Breathe (much) easier: TikTok’s teens decree that skinny jeans are over

The TikTok teens have spoken: skinny jeans are so not cool.
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Mahon Leather Floris: Spanish Leather Made For Brits

The perfume name Mahon Leather is associated with the city of Mahon, the capital of the Balearic island of Menorca, which in the 18th century regularly changed state flags - British, French, Spanish... The founder of the Floris London perfume house, Juan Famenias Floris, moved with his family from Menorca to London in 1730, rightly judging that business would be better in the British empire's cap... Read full article: Mahon Leather Floris: Spanish Leather Made For Brits from Fragrantica Perfume...
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Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Beach Review

The latest limited-edition fragrance from Victoria’s Secret, Bombshell Beach, contains the same formula as the 2011, 2014 and 2017 Bombshell Summers, as well as the 2019 and 2020 Bombshell Paradises. The compositional turnkeys are grapefruit, lily of the valley, and blackcurrant, but I get a lot more out of it than a triumvirate.  When compared to the original Bombshell, dessert sweet and hea... Read full article: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Beach Review from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes...
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Bag Spotlight: The Splurge-worthy Leather Briefcase

Bag Spotlight: The Splurge-worthy Leather Briefcase Like it or not, the bag you carry says a lot about you. Especially at the office. Show up at work carrying your laptop and a sandwich in a reusable … more at Bag Spotlight: The Splurge-worthy Leather Briefcase. This is an original post from Budget Fashionista.
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All tomorrow's parties: the promise and possibility of nights out after Covid

After nearly a year of pandemic restrictions, Elle Hunt relishes a return to nightlife, albeit awkwardly – and finds unexpected cause for optimismDoing some dodgy eyeliner, wobbling in my heels from lack of practice, forgetting to eat dinner: it was Saturday night, and it was as if I was going to my first-ever house party, at 29. Related: ‘It is only now I realise the toll the pandemic has taken’: a letter from the other side of Covid Continue reading...
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WATCH: Back to Basics 101 — Take some time off

Founder of Move Over Extroverts Ashley Harwood shares why it’s even more critical to take time away from your business when your crazy busy.
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A New Creation by Anatole Lebreton, Based on the Vanilla Theme

After his early 2020-launch Perfumista, a finalist of the Art and Olfaction Awards 2020 in the Artisan category, perfumer Anatole Lebreton launched his latest creation Fleur Cachée in December 2020; the eighth creation in his own line, this time devoted to vanilla. As expounded on his brand's website, it's in the heart of Provence Verte where "Anatole Lebreton crafts unique fragrances that ref... Read full article: A New Creation by Anatole Lebreton, Based on the Vanilla Theme from Fragrantic...
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How To Find the Best Home Insurance

The insurance business can be rather confusing for the uninitiated consumer. Getting the best home insurance coverage can often feel like a bit of a hit-and-miss endeavor. Here are some tips for making good, informed decisions when buying home insurance.  Know What You Want to Cover You don’t always need to cover everything in your house to get good insurance. Often, you can save money and get better coverage if you specify what you want to protect. In the past, insurance companies...
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How Long Does It Take to Put on Muscle?

You’ve started a serious weightlifting program .  You’ve increased your protein consumption . Now, how long before you start looking jacked? While the primary goal of weightlifting should be overall health, for many dudes, one of the aims of strength training is to get swole. It’s understandable. Big muscles make you look and feel manly. Nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel a little more virile.  The problem is, guys often have inflated expectations of how quickly they can...
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Hemin Bharucha appointed as Country Director, India at London & Partners

Based in Mumbai, Bharucha is the Mayor of London’s chief representative in India and leads the teams in India with offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, according to a statement. London & Partner on Friday announced the appointment of Hemin Bharucha as Country Director, India. London & Partners is London’s international trade, investment, and promotion agency that promotes London as the best city in the world in which to invest, work, study, and visit. Hemin will report to Janet Coyle, Managing Dire...
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Some Of My Favorite Skincare Picks Now On Sale at Ulta

Ulta’s Spring Haul Sale is fully in swing and I’ve been stocking up on some of staples. I thought I’d share some of my favorite skincare picks to grab up now that they are on sale. Jump ahead to hear all about them! Lano 25% Off The entire Lano range is on sale and honestly, all of it is awesome! But here’s some of my favorites: Face Base Vitamin E Day Cream: Totally a great primer for daily use. Hydrating, smoothing, and reminds me of my Clarins Face Base but at a way cheaper price! Ever...
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Not Sephora Rouge? No Worries! Here’s What’s Some Beauty on Sale Everywhere Else Today!

If you aren’t participating in today’s Sephora Spring Savings Event no worries there are still plenty on beauty on sale everywhere else! Here’s some deals you might want to indulge in! Nordstrom Beauty Sale Nordstrom is unfortunately not price matching Sephora’s sale but they do have a lot of items on sale right now! Here’s a few to grab with free shipping (and returns) on any order: Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation $30 Stila Shine Fever Lip Vinyl $12 BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear...
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Nuance Coty: The Soft Whisper

Tender and extremely delicate, Nuance Coty seduces with its quiet whisper smell, which was directly declared by the fragrance's advertising posters used in 1975. The style of the image changed a little over the years, the beautiful girls, pressing their fingers to their bright lips, changed as well - but the theme of the whisper remained: "If you want to capture someone's attention, whisper." A... Read full article: Nuance Coty: The Soft Whisper from Fragrantica Perfumes and Colognes Magazine....
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The Sneaky Way That Working More Can Actually Cost You Money

I’m a part-time freelance writer and full-time stay-at-home mom. I write to supplement our income and pay off our debt faster. A few months ago, I decided I’d increase my earnings and took on a few more writing commitments. I increased my earnings significantly, but I also increased my time commitment. While the extra money was nice, was it worth it? The High Cost of Working More Isn’t it bizarre that earning more money can end up costing more money? Ever since I started spending several more...
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Hourglass Vanish Blush Stick Just Dropped on Sephora Get It On Sale

Hourglass Vanish Blush Stick just dropped on and you can snag it at 20% off using code OMGSPRING if you’re a Rouge Member. Everyone is quite excited about this new creamy blush sticks that have a moisturizing formula with a silky cream-to-powder formula that blends easily. The triangular shape makes for precise application. These look very pigmented so I’m wondering how natural they’ll look but I’m totally about trying them as I like a good cream blush in the Summer! Hourglass re...
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7 Things To Consider When Building a New Home For a Growing Family

If you are thinking about buying a plot of land and building a new home, there are many things to deliberate over. It takes lots of time and planning to take on such a project, so you must be prepared for it.  Building your own home can also be very costly, so give it lots of thought before finalizing your design, or you could regret it.  Here are 7 things to consider when building a new home for a growing family.  Energy efficiency It makes sense to ensure that your new prop...
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Melt Cosmetics Mary Jane Eyeshadow Palette Available Now and On Sale

Yup, I’m seeing another Sephora order in my future. I knew it. Melt Cosmetics Mary Jane Eyeshadow Palette dropped on and it’s absolute smoky joy! Swoon! So many gorgeous taupes to create a smoked out eye looks in matte and metallic finishes oh my! Yes, I need. Shades include: Mary Jane (sheer bud crystal) Gaspar (jasper matte) Sweet Lucy (metallic charcoal with pearl) Bamba (graphite metallic) Sinsemilla (deep-brown matte) Santa Maria (black diamond) Rubia (neutral ash-blonde m...
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So far, Here’s What I Hauled at the Sephora Savings Event (I’m Sure They’ll Be More)

What have you hauled so far during the Sephora Spring Savings Event? Did you treat yourself? I did an order early this morning but I am 100% positive I’ll be back for more! Here’s what I grabbed so far! Sol de Janeiro 16.9 oz Bum Bum Cream-I HAD TO HAVE THIS! I will smell amazing for the rest of my life with a jar this size! Dior Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 50-My old cushion is running really low! It’s expensive but a favorite of mine so I indulged thanks to the sal...
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How to Choose Shoes That Fit Perfectly

Shoe shopping may not top many men’s lists of favorite activities, but from time to time, it has to be done. And it’s a process that should be done with a bit of care. Beyond the style considerations that may be foremost in your mind, your shoes will have a disproportionate influence on your overall comfort level. Ill-fitting shoes can make standing and walking a literal pain, and cause significant health issues for not only your feet, but your ankles, knees, back, and more. So whether you’re b...
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Darren Stevens: a quite magnificently durable Wookie of a cricketer

Was there a specific moment when you realised you were no longer young? We’re assuming you’ve realised by now. If you haven’t, we’re sorry to break it to you, but… We remember being highly alarmed the first time we heard Calvin Harris sing, “I’ve got love for you if you were born in the 80s, the 80s.” We then swiftly did the maths and realised, oh, okay, that’s legal, just about. (Listening to that track again, we’re struck by how much it sounds like a Flight of the Conchords pastiche – an...
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10 cruelty-free makeup kits from SHANY you need to try

Now you can look and feel great about the makeup you have on.
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My brother used to bully me. Now, when I hear from him, I panic

It’s OK not to take his call, says Annalisa Barbieri. You are not responsible for his happinessI am 22 and my brother is 24. I am married with a child; he is single. We grew up in a rocky family situation and were removed from our parents’ care and placed in a children’s home when I was five and he was seven. I don’t remember much before that, but he bullied me a lot growing up. For a while now I’ve been dealing with anxiety related to him – every time I see his name pop up over text, I freak ou...
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Here’s My Favorite Ulta Sale Picks from the Ulta Spring Haul Sale

Ulta is having their annual massive Spring Haul Sale and there are A LOT of items on sale. Skincare, makeup, fragrance…! There’s a little bit of everything to save on! I thought I’d feature some of my favorites from this sale and recommend them to you! Here’s what I’d score if I were you! Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk 4-in-1 Combing Crème $8 Carol’s Daughter Combing Cremes are my favorite leave in conditioner. I promise you I’ve tried a lot and I love a lot but none compare to the one’s th...
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Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady Review

Portrait of a Lady by @fredericmalle is an iconic rose-patchouli perfume. It’s a truly unisex scent, as all the Frederic Malle fragrances are. This is a spicy rose, with notes of clove,... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Best Penis Milking Toys

First Friday is a yearly event held in downtown Honolulu (China Town, specifically). But as soon as a man remains attached with his mother as he was when he had been a child, then only issues might arise. For each of these questions, it is possible to choose Ask Me Later and come straight back to them whenever you want. Dating caters to black and biracial singles, bringing them with those who’ve experienced similar life and cultural experiences and who hold similar values and beliefs dear to the...
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Smother brass with brown sauce: nine unusual spring-cleaning tips from readers

Need to remove stains from a tie or dog hair from your carpet? Here’s how to use everything from a pair of Crocs to baby powder to brighten up your lifeThis is a method I learned from my Austrian mother-in-law for cleaning rugs and small carpets. Lay them upside down on fresh snow and beat well all over with a cane carpet beater. Then hang over a fence (or a children’s swing), beat off the snow that is still sticking to the rug or carpet, then leave to dry. You will see that the patch on the gro...
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Shop These Sale Items At Sephora and Get An Additional 20% Off (New Items Available)

Sephora’s Spring Savings Event has begun! I hope you hauled some good items! Don’t forget to shop the sale during the sale. Some new items popped up on clearance today and the OMGSPRING code will work on those giving you an extra 20% off the already reduced prices for a savings up to 65% off or more. Some new items popped up on the sale’s rack today too a perfect time to shop! Here’s a few items that caught my eye: Wishful Clean Genie Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm $19 After Discount Visear...
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Outfit formula: Soft Wide Summer Pants

Here’s an easy breezy Summer pants look to wear in high heat. It’s for those who don’t like to wear skirts and dresses, and feel too exposed in shorts. The most important component of the formula is a pair of soft, roomy, wide and floppy palazzo pants, which can be patterned or solid, and in any colour palette. Keep them in natural fibres or natural fibre blends for maximum breeziness and breathability. Lengths can vary from cropped to full length. Waists can be fully structured, half-elastic, o...
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Things I Wish I Knew About Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short, precise, and informative videos used to describe a specific business’s product or service. These videos talk about a business from a marketing perspective, making them effective in concisely introducing products. These videos are mostly posted on landing pages, a business website’s home page, or other prominent websites. Different approaches of explainer videos There are several creative ways that quality video production companies use while making expl...
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Not a Sephora Rouge Member? Shop the Ulta Spring Haul Event!

Sephora’s annual Spring Sale has begun but only for Rouge Members! If you aren’t a Rouge Member you can still enjoy a good sale. Head over to Ulta today and start shopping their Spring Haul Event! You can save up to 50% off a variety of makeup, skincare, and more! Enjoy! Where to buy Ulta You may also enjoy... This or That: Eco Tools Konjac Pure Complexion Facial SpongeNew Base Makeup from ExcelUlta’s Free Platinum & Diamond Exclusive 33 Piece Beauty Bag Still AvailableWear MAC Kee...
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