Sunday Firesides: The Cost of a Thing

To figure out the cost of something, we typically look to its price tag. But this number represents but a small slice of the expenditure the purchase will require. Besides the upfront cost, one must also factor in the cost of future maintenance, repair, and upkeep. A car necessitates fuel, oil changes, insurance. A house will need to be filled with furniture, and nice furniture, to, you know, match the niceness of the home. The bigger the house, the more of your time you’ll have to dedicat...
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GovExec Daily Podcast Appearance: How to Connect While Working Remote

One of the biggest challenges leaders face in leading remote teams is finding ways to keep members connected. Recently, I had the opportunity to be a guest on the GovExec Daily podcast to talk about this issue and share a simple tactic for facilitating employee conversations: bringing back “show and tell.” Listen to the podcast to learn more about this tactic and how to implement it with your own team. Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash The post GovExec Daily Podcast Appearance: How to Connect ...
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Issey Miyake A Drop d'Issey

For the house of Issey Miyake, the elements of water and nature have always been the focus of their perfume creations. In line with this, Issey Miyake presents a new feminine fragrance for women named A Drop d’Issey. The concept of the scent invites you to look at things from a new perspective and to admire what your eyes can’t see, to discover the poetry of nature and its unsuspected beaut... Read full article: Issey Miyake A Drop d'Issey from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine.
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How lighthouse keepers show us the way in dark, isolated times

The importance of a beacon and having fortitude are key for lighthouse keepers – clues for us all when there’s little else aroundImagine being a lighthouse keeper. Before I dropped beneath the surface of this secluded, often secretive, occupation, the idea brought to mind wind-blown seagulls, or a bearded sea dog chewing his pipe. Such is the romantic notion many of us have about lighthouses. The reality is (or was, because the staffed lighthouse is now extinct) quite different.Land lights – tho...
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Toy stories: 100 years of American toy adverts – in pictures

From electric train sets to Arnold Schwarzenegger action heroes, a new book from brings together American toy adverts of the 20th century. “Whenever you ask someone, ‘What was your favourite toy?’, there’s an immediate response – everybody had one,” says co-author Jim Heimann. Print adverts for toys are rare now, but these images preserve a snapshot of the society that produced them. At the start of the book, which is chronological, boys are advertised guns and adventures, while girls are sold...
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Chapter house: a writer’s home in Milan’s historic centre

The sumptous interior of a journalist and women’s activist’s home reflects her own life and workNever judge a book by its cover, as the adage goes, but can you judge a writer by her bookshelf? In Cristina Sivieri Tagliabue’s case, it would be a safe bet. On her floating floor-to-ceiling shelves, among the tomes on empowerment and feminism, can be found some of the Italian journalist and activist’s own.Her study on the desire in young Italian women to have plastic surgery, her collected stories o...
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Return of the 'dad-bod': survey finds people prefer a softer male body type

75% of respondents to a survey conducted by said that they preferred the body shape to a more toned oneThe “dad-bod” is making a return, according to a new survey, signaling a forward step for body diversity.Some 75% of respondents to a survey conducted by said that they preferred the soft and round male body type to a more toned one. Continue reading...
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Macy Gray: ‘I tell my kids not to ever let racism get in their way’

The singer, 53, on finding fame, taking good care of herself and what she’s missed most during the pandemicI got picked on a lot at school. I was awkward – tall, thin, with a lot of hair I didn’t know what to do with. I had these growth spurts, so I’d go to school and my clothes would be too small. I wanted to fit in but I never really got there. I think that’s what made me want to be somebody.I’m not a people person. It’s not my gift. People disappoint you, and I’m over being disappointed by pe...
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Izia La Nuit: Roses in the Dark

I have been in awe of two fragrances from Sisley for a long time now: honey chypre Soir de Lune and green-powdery chypre Eau du Soir (the latter is still the subject of debate whether it's a chypre or rather a fougere). Both fragrances are complex, ambiguous, multifaceted, and flawlessly constructed. Both were made with a slight hint at the vintage style, which is why some people adore Soir ... Read full article: Izia La Nuit: Roses in the Dark from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine. ...
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5 apps and social media platforms you should be using to connect with clients

Apps like Slack and Vox provide instant access to clients. 10'000 Hours/Getty Images Tiffani Purdy is the CEO of New Paradigm Biz Bestie and a marketing and sales strategist. While most people rely on email marketing, Purdy suggests finding new ways to connect with your clients. She uses Slack, Facebook Groups, and Telegram to share content with clients and grow her business. See more stories on Insider's business page. For the last 20-plus years, email has become the standard f...
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‘Virtual meetings aren’t going anywhere soon’: how to put your best Zoom face forward

Has a year of video calls made you self-conscious? Don’t turn your camera off: just relax and deploy a few of these beauty tipsThought we were a nation of narcissists pre-Covid? Well, a global pandemic has taken things to a whole new level. It’s safe to say nobody planned to spend quite so much of the past year staring at their own grainy reflection, but with everything from weddings to work meetings forced online, our bid to stay connected with others has meant being constantly confronted with ...
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"I had a producer bring me to his office, where he had malted milk balls in a little milk-carton-type container under his arm with the spout open."

"He walked back and forth in his office with the balls falling out of the spout and rolling all over the wood floor as he explained to me why I should fuck my co-star so that we could have onscreen chemistry. Why, in his day, he made love to Ava Gardner onscreen and it was so sensational! Now just the creepy thought of him in the same room with Ava Gardner gave me pause. I watched the chocolate balls rolling around, thinking, You guys insisted on this actor when he couldn’t get one whole scene o...
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Forget fast fashion – here are the six key trends you need for 2021

Join the slow lane in these relaxed looks that will see you through spring, summer and beyondGoodbye fast fashion, hello slow fashion. The age of the flash-in-the-pan trend is over; the lifespan of the trends that matter is now counted in years, not months. To put this in broadsheet language, slow fashion is fashion’s third way. No need to make a stark choice between buying into the fast-fashion cycle (consumerist horror show, but jazzy) and swearing off fashion altogether (admirable, but a bit ...
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Saturday Links

Podcast: I enjoyed interviewing Brett McCracken about his book The Wisdom Pyramid on the Gospel for Life Podcast. Curated links for your weekend reading: An Indispensable Habit to Leading “I’m not a reader” – I’ve heard this from a fair number of pastors and those training to be pastors over the years. My response is, “You should become one for the sake of your call, the care of those you’re leading and for the lost culture God has placed you in.” On Robert Heinlein’s Analog Autoresp...
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Charlotte Rampling: ‘I am prickly. People who are prickly can’t be hurt any more’

She’s best known for her dark, difficult roles, and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. The actor talks about swinging in the 60s, family tragedy – and why she’s still got It‘That photoshoot was such fun,” Charlotte Rampling says. “I was pinging.”“You were pinging?” Continue reading...
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Blind date: ‘Describe him in three words? Better suited elsewhere’

Nicki, 26, charity worker, meets Kris, 29, musicianWhat were you hoping for?It was something new for me, so I went in with an open mind. Continue reading...
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Forgotten how to socialise? Here's your post-lockdown primer

Six ways to bring some pizzazz to those first socially distanced interactions as restrictions are liftedFrom Monday in England, people from two households will be permitted to meet outdoors in groups of up to six, including in private gardens. While this is exciting, it may also be a little daunting – many of us will have forgotten how to socialise normally during the long months of lockdown. Here’s a quick refresher course on the art of making conversation under current guidelines: Continue rea...
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Tim Dowling: the dog needs a haircut, and I’m next in line

I’m a dab hand with the dog clippers, but no one’s touching my new top knotIn the last month I’ve acquired an absent-minded habit: gathering my hair in a balled-up fist at the crown of my head, to see if I have enough for a top-knot. Not quite.I’m not the only one in the house who needs a haircut; everyone does apart from the middle one, who came back from America looking as if he’d had a quick trim at the airport. But so far the only efforts towards a solution have been directed at the dog. Con...
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Don’t Miss Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly at 50% Off Today and Other Great Deals

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly in the large size is $14.75 today only. This is a fav of mine for Summer wear. It’s lightweight, absorbs easily, and leaves skin soft and smooth! I really love this version of Dramatically Different Moisturizer! If it’s not your thing no worries the original formulas are also on sale today at! One of my fav cleansing oils is on sale today too for $14! DHC Cleansing Oil! Totally a great pick up for removing makeup easily! All Becca P...
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