Six Essential Things To Do in Early Pregnancy

Do you think you are pregnant? What an exciting time! You might be wondering what to do now. Here are six things you can do right away to get your pregnancy off to a healthy start. 1. Confirm the Pregnancy One of the first things to do is find out if you are actually pregnant. The best way to find out is to take a test. There are a variety of pregnancy tests available over-the-counter at supermarkets, big box stores and pharmacies. These tests are simple to use and don’t cost a lot...
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Is It Time for Assisted Living?

It can be difficult to admit that something might not be quite right with your elderly parent. Throughout your life, they have been the ones you turn to in times of need for support and advice. They have been there to look after you and protect you from the day you were born. So, trying to imagine how the tables might turn during their later years can be hard to do. Nonetheless, as people age, they do start to struggle to do the things they used to, and getting the right support so they ca...
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10 New Beauty Picks Available Now at Sephora

Happy Hump Day ladies and lads! We’re over the hump and the weekend is looming right ahead. It’s just in our grasp. Do you have any weekend plans? It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful one here in Gotham. Well, actually, not to brag, but it’s 80 today. I tiptoed out of work to do a Container Store and Whole Foods run. I was tempted to get my hair cut because it’s just crazy hair but I wanna grow it a little more so I can donate it once I do cut it. I swear one day, ONE DAY, I’m goi...
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Painting with a Needle: Dr. Shernaz Cama and the work of PARZOR

Dr. Shernaz Cama the founding director of UNESCO PARZOR Project speaks on ZAMWI ZOOM, a lecture series curated by the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington DC.
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More than half of Americans say they feel comfortable dining indoors

Stephanie Keith/Getty Images The COVID-19 pandemic drastically shifted how people feel about eating inside restaurants. A Morning Consult poll reports that 57% of Americans feel comfortable, a record high. The same poll shows that 68% of people are also willing to eat outdoors at restaurants. See more stories on Insider's business page. Now that COVID-19 vaccine accessibility is at an all-time high, the majority of Americans are finally ready to eat indoors at restaurants, new polling...
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Me At 17 And Me Now

With time comes experience with experience comes knowledge with knowledge comes age and with age comes fine lines, wrinkles, gray hair…. I was watching a Tiktoker this morning say that some of his followers were accusing him of being 17 and yesterday JenLuvsReviews posted a 17 vs now photo. Apparently the Internet gods know exactly the content I am viewing online because today everything that pops up on social media is about aging. I don’t think I mind aging all that much. I’ve seen a lot, done...
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Jetzt mal Klartext: Braucht mein Gesicht unbedingt einen Toner?

Ob du nun überzeugter Beauty-Junkie mit einem aus allen Nähten platzenden Badezimmerschrank bist oder doch eher vom Typ „Weniger ist mehr“: Wenn dich jemand nach den absoluten Basics einer Skincare-Routine fragt, dürfte deine Antwort vermutlich so ausfallen: „Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer“. Ein Gesichtsreiniger, gefolgt von einem Gesichtswasser (a.k.a. „Toner“) und einer Feuchtigkeitscreme – et voilà, der Tag kann kommen. Und womöglich vertraust du schon seit Jahren, vielleicht sogar Jahrzeh...
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Essence Before Hyaluronic Acid Makes For the Best Moisture Retention

Now that you know how to apply hyaluronic acid the right way after reading my article a few weeks ago I thought I’d get into essence. In my article I discussed applying hyaluronic acid on damp skin. Please, don’t apply your HA on dry skin! You’re defeating the purpose if you apply it on dry skin because the the acid immediately goes to work drawing moisture out of your skin and if you’re dry it’s going to suck every single bit of moisture from your skin resulting in a tight feeling. You rem...
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Most agents have online passwords that are ridiculously easy to guess

"Password," "12345" and "Simon" are the top passwords chosen by real estate agents for their online accounts, according to research from the password safety manager NordPass.
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Podcast #704: How to Keep Your Edge as You Get Older

It’s a common life trajectory for men: graduate college, get married, get a 9 to 5 job, have some kids, settle down in the suburbs. And somewhere along that way, they start to get a little soft and stagnant. They let themselves go, becoming less active, and more sedentary. They have more material possessions but fewer hobbies and interests. They lose their edge. My guest has spent his life battling against this loss. In his more than five decades on earth, he’s served in the French navy, trai...
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Solange Knowles with her hair clips in: Carlota Guerrero’s best photograph

‘This was used as the cover of A Seat at the Table. We left her clips in to show vulnerability – but she still wanted to have a strong gaze, to look people in the eye’Gallery: the style-setting photography of Carlota GuerreroIn 2016, Solange Knowles’s manager contacted me on Instagram, asking if I wanted to art direct her new album, A Seat at the Table. I was working in Barcelona at the time, and had no idea I had that type of reach. It was my first big international commission. Related: The ...
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Not just the coronavirus, the government’s ineptitude has brought this tsunami on us

Oxygen, vaccination, more beds and firmer enforcement of COVID-19 protocols can help us weather this crisis. The present pandemic has devastated our poor country and anguished its people. There are two reasons for this debacle. The first is the dreaded, deadly coronavirus, which has perhaps mutated and become even more infectious. Equally responsible is the ineptitude and mismanagement of those who govern us and have the responsibility to safeguard our health and welfare. Article by Dr. Farokh...
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Es dauerte ein Jahr, bis ich über jemanden hinweg war, den ich nie getroffen hatte

Am 28. Februar 2020 schickte er mir auf Tinder ein GIF aus Alice im Wunderland. Das weiß ich deswegen noch so genau, weil das mein letztes normales Wochenende war, bevor Corona in Südafrika ankam, wo ich wohne. An diesem Abend war ich auf einer Geburtstagsparty, ließ mich total volllaufen und antwortete ihm erst am nächsten Tag auf seine Tinder-Nachricht. Innerhalb von fünf Nachrichten wurde mir klar, dass ich sehr viel mit diesem Typen gemeinsam hatte, den ich hier Max nenne. Wir hatten a...
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Shiseido Rumored To Be Selling Bare Minerals, Buxom, and Laura Mercier

A Shiseido rumor is going around about the potential sale of Bare Minerals, Laura Mercier, and Buxom. This comes as no surprise consider the huge dip in sales in 2020 for Shiseido which had a near 30% drop. They actually closed a good deal of Bare Minerals stores last year. I honestly don’t understand the concept of freestanding brand stores. I think it’s terrible idea to carry a single brand in one store. They also took Bare Minerals private a few years ago. I recall their stock performed...
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Boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer

My skin knows when warm weather is here because it really starts to need less moisturizer – so I’m switching to gel, and I know lots of you all like a gel moisturizer too. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Colourful Boho-Lite Chic

Washington DC-based Alicia Tenise Chew is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger who documents her outfits on her website, and on Instagram. She is a confident dresser with a relaxed and very polished boho-lite style. Alicia is a dress gal at heart who loves hats and colour, and wears patterns with pizzazz. This boho white midi dress has relaxed Summer vibes written all over it. The tiered A-line silhouette and loose fit are breezy for hot days. The gathered bodice and tiers create visual inte...
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Mit diesen 5 trendigen Frühlingfrisuren upgradest du deinen Wochenend-Look

Da viele von uns unter der Woche von zu Hause aus arbeiten, hat das Wochenende seit der Pandemie eine ganz neue Bedeutung. Samstage und Sonntage sind nun jene Tage, an denen wir uns ausnahmsweise etwas rausputzen und uns die Haare machen. Der Grund: Am Wochenende haben wir endlich einen Anlass, um unsere eigenen vier Wände zu verlassen, mit Freund:innen einen Spaziergang zu machen, eine Besorgung zu erledigen oder einfach herumzuschlendern.Bevor es an deine Haare geht, musst du natürlich erst da...
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‘It was so gripping I read it in two sittings’: 11 books to pull you out of a reading rut

For many people, reading has been difficult this last year - but a breakthrough is always possible. Guardian readers describe the books that drew them in‘Reading about the hope in others’ hopeless lives kept me going’Bukowski’s often seedy stories are a wonderful break from normality. I don’t know how I’d have got through lockdown without them. Being sheltered this past year for medical reasons was one of the loneliest times of my life. I don’t have a family nearby; I’m gay and on my own. My fri...
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‘Bras are a curse!’ How lockdown changed readers’ views of their breasts

A year since the pandemic started, women’s bodies and habits have changed. Here they discuss underwiring, sleep underwear, and how going bra-free helps with polymastiaI was a teen in the 70s and morphed into a feminist. I find bras hideously uncomfortable; I only started wearing one in 2018 when I went back to work and the lack of confidence that often besieges women over 60 made me too self-conscious to face the public bra-free. Lockdown has released me from the bra, and the job, and I doubt I’...
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