King Babar Azam

Babar Azam's 13th ODI century led Pakistan to victory over South Africa in the first ODI of the series. Pakistan won the match off the final delivery; however Babar and Imam had set up the chase perfectly and it would have been a much easier win had it not been for some middle order panic. Babar, the world's number two ranked ODI batsman, has grown in stature with every season. He smashed his 13th ODI ton in only his 76th innings, faster to the mark than any other batsman in the world. B...
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Dermalogica Neck Fit Contour Serum Review

Dermalogica Neck Fit Contour Serum is an anti-aging neck serum that is claimed to be a “skin care workout for your neck and décolleté”. The formula contains a mix of naturally-derived and synthetic ingredients that are said to visibly smooth, firm, and tone skin.  Our Dermalogica Neck Fit Contour...
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Who needs Twitter? Trump wishes happy Easter to 'radical left crazies'

Ex-president marks holy day with brief, abusive statementTrump ‘money bomb’ raised millions from unwitting donorsDonald Trump is reportedly working on a social media platform of his own, after being banned from Twitter and Facebook for inciting the Capitol riot. Related: Dominion: will one Canadian company bring down Trump's empire of disinformation? Continue reading...
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Best in Show: Spring Green and Floral Perfumes (2021)

Fresh green, spring and floral perfumes are some of the most exciting smells to behold - they're sharp, full of the great outdoors, and offer us a glimpse of the renewal and awakening of the landscape. As we in the northern hemisphere move from the sanctity of dark days and being shut in against the cold, spring-themed fragrances remind us of nature's face, the one that lies dormant under wi... Read full article: Best in Show: Spring Green and Floral Perfumes (2021) from Fragrantica Perfume...
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What about cumin?

Perfume PosseWhat about cumin? Happy Easter weekend. Hope you got a lot of chocolate if that’s your thing. Weather’s been lovely last few days, but we’re about to enter a short period of cold. Annoying. Mother Nature not cooperating. Plants are cheerful and doing… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseWhat about cumin?
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Agent Provocateur Co: Tales of Brainy Seduction

"Rees and Corré introduced their vision of lingerie avoiding the British prudery that insists on categorizing anything to do with sex as sleazy or smutty. The aim was to create an availability of high quality designer lingerie with creative flair to stimulate, enchant and arouse both wearers and their partners." Thus starts the history of one of the most prominent luxury lingerie firms nowadays, ... Read full article: Agent Provocateur Co: Tales of Brainy Seduction from Fragrantica Perfumes a...
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Perfumed Horoscope: April 4 - April 11

  This week we are looking at the ongoing motion of Lunar Nodes (from May 5, 2020 to January 18, 2022.) They are also called mythologically Dragon’s Tail and Dragon’s Head, mysterious points in the heavens creating a bridge between past and future timelines. I see them also as Yin and Yang entanglement. As we are becoming more multidimensional, we may find our role in overcoming opposites ... Read full article: Perfumed Horoscope: April 4 - April 11 from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Maga...
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My rock’n’roll friendship with Lindy Morrison

She was in the Go-Betweens, Tracey Thorn was in the Marine Girls, their 30-year friendship enhanced both their livesOn 31 March 1983, she burst into my dressing room, asking at the top of her voice, “Has anyone here got a lipstick I can borrow?” I looked up to see a tall woman in a Lurex dress, with a mass of blonde hair. Our two bands, Marine Girls and the Go-Betweens, were on the same bill at the Lyceum in London. I was 20, and she was 31. I was a tentative singer, she was a loud, outspoken dr...
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If your dog goes for my sheep, then I will shoot, UK farmers warn walkers

Inexperienced owners who acquired dogs during lockdown are blamed for rise in livestock deathsFarmers are warning that attacks on livestock by dogs are reaching “epidemic proportions” as they brace themselves for a surge in dog attacks heading into peak lambing season.An increase in dog ownership during the pandemic, especially among inexperienced dog owners, saw the cost of dog attacks on livestock rise 10% last year to £1.3m, according to research published by NFU Mutual. Continue reading...
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Lockdown made me do it: how we lost our will power

From vegetarians tucking into battered sausages to ethical shoppers splurging on fast fashion, many of us have abandoned our better lifestyle choices in lockdown. Amelia Tait discovers what sent her moral compass into a spinIt started with a battered sausage – and OK, if I’m being honest, there were chicken nuggets, too. On 14 April 2020, after three years of vegetarianism and three weeks of lockdown, I shamelessly tucked into some processed meat from the chip shop. Two days later, I wrote the f...
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My mum loves me, but doesn’t really know me | Dear Mariella

You’re frustrated about this, and you have the right to confront your mother with these emotional challenges, but to what purpose, wonders Mariella FrostrupThe dilemma I am a 50-year-old gay man. When I was young I was cast in the role of the “good” child – my mother’s antidote to my rebellious siblings. I behaved well, did fine at school and sought my mother’s approval and love. As a result I hid my sexuality. I was left in no doubt from her that being gay was “dirty”. She frequently told me I ...
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