Being Still

Perfume PosseBeing Still Being Still.  What a concept (this is a continuation of my last Musings post – sorry, guess I’m still in that zone) Everyone’s  (rightly) been talking/writing about what a shittastic year it was and while mine was no exception, there… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseBeing Still
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Jacomo de Jacomo: What Men Wore Before the Niche Era

Surely you know about the "Hall of Fame" concept: The place where the stories and artifacts of famous people of the past are kept, proving their real existence. Of course, two centuries have passed since the first Hall of Valhalla in Bavaria, and during this time the Halls of Fame have become one of the main marketing tools for industries and companies. It is not for nothing that every sport... Read full article: Jacomo de Jacomo: What Men Wore Before the Niche Era from Fragrantica Perfumes an...
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When SMART Goals Get You Stuck

SMART goals are important to set, when it’s the right time. Find out what type of goals entrepreneurs should set and when. Our discussion today is about a different way of looking at goals that is very complimentary to our way of looking at goals for entrepreneurs. Click the player to listen to The BIGG […] The post When SMART Goals Get You Stuck appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Need To Know Line Reviews: Helio – Here Comes The Sun

Helio, a Greek root word relating to the sun, seems more than fitting for a scent line whose MO is supposedly the healing powers of natural scents, and their ability to bring out your very own radiance to your very own space. While this might sound a bit gimmicky, at the helm of each bottle is the virtuoso Ralf Schwieger, who has lent his hand from everything to edgy Etat Libre D’Orange releases... Read full article: Need To Know Line Reviews: Helio – Here Comes The Sun from Fragrantica Perfume...
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Epic Iran Exhibition: An Overview by V&A and ZTFE

ZTFE would like to invite our members and well-wishers to join us for a specially curated evening on the Epic Iran exhibition, from the comfort of their homes.  The exhibition explores 5,000 years of Iranian art, design and culture, bringing together over 300 objects from ancient, Islamic and contemporary Iran.   It is scheduled to run at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) until 12th September 2021. Join via zoom on Wednesday March 24, 2021 7:00 PM: London Time 3:00 PM: Eastern ...
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I Dunno About You But the Too Faced Teddy Bare It All Eyeshadow Palette Is Coming Home With Me

Too Faced Teddy Bare It All Eyeshadow Palette ($45) along with the rest of the Teddy Bare Collection for Summer 2021 will be available shortly and I don’t hate it. I have to admit this is cute as hell and I love the colors! The palette is inspired by soft teddy bear hair and contains 14 sandy nudes that give eyes a barely there natural look! Shades include: The Snuggle Is Real (light peachy-taupe matte) Sharing Is Caring (medium terracotta-rose matte) Pot of Honey (shimmering golden-bronze me...
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Buxom Summer 2021 Featuring Tiki Bar Eye and Cheek Palette

Buxom Tiki Bar Eye and Cheek Palette ($39) releases today and brings back fond childhood memories! Fun fact of the day! One of favorite Disney attractions is the Tiki Room! I know all the songs by heart and I do sit there and sing every single one of them. I think the reason I love it so much is because it’s one of my oldest memories of Disney. I don’t remember my first trip to Disney very well but the memory that sticks out for me the most would be the Tiki Room! I was five at the time and ...
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I’m Pretty Sure You’re Gonna Want The New Tarte Maneater Guide To Glam Eye & Cheek Palette And It’s Only $22!

The new Tarte Maneater Guide to Glam Eye & Cheek Palette popped up on and today and it’s rather gorgeous! And the best part of all is it is included in Tarte’s Friends and Family Sale! Use code BFF to get it for $22! Here we out…It’s not terribly unique but it just looks really pretty all together like that doesn’t it? I love the blush and highlighter here! The palette includes six warmer shades of rose, cranberry, and browns for eyes and a complimentary blush ...
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Nishane Shem

After two very successful creations launched in late November 2020 — EGE / ΑΙΓΑΙΟ by perfumer Ilias Ermenidis and NANSHE by Cecile Zarokian — Nishane presents a new fragrance for their Prestige Collection, which started with Nefs by Chris Maurice in 2019. The newest fragrance, SHEM, lets light shine out of darkness. The perfumer of the newest Nishane release is Lucas Sieuzac... Read full article: Nishane Shem from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Homeworx Candles Ship Free Today

Just a heads up Homeworx Candles ship free today at! They are 2 for $40 with free shipping on but I have a bit better success with the shipping from QVC (It’s packed better!). If you’re wanting to explore some new Spring scents for your home now is a good time to grab some. Enjoy! Where to buy Ulta QVC You may also enjoy... The Bathing Garden Spring UpdateIn the Muse’s Purse: MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in PopsterJill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N 18 Bird Flutter SwatchesN...
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Podcast #694: The Fascinating Secrets of Your Voice

Unless you’re a complete recluse, you probably use your voice many times a day, whether talking to your spouse, chatting with co-workers, or singing along to music in the car. Yet, you’ve probably never thought all that much about something that’s literally happening right under your nose. My guest today says that once you do start thinking about your voice, it reveals fascinating secrets to who you are. His name is John Colapinto and he’s the author of This Is the Voice. John and I begin our...
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Lawyers Burning Out With Long Hours

Long hours are prevalent in the legal industry, and not just at large law firms. While many see in-house counsel life as the promised land of green pastures, 9-5 hours and work-life balance, the reality is quite different for many. In-house counsel often work longer hours and on more projects than they did when they were in private practice, and for good reason. In-house counsel are closer to the business function than outside counsel, and when issues and emergencies arise, in-house counsel are ...
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Kendall Jenner by KKW Fragrance

Another Kardashian/Jenner sister is launching her perfume line under the auspices of the Kim Kardashian KKW Fragrance brand. The supermodel of the famous sisters, Kendall Jenner, presents three new fragrances named Amber, Olive, and Blue Roan, inspired by her love of the great outdoors and horseback riding. In the last few years, Kim Kardashian's brand KKW Fragrance has collaborated with ... Read full article: Kendall Jenner by KKW Fragrance from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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Up to 35% Off Tarte During Friends and Family with Free Shipping

Tarte’s annual Friends and Family is on now! If you’re a member of their loyalty rewards program you can save up to 35% off with Code BFF. Everyone else can save 25% off with the same code! I believe if you sign up for their rewards program now you can still enjoy the 35% off! It also works on new items which is pretty brilliant plus free shipping! Enjoy! Where to buy Tarte You may also enjoy... Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer Review & SwatchesTarte Young, Wild, & ...
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Alexis Petridis tests sleep remixes of pop

‘Sleep-inducing’ is rarely a compliment, but Meditation app Calm hopes to have listeners nodding off with its hour-long remixes of hits by the likes of Ariana Grande and Katy PerryIt is 11.30pm on a Thursday and I have taken to my bed with my headphones on and an hour-long “sleep remix” of Post Malone’s multi-platinum 2019 hit Circles for company. As you’ve presumably guessed, the idea is that the remix is supposed to help me drift off to sleep: the vastly successful meditation app Calm has just...
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Teen Vogue photographer says Condé Nast doesn't value Asian community

Yu Tsai condemns magazine publisher for offering editor’s role to Alexi McCammond, who then resigned over racist tweetsA Teen Vogue photographer has said the hiring and swift axing of editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond over anti-Asian tweets shows Condé Nast does not “value” its Asian staff members.McCammond apologised for comments she tweeted in 2011 and which had been reported before. Condé Nast announced last week that she would no longer start in the job on Wednesday as planned. Continue readin...
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'The fakery is all part of the fun' – the hoax of the mirror selfie

An influencer has claimed that the popular social media pose is a form of visual trickery. But why would you bother, when it’s so easy to do by yourself? And does it matter if it’s fake or not?Even if the phrase “mirror selfies” isn’t in your daily lexicon, you likely know what it means: a selfie which, rather than being taken directly – camera-phone to face – is taken using a mirror, giving you a photograph of your own reflection.Last week the internet trope - a mainstay of influencers such a K...
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The Role Of Strategic HRM In Change Management

The role of Human resources in corporations uses to be associated with hiring, retaining, and firing employees. But the role of Human resources is changing and evolving consistently and today it plays an even bigger role incorporation today that impacts the management styles and operations of a company. To understand how HR has changed in terms of operations and its impact on change management, you have to understand how HR today is acting as a strategic partner for corporations. Human Resourc...
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Coach Dreams Sunset

This spring, the famous luxury bag designer from New York, Coach, will launch a new flanker of its fragrance, Coach Dreams from 2020, in collaboration with Interparfums, the company who holds the license for Coach's perfume line. The new flanker is called Coach Dreams Sunset. Coach Dreams Sunset is a floral oriental composition created by perfumer Nathalie Lorson (Firmenich). The eau d... Read full article: Coach Dreams Sunset from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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Why Stay-at-Home Parents Should Work Part Time

The choice to have one parent stay at home with the child(ren) is a deeply personal, individual one that goes beyond finances. However, there are many reasons why it’s a good idea for stay-at-home moms and dads to seek part-time work, even if there is no immediate need for income. For instance: 1. The obvious one – extra income. Having one spouse stay at home does provide extra opportunities for saving. It’s easier to do thrifty things like cook from scratch and shop for deals when you don’t ha...
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Warum ist Unisex-Mode eigentlich so… verdammt langweilig?

Genderneutrale bzw. Unisex-Kleidung erlebt gerade einen Aufschwung. Urban Outfitters hat inzwischen eine eigene „Unisex“-Kategorie; Zara launchte 2016 die genderneutrale Kollektion „Ungendered“, und 2017 verkaufte H&M unter „Denim United“ genderneutrale Denim-Basics. Inzwischen ist der Trend auch in den Luxus-Brands angekommen: Bei Gucci gibt es jetzt Gucci Mx, eine „Feier der Selbstentfaltung – unabhängig des Geschlechts“.  Wer sich Gucci allerdings nicht leisten kann, wird vom Angebot gende...
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Sollte ich eine sexuelle energetische Reinigung ausprobieren?

In den letzten paar Jahren widmen sich immer mehr Unternehmen frauenspezifischen Gesundheitsthemen. Mittlerweile gibt es praktisch ein Produkt für jede Situation – von pH-ausgleichenden Probiotika, die eine bakterielle Vaginose (BV), Pilz- und Harnwegsinfektionen verhindern sollen, bis hin zu Artikeln, die versprechen, zu erhöhter sexueller Befriedigung beizutragen. Neben all diesen Möglichkeiten, unsere körperliche Gesundheit zu verbessern, gibt es gleichzeitig aber auch eine stetig wachs...
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Colourpop Lip Crayon $4 Each

Colourpop Lip Crayons are $4 (50% Off) at! I actually love these as much as I do my Clinique ones! Worth a pick up at this price and especially great if you’re hauling from the 21 Days of Beauty Sale today as you’ll get free shipping if your Diamond or Platinum! Enjoy! Where to buy Ulta You may also enjoy... Kat Von D Limited Edition Studded Kiss Lipstick for Holiday 2016Nordstrom Select Beauty 15% to 50% OffUrban Decay The Perfect 3Some Vault ArrivesTony Moly Whipping BB C...
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Adult male "virginity" soars

Virginity is a social construct traditionally used to control young women, but for young men in the last decade, the social construct has haunted them instead. , according to this chart attributed to the University of Chicago's General Social Survey, up from 8% in 2008. — Read the rest
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Benefit They’re Real Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara Review

It’s been a while since Benefit came out with a new mascara, and now they have the They’re Real Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara. This mascara formula has metallic iron oxides in it and... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Glowing – nourishment, movement and transformation. The 2021 edition. 

Part 2 – Nourishment. Nourished. I am in awe of my body….its power mesmerizes me….so it is my greatest joy to support it in anyway I can. One way I do that is through supplements and today I am taking you behind the scenes into how I supplement, said in my sultry British accent. Wink […] Glowing – nourishment, movement and transformation. The 2021 edition. 
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Auf die zweite Hälfte von Staffel 5 von Riverdale müssen wir jetzt lange warten

Wenn du nicht gerade im Team Bughead bist – mein Beileid, falls doch –, war es bisher ein grandioses Jahr für Riverdale-Fans. Die langerwarteten Prom- und Abschlusszeremonie-Folgen wurden nach der Corona-Zwangsdrehpause endlich ausgestrahlt, und kurz nach unserem Wiedersehen mit Betty (Lili Reinhart), Veronica (Camila Mendes) und Co. nach dem großen Zeitsprung verkündete der Produktionssender CW, Staffel 6 von Riverdale sei schon sicher. Diese News kommt aber mit einem großen Haken: Bis St...
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Spread the love! 10 scrumptious Marmite recipes, from roast potatoes to spaghetti

The divisive paste has emerged as an ingredient in its own right, lending a warm, umami flavour to all manner of dishes. Here are a few to tryLast year, this newspaper said that “Marmite is having a massive foodie moment”, after noticing that the divisive yeast extract was increasingly featuring as an ingredient, rather than simply being smeared on toast.Yes, Marmite has come into its own. As a sandwich filling, it remains polarising, but as an ingredient it is much more subtle, lending a warm, ...
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Chris Jordan’s pitch and Virat Kohli’s hat – an India v England T20 series recap sorta thing

England just played a handful of T20s in India ahead of the World T20 in India later this year. How did it go? Did anyone learn anything? The headline stat is that India won 3-2. The standfirst stat is that they managed that while testing out more players than England. The tourists only made one change all series – a precautionary bench-warm for Mark Wood in the second match. “I would have loved a couple of really low-scoring games,” reflected Eoin Morgan afterwards. Clearly he’s pl...
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How we met: ‘My sister and my dad were freaked out when I said I was getting married’

Benjamin and Blanca, 41 and 40, hit it off after their first meeting, but didn’t meet up again for another year. They are now married and live in LABenjamin Speed was on holiday in Los Angeles when his friend suggested he meet Blanca Lista, a film producer. “I am a composer working in the film and TV industry, and he thought we’d have common interests,” Benjamin remembers. Blanca set aside some time one afternoon for the meeting. “I noticed he was handsome and radiated confidence, which was very...
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