on the shores of Walden pond. “Do you know his cabin was just two miles from the town of Concord?” “That he sometimes went home to have dinner with friends and family?” “He didn’t even own the land on which he lived — Emerson did!” Yet, Thoreau never intended for his sojourn to be something entirely “pure.” Instead, his point from the...
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Nitex Takes Fashion Forward

Muhummad Mahdi (left) and Arifin Hasan (right), Founders of Nitex In 2012, Bangladeshi computer science student Muhammad Mahdi received a call from an old high school friend, Arifin Hasan. A year ago they parted ways for college after having been friends for 7 years. Hasan wanted to meet up again.As conversation began, they, like many college students, began fantasizing about building their dream companies. But the fuel driving their dream was a bit deeper than the usual “I want to be the next...
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3 Tips for Working Out While Wearing Facemasks

Are you one of the people who find it uncomfortable to exercise when they have a mask on? If you are, you need to embrace the new norm as face masks prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as Covid-19. Wearing it is safe since your respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart rate, and other important body functions will not be affected. However, there are tips that you need to remember when exercising with an exercise facemask on. Some of them are discussed below. 1. Put On The Righ...
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How To Get the Right Chair Covers

Using chair covers is the most affordable and elegant way to upscale the look and feel of your Adirondack chairs. The homeowners can get chair covers to transform their chairs to match the home interiors. Many people consider chair covers to add special themes to their events like parties and gatherings. As many people are new to buying chair covers, it is very much possible that you make a mistake by choosing the wrong set of covers and lose your money. To get the best matching products w...
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The Future Of Fragrance According to Firmenich And Central Saint Martins

Firmenich’s Olfactive Design program, a project intended to spur creative and visionary approaches to perfumery and scent, has been running for 14 years. For the 2020 edition, Firmenich perfumers collaborated with students from the London design school Central Saint Martins to “reimagine the future of fine fragrance." Intended to “show how fragrance will impact our world in the years to come... Read full article: The Future Of Fragrance According to Firmenich And Central Saint Martins from Frag...
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How we stay together: 'It’s within those storms that you aim for the sun'

From fairytale beginning to unimaginable tragedy, Valentino and Carly Giannoni have been through a lot in two decades togetherNames: Valentino and Carly GiannoniYears together: 20Occupations: Self-employedCarly and Valentino Giannoni’s relationship had a picture book start. In 2000, Carly, a twenty-something Australian, went backpacking around Europe. While she was in Italy, she wanted to visit Cinque Terre, the picturesque fishing villages on the Italian Riveria, overlooking the Mediterranean. ...
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Connect Your Remote Team Through Personal Knowledge

Remember doing “Show and Tell” or presenting to your classmates as the “Student of the Week” when you were in elementary school? As it turns out, our teachers were on to something. Bringing back an updated version of this practice would be more than merely an entertaining way to enliven a meeting at work. It may be just what teams need in year two of the Covid-19 pandemic.  How well are the members of your team doing at being teammates, especially if you pivoted to working remotely almost a ye...
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Nothing Can Rule Us: Etat Libre D’Orange’s Exit The King

Etat Libre D’Orange, synonymous with feisty and raucous fragrances, has burst onto the scene again with their newest release, Exit The King. Never being able to resist making an entrance, this perfume about entropy and the fall of patriarchal power was released amidst a worldwide pandemic with ELDO’s signature snarky tone still in tact. Rife with imagery of European history, rebellion, purity... Read full article: Nothing Can Rule Us: Etat Libre D’Orange’s Exit The King from Fragrantica Perfum...
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Over 70,000 people have applied to work at my bridesmaid-for-hire business - here's how I decide who to hire

Jen Glantz is the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. Jen Glantz Jen Glantz is an entrepreneur and founder of the company Bridesmaid for Hire. Since starting her business in 2014, Glantz has fielded over 70,000 applications from paid bridesmaid hopefuls. Glantz says she scans applications quickly for key details, and then conducts a long interview process to get to know each candidate. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Soon after I started my business Bridesmaid for Hire,...
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How I've dealt with a lifetime of chronic pain

Last year, I was asked by the self-improvement site, Better Humans, to write about how I cope with chronic pain (I've had severe spinal arthritis since I was a teen). I have finally written that piece. It has been getting an enthusiastic response and many people are finding its contents helpful, so I thought I'd share it with Boing Boing readers, too. — Read the rest
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What’s The Best Flooring For Our Family Home?

So many of us have lots to consider when looking for family-friendly flooring for our home. Most of the time, practicality has to come before looks – especially when you’re a busy parent! Although having a big family is great, it does mean we have to sacrifice what we really want for the sake of our family. It’s hard to steer yourself away from that fluffy cream carpet because it’s a nightmare with the kids, or never buy that vase because it won’t last five minutes. However, what if we tol...
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5 ways to impress your team if you have to start your new job remotely

It can be harder to build relationships when working from home. FreshSplash/Getty Remote working is very different from in-person if you haven't worked at the company before.  Starting a new job remotely can be challenging as workers adapt to building relationships online. From organizing Zoom catch-ups to learning the company culture, you can make the process easier. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Remote work is on the rise and so many more people have to join new...
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Saturday Links

Podcast: I enjoyed interviewing Nate Pickowicz about his new book How to Eat Your Bible on the Gospel for Life Podcast. Curated links for your weekend reading: Christian Freedom and the Sin of Silence Tolerance is not enough anymore. Now, we must affirm someone else’s position and identity or be guilty of transgressing a social law code…Surprisingly, however, Christians have begun to make similar arguments. Pastoring after This Pandemic Joy will come in the morning.And then a whol...
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Tim Dowling: an unsettling force has upset my equilibrium… hope

The sun is drying the dew off on the ivy. I can hear birds singing and children playing. It’s too earlyA year ago, I was contending that as someone who had always worked from home I’d been in training for a global pandemic for 30 years: I’ll do your lockdown standing on my head – bring it.That was a couple of lockdowns ago, but it’s only recently that something has arrived to upset my mental equilibrium: hope. After months safely cloaked in the armour of despair, hope has suddenly left me unpeel...
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Blind date: ‘The best thing about him? His shirt’

Robyn, 32, credit controller, meets Danny, 36, radio presenter/DJWhat were you hoping for?Another way to meet someone. Failing that, another way to spend my Saturday night. Continue reading...
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