Memorable Gift Ideas for Mothers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Take a look at these 3 choices if you haven’t yet decided on your mother’s day gift.    Gifting mom doesn’t have to be only an annual event but any time you want to show your gratitude for your very special mom.  Also, don’t forget about other mothers in your life including grandmothers because a mother’s love is universal. 1. Mom’s Memoir Album A memoir album is a very thoughtful and personal gift for your mom.  A heartwarming gift to express just wha...
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FitTrack Beebo Family Smart Scale Review + Coupon Code!

If you don’t have a smart scale, you need to stop what you’re doing and get one right now. But not just any smart scale. There are so many on the market now that it’s hard to determine which one is reliable, will give you all the information you need, and most important of all, will have an app with a good interface that is easy to use! You can find ALL of that with FitTrack. Like most people, I tend to obsess over the number on the scale. I know they always remind you to take lots o...
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Amiri Jeans Review [May 2021]

We may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Amiri is a medium sized company located in Californian You can find them online at and on instagram at Below, we take a look at the most popular & highest rated styles, along with interesting information, like when sales are coming up and more Brands Similar to Amiri If you like Amiri, then check out… Express Everlane Jeans Topman Popular Styles From Amiri The most popular styles… Where can ...
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I try a lot of skincare for my job, and Maelove makes some of the best products I've ever reviewed

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. I try a lot of skincare products for my job, and Maelove is one of my most recommended brands.Maelove is a skincare line founded by MIT grads and most of the products are under $30.Learn more about the company, the products, and how they make skincare so affordable, below.When you step into a Sephora, it doesn't take long to realize that plenty of skincare is not affordable. Glossy tubs of La Mer go for $190...
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Fashion News Roundup: April 2021

Plans for the Met Gala, a certain sandal making a comeback, a new suit rental service, and other news from the style trenches this month. For the first time in its history, jeweller Tiffany & Co. has launched engagement rings for men. PopSugar reports that soda sandals — defined by their thick platform base, strappy thong attachment, and uberhigh arch — are making a comeback. StyleCaster on the other hand, announces that flared leggings are officially back. Valentino is joining its high-end lux...
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An Ambitious Step Forward Towards the Future of Oral Hygiene

*This is a sponsored article.  For a long time, synthetic and sugary foods have become ever-increasingly popular. Protection of your teeth has to keep up with all these different kinds of things, which is why we would like to introduce the ground-breaking unobrush. A new innovative tech invention, that can brush your teeth in just 10 seconds.  Pamper your Pearly Whites What unobrush brings to the table is a new way of taking care of your oral hygiene. In a matter of just 10 se...
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Ellis Brooklyn Sweet Not the Droid You’re Looking

Ellis Brooklyn Sweet is a fragrance that launched in Spring 2020 that was an instant blind buy for me. As a gourmand I couldn’t not purchase a fragrance named Sweet. Images of candy, creamy vanilla, marshmallows and whipped cream danced in my head. In reality, Ellis Brooklyn Sweet Eau de Parfum isn’t exactly the gourmand you’re looking for if you’re expecting a scent that will give you a toothache. It’s actually a more traditional warm gourmand with notes of pear and ambrette! Marshmallow happe...
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Get paid to move: 6 regions wooing new residents with cash perks

Economic councils across the U.S. are trying to lure remote workers with incentives like cash, community events with other transplants, free flights and in the case of the Northwest Arkansas Council, a bicycle. And it seems to be working.
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Hipster ‘Gramps’ is now an Instagram fashion icon with 1M followers

Alojz "Gramps" Abram, 75, has amassed a staggering 1 million Instagram followers after rocking his grandson's colorful streetwear in a series of fashion portraits.
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Sol de Janeiro Rio Deo Aluminum-Free Deodorant Is Over Here Scenting Your Arm Pits With Tropical Cake

Is Sol de Janeiro Rio Deo Aluminum-Free Deodorant scented like Cheirosa ’62? Hey, Sol de Janeiro can we get some kind of confirmation on that please because I’ve suffered the fiery pits of Mordor for Secret Vanilla-Scented Deo and I’ll take it to hell if I have to grab some Cheirosa ’62 scented deodorant. It seems like every Summer the aluminum-free and natural deos start popping up. Sol de Janeiro is just one of many that are bracing for new deo launches! Milk Makeup just launched one rece...
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Why Hiring Stalls And Recruiters Don’t Communicate With You

About a month ago I was asked by the CEO of a company I work with to find a front end developer. That is someone who specializes in making a website beautiful and delightful… not necessarily on optimizing database stuff or some of the behind-the-scenes work. This type of person is in demand…. which is important to this whole story. Disclaimer: I am not a trained or full-time recruiter. I’m not speaking for recruiters, I’m just sharing my recent experience. So I worked with the CEO and lead devel...
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Here’s What I Love Putting On My Face, Lips, and Eyes Lately

It’s currently 5:30 AM and this post is set to go live around 12ish my time here in Gotham. By that time I’ll have my makeup on but right now I’m running around bare faced and free. During isolation I never stopped wearing makeup. I know so many of you were like, “I’m just not up for makeup right now!” and that’s ok! Everyone deals with things a little differently. But for me makeup represented normalcy. When things were out of control and chaotic I kept to my routine because it made me fe...
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5 Tips for How to Prepare When Traveling Long-Term

Long-term traveling takes significantly more planning and preparation than short vacations or business trips. There is a lot more to think about than just what clothing and toiletries to pack, what the weather will be like at your destination, or what activities you will do during your stay. Whether you are traveling for pleasure, a long-term contract position or work project, to help an elderly or ailing family member move into a long-term facility, or some other reason, these five tips w...
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Are You Prepared for the Coming Existential Crisis?

Many people have, throughout their lives, experienced varying degrees of existential angst: the feeling of being some combination of unmoored, bored, anxious, restless, depressed, lost, isolated, and/or alienated, and simply wondering what it’s all about. For many too, these feelings of existential angst have been exacerbated over the past pandemic-burdened year. Yet, heightened though these feelings may have been, they may have also, in a strange way, been easier to deal with during this pe...
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This Plunge Bra Actually Worked!

Good Morning! Time to wake up and makeup! Whatcha wearing on your face today? Fresh face here. I haven’t done my makeup yet. It’s Fri-yay! I’m over here dancing in my new plunge bra and shorts to It’s Gonna Be May, I mean me! It was actual a dance slash wax the wood floors of my foyer. You gotta multitask sometimes! I brought an Agent Provocateur Leni Balcony Padded Plunge Bra a few weeks ago because my current plunge bras weren’t working with a shirt I wanted to wear! My sister inter...
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Save Up To 20% On the Sephora Collection

The Sephora Collection is back on sale! Head over to and enjoy a tier discount on the entire collection. No code needed, discount taken at checkout. Buy 2 Items Get 10% Off Buy 3 Items Get 15% Off Buy 4 Items Get 20% Off Enjoy! Where to buy Sephora You may also enjoy... Avon MagiX Tinted Face PerfectorWhat Makeup and Beauty Would Be In Your Dream Oscar Swag Bag?Skin 79 Dear Rose BB Cream Lush Merry Christmas, Darling Gift Set The post Save Up To 20% On the Sephora Col...
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Invisible People: Watch Poignant Mini-Documentaries Where Homeless People Tell Their Stories

Over the past year, the story of evictions during COVID has often risen above the muck. It’s made headlines in major newspapers and TIME magazine, and received serious attention from the government, with stop-gap eviction moratoriums put in effect and renewed several times, and likely due to be renewed again. Stopping evictions is not enough. “For many landlords,” notes the United Way, “the order created a financial burden of housing renters with no payments,” and without income, they ha...
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Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette 50% Off and Other UD Sale Items

Good Morning! Happy Friday! Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette is $24.50 today at! Also, on sale: Moondust Eyeshadow $11 Vice Lipstick $9.50 Urban Decay Eyeshadow Singles $10 Stoned Vibes Eyeshadow Palette $27 Where to buy Urban Decay You may also enjoy... Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio Now AvailableJosie Maran 8 Piece Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter on QVCHard Candy Glossaholic Lipgloss Review, Photos, Swatches Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intens...
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Wie ein Dreier mir dabei half, meinen Trennungsschmerz zu verarbeiten

Nervös stand ich vor dem Konzert-Gebäude und wartete. Sollte ich hineingehen und mir einen Drink holen, um mir etwas Mut anzutrinken? Oder sollte ich lieber draußen bleiben und auf meine Dates warten? Du hast schon richtig gelesen: Dates, Mehrzahl. Ich war mit einem Paar verabredet. Ich lernte Jess und Dylan* über eine App kennen. Zu dieser Zeit machte ich gerade eine schmerzhafte Trennung durch und suchte nach etwas, das mir über meinen Liebeskummer hinweghelfen würde. Sich mit einer a...
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"Seeing people who are so excited to welcome me into the community, it’s like, I want to go there."

Said Jennifer Hill Booker, quoted in (NYT). The Fayetteville region — including Bentonville, best known as the home of Walmart’s global headquarters — is one of several smaller metro areas and states across the country, from Georgia to Hawaii, trying to lure high-net-worth workers who can increasingly do their jobs remotely. The idea is that they’ll shop in local stores and pay real estate taxes, but they won’t take jobs away from locals. For regional economic development organizations, it’s a...
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Bb Glow and Differin Empties

Empties that I have backups of: Differin and @bumbleandbumble Glow Bond-Building Styler… Visit to read the rest of this article.
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6 Tips to Make Moving with Kids Easier

Moving with kids is always a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important to take the time and plan for when you decide to move so that everyone can enjoy the process as much as possible. Whether it’s your first time or your tenth, the process of moving can be a lot to handle. In this article, we’ll discuss 6 tips that will make the experience easier for everyone involved. 1. Talk in advance with your Kids about your move and their needs Be transparent about the reas...
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Biden urged to end US aid ‘abortion ban’

More than 140 rights groups call for repeal of 1973 Helms amendment widely misinterpreted as total ban on funding abortion services overseasJoe Biden is being urged to clarify a longstanding US law restricting overseas aid that has been misinterpreted by successive administrations as an outright ban on funding abortion for any reason.As the US president marked his first 100 days in office on Friday, more than 140 human rights and global health organisations, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty...
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How to Rethread a Drawstring in Less Than 60 Seconds

Drawstrings are a common feature on a lot of athleisure wear. I’m talking about hoodies, sweatpants, and shorts.  But drawstrings have a tendency to come out of their “casing” — particularly after the garment they’re a part of gets laundered.  Reinserting the drawstring into the garment typically requires several minutes of painstakingly threading it back through the casing, pushing it along centimeter by centimeter, because the only thing of substance you can grab on to through the casing’s cl...
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Nerves of Steel!: Watch People Climb Tall Buildings During the 1920s.

Thrillseekers! Are you girding your loins to rejoin the amusement park crowds this summer? No worries if you don’t feel quite ready to brave the socially distanced rollercoaster lines. Indulge in some low-risk vertigo, thanks to British Pathé‘s vintage newsreels of steeplejacks, steelworkers, and window cleaners doing their thing. While these tradespeople were called in whenever an industrial chimney required repair or a steel beam was in need of welding, many of the newsreel...
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Outfit Formula: Summery Long Tank

This formula is for Team Untucked Top because the long tank, or sleeveless blouse, looks best when it’s worn over bottoms. The long tank can be a useful Summer addition to your wardrobe, because it’s fluidly breezy, forgiving on the midsection, very comfy, dressier than a T-shirt, and layers well under cardigans and jackets. In its most basic and quiet form, it makes a good wardrobe essential. It provides an effective blank canvas for neck and arm candy too. Long tanks can be knitted or woven, s...
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RIP skinnies. What’s next for jeans?

With denim returning to our wardrobes, the jury is out as to which cut of jeans will win out. Make the ‘anything goes’ moment work for you by looking to vintage inspiration for these 10 stylesIn fashion, one thing’s for sure – the era of sweatpants is over, and denim is back. It’s also pretty clear that skinny jeans, the style that has refused to die for 20 years, are finally, waning from fashion’s pole position, thanks to gen Z relentlessly roasting milllenials over their trouser choice. And th...
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„Je mehr Wasser, desto besser für deine Haut“ – stimmt das?

Wie wichtig ist Wasser für die Haut? Beauty-Influencer und Promis schwören auf H2O als Schönheitsgeheimnis. In den sozialen Medien sind Challenges megabeliebt, bei denen Teilnehmer:innen jeden Tag riesige Mengen des kostbaren Nass trinken müssen. Wasser ist ohne Frage gut für die Gesundheit, aber wirkt es sich tatsächlich auch positiv auf das Aussehen der Haut aus? Wie viel davon sollte eine Person zu sich nehmen? Als junger Reporterin wurde ich bei Modenschauen unzählige Male hinter die Bühn...
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Wir müssen über Kaz Brekker & Be_hinderung in Shadow and Bone sprechen

SHADOW AND BONE (L to R) KIT YOUNG as JESPER FAHEY, FREDDY CARTER as KAZ BREKKER and AMITA SUMAN as INEJ GHAFA in SHADOW AND BONE Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2021 Jerusalem-born, American writer Leigh Bardugo, pictured at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where she talked about her forthcoming series of books entitled ‘The Grisha Trilogy’. The three-week event is the world’s biggest literary festival and is held during the annual Edinburgh Festival. The 2014 event featured talks ...
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Prithvi Shaw hit six fours in an over and part of us thinks that’s better than six sixes in an over

Look, obviously six fours in an over is not better than six sixes in an over. But also it is. That’s what we’re going to argue here. Delhi Capitals were chasing 155 against Kolkata Knight Riders yesterday and it’s fair to say they got off to a pretty solid start. First of all, Shivam Mavi bowled a wide first ball, so the required run-rate had already dipped a smidge without them having to do anything. Prithvi Shaw then hit the next six deliveries for four. Hitting every ball to the b...
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